Now I know what you guys are thinking, Luigi4life this is your 3rd alternative fanfiction, and you have not continued "Grojband Alternative" and "Sidekick Alternative" but I will continue it.

Milo Murphy will be at least 16, wearing a white shirt with green sleeves with time ape on it, brown pants, and blue shoes. A giant fan of Doctor Zone.

Sara Murphy will be 13-14 years old, wearing a blue and purple sweater vest, black slip-on, beige shorts, and a backpack with everything in it. Has a can-do attitude, and never give up

Melissa Chase will be 13 years old, wearing glasses, a gray shirt with thin white plaid lines and white cuffs that end at her elbows. A pair of dark gray jeans with visible seams and lighter colored cuffs and her sneakers are a dark gray, with lighter colored soles and laces. She'll have a negative attitude towards nearly everything, but it's especially evident anytime she's around Sara.

Bradley Nicholson will be 13 years old, wearing a white, elbow-length jacket with an upturned collar over a black shirt. A pair of red pants and shoes. He'll be confident and self-assured.

Zack Underwood will be 14 years old, wearing a dark red jacket over a white shirt, dark blue jeans with a black belt holding it up, and black shoes. He'll be obsessed with order and perfection.

Amanda Lopez will be 14 years old, wearing a pink and purple shirt with a white long sleeve, blue jeans, and cherry shoes. She'll be the new kid in town and the voice of reason when things get out of hand.

Mort Schaeffer and Joni roles will be swap, and still, be wearing what they usually wear.

Ms. Murawski will be the principal of the school, but will still be wearing what she usually wears.

Elizabeth Milder will be the teacher in Sara's class, wearing what she usually wears.

Kyle Drako will be the leader of the Bureau of Time Travel or B.O.T.T for short, wearing a futuristic black shirt with matching boots, both of which have red accents, and grey pants. He'll have a consistently rude and condescending attitude, constantly belittling the people around him with little regard for their efforts.

Mr. Block will be a teacher at Sara's school, who everybody thinks is a vampire. He'll wear an open black jacket over an orange henley shirt with a pair of light grey pants and brown loafers with grey soles. Occasionally, he will wear a long black cloak with a large, upturned red collar. When outside, he will wear a closed black trench coat that reaches past his knees alongside a dull green 'umbrella hat'. And his first name will be Drake since it's never announced in the show.

Scott will be a crossing guard who hates Sara. He'll wear a pair of dark sunglasses, a yellow safety vest with reflective stripes and orange highlights over a very light blue short sleeve button up shirt. His pants are black jeans with visible seams and he wears a pair of dark gray sneakers with lighter gray soles and laces.

Elliot Decker will be an under-grounder who likes Sara and helps out sometimes. He'll wear an unusual outfit made up of layers of completely unrelated materials, with the main part of his outfit being dark-colored work overalls. On top of this, he wears a long brown piece of fabric like a vest with the front open, revealing mesh netting across his chest. The final layer of his outfit consists of a large, brown, cloak-like sheet of fabric wrapped around his shoulders, thick brown gloves and a yellow hard hat alongside a pair of brown boots with lighter laces. His right boot is torn at the front, exposing his toes.

Neal will be a Pizza Squire, who used to babysit Sara. He'll wear a dark green gladiator suit with gold lacing over a white short-sleeved shirt, grey socks under boots, and a silver helmet with a white feather on top.

Veronica will be the crush of Milo. She'll wear a purple shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.

Cavendish will be a first class time traveler with his partner Dakota. He'll wear a tuxedo with black shoes and black pants.

Brick will be a time traveler who'll try to protect the pistachios but keeps failing with his partner Savannah. He'll wear an olive green three-piece suit with coat-tails that go down to his knees. His brown vest features four gold colored buttons and the chain of his pocket-watch, and beneath this, he wears a white dress shirt with a pink tie. He wears a small, matching green top hat with goggles, a pair of square, frameless glasses, and a pair of black and white dress shoes.

Dakota will a first class time traveler with his partner Cavendish. He'll wear a tuxedo with black shoes, black pants, and regular sunglasses.

Savannah will be a time traveler who'll try to protect the pistachios but keeps failing with her partner Brick. She'll wear a pink and purple jumpsuit with blue gogo boots, and a pair of green and white shades with tinted lenses.

Chad Van Coff and Lydia roles will be swap and still be wearing what they usually wear.