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Chapter 5

Sunnydale High School Library

Friday November 8th, 1997

10:31 PM

Xander wondered what was up with this demon, as well as who the strange Brit-looking guy with Giles was. Is that Kendra's Watcher? I didn't think they would be back from LA so soon. I was also expecting someone with a last name like Zabuto to be black... and where's Kendra?

Xander dismissed his thoughts and brought up his super-soaker and proceeded to hose the demon from behind – which had little effect other than some slight blistering and a hissing sound.

"How rude," the clearly female demon said in an annoyed tone. "And Holy Water really only works on vampires and lower-level demons, little hunter. Not that you'll live long to learn as I'll be killing you after I deal with Rupert and Phillip."

Completely ignoring the scowling teen – who just tossed his water gun to the side and pulled a crossbow from his duffle bag – the demon turned her back on him and stalked up to the two Englishmen.

Giles looked at Xander drawing the crossbow and warned him "Eyghon is a possession-class demon – it's inside an innocent girl!"

"Crap," he swore as he dropped the weapon and tackled the demon from behind – causing her to growl in frustration.

"Little boy, you watch too much television," the demon – who was apparently named Eyghon – said as she stood up and decked the enhanced teen.

"I'm okay, nothing hurt but my pride," he said as he picked himself off of the floor. This demon was definitely stronger than the fledglings he and Willow had taken on earlier that night.

"You clearly are stronger than I thought since that punch should have taken your head off," Eyghon said approvingly. "Pity I lack the time to force my mark upon you – you'd make an excellent host."

"Would that make me the host with the most?" Xander quipped as he charged the demon, feinting with a punch before kicking it.

"How droll," Eyghon said before throwing another punch – which Xander ducked under before getting a one-two hit combination on the demon's flank. "Hold still so I can kill you!"

"Giles, ideas?"

"If you can find a way to restrain her, we can try a de-possession spell," Giles said as he went to the weapon's cage and grabbed some shackles and chains.

"Rupert, the last time we tried that, the host died!" Phillip said worriedly – clearly thinking about Randall.

"Well we're all out of corpses, Phillip!" Giles answered.

While the odd-couple argued, Xander found he was barely able to hold his own against the demon. "Guys!" he said as he took another hit and found himself introduced to the wall. "Less bickering and more solution-ing!"

Xander briefly wondered where Willow was up until he saw his ghostly friend with a murderous look on her face – and a mace in her hand. Grinning, Xander kept the demon focused on him and sure enough, with a loud thud he could feel in his bones Willow brought the weapon down on Eyghon's head.

"Nighty-night, Iggy," Xander said with a grin as the demon staggered slightly. Xander then grabbed the demon and threw her against the wall – only for the demon to recover and back-hand him. Unfortunately Willow was standing in his path so he caught a face full of mace.

"Owww..." he groaned even as he felt the demon's hand around this throat. He could see Willow was doing her best to wail on the demon's back with the mace, but the demon just ignored it. He was only faintly aware of the sounds of tires screeching outside and car doors slamming even as he heard an almost angelic voice say.

"Get away from him you bitch!"

Joyce's Car – a few minutes earlier

"Dear god, Eyghon's here!" she heard Rupert say on the phone followed by what she assumed was the demon's voice calling out "Hello boys, did you miss me? I so missed you."

"Rupert we're almost there!" she said frantically as she pressed the gas pedal to the floorboard. Joyce knew she was speeding, but since the night-duty cops spent all of their time at the donut shop she wasn't horribly worried about getting pulled over.

She could hear the sounds of fighting over her car's cellphone and she made a hard right into the parking lot. Seeing the library door had been ripped out of its frame, she got as close as she dared before slamming on the brakes. Kendra and Sam were already unbuckling their seatbelts and they quickly exited the car.

Seeing the demon choking the boy she'd come to see as somewhat of a surrogate son, she unknowingly quoted one of Xander's favorite movies.

"Get away from him you bitch!"

