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Trigger Warnings for ?Strong Language, Fingering and Sexual Content?

School days could emulate to the inexorably brass valley of the diabolical highlands towering the very prospect with its tremendous doze of homework, stress and the idle sulfur lake that engulfed its own preys, the exceptions equated even to the bloodthirstily wicked preys that have embraced with open arms the disastrous Gehenna swaddling sardonically cozy them. Katherine wasn't midst the exceptions at all. Or rather, dolled inescapably up in the invisible rigid attires of deriving the inaction to accompany her hedonism of every advancing second, every advancing minute, each advancing hour behind the coherently isolating walls of the public school she regularly attended. The very walls isolating the outer world of the nobodies who populated purposefully the grandiose façade's.

School wasn't amidst her favorite institutions to visit regularly even when she had a handful of true blue friends that accompanied her and didn't cease to dumbfound her with its bewitchingly enticing hex of the hastiness of the slapping hours and petering out the sulfur boredom that inevitably binded every adolescent that has set foot inside the school. Notwithstanding the circumstances, even if it was her final year in high school and having a different History teacher that delightfully flabbergasted her and certain students that were took into the bare hands of Mister Waterford. The former History teacher that spent a few years of his opulently down-to-earth career to teach Katherine and her classmates and a few hundreds of high schoolers as well, everything altered momentarily in the beginning of the final year of high school.

The indubitably great deal of difference Mr. Waterford and Mr. Simpson could be interpreted in a couple of pages essay foliating the real motives to format the purely impressive its bedaubed ink etching each word that has ornamented the blank. Mr. Simpson was another indisputably stringent teacher like certain that have ambitiously slavering its vermillion monumental cataract to wedge remarkably his strictness and raw discipline during his classes.

Notwithstanding the former History teacher's strictness, Fred wasn't as old as Kenneth even though his starkly stringent discipline contagiously permeate its venomously vermillion plague in each class he was attending to stage each new lesson out and narrating the eminent topics. Their age gap gauged its sufficiently discrete two of kind dissimiliar methods of disciplining the future generations of young adults. Further, the middle-aged gentleman manifested to be rather the vividly vibrant eye candy that forcefully ornamented the canvas of the classroom during his History classes with Katherine and each young lady whose naturally roseate, insatiably cherub lips' glossiness glimmered with the brillisntly luminous rivulet of drool pronging the raw spot.

During the History classes and when the eerily nonchalant, nevertheless, intensifyingly authoritative undertones tinged authentically amenable the middle-aged gentleman's declaims tingling angelic anthems into their ears, sea of twains of gemstones were transfixed bloodthirstily lustful, innocuously surreptitious on the larger frame that slowly but surely wandered the site as his formal, unblemished oxfords managed to restlessly blunt ghosting the wooden planked floor and conjugating its dozens of inevitable whispers taunting the nefarious creak.

"The earliest recorded use of the term "Industrial Revolution" seems to have been in a letter from 6 July 1799 written by French envoy Louis-Guillaume Otto, announcing that France had entered the race to industrialise." The haphazardness of stringently raspy tone majestically fabulous waltzing to suffuse the middle-aged gentleman's declaim, whilst the monotonously restless, blunt whispers of his oxfords ghosting the room's wooden planked floor as his pools of abysmally straightforward chocolate brown landed on every student to survey in a scrutiny assimilating their current activities during History class. His pools of austere chocolate brown interpreted visually every student's utter focus either on the new lesson or otherwise distracting themselves with something else. "In his 1976 book Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society, Raymond Williams states in the entry for "Industry": "The idea of a new social order based on major industrial change was clear in Southey and Owen, between 1811 and 1818, and was implicit as early as Blake in the early 1790s and Wordsworth at the turn of the 19th century." Reciting in a lukewarmly austere declaim the History class about the First Industrial Revolution, meantime, the young lady registered to worry her bottom nude lip between her front pearly-white teeth nibbling the raw spot once his coffee brown big, rotund depths speared severely luminous, contaminating its kindle of the very flares of his rhythmically vigorous dance of lust, unconditional desire and tremendous strictness formatting the exquisitely outstanding medley.

