Gail Stein marched from the room that held what was once Bertrum Piedmont. She hurried to the switch that led to that room and flipped it. Boris tapped her shoulder. "You okay boss?"

"I'm fine, just a little pissed off." she said, rubbing her shoulder where she had banged into the wall at one point. "Where's the fourth switch go?"

"Let me deal with it-"

"You should stay here and rest." When she opened her mouth to protest, he held up a hand. "You look like you're going to fall over. I don't think "Alice" will be coming after us." With that, what remained of Wally Frank, forced Gail to sit down. Picking up the axe, he headed off. The teenager sighed as she watched him leave. When he disappeared around the corner, she leaned back.

To an eruption of noise inside her head.

"Calm down." she ordered when she could finally think. "I'm fine." Undoing the clasp she wore at her throat, Gail undid her vest and her button up shirt. "See-" She glanced at her shoulder. "-oh crap." Her shoulder had bruised hugely and darkly, more black than the red bruises started as. She stared at it in shock, not noticing that ink had started to go down her face from her hairline. She only noticed when it started covering her eyes. With a grunt, she pushed it back.

"You certainly don't sound fine." Bendy's voice said in her head, a sign of the link that stretched between them.

Everything in the studio was connected, after all.

"It's just a bigger bruise than I expected. Darker too." She prodded it, giving out a hiss of pain. "Ow." A flurry of emotions flashed through her head- anger, fear, concern. "I swear, I'm okay. Worrywart."

"Brat." There was affection in the insult.

"I'll drink some ink later, that'll fix me up."

"You better."

Then there was silence. Gail was alone.

"Love you too."

Boris walked back in a few minutes later. With all of the switches flipped, the two descended deeper into the studio.

A/N: Meet Gail Stein!

Henry's only child before he and Linda peacefully divorced, she is the little voice you hear at the end of the game asking Joey Drew to tell her another one. She was seven when her father left her with Joey Drew and disappeared.

The spell of the cycles is linked to her. She is, in a way, the trigger for it.

Don't worry about the ink.