The radio played faint jazz, a beautiful female voice singing the vocals, as the person who was once Susie Campbell hummed along. She was sharpening the ax, preparing for the dissection of the Boris in the next two rooms. Alice smiled when she finished, setting it down to start with the knife. When the music suddenly stopped, she looked up.

Dark ink splotches had started to form in the room.

"Oh no. Not now." She glanced at the knife. "I'm so close." Dropping the knife, Alice headed to the Little Miracles Station she had set up. She tried to control her breathing as sloshing footsteps were heard. Deep breathing was heard as the skeletal form of the Ink Demon entered the room.

"...No use hiding dollface." Ink blinded eyes looked around. "I know you're in here. Don't worry. I just need to have a few words with you." He stopped talking, cocking his head to listen. Soon, he heard her quiet chant of "You can't see me, you can't see me, you can't see me..." His grin, if it was possible, narrowed into a frown. "Get out here Alice!" Her chanting stopped with a gasp.

The door creaked open.

Alice stepped out, staring at the floor. She looked up and feigned surprise before giving him her prettiest smile. "Oh! F-Fancy seeing you here. How have you been?"

"Oh, cut that out. You know I don't want to see your ugly mug like you don't want to see mine. I'm just here to talk business."

Alice frowned. He was probably here to talk about his little pet. Everyone knew that for some reason, Henry's last cycle had been interrupted by someone new entering the studio- a teenage girl. The spell of the constant cycles had been broken and his soul had moved on. "Bendy", for some reason, had taken a liking to this little one. "...Fine. What is it you want?"

"You know dead well what I want. I'm looking for your little errand girl."

She crossed her arms and tried to stare him down. "I haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about-"

He hit the wall with a loud, wet thump of his fist. "Don't play dumb with me, broad! I'm talking about Gail."

Alice blinked and tried a look of realization. "Oh, that errand girl! I thought you were talking about one of the others that I so clearly have at my disposal." She couldn't help the sarcasm at the end.

The Ink Demon leaned close with a growl. "Listen here girly. I didn't come all the way down here just to get sassed by a slutty unfinished babe like yourself." Ignoring her outraged gasp, he continued. "I get answers. Now, I know you've been sending her around to do your dirty work, if the chopped up cutouts weren't a clue." She couldn't help a smirk of pleasure come up with a giggle. "Shut up! All I wanna know now is where you're keepin' her."

"Keep? I'm not keeping her anywhere."

"Oh, SURE!" His voice, already distorted, grew even more off model at his anger. "I'm just suppose to believe the local goody two shoes around here WOULDN'T keep someone that important from ME!" He panted with anger. The missing little pet was probably the source of his distress. The two engaged in a silent stareoff. " aren't you say you are." dare he?!

She was Alice Angel! She was the one meant for the role! Not Allison!

"Excuse me?" It was hard to keep a polite tone when anger was rising.

He chuckled darkly. "You heard me."

"What are you suggesting?"

"I'm merely suggesting that being alone down here for so many years finally got the best of you." There was glee in his voice.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I've been managing just fine."

"The toon torture chambers suggest otherwise."

"That was out of necessity." She fluffed her hair like she would've in the days before the Ink- maybe. "You of all people should know how difficult it can be to keep yourself together. Sacrifice is needed."

"Ugh, stop talking about sacrifice. You sound like Sammy." He shivered, his disdain for his "prophet" clear. He sighed. "But I do find it interesting that someone as "pure" as you would go to such cruel methods to keep her looks up. Doesn't that sound, oh, I don't know..." He leaned forward, grin returning, so she could hear the next word. "Selfish?"

"Nonsense! I did what had to be-"

He held a hand up. "Save it! Did you kill Gail too?"

"How do you know if she's dead? She's displayed the fact that she's good at surviving. Several times."

"What about Boris, huh? What purpose do you have for him?" Low groans sounded out as he leaned forward. "It feels like you're going to do to him what you did to the others."

The silence stretched.

"W-Well you're no better! How many people down here have you killed?" She snapped. "More than me, I'm sure."

He laughed. "Fair point. But that's expected of me. I'm Bendy the Dancing Demon after all! So me killing a few folks isn't as big of a deal. You, on the other hand, are suppose to be my opposite. You're an angel." He tapped the halo halfway sunken in her head. "You're suppose to be the good one. Yet, here you are, with tools at the ready to cut up another poor schmoe for your own vanity. You know, if I didn't know any better, I would say you're not that much different from me."

Searchers burst from the ink, the Butcher gang following.

"Don't touch me!" Alice shrieked.

"Bendy" watched with a grin as his slaves advanced. A mad cackle escaped him as she struggled. "I knew it! This godforsaken studio broke you Susie!"

"I'M NOT SUSIE!" She screamed. "I'M ALICE ANGEL!" A Searcher and Edgar both grabbed her arms.


"NO I'M NOT!" She paled when she begun to be dragged to the ink. "No, no, no! Nononononononono! I'm an angel! I'm almost perfect! I won't let you take me back!" She broke free, grabbed the knife and swung it at the approaching monsters. "Go away!"

"Not until you tell me!"

"I can't lose myself now!"


"Stay away!"

The poor souls, trapped in the inky forms of monsters, trailing their tainted ink, paid her no mind. They all reached for her, eager to drag her back in. Back to the cold darkness. Back to the well of voices. Back to being a fish in a bowl. Alice screamed as Bendy cackled with anger. She burst into sobs, all stopping as she collapsed to the floor. Bendy couldn't help the pleased smirk that rolled onto his face.

He turned to his slaves. "You all get out of here." They were all quick to leave to roam their hallways or to lurk in the puddles. He approached the sobbing angel. "Now, are you going to cooperate? Or are you going to join me and my pals in the darkness?" He gripped her by the hair and lifted her tear stained face up. She nodded. "Good! Now, where. Is. Gail?"

She sniffed. "I sent her down as far as the elevator would go. She got knocked out when it crashed and I took Boris. She might still be alive." Her voice was thick with tears.

Bendy sighed. "First you try and off the kid, then make her break my stuff, then you send her as far as possible from me. You really made a mess here, angel." He released her and stood. "Welp!" He said cheerfully. "I got what I wanted out of ya! I'll be leaving now." Leaving the sobbing angel to her terror, the Ink Demon entered the next room. Boris looked up fearfully from his lab table. With a quick slice of his claws, he was freed.

"Go find your little friend."

The wolf was quick to leave. The demon smirked at the increased sobs of Alice. "See you around girlie." He said before walking through a wall.

There was a glad cry of his name when Boris and Gail reunited.

They had no idea above him, an angel sobbed.

A/N: AU where Henry's fourteen year old daughter interrupts the cycles, setting his soul free but not freeing the studio from Joey Drew. So Abigail "Gail" Stein travels through with Bendy trying to act like a good big brother from a distance.

Just a conversation inspired by this piece of voice acting: post/168491991680/so-i-got-this-request-like-2-or-3-months-ago-and

Next chapter, you'll meet Gail. I am open to asks.