(Scene opens up when Sara is walking to the bus stop, where Amanda, Melissa, Lydia and Logan stand. As Sara walks in, Melissa and the two students stay away from her, much to Amanda's confusion)

Amanda: What's that all about?

Sara: Oh, you're new here. I've got a bit of reputation.

(Amanda shows surprise, and then smiles jokingly)

Amanda: So what are you, a tough girl?

Sara: Oh, I don't think anyone ever called me "tough". I'm Sara.

Amanda: (Shakes Sara's hand) I'm Amanda.

(A dramatic sound plays)

Lydia: No Amanda! No, no, no, no, no...

(Ignoring their warnings, Amanda continues talking with Sara)

Amanda: So what exactly is this reputation?

Sara: Well, people have used the "J-word" but you know what they say, "Sticks and stones can damage your vital organs so always wear body armor." (Knocks on her chest, which emits a wood-like noise)

(Hearing this, Amanda shows some concern)

(Bradley comes in)

Bradley: Hi, Sara.

Sara: Hi, Bradley.

(Bradley looks around himself to see if there is anything dangerous)

Bradley: I'm just gonna stand back here. (Takes a big step back from Sara)

Sara: Good call!

(Scene zooms out with everyone staying away from Sara except Amanda)

Bradley: So Sara, how was your weekend?

Sara: Eventful!

Bradley: Yeah, I bet.

Sara: I got a new scar, wanna see?

Bradley: Sure!

Sara: Ok.

(Sara takes a picture of her scar on her phone, and sends it to Bradley)

Bradley: Oh cool! That's a good one.

Sara: I know, right?

(Amanda begins to worry)

Amanda: Alright, seriously, girl. What's going on here?

Sara: What do you mean?

Amanda: I mean... what is all of... this? And what is the "J-word"?

Sara: (Quietly tells Amanda) Well, I don't like to say it out loud...

(A sound can be heard and a bungee suddenly falls out from somewhere)

Amanda: (Picks it up) Huh, it's one of those heavy duty bungees they use to tie stuff down at construction sites. (Sara wears a helmet) Hey, where did you get the...

(A concrete drainage pipe coming after them. Sara puts a helmet on Amanda's head, and both of them run with Amanda screaming)

(There are only Bradley, Melissa and the two students in the bus stop left)

Melissa: I bet my pudding pack we don't see them again today.

Bradley: I'll take that action.

Melissa: Really?

Bradley: Yeah, are you kidding? Sara's tough. As a matter of fact, (takes out a pack of snickerdoodle) I'll see your pudding pack and raise you a snickerdoodle or are you just all talk?

Lydia: Woah.

Logan: Tch. He just called you out.

(Cut to Sara and Amanda are being chased by the concrete pipe)

(Amanda's screaming)

Amanda: Wait, why aren't you screaming?

Sara: I find it doesn't help. Just hurts the larynx. Now hand me that bungee, and you better hang on to my backpack.

Amanda: (Screaming) Oka...aaawoowo!

(They swing on a street light, but the bungee breaks, the two fall and end up running on the pipe)

Sara: That bungee was definitely defective.]

(Diogee follows them and barks)

Sara: No, Diogee! Go home! Silly dog. (To Amanda) He's not supposed to be in the street.

(Amanda's screaming when they fall down a hill. The pipe stops running, make them fall into mud)

Sara: (Watching upwards) You might wanna slide over this way a little bit.

(The pipe falls onto them, shoots them up and they hang onto it)

Amanda: The "J-word" wouldn't happen to be "Jinx", would it?

(Back at the bus stop Melissa and Bradley take a seat)

Melissa: So Bradley, what's up with your girl? I can almost taste that snickerdoodle now.

Bradley: Oh, yeah? Now you want to make it more interesting?

Nick: What are you guys are talking about?

Lydia: Bradley's betting that Sara's gonna make it to school and on time.

Nick: I'm in! What's happen so far?

Melissa: Concrete drainage pipe chased him down a hill.

Joni: I got some vegan cheese sticks that say we don't see them 'til after lunch.

Zack: I got gummy licorice.

Bradley: Alright, alright. Let me get my notepad.

(Cut to the bus stop where Sara and Amanda miss the bus)

Amanda: No, no, no, no, no! Wait, wait, wait! (Stop running) Oh, man. I'm gonna miss my first day at the new school. My parents are gonna flip out!

