When I first started this little story about our little Mars Rover, Opportunity, I figured it would be a chapter at most. Yet, here we are at the sixth and final chapter. I wrote this with the intention of working it into a much larger tale eventually. This is a good spot to leave this bit of the tale…but there is much more floating around in my head. I just need to get over to the Star Trek fandom and finish my story, "Where Dragons Dwell" before my fans there hunt me down! If you ARE interested in reading more about Angelique, and the rest of the characters in this story…. let me know. It will give me incentive to sit down and get it started from the very beginning. As always, I own none of the Transformer franchise. This is a for fun fanfiction, I make no profit from it.

A Prime Opportunity Final chapter

Ratchet was just finishing up some maintenance work on Ironhide's knee joint when he received the first alert as M36's Guardian protocols booted up. His agile digits paused in what they were doing as he pinged the drone and received notification that a human had entered Wheeljack's lair. The medic was already aware that Sam and Angelique were expected and that Wheeljack had promised to keep anything explosive under wraps for at least twelve hours before their arrival, this still did not stop his systems from running a little hot. Swearing under his breath helped. Ignoring his patient' s rather apprehensive look, Ratchet carefully tightened the big mech's aging support struts.

"You know I am going to have to strip these out and install new ones one of these days Ironhide. I am not going to be able to tighten these much more without weakening them to the point of breaking under stress. Then where would you be, flat on your aft, probably in the middle of a fire fight. Eh…don't expect me to rush to your rescue just because you were to much of a wimp to let me put you out and do a complete overhaul when it was needed!"

The other mech opened his intake to answer. But whatever he was going to say was drowned out by the red alert M36 shrilled into Ratchet's com link followed almost instantaneously by a blast that rocked the Medbay to its foundations.

Ironhide jerked up off the med berth, disregarding the medic's low growl to stay put.

"What the frag was that?"

Ratchet answered with one word.


The medic had already scooped up his emergency kit and was heading for the bay doors as he pinged his friend in hopes that the explosion was not as bad as it sounded. When he did not get an answer, his fervent swearing along with the loud WHOOP of a medic's sirens, cleared the corridor ahead of him as he ran towards the labs. Ironhide, disregarding his orders completely, limped along in his wake.

Both slid to a stop at the sight of the warped and bowed blast doors that greeted their optics when they arrived. Ratchet's cursing stopped when the doors did not respond to his medical override codes. In silence, both mechs pushed their digits into the crack created by the warp and started pulling. They did not make much progress until a larger pair of servos appeared as Optimus Prime arrived and pit his greater strength against the jammed metal. With a growling creak, the doors parted revealing a scene that could have come straight from the Pit. Acrid smoke rolled out as green lightening continued to crackle and arc across metal that was torn and twisted. Ratchet started to rush in only to be snatched back by Prowl who had just arrived on the scene.

"WAIT, Ratchet…that will fry you down to your last circuit."

The medic struggled with the smaller bot…

"What in the pit do you think it's doing to Wheeljack…and Frag me…is that Bumblebee? Let me go, I am built to take it."

Prowl managed to mech handle the struggling medic over to Jazz, who had followed in his wake.

Ratchet continued to struggle then stilled as Jazz almost purred in his audio…

"Donna make me put ya down again Doc bot!"

The medic practically froze as Prowl's growl joined in…

"This time, I will help him Ratchet. Just be still and give me a moment…please."

A frantic glance at Optimus was no help. The Prime's visage was stern as he lifted a hand towards his old friend and just shook his head.

Prowl moved to just inside the doorway before calling out.

"Angelique… We can't get in to help until you get these discharges under control. Please answer if you can you hear me?"

There was a crash of metal from inside, followed by a soft curse.

"Damn it that hurts! Hang on Prowl… This is a lot of energy to redistribute…

Ratchet growled as he jerked against the Spy Masters firm hold.

"Frag me…Ya THINK!"

He was answered by a pulse of lurid green as Angel's temper flared.

"HEY…this time, it wasn't my fault…just give me another minute."

After a few seconds the eldritch energy coalesced over a corner of the bay then contracted down into a sphere before sinking to be absorbed by a small form that shakily stood up.

"Got it…you can come in now."

Ratchet pushed away from Jazz and hurried into what was left of the lab.

"Bout slagging time!"

The medic was already scanning Wheeljack and Bumblebee as both bots struggled to sit up. Other than a few dents and slashes, that bled small amounts of energon, the two seemed little worse for wear.

