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Chris: "Last time, on Total Drama Island, fifty-two teens signed up to compete in strenuous challenges at this crappy summer camp, then face the judgement of their peers."

Brick (atop cliff): "Oh, [bleep]."

(Theme song)

Chris stood near the cliff as the campers looked over the edge. "Okay," he began, "today's challenge is threefold. Your first challenge is to jump off this thousand-foot high cliff."

"Piece of cake," Jo said.

"If you'll look below, you will see two target areas," Chris elaborated. "The wider area represents the lake, which we have filled with psychotic, man-eating sharks!" This news caused several campers to blanch, particularly Scott and DJ. "Inside that area is a safe zone, which we're pretty sure is shark-free!"

"Could you repeat that?" Sammy asked.

Chris ignored her. "For every camper that jumps, and, you know, survives, a crate of supplies will be provided. With these supplies, your team will build a hot tub."

Dave objected to this part. "You realize hot tubs are basically breeding grounds for hepatitis, right?" Several of the others looked at him oddly.

"My great-great-uncle Steve invented hot tubs. Before him, if you wanted to be in hot water, you had to take a bath," Staci added.

Chris ignored them both. "You will not need all of your team to jump, but having too many teammates back out will put you at risk of not being able to finish your hot tub. Also, to get as many jumpers as possible, the team with the most jumpers gets some pull-carts to help transport their crates. Any questions?"

Beth raised her hand. "What if there's a tie for most jumpers?"

"Excellent question, Beth! You get a cookie!" Chris tossed Beth a chocolate-chip cookie, which she enthusiastically bit into. "In the event of a tie, the first-place teams each get carts, but not enough for all of their crates. If that's all, the Moose are up first!"

Izzy wasted no time. She leapt over the side, shouted "Cannonball!" and landed in the safe zone. Jo, Lightning, and Eva, not to be outdone, jumped too. They also hit the safe zone. Shawn looked a bit nervous, but he jumped too.

Confessional: Shawn

"I'm not fond of things that can eat me. It's mostly zombies that freak me out, but sharks are bad business too. I'm just glad there are no mutant land sharks here. Or zombie mutant land sharks." He shuddered.

End confessional

Aiden dived into the safe zone, but accidentally hit one of the buoys on his way down. He bounced off of it into the circle. Several of the campers on top of the cliff cringed.

Cody tried to impress the girls by diving, but his screams ruined the effect. Harold tried to do a fancy dive, but landed as he was doing a split. "Aah! My nuggets!" he screamed in a strangled voice.

Anne Maria decided to put up a fuss. "I ain't jumping," she declared. "I put too much work into this hair to get it wet now."

LeShawna wasn't hearing it. "Oh, yes you are. I am not losing this challenge because some spoiled little daddy's girl don't wanna get her hair wet. You're jumping."

"Make me!"

LeShawna threw Anne Maria off the cliff, missing the safe zone. One of the sharks tried to bite her, but it broke its teeth on her hair. The other two sharks decided not to take the risk.

LeShawna dived, and fortunately landed in the safe zone. Noah rolled his eyes and followed her.

Cameron took one look, and blanched. "I can't do it," he told the host. "If I try, I'll break every bone in my body."

Chris replied, "That's probably true. Unfortunately, that makes you a chicken. So you'll need to wear this for the rest of the day." He put a chicken hat on Cameron's head. "Chicken exit is that way," he said, pointing back down the hill.

Chris then turned to Owen. "Your team needs this point, so no pressure. Okay, there's pressure."

Owen looked down, then backed up, and said, "I am going to die now. I am going to frickin' die now."

Confessional: Owen

"Yeah, I was scared. Thing is, I'm not that strong of a swimmer."

Confessional: Lightning

"So, I was sha-lookin' at the big dude, and I was thinkin', 'no way he makes it, right?'"

Confessional: Gwen

"I'm looking at him, and I think to myself, 'if he does this, he's going to die.'"

Confessional: Scarlett

"I knew he would survive as long as he hit the water. I certainly wouldn't like to hit it with that much surface area, though.

End confessional

Owen jumped. He landed in the safe zone with a huge splash. The Moose cheered.

"So, that's twelve jumpers for the Moose! If you want your team to get the advantage, you'll need every member to dive! Up next are the Badgers!" Chris called.

"My great-uncle Josh invented diving. Before him, anyone who wanted to swim down had to use a lot of energy. Also, my great-great-great-grandma invented swimming. Before her, people just drowned, yah." Staci lied. Gwen decided to jump first just so she wouldn't have to hear the pudgy girl talk. Bridgette and Geoff dived next, followed by Alejandro, Sky, Trent, Sierra, and Zoey, in that order. Staci then realized that everyone was jumping, so she jumped too.

