Okay, let's be honest. I'm never going to finish TDR:52. My passion for Total Drama has drastically waned, and I'm not convinced it will return. The problem: that doesn't leave you, my readers, with closure. In any case, I promised to give you all an outline of my plans if they weren't going to be used. It's not much, but it's the least I can do for you all.

Chapter 31: No One Egg-spects the Spanish Opposition


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Courtney, Dave, Heather, Jasmine, Katie, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Scott, Tyler, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Cameron, Dawn, Geoff, Leshawna, Lightning, Noah, Shawn, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

While Team Survivor is on their morning run, Zoey wonders how Duncan got eliminated. Lightning admits to her that it was no secret Alejandro wanted him gone, which angers Zoey. Lightning makes a point of antagonizing Sugar, who rants in the Confessional that she plans to get rid of him after Bridgette.

Chris returns to camp and gives the campers their challenge: a giant Easter Egg hunt on Boney Island (because the animal rights people said he couldn't use real eggs). For protection, he gives them each two cans of bear spray.

On Boney Island, most of the campers get separated from each other. Zoey notes that that isn't good.

Sugar encounters Noah, and after a brief exchange of verbal potshots, Sugar makes fun of Noah's forehead. Noah sarcastically calls her a "bastion of originality." Sugar angrily shouts, "I ain't no affair-baby!" She tries to punch him but hits a tree instead, and an Easter egg falls out of it. As they return it to their team's basket, Noah asks Chris if the other team can steal their eggs. Chris affirms that they can, so Sugar leaves Noah to guard the eggs. She leaves her bear spray with him as well, reasoning that she doesn't need it.

The challenge continues with both teams searching for eggs. Various hijinks ensue, including Nimbus (the vampire) trying to hunt Lindsay and continually getting hurt in the process while she doesn't even realize he's there, Scott trying to get the better of a massive alligator, and Cameron getting distracted by a species he believed extinct as LeShawna tries to take a pair of eggs from them.

Lightning and Sky run into each other and attempt to get the Easter eggs out of a nest in a very large tree that neither of them can climb, bonding over various subjects as they do so. They eventually do get the eggs out of the nest. Sky burps loudly and gets embarrassed, but Lightning doesn't put two and two together and just assumes she ate too much breakfast.

Zoey gets chased down by a raptor, but as she's cornered, something inside her snaps and she suddenly decides she doesn't need to be afraid anymore. She pepper-sprays the raptor and punts it off a cliff, then dons her Commando Zoey look.

Dawn returns to the baskets with several eggs, explaining that she just informed the animals near them that the eggs were fake. Her haul puts Team Survivor one egg under a win, and Team Chris is lagging behind. Courtney, who is guarding Team Chris's basket, decides a bold move is needed to win, and goes to steal Team Survivor's eggs. Noah and Courtney spray each other; Noah is incapacitated but Courtney manages to get the eggs into her team's basket by sheer force of will. Chris declares "Team I Am So Smokin' Hot" the winner, and that they win a bulk shipment of candy from Charlie's Chocolates, "Best candy in the world, as long as we don't have another industrial accident." Scott manages to steal a can of bear spray without anyone noticing as Chris has the campers hand theirs in.

When Sugar joins the others, she's visibly battered from an animal encounter and accuses Noah of stealing her bear spray. Noah tries to say she gave it to him, but Sugar says that even the toughest outdoorsmen never give up their means of protection against wildlife in an area with dangerous animals. Chris doesn't back Noah up, so Noah gets voted out. Chris makes one last crack at Noah's forehead, causing Noah to lose his temper and start shouting insults at Chris until Chef drags him away.

Sammy tells Scarlett that she's lucky; if Team Chris had lost, she'd be gone. Scarlett contradicts her, saying that not only does she have the voting advantage, but also a "safety net," loudly enough for the rest of her team to hear.

The episode ends with Scott in the Confessional, saying that things just got a lot harder. But not impossible. Time for plan C. "And C is for Chaos."

Chapter 32: Dungeons and Dimwits


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Courtney, Dave, Heather, Jasmine, Katie, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Scott, Tyler, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Cameron, Dawn, Geoff, Leshawna, Lightning, Shawn, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

In the early episode, Scarlett confronts Scott and Courtney, claiming they used bear spray on all of her clothes except the clothes she currently is wearing. Courtney says she wishes that was them, but it wasn't. Scarlett asks who else would do it, but immediately realizes that almost anyone else would.

Meanwhile, Sky is avoiding Lightning, not sure what to do. She admits in the Confessional that she has a crush on him, but she can't afford to be distracted from winning. Elsewhere among the Survivors, tensions are high between Zoey and Alejandro, while Cameron is (correctly) convinced that Noah's elimination was a set-up and Sugar is faking her stupidity.