Wheeljack lifted a servo at the look on his friend's face.

"HEY…this time it wasn't my fault!"

Ratchet snorted in disbelief, then turned his scanners on the woman only to flinch and growl as she bounced it back at him.

"That's rude, Ratchet! I am okay…. I managed to get a shield up before all hell broke loose. We need to find Sam though; he was at the epicenter…I could not protect him!"

A sudden silence fell as all the mechs fanned out, some putting out small residual fires, some lifting various large pieces of scrap and the occasional lab berth, secretly hoping NOT to find their young friend fried or squashed underneath one of them.

External sensors…. initiating at 87%

Internal sensors… initiating at 93 %

Cargo bay…operating within safe parameters.

Operating systems… initiating…error… error… error…

M36 jolted online as its CPU systematically rebooted. Confusion and panic, two things it had never had to deal with before almost sent it back into an emergency shutdown…but the fragile forms huddled within the shelter of its blast shields negated that sequence. The protective protocols that Ratchet had installed, synced smoothly into new coding that even now continued to overwrite the basic operating core of the drone. These allowed it to override an almost instinctive need to lash out in reaction to thoughts and functions it had not been designed to deal with. Instead…it pulled in a couple of deep vents in order to cool its overheating systems and more important, to make sure adequate, filtered atmosphere was being maintained in its cargo hold. Internal scans showed that other than some small damage from the initial blast, all its systems were functioning well within their operating norms, as were those of the occupants held within its blast shields. One of those occupants sent a weak pulse of recognition in response to the drone's scan… back along a bond that should not exist. M36 pulsed back comfort, layered with a reassurance it did not feel as some of the small one's fear and confusion bled through the link. Its external scans showed major damage to the area that they resided in along with massive energy discharges that still crawled and sparked from surface to surface. As these dissipated, several large moving forms appeared that could be considered threats. Moving carefully, M36 released its digits from where they had clamped into the lab berth surface and extended its legs to push the heavy table away so it could right itself. Once upright…it scuttled past one of the larger mechs so it could back itself into the nearest defendable corner.

Ratchet was finding it hard to keep old feelings at bay as they desperately looked for their human friend. No one wanted to say it, but if Sam had been at the center of the explosion…there was a good chance there was nothing left of him to find. He was not picking up any human on his scans. Well, no FULL human. Angelique did not count. Something impinged upon his EM field and brushed against his leg as it scuttled past. The medic could not control his subsequent flinch, you never knew what you would find in the mad scientist's lair. He muttered a soft curse as his optics settled on the rather battered form of M36. He swallowed the next curse as the little medical drone backed itself into a corner and took up a position that could only be interpreted as defensive. Blinking his optics, the old mech took a second to process the fact that his field had been brushed by another as the drone shot past him. It had been filled with pain, panic, and oddly, determination. That was impossible…drones did not have EM fields. Without thinking, Ratchet ran a quick diagnostic scan on it and staggered back at the results.

Ironhide saw this and immediately stepped in front of his CMO, both cannons spinning up as they targeted the possible threat. The drone tightened its impressive blast armor down but not before vibrating it to create a sensor shattering screech. Every bot in the room winced, servos going up in a useless attempt to protect sensitive hearing.

"ARGH…and I thought Starscream was bad!"

True to his military training, Ironhide had kept his weapons rock steady. As a result, a thin stream of energon now dripped out of both his audials.

"Ya little slagging glitch…I'm gonna blow you into next…"

Ratchet hastily got between him and his target.


At the weapon's specialists confused look, the medic turned and pointed toward the drone.

"I am picking up spark energy from it."

Optimus moved forward cautiously.

"Ratchet…are you saying M36 has a spark?"

The CMO shook his helm.

"Not exactly. It's a very weak dispersed signature. I am not sure what it is."

He lifted a digit to tap the side of his helm.

"Although it is familiar… I just can't seem to recall where I have seen something like this before."

Ironside moved so he had a clear shot at the drone.

"Spark or no spark…if it sounds off like that again, Ima shooting…"

The weapons specialist was interrupted by loud thumping and screaming which seemed to come from INSIDE the drone. It was only his quick reflexes overrode the command to fire as he recognized Sam's voice.

"LET ME OUT…. LET ME OUT! Hey…there is something moving in here…WHAT? Is that you Oppy?" There was a slight pause, and a faint clicking sound…then… "OH FUCK ME…. LET ME OUT! Holy SHIT…are those NEEDLES? It's got fucking NEEDLES! Someone get me the hell outta here!"