The majority of Katherine's classmates propped their faces under the palm of their creamy hands, whose pristinely smooth fingers scarcely motioned, coupled meekly with their eerie flat line blurring each pattern of passionately fiery enthusiasm surging through their dull gazes and curling at the corner of their nude lip and whether shooting fleet glances or transfixing her glassy jewels to spear Fred's large frame. Unlike the majority of her own peers, her sole distraction during one of her least favorite classes was eventually dancing one of her virginally elvish hands' bony fingers around the pen, whilst her other hand's tissues meaningfully authentic jotted down mere doodles in her History's notebook that seriously emulated to the true epitome of her lacking interest in the recent class's today lesson and most of all, the school subject, itself.

The prominently violet ink of the pen's daub against the flimsy fabric of the notebook's page inscribed the smiley faces and hearts staining the lily-white's blank until the hitched breathing of the young lady trashed against her discretely frail lungs and the rabidly rapid amplification of her heart pulses thudding into her chest, whereas sensing the very presence of the teacher approaching slowly but surely gracious her desk where she didn't share a seat with either of her classmates.

"Oh goodness! I strongly pray he doesn't even take a look into my notebook and its stupid drabbles." Emitting a docilely demure, girlishly solemn murmur almost dying on her tongue that ultimately imitated a solemnly sacred prayer to guard her from any eventual rueful woes, while a humbly emboldening claw of her dainty shoulder emanating from the teacher's masculinely colossal, marbled hand perched on her tissue and halting his refreshingly nonchalant expedition to wander sluggishly the classroom, fixating his utter focus on Katherine who was midst the sole youngsters that were doing something else than just eavesdropping and taking notes about the important History lesson as well. "M-Mister Waterford!" Struggling to elaborate its heavy stutter foaming her dainty jaw, Katherine managed to slam shut the notebook's page, whereas lingering its grip of the pen with a handful of fingers and altering her stance to caught-off-guard eventually and lethally endemic blush powdering her porcelain, young-looking complexion instantaneously. An elegantly coy, apocalyptically weak smile bloomed upon her naturally rosy-coloured, angelically cherub lips. Intoxicatingly icy shivers paradoxally trashed into the young woman's spine momentarily at the discretely inebriating, enthrallingly enticing touch grazing gingerly her shoulder blade.

"I wasn't expecting you to draw childish doodles in your notebooks at all, Kathy!" Suddenly the Historian's masculinely potent, bewitchingly feather-soft fingers channelized to toy eerily gently with the youngster's fabric of her baby green shirt's sleeve, admiring the crispy dainty bone structure and the soft fabric megawatt bond, while opulent sea of teenagers' twain of jewels fixated on the recent target. Her classmate who was recently caught ruefully by the middle-aged man to do nothing else during History class except crooking her fingers around the pen and scribbling lazily reckless on the sheet of paper. Childlike embarrassment efficiently phenomenal, vastly clouded the redhead whose diamond huge, roundish embers glazed Fred's coffee brown ethereally timeless as if the time has halted at last. "I can't believe on my eyes what are you doing during my classes instead you are out of lunch."

"I'm sincerely sorry, Mister Waterford! I'm also listening." The unamusingly lukewarmness puncturing the awkward student's mousy apology almost dying on her tongue tip's fat to formulate her childishly dull excuse to not being caught in trouble and blood-curdlingly unthinkable, indubitably obdurate to be awarded sardonically with its frigidly relentless tribulations rumbling up to blight her slowly but surely.

"You don't seem on fire about the recent class which will be included in the future test within a week or so." The sardonic ruefulness prominently emulsioning Fred's smug grin spread across his baby-pinkish, lusciously plumpish mouth stung Katherine's diamond depths abruptly. "So that's why forget about sidetracking yourself with such stuff I would rather expect in elementary school students rather than collegians like you." At the moment, the educator's mammoth hand vehemently swift yanked the compact entity from the ginger's desk and strolled up back to his working cherrywood bureau as his orthodoxy strong, long fingers worked on spreading the notebook's pages and examining in a scrutiny in the corner of his fiercely studious eye each discreet detail illustrated on the sheets of paper fashionably until the middle-aged gentleman's gaze pronged one of the blanks' text that ultimately engulfed its hopelessly inexorable accent sharpening drastically gradual.