Chris interrupts everything by announcing the challenge. He provides the campers with humiliating costumes and character sheets, and tells them that they have to do the challenge in-character and that breaking character will be penalized. Some of the campers get relatively easy roles, but Alejandro is displeased by being made Geoff's court jester, Lightning is clueless about how to play his wise wizard character and just tries his best to do a Leonard impression, and Lindsay's reaction to having to play a half-orc is to freak out about having to wear an ugly mask.

Chris gives the teams a quest: they have to slay the Necromancer of the North, played by Chef, and retrieve the magic statue he stole (one of Chris's Gemmies) from a castle that seems to be a set for a low-budget film. He warns them that breaking the statue is an immediate disqualification for all involved in breaking it. Oh, and the Necromancer's army consists of all of the eliminated campers.

The first obstacle is the gate. The gatekeeper, Harold, says that the only way unauthorized personnel can enter is if they pay him a bribe, and none of them have gold. Both teams leave to think of a plan.

On Team Chris, Cameron suggests that the castle is likely to have a secret entrance they can use. Chris points out that Cameron's character wouldn't know that, but Cameron points out that he's a squire to a Baron, who would have his own castle. It's possible that the Baron showed him the secret entrance in case they ever needed to make a quick escape. Chris accepts that logic, and Team Survivor starts searching.

Meanwhile, Team Chris return to the gate, with Jasmine in ropes, claiming to be bounty hunters wanting to cash in on a reward for captured paladins. Harold claims there's no reward for captured paladins. Sammy claims there is, Harold just wasn't notified because his boss wanted him guarding the gate, not out hunting paladins. Harold looks suspicious, but lets them through.

Team Survivor finds their secret entrance, which is actually an emergency exit. This leads to the second part: getting to the keep. As a result of how both teams chose to complete the first part, Team Chris can go to the keep unchallenged because they were let in. Team Survivor snuck in, so they have to sneak to the keep, which is difficult because they have a big group. Zoey, being genre-savvy, suggests recruiting one of the guards to help. She suggests that Lightning bewitch one of the guards, but Lightning refuses, saying it's a wizard crime and he would go to wizard jail. She then suggests Bridgette, who is playing a character with high charisma, charm one of the guards into helping, but Bridgette says to just bribe one with a share of the Necromancer's riches. Zoey agrees, and waves over to Sierra from behind a prop. Sierra goes to investigate, and almost raises the alarm, but Zoey convinces her not to, reasoning that if they get into the castle and defeat the Necromancer, the castle will be in chaos and no one will notice her stealing whatever she wants from the treasury. Rodney then shows up and says they're all under arrest. Cameron attempts to make him the same offer, but Rodney dismisses it. However, before he can raise the alarm, Bridgette tries a very awkward and uncomfortable imitation of seductive flirting. Rodney starts talking nonsense, which Bridgette just assumes is him playing along for the sake of the challenge.

At the keep gate, Team Chris bluffs their way inside, and confront Chef. Chef sends his "undead" to confront them, and ex-contestants in zombie costumes attack with toy weapons. Not wanting to get penalized for not playing along, Team Chris fights back, but not well. When Team Survivor arrives, however, the "undead" are occupied and can't fight. Shawn initially panics, but realizes they probably aren't actually zombies because zombies don't use weapons, especially not toy weapons. Lightning holds out garlic, but Chef protests that he's not a vampire. Lightning is confused, but decides to shoulder-bash Chef through a window instead, while his teammates grab the Gemmy. Chris announces that Team Survivor wins, but because Shawn and Lightning both broke character, they both will be penalized...in the next challenge. Team Survivor's prize is a collection of Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons paraphernalia.

Lightning apologizes for messing up, but his teammates admit that even if him breaking character might cost him in the next challenge, it won them this one. Once everyone has sort of dispersed, Lightning tells Sky he likes her and would like to ask her out. Sky admits she likes him too, but she wants to focus on the competition for now, and they can think about that afterwards. Lightning says he understands, and that he's willing to wait until after the competition as well. In the Confessional, Sky admits that she didn't want to tell him that she technically still has a boyfriend, although they had been drifting apart for some time prior to the show. Instead, she'll quickly break up with him after the competition so she can start dating Lightning, hopefully without him knowing.

Not knowing that any of this occurred, Dave enters the cabin in order to change into something a bit nicer. Scott is lying in his bed whittling, and he says Dave should do something about his hair. Dave decides to borrow hairspray from Topher, but a can of bear spray falls out, leading Dave to believe that Topher was the one who sprayed Scarlett's clothing, or at least planned it. He tells his teammates, who believe him because it seems logical that Topher might do something like that to stir up drama.

Dave decides this all isn't going to dissuade him from asking Sky out, and he goes to do so. She tries to let him down easy, but he gets upset when she rejects him, and ends up making a scene.