Justin landed outside the safe zone. The sharks swam up to him, but he calmly ripped his shirt off. With hearts in their eyes, the sharks carried him to shore, where all the girls and Owen were staring intently at him. Well, except for Sierra, who seemed to be purposely ignoring Justin, and Gwen, who tried to act like she wasn't paying attention, but still glanced at him a bit more than she would have if his shirt was on.

Atop the cliff, Dave refused to jump. "Are all you people insane? Five million dollars is a lot of money, but I'm not going to kill myself trying for it. I'm taking the chicken path," he decided. Chris placed a chicken hat on his head. He took it off and examined it. "Gross. But I guess it beats death." He then put it back on.

"Okay, that's ten jumpers and one chicken. We still have two left," Chris said.

"No! I can't jump without Katie!" Sadie whined.

"I'll switch with Katie," Scott volunteered. "It'll be a lot less annoying for the audience."

Chris considered this. "All right," he relented. "Scott, go stand with the Bass. Katie, you're up."

The BFFFLs hugged Chris and Scott, and then jumped. Fortunately, they landed in the safe zone. Dave arrived to his team, and was jeered by them.

Confessional: Rodney


Confessional: Scott

"I don't know what the best part of that team swap was. The fact that I get to be on a team with my cousin Rodney after all, the fact that I'm not on a team with the Wonder Twins, or that I don't have to jump yet. I REALLY don't like sharks."

End confessional

"Bass, you're up!" Chris called. Tyler was the first to jump, shouting, "Extreme!" It would have been impressive if he hadn't landed on one of the buoys.

"I'll save you, Tyson!" Lindsay shouted, and jumped. She actually did land in the safe zone.

Scott was trying to slink away from the cliff side, but Rodney picked him up and jumped. Scott screamed the entire way down. Fortunately, they both landed in the safe zone.

Dakota said, "I don't know if I can risk ruining my makeup by jumping."

Chris shrugged. "It's that or the chicken hat."

Dakota thought about this for a moment, then jumped. She landed in the safe zone.

Scarlett rolled her eyes and jumped into the safe zone. Ezekiel managed to land in the safe zone too, despite hitting the cliff wall on his way down.

Sugar, however, landed outside the safe zone. The sharks swam over to her, but the water around her turned green and bubbled. The sharks swam away, deciding the prize was not worth the battle.

DJ refused to jump. "Scared of heights?" Chris asked. "Yes, but more importantly, I'm scared of the water. Ever since I was a little kid." DJ explained. Chris gave him a chicken hat. Courtney scoffed, and jumped.

"I just want to tell you what a great first challenge this is," said Topher to the host. "Really separates the winners from the chumps, if you know what I mean."

"Thanks, Topher!" Chris said. "But you really should get to jumping." "Right," said Topher, and he jumped. He landed in the safe zone.

Mike got nervous. "I don't know if I can do this," he worried. Then the look on his face changed, and he confidently said, "But Olympic champion Svetlana is up to the task!" He then executed a perfect swan dive and landed in the safe zone.

Confessional: Mike

"So...I have Multiple Personality Disorder. I haven't told anyone because I don't want to be defined by my disorder while I'm here. I'll tell them eventually, just...not before I've established my own identity here first."

End confessional

Sam jumped last, emboldened by the fact that Owen jumped and survived. Upon landing safely, he shouted, "Level complete!"

"The scores are tied with twelve-all, with one team left to go! The Gophers will need all of their members to jump to win the advantage!" Chris called.

Amy said, "I'm not jumping. We're on national TV, and I'm not getting my hair wet. Samey can jump twice."

"Sorry, that's not how it works," Chris said.

Max said, "Evil does not jump off cliffs! Evil pushes other people off cliffs!" He then pushed Amy off the cliff. She landed in the safe zone.

"Samey, get down here right now!" Amy shouted. Sammy sighed and jumped.

Duncan made a "go ahead" gesture to Max, who repeated himself: "Evil does not jump off cliffs!" Duncan then pushed Max off the cliff.

"Anyone else?" the delinquent asked. Heather, who had been contemplating making a fuss, decided to jump. Beth followed, not really wanting to be shoved off.

Beardo jumped, making a cartoon falling sound effect as he fell. Ella went next, landing outside the safe zone. The sharks swam up to her.

"Dear sharks, I assure you, I'm no cause for alarm," she sang, "And I would prefer that you do me no harm." The sharks, charmed by her singing, took her to shore.

Dawn jumped, followed by B. Brick went next, then Jasmine, then Duncan. "And the Gophers get all thirteen members to jump! They win the pull carts!" Chris announced, to the joy of the Gophers and the groans of the other teams.

