Bendy and Gail in The Dancing!

The lights turn on, revealing a dance floor. The camera pans in, revealing two dark figures.

As we pan in closer, it is revealed that they are an on model ALICE ANGEL and GAIL. Piano music starts to play off screen, a waltz. The girls take their positions, keeping calm faces as they begin to dance. As they twirl around on the floor, the music begins to pick up speed. Soon, the girls are grinning as the waltz is replaced with a jazzy melody. They speed up, shaking to the beat. ALICE twirls GAIL one last time...

Before GAIL bumps into BORIS THE WOLF, clarinet in hand. They shake to the beat as he plays the clarinet with the music. She snaps her fingers to the beat as she hops from foot to foot. He taps his foot to the beat as well.

The BUTCHER GANG appears, pushing BORIS off screen to grip hands and dance in a circle around GAIL. She stops dancing to clap her hands to the beat. Then CHARLEY tries to make a grab at her. She disappears through a puddle with a frown.

She reappears in front of HENRY, smiles appearing on their faces when they see each other. He offers her a hand as the music enters a lull, the two starting a waltz. GAIL giggles when he lifts her up at one point. Father and daughter press foreheads before he sets her down as the room darkens. The two wave goodbye with sad looks on their faces. GAIL lets out a squeak when there is a tap on her shoulder.

She looks down to see BENDY in his on model form. GAIL takes his offered hand as the music returns to jazzy speed. They start to twirl around, wide grins appearing. At one point, GAIL picks BENDY up into a hug. The music reaches a crescendo as they turn so fast, they turn into a tornado. The music ends when they stop, eyes swirling in dizziness. They shake it off.

The room darkens to hid the duo.

The waltz begins to play again.

The lights turn on, dim enough to show the INK DEMON, preparing to waltz with GAIL.

But she has changed.

The screen closes in on her golden eye before going dark.

Produced by Joey Drew Studios

A/N: This is the type of thing that would be better as a comic. However, I possess no artistic skill. But I am open for fanart in case anyone asks.