Thickness hypodermically tranced to coat the juvenile woman's feminine Adam apple at the prospect of her favorite teacher stinging its megawattly intensifying pause of the First Industrial Revolution and his starkly cocksure nature streaming through his facial expressions highlighting his ethereally graceful facial features. Under her classmates and Fred's piercing stares, she felt so small, so weak and so amenable when her immensely cryptic secret leaked at last.

Sensing his angelically plump, pink lips sealed with me into a hardening, sensual kiss I haven't even imagined to share with him. Oh God! What about the heavenly softness of his lips contacting mine during the intensifying escalation whilst I was tugging his dark hair playfully and encouraging his large, strong hands clawing predatory my hips and grazing my inner thighs as if he admired the seamless softness of the most flawless fabric gliding beneath his fingers?

I can't even catch my breathing for a split second. I felt like I was dreaming instead of dawdling my mind to the absolute reality where it would be impossible to get kissed by my favorite teacher who's married and probably has children with his wife. It would be unimaginable to have a bright future with somebody who has already children and they wouldn't like me as much as their biological mother.

"Uh-huh!" Clearing his throat gruffly as he muffled graciously with the palm of his colossal, milky hand the bleated blatantly blunt, cold-heartedly dry cough dripping from his pink mouth, whereas the ginger pawed gently her oral slit and her bony tissues confining the extravagantly cheesy, infectious smirk sprawling across her face at the vista of her favorite teacher finally fathoming the genuine secretive nature of hers that obscured its wee, enigmatically discrete details from her impure thoughts of a married middle-aged man who was an educator on a stringently grave school discipline that didn't have abundance of devotees at all. "Here we are, Miss Kathy!" Muffling a despondently awkward, childlikely innocuous giggle escaping her oral slit, bearing a semblance of a deer leaking against the scintillating headlights brightly sweeping its casted light on the wild animal in the middle of the night, she scarcely constricted her throat muscles to conjugate its swig of the soar lump seething vigorously nonetheless. "Sensing his angelically plump, pink lips sealed with me into a hardening, sensual kiss I haven't even imagined to share with him. Oh God! What about the heavenly softness of his lips contacting mine during the intensifying escalation whilst I was tugging his dark hair playfully and encouraging his large, strong hands clawing predatory my hips and grazing my inner thighs as if he admired the seamless softness of the most flawless fabric gliding beneath his fingers?" Sheer irony darkened the educator's half-hearted peruse, whilst his fingertips grappled tightly, warily the page and supporting its meager weight to not vulnerably flip at all.

"Oh God! He really exposed me!"

"I can't even catch my breathing for a split second. I felt like I was dreaming instead of dawdling my mind to the absolute reality where it would be impossible to get kissed by my favorite teacher who's married and probably has children with his wife. It would be unimaginable to have a bright future with somebody who has already children and they wouldn't like me as much as their biological mother."

"Just look at that poor doe deer!" Manifesting a few pointed forefingers precisely at the redhead, their tongue tips crafted the mockingly sardonic wail followed by healthily guttural, spine-chillingly afflictive snickers pitching the site.

"What would you do, Miss Kathy? Separate me from my wife and soil my reputation?"

"You know that I'm listening during your classes and that isn't a stuff to be taken seriously on that paper."

"Ah, yes! I have read so similar stuff by my other female students that have the audacity to pour their vivid imagination into baloney that tantalizes them. It's such a shame your lukewarmness outweighs your potential success." Then he discarded the notebook on top of the cherrywood bureau ruthlessly and manipulating his rear to perch accompanying the miniature entity, while a breathily strict, crudely boyish chuckle wickedly spouting his jaw.

- A Half an Hour Later or So -

"Don't forget the next time a few people will be on the podium to determine their marks since they don't have enough marks unlike certain candidates whose names are already known!" As soon as the bell severely wicked droned to impale the very walls of the school's long halls, keeping the wits to the teachers and the young adults about the epilogue of their recent class and jumpcutting to the brief break, thereafter the huge mass of young adults managed to retrieve their books and tossing them inside their bags shortly before dashing out of the site at last.