The Gophers soon set out, with five carts between which the thirteen crates were divided. B, Jasmine, Brick, Duncan, and Beardo had volunteered to pull the carts, though the first three each had three carts while Duncan and Beardo each had two. The team, minus B and Beardo, sang '99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall' as they walked. Beardo imitated a synth line

The other teams were struggling, but the Moose were doing the best of the three. Eva, Jo, and Lightning all carried one crate on each shoulder. Cameron came up with the plan for the others: Aiden carried one of the six remaining crates, Owen took one, LeShawna took one, Noah, Izzy, and Cody worked together to take one, Harold, Cameron, and Anne Maria worked together to carry one, and Shawn took the last. Anne Maria had been a bit difficult to convince to do any carrying, but at risk of Jo's wrath, she did help.

Scarlett came up with the plan for the Bass. "Rodney, can you carry two crates?" Rodney nodded. Scarlett said, "You do that. Dakota and I are the two physically weakest team members, so we'll work together with Lindsay and Sam, who are also not particularly athletic. Everyone else, just pick up your crate." Rodney stared at Scarlett, wide-eyed.

Confessional: Rodney

"She trusts me with more responsibility than the others! She has faith in me! It must be a sign!"

Confessional: Scott

"Oh, great. This again. He gets like this all the time around girls. I try to explain to him that not every girl he interacts with is into him, but I can't seem to get him to realize that."

End confessional

The Badgers weren't doing too badly. Most of their team members were at least athletic enough to lift their crates. Dave, not having a crate of his own, helped Sky, who was able to carry her crate but couldn't see where she was going because of it. Staci told fabricated stories about her family as they walked, oblivious to her teammates' annoyed expressions.

Confessional: Dave

"I think my team is the most normal of the four, for the most part. I'm glad I don't have to deal with the cosplayer, the beatboxer, the princess wannabe, the ditzy blonde, or the two angry girls on the Moose team. But did we have to get Staci? I almost hope we lose so we can vote her out."

Confessional: Gwen

"Does she ever shut up?"

End confessional

As the Badgers carried their crates, Katie said, "I have to go to the bathroom."

Sadie looked at her. "Oh my gosh, so do I."

Dave looked at them. "Can't you hold it?" The two shook their heads and ran off.

Dave turned to the rest of his teammates. "I'd have to be pretty desperate to go to the bathroom in nature. Dirty, bug-infested, germy nature. Human beings aren't meant to spend time in it. Not to mention the lack of soap." He thought for a moment. "I'm beginning to miss the hobo. Sure, he smelled like a dumpster, but at least he had some muscle."

Several of his teammates looked at him.

Confessional: Geoff

"Man, that Dave guy is a downer."

Confessional: Bridgette

"I don't like to judge people based on first impressions, but I don't think I like Dave very much. He seems like the kind of person who will just complain and let everyone else carry his weight."

End confessional

The Gophers arrived at the cabin well ahead of the others, and set their crates down. Seeing that Chris gave them no tools to open them, Heather complained, "Great. How are we supposed to open these stupid things?" "Quiet," said Dawn. "I sense B has an idea."

She was right. B picked up a rock and a large stick, and used it to catapult one of the crates into the air. It fell to the ground and broke. Some of the items inside were ruined, but B had found what he was after: a crowbar. He then used it to open the other crates.

"Nice job, idiot! You ruined the supplies in the crate!" Amy shouted. Jasmine reminded her, "We don't need all of the crates, remember? Chris had it set up so that a few people could chicken out without ruining the project."

Confessional: Jasmine

"Most of my teammates seem okay, but Amy really gets on my nerves."

End confessional

B began to build at a rapid rate. By the time the other three teams arrived, the Gophers' hot tub was fully built and functional. His teammates all congratulated him: "Well done, soldier!" "Excellent job, mate!" "You are truly a craftsman of great skill." Even Amy begrudgingly admitted that B had done a great job.

B then took the remaining pieces, and began to build something else. Duncan pulled out a can of spray paint, and spray painted a "G" on the side of the hot tub.

The other teams saw the hot tub, and rushed to find a way to open their own crates. Rodney managed to pry open one of the crates, then cried out because he had gotten several splinters. Scarlett gave Sam a pair of tweezers and let him help Rodney, while she coordinated her team to build their hot tub.

The Moose managed to open their crates fairly quickly as well, after Eva used one of Harold's ninja throwing stars to pry open some of the crates. Harold objected to this, but Eva refused to listen. After finding a crowbar, Eva returned the throwing star to Harold, bent.

Confessional: Harold

"Okay, I'm hiding my ninja gear. I don't want Eva ruining any more of it."