Amazon instincts at full throttle, she charged the demon and delivered a kick to her side that she swore she heard ribs breaking even as the demon was lifted up and away – and straight into the stacks on the second level, toppling (and shattering) several shelves.

With a powerful leap, Joyce leapt up onto the second level – leaving Kendra and Samuel in shock – grabbed the demon by her hair and picked her up only to punch her and send her flying back into the wall.

"Mrs. Summers!" Xander protested as he climbed unsteadily to his feet. "There's an innocent girl in there!"

Reminded of the fact, Joyce gave him a firm nod before rushing forward and wrestling the stunned demon to the ground – planting her foot in the demon's lower back even as she held Eyghon's wrists in a death-grip.

Giles and Phillip brought the metal restraints up the stairs to the stacks and with Mrs. Summers's help managed to restrain Eyghon.

Xander's POV

"Now what do we do?" Xander asked - normally things were black and white. See demon, kill demon. Unfortunately an innocent (or so he gathered) was involved. "You said the last time this thing got lose the host died? And what's the what?"

"You need to tell Xander and Willow exactly what happened, Rupert," Joyce said in a dangerous tone.

That can't be good, he told himself. Realizing that potentially sensitive information was about to get discussed, Xander quickly came up with a plan.

"One sec, don't want her listening in on our plans," Xander said as he dragged Eyghon over to the listening library and put some sound-dampening headphones over it's ears and popped in Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries – setting the volume to maximum. "Alright, we got ten minutes. Hopefully that doesn't ruin her hearing."

Sighing and sitting down hard the librarian told his two students everything. Phillip didn't say anything, but merely poured his old friend another shot of whiskey. Xander was dumbfounded. Who knew G-Man was such a hell-raiser when he was younger? I didn't think he had it in him...

"Rupert, Ethan, and myself are all that remains. But I would guess Ethan kidnapped this girl and somehow moved his mark to her. Eyghon was in a corpse earlier tonight. Demonification wouldn't have happened so quickly unless the current host is marked like us."

"Will Eyghon stay in the host on it's own, or will it jump into someone else?" Willow asked in a tone that told Xander his best friend had gears turning in her head.

Xander piped up. "Can we go grab a couple of corpses from the morgue and move your tattoos over?

"I-If there is a dead body or another sleeper nearby, it will jump since it is restrained. But dead bodies don't last very long before, er, they liquefy," Giles said. "And the tattoo must be anchored to a living being – and I have no idea how Ethan moved his without being found out."

"Obviously we can't just use a dead body, since that won't kill the demon, only give it a change of scenery," Willow said – making Xander sag a bit.

"Oh! Oh Oh Oh! I got it!" Willow said excitedly.

"Hey guys, I think she's got it," Xander said with a grin. "What's your plan, Wills?"

Willow quickly told them, and Joyce could see Xander's grin growing wider. Joyce saw Kendra and Samuel nodding in appreciation of the girl's brilliance.

"Right," Xander said as he stood – handing Joyce the mace. "Kendra and I will go bag a blood sucker and bring it back here. Joyce will keep an eye on Iggy. And team Tea and Crumpets can get the research party going just in case we need a Plan C – after they borrow some acid from the chem-lab to get rid of those tacky tats."

"What are plans A and B?" Willow asked curiously.

"Plan A is grabbing a vamp, B is raiding the morgue, stealing a boat, and dumping Iggy in the middle of the ocean with some concrete shoes," he explained as he and Kendra headed for the door.

Samuel looked at Giles with a grin. "Boy's clever. I'd never have thought of dumping a possessed corpse in the ocean."

"It would be nice if she showed some of those smarts with his school work," Willow fumed.

"Not everyone is cut out for academics. Now, if you'd care to show me where the chemistry lab is, I'll go get some hydrochloric acid so those tattoos can be removed," he offered.

"This way, Mister Zabuto," Willow said as she headed for the another set of doors, the dark-skinned watcher following her.

"I suppose we should start looking for a Plan C, then?" Phillip said with an rueful smile.

"Y-yes, quite."

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