A Thief snuck into the Lonely Mountain where the thief thought he could get away with stealing, especially with the Arkenstone. Unfortunately though the thief was perished into the flames of Smaug, but little did Smaug know his fire magic and the thief's blood made the Arkenstone human.

There lay in the mountain, is the Arkenstone
a beauty rare and sweet, her voice echos and twinkles like a star
she is a forbidden fruit for which you can't resist to taste
You can not look away from her
nor could you disobey her

She beckons you to hold her
love her
cherish her
worship her
for she is not just any jewel
she is a goddess
A queen under the mountain

now her crown has been improvised
"a new king as reigned under the mountain
of fire, scales, and death
his roar is law now
and she must please him
"no matter the price too heavy.

I hope you are all excited for this story as I am because dude this has been in the works for a very long time! I will be getting to the first chapter soon and I am just really excited for you all! Enjoy this poem too it was all made in at least five minutes.

have a good day everyone

Title yes was made by me as well.