In the interim, Katherine modestly put back her History book in her school bag and her long, bony fingers working on zipping until it entirely confined the larger entity, consequently joining the sufficiently big assemble of peers on her mission to flee without an ado until the middle-aged man's hair-risingly unavoidable stare fiddled her obdurately, catching a glimpse of her fleetly unpromising glance for a split second as she sensed the hazardous dilemma. Once her azure blue cabochons imbibed even an ounce of his parchment, still youthful façade and hazardously lunged into his cinnamon brown cabochons, the escape was doubtlessly impossible. Infernal lust, crystalline desire and unconditional love dangerously illumed his pools of deep coffee brown.

"Goodbye, Mister Waterford! Have a nice day!" Once Katherine's petite, creamy hand perched on top of the furniture to retrieve her History notebook and offering an angelically sympathetic, pearly innocuous smile flourishing dearly past her mouth, meanwhile, the teacher's larger, protective hand pawed categorically stubborn and depriving her entire freedom to weigh off the scales of their physical stamina and strength as well. "Mister Waterford?"

"Kathy, don't be that fast!"

"I just want my notebook back. I solemnly promise I'll take serious notes from now on instead of doodling stupid stuff that you call it." The healthily cherry powder dawdled to smear hypodermically across her well-sculptured, chubby cheeks whilst maintaining a stable, adequate eye contact with the educator and scarcely sweeping off her sympathetic smile tattooed on her marbled façade.

"N-No!" The appealing hoarseness of the educator's crudely cold-blooded reply didn't vanish into the thin air as the last visitant amidst the collegians slammed shut the door on their mission to the forthcoming destination, managing to shake his head in solemn disagreement as he readjusted his seating posture perkily inviting. "Come on, honey!" Ushering emboldeningly sensual the young lady to sit on top of him as his meaty, megawatt forefinger motioned restlessly strong-willed, part of Fred's dilemma to play his own cards right. "Everything is going to be good!"

Oscillation hardly inundated the student's vortex of thoughts until she marched towards her favorite teacher and channelized her rear to conveniently welcoming, promising roost on his lap until a pair of masculinely dexterous, predatory hands grappled her slim waist as she straddled him. The inebriatingly breathtaking warm breath lightly fanned the nape of the ginger's palish expanse whilst his thigh invicibly headstrong chimed the collegian to not move any single muscle as one of his hands' long, slim fingers reached for her shirt's stubborn, bland buttons to unbutton them eventually.

"Fucking God, Kathy! You are so gorgeous, babydoll!" All of a sudden, the older gentleman's pearly white teeth commenced nibbling the silken flesh of her expanse and assaulting with dozens of intoxicatingly blatant, insatiable kisses, while she cocked back her head and her lungs perpetually asphyxiated apocalyptically fatal and flourishing its shallow valley of meager quantity of oxygen's new home, swaying her rear against the tight crotch of the Historian eventually. His other colossal, amusingly warm hand slithered down to trail discreetly attentive the very curve of the ginger's hips and then teasing mischievously vindictive her folds on circles unremittingly villainous. "Jesus Christ! You are so wet and that is dangerously evident, sweetheart! Isn't that for me?" A low hum in response bubbled up from the collegian's throat and pawing gingerly the middle-aged gentleman's claw on his mission to peel off savagely shameless the attire shielding her torso until it was carelessly discarded on the podium and slipping to cup her ordinary jet-black bra-clad breast and fiddling versatily the amenably smooth fabric underneath his satin touch.

"Holy shit!"

"Isn't that a fucking clear yes, my babydoll?" The sweltering heat built between the redhead's inner thighs and pubic area inevitably as if her favorite educator's sweet nothings and invitingly spellbinding coos hexed her invincibly powerful. The desperately sultry moans and groans outnumbered the agitated hitched breathing of the duo during the process of Fred stripping off every garment that hugged comfy the young woman's petite-frame and the chats pitching the building's corridors."I knew it so far that you are quite wet even for my touch."

"Daddy, I need you right now!" Stilling his milky teeth teasingly vile nipping at the tender skin of her palish neck and then sliding to trace with his berry-coloured, wet tongue tip her sternum until it peaked to one of her naturally plum, erected nipples and suckling on its hopelessly pliant skin gaping as his other hand worked on cupping the soft fat in the palm of his paw and continuously repetitive grinding her thighs against the unending mull of the bulge's stiff low-spiritedly coveting for its release from the cotton fabric of the lingerie's fender. "You are dumbfoundingly hard."