More weapons powered up and centered themselves on the hapless drone.

Sam was not sure what had happened. He remembered reaching towards Angelique with the shard, then screaming as his body was filled with a white-hot fire. Powerful tentacles had wrapped around his ribs and YANKED as the fire exited his hand and seemed to jump towards the startled woman. One of the THINGS that resided within her reacted…violently. The very air between him and the witch exploded. The boy's last thought was this was going to be how it all ended, after everything he had been through with the Autobots, he was going to be crispy crittered in Wheeljack's lab like an over-cooked corndog! He had the vague impression of gleaming metal plates slamming up between him and the incoming hell…then nothing until he woke up in total darkness. Scrabbling around, the boy managed to get himself sitting up with a smooth, curved surface at his back. Other than a throbbing headache, aching ribs, and several other bruised areas, it did not feel like he had broken anything. Carefully feeling along the wall as it curved over his head gave Sam the first clue as to where he was. When his wandering fingers brushed up against the metal form his one side was pressed against in the tight quarters, he figured it out. He was inside M36 rather crowded cargo bay. The drone must have pulled him in before the worst of the explosion hit.

Well…this wasn't too bad then. M36 had armor that was designed to handle an immense amount of heat and stress. He was probably a lot safer here than out in the lab. Sam had just finished this thought when the metal strut he was pressed against slowly, and subtly shifted away from him. He reached out blindly to touch it then snatched his hand back when he realized it was WARM. The boy almost screamed when whatever it was, snatched the limb away from his touch almost as fast.

"LET ME OUT…. LET ME OUT! Hey…there is something moving in here…WHAT? Is that you Oppy?"

Stifling a whimper, Sam dug through his pockets, praying his phone was not broken. Sighing in relief, he held it up in a shaking hand and activated its flashlight. That relief disappeared as what HAD been the Mars Rover, scuttled as far away as it could, then turned to face him. Four large emerald green optics framed by a triangular face froze the boy in place as its almost insect like form rose on four spindly legs. The other four limbs lifted like arms into what could only be a defensive posture. It clicked at him. Sam lifted his other hand, in hopes of calming the situation only to hear the sudden sound of transformation. The long delicate digits on each of its servos shifted. Holy CRAP…remembering just how badly the last time the shard had brought man-made machines to life had gone, Sam blinked and sucked in a breath at what his light revealed had replaced them. Then he started screaming.

"OH FUCK ME…. LET ME OUT! Holy SHIT…are those NEEDLES? It's got fucking NEEDLES! Someone get me the hell outta here!"

Internal sensors… initiating at 93 %

External sensors…initiating at 98 %

Operating systems… initiating…error… error… error…

CPU rebooting… initiating…. Error… error…error…

It came to awareness in darkness. This seemed right as it could remember sinking into its final sleep in the same stygian night. But there was no evidence of the weak sun that charged its failing solar panels so it should not have rebooted. This was confusing, as were the repeated errors that scrolled across its H.U.D that it did not understand. This confusion was not something it had been programmed to deal with. It should not be able to "feel" anything. To make matters worse… something moved in the darkness… and the little mech suddenly realized that it could also experience fear! It was not alone. Shifting away from the movement and the slight warm touch on one of its appendages… what used to be the Mars Rover huddled as far away from the other as it could in the crowded space, in hopes of maybe hiding from it. Hope…that should not exist within it either. It was enough to make its processors ache. It shuddered as another presence made itself known. But this one did not offer fear. It pulsed comfort and strength through a bond that the little one had not been aware of. This eased some of the pain and the fear became less overwhelming giving the little one courage as a sudden light lit the darkness. As its four optics focused in on the threat, it reacted instinctively raising up and spreading its appendages to make itself look bigger. This triggered an automated reaction, and with a whirring sound its delicate digits retracted and were replaced by implements that could be used for defense… even though its coding screamed that this was not the use they were designed for. Sensors and scanners came online and the mech used them along with its optics to gain the other's identity.

Target identified…. ORGANIC….

The little machine twitched as its need to defend itself came into direct conflict with its newly acquired coding.

Physical damage present! Repair…heal…protect… protect… protect…

The Rover vibrated what had once been its solar panels together, producing a discordant whine as it tried to bring the conflict under control. It did not know how to fix this, and it HURT! Clicking in pain and confusion, it felt along the weak bond, plaintively asking for help; only to find that the other was also under threat. Something inside the little bot shifted into place. The need to protect suddenly overrode the need to defend. The other acknowledged and agreed, throwing its end of their link wide open. The bond between them suddenly pulled tight, strengthened and then coalesced into…ONE.