End confessional

Cameron decided to step up. "I know how to build a water heater, so I think I should handle that part."

"Why should we sha-listen to you, sha-chicken?" Lightning demanded, but Shawn defended him. "He says he knows how to build a water heater, and we need a functional water heater. If he thinks he can do it, let him. And if he fails, then we'll know who to vote off." As it turns out, Cameron didn't fail, and the Moose managed to build a decent hot tub.

While the Badgers were still trying to get their crates open, Katie and Sadie started scratching their butts vigorously. "Why does it itch so much?" Sadie squealed.

"Wait, did you squat over a small, low-to-the-ground plant with leaves in groups of three?" Bridgette asked.

"Maybe?" Katie said.

"That was poison ivy," Bridgette told her. Katie and Sadie shrieked and ran into the water to cool their itches.

Dave shouted after them, "See what happens when you don't wait to use an actual toilet?" He then turned away. "Let's just get this hepatitis-trap built."

The Badgers didn't do all that well in terms of actual building. Despite some of them trying hard, they didn't work together all that well, and none of them were as technologically skilled as B, Scarlett, or Cameron. Others, such as Dave and Justin, didn't really contribute to the building. Trent built the heater properly, but it took him longer, and he ended up unable to work on the tub section. Their hot tub wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good either.

B then finished his creation. It was a stereo for the hot tub. It was rudimentary, but B turned it on and it did play music. Chris looked at the stereo with interest.

Chris examined the four hot tubs. He then said, "Okay, it should be pretty obvious that the Gophers won. And it should be equally obvious that the Badgers lost." Some members of the Bass and the Moose looked downcast, but they perked up when they heard the host continue, "But even if you didn't win, you at least get a sweet hot tub that you'll be able to rock all summer!" The Gophers then were pleased to hear, "And as a prize for winning, the Gophers also get real food cooked by an actual chef for tonight and tomorrow, plus an advantage for next challenge. Badgers, I will see you at elimination tonight."

Confessional: Zoey

"Hmm, who to vote for. On one hand, Staci kinda annoyed everyone, but on the other hand, Dave was kinda rude to everyone, and he doesn't seem like he wants to be here."

End confessional

The scene skipped forward to the elimination ceremony, where the members of the Badgers were sitting around the campfire. "At an ordinary camp, marshmallows represent a tasty treat to be eaten around the campfire. Here, marshmallows represent life," explained the host. "If you do not receive a marshmallow, you must walk down the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and leave the island, never to return. First, the campers who received no votes. Gwen, Trent, Alejandro, Bridgette, Katie, Geoff, Justin, Sadie, Zoey, Sky, and Sierra," he said, throwing a marshmallow to each camper as he called their name.

"Dave, you let your team down by not jumping, and you annoyed most of them with your complaining. Staci, you annoyed pretty much everyone here with your stories. The final marshmallow goes to..."


"Fine. I didn't want to be here anyway," Dave said, a bit offended. "Have fun in germ-infested nature."

Dave then walked down the Dock of Shame, and boarded the Boat of Losers. After it had left, with him on it, Chris turned to the others and said evilly, "The rest of you are safe. For tonight."

The scene shifted to the Gophers at their hot tub party. They were all enjoying themselves greatly. Aiden walked past them, to the confessional outhouse.

Confessional: Aiden

"Let those rodents party for now. But a real competitor knows that there can only be one winner. And it's gonna be me."

End confessional

Reasons for elimination: Dave wasn't initially going to be my first boot, but as my least favorite Total Drama contestant, he was never going to make it far. I wasn't initially sure whether to write him as more likeable than in canon or make him just as awful as in canon so Alejandro could easily convince Sky or Zoey, whichever he would have pursued, to get rid of him. I came to the compromise of not writing him at all beyond this point. After all, he's one of the weakest links on the Badgers, and getting rid of him probably made the team stronger.

Thoughts on Dave in canon? He's an emotionally immature little puke stain who has no business being on reality TV, and I hated him from Day 1. He was emotionally abusive towards Sky and highly judgemental towards everyone else.

And to the people who ship Skave, may I ask why? He emotionally manipulated Sky, abused her emotions for his own benefit, and TRIED TO KILL HER! Sure, Sky made some mistakes, but there is no reason to suspect that he WOULDN'T still lash out violently at her if she had actually told him she had a boyfriend. Skave was a combination of everything bad about Duncney and everything bad about Zoke with none of the positives. So, in conclusion, Dave had to go.

Edits: I did some touching up, mostly to make Dave a more visible first boot. Him getting cut seemed a bit out of nowhere in the original version.

Elimination order:

52: Dave, the Germaphobe