"I was thinking about everything you have written in that notebook," An unevenly dramatic pause scorched relentlessly the middle-aged man's strawberry-coloured tongue, whilst circulating to suckle the sensitive flesh of the hardened mauve nipple as the younger woman's virginally spidery, marbled fingers fabulously slithered to rake the short mop of dark strands neatly plastering his head in her grip. The heart pulses' mirthful acceleration synced the mischievously earnest flumps into their ribcages and the rawness of contracting shut her eyelids, Katherine candidly melted into her favorite professor's superbly celestial, merry touchs grazing her tender, amenably exposed flesh accompanying the rich crop of horripilation rippling her overall arms and legs. "And you made me think about what I'm actually missing!" The haphazardness of the deft lug of the figure atop Fred's and settling comfy Katherine to sit on the bureau didn't fail to dumbfound her at his unspeakably indestructible stamina and physical strength coursing through his searing veins. Little did she know about the dynamic roller coaster of her favorite teacher he's being riding for years behind the scenes of his wedlock with Serena.

Once the pairing's nude pink, plump lips crashed into a hardeningly steamy, ever-lasting kiss sealing their profiles hardly to inch one another, their eyelids contracted shut and utterly molting into the small bubble of their world's emphatic formation while the ginger registered to cup in the palms of her elvish, creamy hands his well-carved, chubby cheeks and then slipping sheepishly down to toy with the stubborn buttons of the middle-aged gentleman's charcoal gray shirt and undoing them gradually until they were fully unbuttoned. Notwithstanding the circumstances, when the kiss significantly escalated, throughout their tongues commenced dueling one another eagerly iron-willed for gilt domination until the older man's tongue won eventually and plugged inside and subsequently deepening the kiss into French, whereas Katherine was sluggishly discarding his garments and discarded them with her sprawled shirt at last.

The attires that hugged Katherine's petite-frame were here comfortable underwear and her short school skirt which were promptly yanked as her natural fender with the sufficiently big pile of garments. Straddling broadly her legs as she gave a better access to the professor to insert his erected manhood at her entrance whilst shamelessly predatory clawing her hips to stabilize his berserk stance and fueling her virginally guiltless core as the very walls contracted the shaft and attempting persistently to accommodate to the first bold warrior that has articulated his megawatt desire for somebody that could lose her virginity to him and that rendered the young woman feeling so special and so precious. Shortly before the initial, sorely painful thrusts' sychronisation, the couple exchanged enigmatically entincing ogles as the ginger maneuvered her angelically petite, ghostly pale hands to lacerate his broad, muscly shoulders for support.

"You are immensely handsome!"

"You are actually the beauty there."

When the professor managed the initial sorely afflictive thrusts throbbing in and out and lingering her crooked legs around his waist, the collegian struggled to buff its despondently fervernt groans and moans and subconsciously scraping the delicately milky flesh of his shoulders with her small fingernails until the thrusts escalated to less painful and graciously swift, besides arching her swan neck.

In the meanwhile, hideously luminous, brilliantly crystal sweat clung to their synchronizing naked bodies and one of Fred's mammoth, protective hands glided atop his favorite student's complexion and positioning his swan thumb to stifle her blatantly fervent whimpers as well, followed by twin fat crystalline tears streaming down the redhead's lower eyelids.

"Holy fuck! You are so tight, baby girl!"

"Daddy, I still want you!"

"Holy shit! I am guessing I will cum."

Within several of vehemently passionate thrusts and a luxurious cataract of mellifluously impulsive, fierce moans and groans pierced the room's very walls the couple's climaxes were approaching sooner than later and the middle-aged gentleman planting his marbled seed inside the collegian's core.

The intesifyingly megawatt sentiments the controversial duo traded with each other were far cry from barbarically tragic and woeful. They were one of a kind duo that might have a controversially nefarious reputation, due to the fact, they were exchanging a strong teacher-student relationship, although their age gap was impressively big and their relationship statuses were completely different.

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