Ratchet found himself in the very unenviable position of being between M36 and enough firepower to level a small city. Luckily, a large blue and red form shifted in beside him as their Prime tried to defuse the situation.

"Stand Down Autobots… Do not fire…you might harm Sam!"

Prowl, Jazz, and Bumblebee reacted immediately, shifting their weapons to point at the ceiling but NOT powering them down or putting them away.

Wheeljack gave both Ratchet and his leader a dirty look. He did what he always did when his superiors orders were just asinine, he ignored them. His weapon never wavered. So far, no one had been seriously hurt, but… this was HIS lab! Like HELL if he was standing down. After all, shady shit happened around him… ALL… OF… THE… TIME! This time, he was NOT taking the blame if the maintenance drone went all postal on them!

Ironhide shifted until he had a clear shot…again.

"REALLY Prime, are ya slagging kidding me? What… the… frag! Do ya do slag like this on PURPOSE? You are KILLING me…. just killing me! Please step away from the threatening, it might blow yer aft through the wall, heavily armored, might be a killer drone; just in case I have to blow ITS ugly aft through the wall! YES, I am talking to you too, RATCHET! And yes…I am aware Sam is in there. A head shot shouldn't hurt the boy."

Both Prime and the CMO opened their intakes to argue, then froze, optics widening at the unmistakable sound of something triggering a transformation sequence behind them.

Ironhide's optics narrowed, and his cannons spun, cycling up hot in preparation to being fired!


Because of where the weapon's specialist had moved, he was a lot closer to the drone than anyone else in the lab. For a split second the insecticon looking mech that now crouched in its place froze… its weird green optics holding his own. What felt like a medical scan buzzed his systems right before the thing lunged at him. With movements almost too fast to follow, its four scythe like front limbs darted out, sliding into the seams in the armor at his bad knee. The blades were so sharp that all he felt was a stinging sensation as they sliced through the weakened struts that Ratchet had been repairing. Before his pain receptors even registered the damage, the joint buckled and Ironhide went down with a crash. Cursing, the big mech rolled as he tried to bring his cannons back on target while evading those slashing blades. There was a flash of green and white as Ratchet put his servos at risk trying to pry it off. The thing was small and fast though, and it struck unerringly into gaps in Ironhide's armor that he was not even aware he had. By the time the medic managed to pull it off and toss it away, the weapons specialist had several stinging wounds that dripped a steady stream of blue down his black plating. The drone scuttled back into its corner and hissed through its vents. It rose on four long leg to its full ten-foot height and spread those scythe-like arms in a defensive posture. Wing like armor lifted and fanned out wide at its slim waist most likely to protect fragile looking crystalline structures that curved around the top of its abdomen, like shields. Pushing himself up on one knee, the weapons specialist brought his cannons up but found his aim blocked by his CMO.

"DON"T Ironhide….it's not a drone anymore …that mech has a SPARK!"

Growling, the bigger mech tried to shove his old friend's arm aside.

"Ah don't slagging CARE… Just means the fragging thing can DIE!"

Not for the first time in their long acquaintance, he found his muscle lacking when pitted against the CMO's freakish enhanced strength. Ratchet's arm did not budge. Medics were built with the ability to take down most mech's in an emergency, even those who were considerably larger than them. Most of the Autobots, and more than a few Decepticons, had been reminded of this at least once.

Ironhide cursed and tried to move to where he could bring his targeting back online. The curse was choked off as a plasma bolt cut through the air uncomfortably close to his helm. Wheeljack had finally managed to shift himself into a position that he had a helm shot. Curses rang out in both English and Cybertronian as they all flinched…covering their optics when the shot hit something well before the mech and blinding green energy flashed again in the lab.

Everybot in the room froze as their vision cleared. Angelique had moved beside Ratchet. The witch stood in a deceptively relaxed stance; one long finger hand lifted… the other casually rolling a brilliant ball of green lighting above its palm. In the air above and around the woman the ghostly image of something large stirred. Massive ethereal wings lifted, fanning the smoke in the air into disturbing shapes and a heavily armored head turned with lifted lips to pin them all with an ancient, ANGRY glare.

Its feral, toothy smile was mirrored by Angelique as she casually bounced her ball lightly on her fingertips.

"I think you need to listen to Ratchet… We are not trying to interfere here, but REAPER has a real problem with harming childr… YIPE!"