Sara: Don't worry! My dad always says, "What doesn't kill ya only makes ya late for school." So I don't think we're gonna miss the whole day.

(Diogee follows them and barks, again)

Sara: No! Diogee, run home! I'm going to school. (Diogee goes away) Plus, if we catch the bus at the next stop, we may not even be late. (Takes out her phone) I got the bus route marked on my GP... S. It must have gotten wet when we fell in the mud but... fear not! (Takes out a paper map) I've got a backup right here. Paper map! Old school. (The map is taken by an eagle) Huh? Heh. Don't worry! I remember the way. This has happened before!

Amanda: This has happened before? This exact thing?!

(They begin running)

Sara: We'll beat them to the next stop. We'll just have to go through the rock quarry.

Amanda: Rock quarry? Sure. What could possibly go wrong? (Cut to the oil spill rock quarry. An employee is preventing them go across)

Employee: Sorry, girls. There's a little oil spill, as you can see. It's quite a mess so nobody's getting through today.

Sara: I think we can still make it across. I brought galoshes.

Amanda: I didn't.

Sara: I've got an extra pair. And they're hazmat rated for a level 4 biohazard.

Employee: Well, I don't think...

Sara: Here's a certificate from the EPA. (To Amanda) What are you? Nine? Nine and a half?

Employee: Well, it's notarized so I suppose if you...

(The eagle appears again, holding the paper map until it is set on fire by electricity. It drops the map to the oil spill. The whole oil spill suddenly get fire and blows up the way)

Sara: Maybe we should go through the woods. (Cut to the bus where the students are looking outside to see the fire. Bradley sees Sara and Amanda go to the woods)

Bradley: Look! They're safe! They're cutting through Coyote Woods.

Joni: Coyote Woods? What exactly is your definition of safe?

Bradley: Go, Sara!

(Cut to the woods where Sara and Amanda are running)

Amanda: So do you even know where we are?

Sara: Yeah, the fire's dried out my phone. We are right in the middle of Coyote Woods.

Amanda: Wait, Coyote Woods? I've got a thing about coyotes. They're like big dogs that are dangerous to pet!

Sara: Oh, don't worry. There's no coyote here.

Amanda: There aren't?

Sara: No. Actually, the woods were named after actor Peter Coyote.

Amanda: Really?

Sara: Yeah! He donated all this land to the city... as a wolf preserve.

(Wolf howl sound)

Amanda: You get how that's not better, right?

(Cut to Amanda and Sara are being chased by the wolves)

(Amanda's screaming)

Sara: Don't worry! Wolves love peanut butter. (Sara throws a PB&J sandwich to the wolves, but one of them throws it back on Amanda's back, who screams louder. Sara takes a branch and takes off the sandwich in the back.) Follow me (They climb up to the tree to escape the wolves)

Sara: You know, wolves barely ever attack humans.

Amanda: Is that true?

Sara: Oh, yeah. Bees are responsible for many more fatalities than wolves every year.

(They look up and see a beehive right next to them. They try to crawl through the tree, and it starts to flex)

Sara: (Sees that they are outside the fence) Hey, we're out of the woods!

Amanda: (with the beehive close to her face) What do you mean?!

Sara: We're outside the fence. Just jump!

(They jump down the tree, which shoots the beehive to the sky. Then it appears to fall onto Amanda and Sara, who duck, preparing for that, but it falls in the woods side of the fence)

Sara: Wow! That was incredibly lucky! The way the day's been going I was pretty sure it was going to come here and...

(Suddenly, something crashes into the fence several times, when the fence finally breaks it's revealed that the beehive fell onto a wolf and made it angry. Sara and Amanda at first are confused by the scene, but when the wolf starts to chase them, they run away. Upon seeing this, Joni and Melissa are surprised)

Melissa: Are you guys seeing this?

Joni: Yeah! Why is that wolf wearing a turban?

Bradley: Double or nothing? Who's in? (Cut to Amanda and Sara who are being chased by the wolf with the beehive on its head)

Amanda: How many fatalities are blamed on wolves and bees together?

Sara: (Cheerfully smiling) Well, we would be the first.

(They fall into a sewer, the wolf is heard howling away)

Sara: Here you go! (Gives Amanda a light) These will help us navigate in the dark.

Amanda: Girl, if and when we get outta' here, I'm gonna have to go my own way. No offense. I just can't handle all of this.

