Though it had been decades since that awful night in the wastes, the events of the past few days, which were far too similar in nature to that moment where he had first stepped into darkness, granted him a clarity that was almost as if it had only been yesterday since he held his dying mother in his arms.

Gone had been the strong, gentle woman that had comforted him whenever their master sought a convenient outlet to vent his frustrations of the day. For it had been replaced by a bruised, and broken creature whose only relation to his mother had been the strength of her spirit.

The man who had freed her from Watto had told him that Shmi had been missing for months, which meant that she had clung to life, far past what any other human being would do, just so she could see her son one last time.

He could still feel the calloused, but gentle touch of her hand as she tried to take in the image of her grown up son. But as he desperately tried to retain his composure as he sought to reassure her that she was now safe, she finally succumbed to her wounds, with her last words trying to tell him that she loved him.

For a moment, he had clutched her body to him as he stifled the urge to vocalize his pain at the same time he was broadcasting his emotions to the currents of the universe.

It was only after he heard the gurgled laughing of his mother's butchers that he allowed his emotions to take over and grant them the reward that they deserved.

All of them. Be they man, woman or child, they had all fallen to his blade. And while he told his yet to be wife that he was disgusted with his actions in order to try and prove that he was still worthy to be called a human being, in truth he enjoyed it for it reminded him of why he had become a Jedi in the first place.

To protect those who could not protect themselves.

Yes revenge had been a part of it, but before Sidious taught him that it was better to embrace these feelings rather than cast them aside, but he believed that he was doing the planet a favor by getting rid of those...creatures who survived by bringing misery to others.

And despite the years since that night when he lost the one person whose love might very well have surpassed his beloved wife, he was currently facing a situation that made it seem like it was only yesterday.

Albeit this time he had no personal ties with the victims of these monsters.

For like the people of Tatooine, the people of this society viewed these mutated raiders as an easily handled pest that were not only the concern of those who dwelt beyond the protection of the main settlements, but could be taken care of by even the least experienced of warriors.

And like the Tusken Raiders, these Goblins were a more dangerous, not to mention depraved adversary than they first appeared.

Ferocious in numbers. Natural ambushers. And a tendency for perverted cruelty that had their victims crying out for death.

They were animals. And he would enjoy slaughtering them like animals.


Hey Everyone. Recently got into Goblinslayer, and I have to say...its enjoyable..despite the VERY graphic content.

Came up with the idea of having a story where the most badass villain in Sci Fi history joins in to help exterminate Goblinkind. Cause lets face it...Darth Vader with his force abilities and lightsaber killing a bunch of raping monsters sounds awesome.

Still working on how he shows up in the GS universe...thinking the standard 'Force Gives him another chance'. But what point does the change happen I'm still trying to decide (i.e. dies in blast of 1st Death Star, after return of Jedi, etc).

For this story...thinking he's gonna stay in the suit, but with potential for improving it. Cause afterall...magic XD.

Anyways..tell me what you think.

AND HOPEFULLY...this influences others to write similar stories for this series XD