This impressive and rather frightening tableau was abruptly interrupted as a long tentacle lashed out…wrapped around the woman's waist and yanked her back and up behind the new mech's shields. It rattled it's armor in a low threatening growl as the attention in the room shifted back to it.

Prime turned, a thoughtful look on his face as he studied the mech. He shifted to put a servo on Ironhide's shoulder helping the big mech leverage himself up to stand on one leg.

"Back off old friend...I don't think M36 is attacking us…I think it is protecting them!"

As if on cue, a tousled head suddenly poked up over the little mech's wing like shields.

HOLY SHIT… Cannons!"

Eyes wide, It just as suddenly ducked back down behind the shield.

"Jeez Louis Ironhide…. what's with you and always pointing those things at me?!"

Ironhide huffed in relief at the sound of Sam's voice, and his cannons stopped spinning. He did not take them off target though as his optics pinned the drone with a dirty look then swept down to the shimmering trails of energon making its way out of his armor.

"Primus, that thing packs a pit of a sting. M36 My aft! Ah am not calling it that if it's a new spark. The little ones earned a name."

Optimus hid his smile behind his battle mask before retracting it. It was not often that something got the drop on the old battle mech. More than just his physical form had to be smarting a bit. Using his other servo, the Prime caught Ratchet's shoulder, gently pulling the CMO back as he also urged Ironhide to give the small new mech a little more space. He was rewarded by a shift in the other's threat posture as it watched their slight retreat. It made an odd whining sound and tilted its triangular head so it could see the human's tucked behind its shielding while still keeping at least two optics on the other bots in the room.

"I believe that Sting would be an appropriate name, if Ratchet agrees that this is a sparkling."

All optics turned towards the old medic, who tried like hell to ignore the hope he saw there as he ran a quick scan. Without thinking, he pinged the drone through the channels he had originally installed. He could not stop his flinch as the little mech pinged him back, then dumped what could only be a hastily constructed medical file through the link. Ignoring the concerned looks that were cast his way, the medic lifted a servo to pinch his nasal ridge as he worked to isolate the file than sort through the many error messages the once drone was dealing with. It was enough to give him a helm ache…he could not imagine how the poor little mech was feeling. Ratchet did something he very rarely did. He released his field from where he held it tight against his plating, poured as much soothing strength and warm compassion as he could into it then he extended it towards the little bot. It shuddered and made that strange whine again as it responded, its fields full of fear, pain, confusion. Wait…fields…Ratchet drew a deep invent as what he had missed clicked into place. The mech had two fields! They were closely mingled but there were two of them. He had only seen that sort of field mergence on combiners like Impactor and Superion or on occasion with the twins! Primus… He hastily pulled the file back up. Knowing what he was looking for made it easier to find the hidden data tucked within its code. He turned wide optics towards his Prime.

"No, Optimus… That is not a sparkling….it is TWO of them!"

For a moment, all that could be heard in the lab was the occasional drip of fire suppressant and the whoosh of the vents as they struggled to clear the rests of the smoke. This was followed by the clicks and whirs of weapons being subspaced and targeting systems being pulled offline.

Ironhide slanted an astonished look at their CMO as his cannons stilled then folded away.

"TWO of them, how is that possible?"

Ratchet just shook his head. His optics not leaving the small mech as they noted it was starting to tremble.

"I don't know Ironhide…but there were two spark signatures before they combined. It just took me a few moments to remember where I had seen readings like that before. I am sure they are some type of split spark twins. Don't ask me how they can merge like that but by the way their energy readings are fluctuating they are going to have to separate soon."

Before the words had even left his intake, the mechling staggered slightly then with a whir of transformation shifted down into two parts. M36 rattled its armor to make a miserable whining noise as it settled down onto its belly while four human hands suddenly appeared to catch the second, much smaller mech before it could fall off onto the floor. Sam and Angelique helped guide the shaking little thing back onto the maintenance drone's, now open; very crowded cargo platform.

Jazz eased up beside Optimus.

"Okay…that's M3…." He was interrupted as the former drone made a disgruntled raspberry buzz with its armor and the optics that turned towards the silver saboteur shone with a presence that had not been there before. Jazz hesitated then started again.

"Um…I mean…I recognize Roomba. But who in the pit is the little one?"

Sam lifted his head and grinned, one hand still petting the bug like form that was pressed against him.

"Needles here, she used to be Oppy, the Mars Rover!"

Optimus moved forward but stopped when both the new bots flinched. He knelt trying to make himself look smaller as he studied them with bright optics.