Sara: All of what?

(A raccoon pauses their conversation, Sara ducks to avoid it.)

Amanda: This cyclone of calamity that follows you everywhere you go. How do you live like this?!

Sara: How do you live like that?!

Amanda: What do you mean?

Sara: (Stops walking to face Amanda) I mean, you want to live like those other kids? They took a bus to school today. A BUS! Does that seem like more fun to you?

Amanda: (Thinks for a while, then happily agree) Uhm. Alright. Where to next?

Sara: Well, there's a loose grate up over here to the left. I've been here before.

Amanda: Of course you have. (Sara and Amanda go out the sewers and walk on a construction site)

Foreman: Alright, I guess we turn the water back on. (A worker obeys pulling a valve. Meanwhile, another worker arrives to talk to the foreman.)

Worker: You know we're missing one of those heavy duty bungees that we tie stuff down with. (Cut to the pipe which is missing a part) And also a section of that concrete drainage pipe.

(Water blows up from that pipe. Amanda turns to see this and falls into a wheelbarrow. Sara then pushes her to escape the water following them. They run on a crane, which breaks and let them fall on a flowing truck)

Worker: Hey, Sara! Is that a new scar?

Sara: Yeah! Thanks for noticing. (In the bus, Bradley lists the things that students have bet.)

Bradley: Okay, Chelsea's in for a pack of chips. Sid's up to two pudding packs. I like that confidence, Sid, but you're going down. Joni's down for cheese sticks and an apple, and Melissa is the big spender with a whole vacuum-sealed lunch pack, which I can cover, but I'll have to bring it tomorrow.

Melissa: (Sees Sara and Amanda are following them) Huh! Look! There they are! Oh, man, they're gonna beat us to school. (After saw them flow to the river) Never mind. There they go.

Bradley: Anyone wanna up the ante?

(All the students raise their hands, and Bradley smirks)

(Meanwhile, in the river)

Amanda: We should get a way to steer this thing to shore.

Sara: We don't need to. Look! The Maple Street Bridge. Here. I'll give you a boost. (Sara lifts Amanda then the wolf attacks them again, but Diogee comes right on time to rescue them. As a result of this, the hive is knocked off of the wolf's head)

Sara: (Petting her dog) Excellent, Diogee! Good boy! (Gives him some dog snack) Here you go. But I do need you to go home, okay? (Diogee swims in the river) Go home! (Swims away) He's not supposed to be in a river.

(The wolf goes to the shore, a car has to avoid it and crashes against a water tower)

Amanda: You know, I don't know if it's the adrenaline talking, but I'm starting to feel like we can handle anything that comes our way.
(The water tower falls onto the river, make a big wave and flows Zack and Milo to a cliff, where they fall freely)

Amanda: Or maybe not anything.

(They end up in an alien spaceship with two aliens inside, one of them points at Amanda.)

(Cut to the school)

Melissa: Ninety seconds to the bell. There is no way he's making it.

Bradley: Heh. If you're so sure, it's not too late to sweeten the pot.

Melissa: Done. Three jawbreakers and some vitamin C tablets. (He stares at him) What? It's cold and flu season.

(In the spaceship, Sara and Amanda are tied in two alien devices. The aliens are testing some unknown tool)

Sara: You know, they are from out of town. Maybe they don't even realize they're inconveniencing us.

Amanda: (Tries to persuade them, pretend to smile) Uh, guys, guys. Um, I realize you've come a long way. But we really need to get to school.

(Both Sara and Amanda smile nervously, and the aliens turn off their tools)

(In the school, there are only a few seconds to the bell)

Melissa: Well, Bradley, start passing out the loot.

(Sara and Amanda appear from the alien abduction right before the bells ring. The whole class seems to be very surprised)

Sara: Phew! Made it all in one piece. Of course, the wolves got my lunch.

Amanda: Mine got crushed at the bus stop. Guess we're going hungry.

Bradley: Don't worry. I got you two covered.

(Other students put all the food they bet on Sara's desk)

Sara: Oh, look! A vitamin C tablet. (Amanda stares at her.) What? It's cold and flu season.

(Sara eats the vitamin C tablet)

In case you're wondering how I write these, I take it from the transcripts. And I could really use your help. If you can finish the transcripts for Sidekicks and Grojband it would really help me.