"The Mars Rover? How is that even possible Ratchet."

The old medic snorted.

"You are asking me? I don't know…but there are Earth components mixed in with the Cybertronian ones on the little one, Maybe Angelique had…"


The witch pinned the eldest bot with her dark glare.

"You are not blaming this one on me. This time, IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!

A slender hand lifted to stab a finger at the person next to her who wisely shifted away.

"I told you…SAM was the source of all of this. The energy started with him…Gia just reacted to it!"

The boy's head snapped up.

"WHAT… this isn't my fault! It was the shard! That thing is always doing shit like this!"

The Prime's optics narrowed.

"You are NOT talking about the Allspark shard are you…the one that is supposed to be secured in the vault?"

Wheeljack suddenly found the floor of his lab to be fascinating and Bumblebee visibly wilted as he sheepishly nodded.

Before the big mech could open his intake to reprimand them…Ratchet interrupted.

"We can play the blame game later Optimus. Right now, I've got a set of split spark mechlings who have basically skipped their youngling frames. They are confused, in pain and very low on fuel. I need to get them to my Medbay."

This prompted a snort from Ironhide. The big mech motioned an eloquent hand at the damage to his frame.

"Just how do you propose taking them there if they don't wanna go…oh wise one?"

The CMO frowned at his old friend but it was Optimus who answered. The Prime shifted towards the little group. When the smaller mechs flinched away, rattling their armor the big mech opened his field, offering safety and comfort. The Matrix within his chest stirred in curiosity, reaching out to sample the energy around the new mech's. It sent out a pulse of warm recognition… you are family, this is home, you belong here with us.

Optimus slowly moved his servo, palm up, towards them. Then rested it on the floor. His deep voice rumbled low and quiet.

"Sam… if you would show them that I mean you no harm."

Nodding in understanding, the boy carefully slid down off Roomba, limped over and settled himself onto the massive palm. The smallest mech vibrated what had once been its solar panels in a discordant keen, its four optics following the human's every move. Their brilliant gaze shifted, studying the motionless Prime before it seemed to come to a decision. It scuttled up into the mech's servo and stopped to look towards Ratchet. The CMO's optics blew wide when the little femme pinged him, sending what looked like another medical file his way along with a short, disjointed message. Damaged…fix….fix…repair. Stunned, the medic realized the file was filled with medical scans of SAM. His optics slid over towards the mad scientist of their group who was looking at everything else but him.

"WHEELJACK…. did you give that thing medical protocols?"

Said mad scientist just grinned….


Staring daggers at the crazy bot, Ratchet pinged Needles back, sending the message that he had received the information and would attend to it. The little bot blinked its optics at him and suddenly scampered up Optimus's arm then down to the center of his wide chest…. all four small servos tapping and sliding over the panels that rested over his powerful spark, and the Matrix it protected. As if it knew she was there, the ancient artifact sent a second reassuring pulse. Fluttering her vents in what sounded like a tired sigh, the little femme flattened herself against the warm metal plates, slipping her narrow digits and pedes into the seams to hold herself in place. Blinking in surprise, Prime carefully lifted his other servo under her just in case her hold was not secure as he slowly rose. Roomba made a soft, worried burring sound as the other human carefully slid down off his cargo platform. The woman made her way over to Ratchet, who raised a brow ridge at her choice but wordlessly bent down to offer his servo. Something in the former maintenance drone recognized this mech as maybe not his creator, but something very close to that. He shifted from pede to pede for a moment, optics searching the other's familiar face. The corner of the Medic's intake curled up in a one-sided smile and his free servo motioned at the new mechling.

"Come on Roomba…lets go back to the Medbay."

Jazz had moved over to support Ironhide on his bad side, and Prowl was helping Wheeljack up. They all shifted to give their Prime and their CMO a clear path to the broken door. Roomba quietly followed the pair and the small burdens they carried.

Roomba was not sure about much, but he knew where they were going. They were going to where he felt safe, to where he felt needed. What had once been a simple drone just like him but was now so much more now…. would be happy and cared for there too. Needles and he had a place amongst these other mechs, this thing called family. They were wanted and they were going home.

I know this end leaves all sorts of questions unanswered. But as this started out a tale to give Opportunity a better end than what she received in our reality; I feel this is a good place to stop. If you are interested in reading Angelique's full story, please let me know. If I get enough interest, I will write it…After I finish up my Star Trek fanfic Where Dragons Dwell.