While the others are distracted, Topher pulls Scott aside and accuses him of planting the bear spray on him. Scott denies it, saying that he has no grudge against Topher and that he doesn't gain anything from doing so. Topher says he might do it to form a rift between him and the rest of his allies, but Scott says Heather would be an easier target as she's a latecomer to the alliance. Topher then realizes that Heather benefits the most from the bear spray, as it would turn Lindsay and Tyler against him, and allow her to vote Scarlett out and pin the blame on him. Just like Scott planned he would.

Due to a combination of him being pathetic and being in Heather's pocket, Topher and Katie help vote out Dave. Dave didn't seem as upset to go as he was to be in the situation in the first place; with no prospects of getting a girlfriend, there's no reason for him to stick around.

Chapter 33: Making the Dream Work


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Courtney, Heather, Jasmine, Katie, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Scott, Tyler, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Cameron, Dawn, Geoff, Leshawna, Lightning, Shawn, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

Tensions are high, with Team Chris all pointing fingers, and Zoey and the three remaining members of the increasingly-misnamed nerds' alliance being highly suspicious of Alejandro and Sugar, respectively, while Alejandro tries to keep Sugar from targeting Bridgette because he can still get her to vote with them. In the confessional, he admits that he doesn't want to vote out Bridgette or Lightning, believing that they would be easy to take care of in the merge. Additionally, Cameron posits the idea of an alliance to Zoey, but Zoey is non-commital.

Meanwhile, Team CIRRRRM is a dysfunctional mess. Topher wakes up and realizes someone shaved his head during the night, which Scarlett takes credit for. She threatens to do worse if he crosses her again telling him about how she sent her brother to therapy for pulling her hair once. Topher seemingly acquiesces, while secretly trying to come up with a plan to send Scarlett packing.

Chris decides the best way to address the tension is to make both teams participate in a teamwork-heavy challenge. (Sadly, I could come up with no ideas for the challenge.) Despite Team Survivor being penalized for Shawn and Lightning having broken character in the previous challenge, Team CIRRRRM is so dysfunctional that they end up losing by a large margin. Chris tries to distract from how one-sided the challenge ended up being with the episode's sponsorship (a video game that Chris obviously doesn't know anything about), but it just ends up seeming rather pathetic.

Scarlett's bloc outnumbers the other bloc 6-5, and Scarlett has Courtney voted out. Scott doesn't take it well.

Chapter 34: The Most Dangerous Game


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Heather, Jasmine, Katie, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Scott, Tyler, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Cameron, Dawn, Geoff, Leshawna, Lightning, Shawn, Sky, Sugar, Zoey

Early in the episode, Heather discreetly meets up with Alejandro, and makes a deal with him. The two of them will share information, and if they both make the merge, they'll team up then to navigate the merge. Both also secretly plan to string the other along until they outlast their usefulness. As a show of "good faith," Heather reveals to Alejandro that Cameron's alliance includes Dawn, which Alejandro hadn't realized.

Alejandro knows that Cameron is too shorthanded to be a threat at the moment, but with Zoey having a grudge against him and Lightning having one against Sugar, that could change if his alliance with Sugar becomes public knowledge. If Cameron can focus both on one target, and if Shawn or Sky votes with Lightning, that's a majority vote. So, he suggests to Sugar that they get rid of Zoey, reasoning that she is currently motivated enough to resort to extreme measures. Sugar agrees, but tells Alejandro this is the last time she will let him call the shots, and after Zoey, they're getting rid of someone she wants gone. Alejandro reluctantly agrees, hoping he can get someone it benefits him to eliminate to injure Sugar's pride.

Chris announces a surprise twist: Scott and Shawn have been "randomly" selected to switch teams! (In a confessional, he admits that it wasn't random at all. He wanted to increase Scott's chances of sticking around for longer, and to deprive Team Survivor's potential largest voting bloc of one of their members. As an additional bonus, it would put Shawn in a position of choosing between pursuing his budding relationship with Jasmine or being assured safety for the immediate future.) He also announces the challenge: a manhunt, with the target being the most dangerous of the eliminated campers: Izzy. Naturally, as they hunt Izzy, Izzy will be hunting them back, and the challenge will end when Izzy is caught or takes out a full team. Also, no paintball guns or anything; the teams will have to use their ingenuity to trap the nutcase.

Sugar resolves to ensure Team Survivor loses, and furthermore, that Zoey gets blamed. During the manhunt, she subtly sabotages her teammates in ways that they wouldn't notice unless they were specifically looking for it, starting with Alejandro. Scott notices, however, and finds it hilarious that Sugar is employing the strategy that he himself had planned to employ when he believed there would only be two teams. Having no real loyalty to his new team, he doesn't call Sugar out.

Team Survivor and Team CIRRRRM both try to set traps for Izzy, none of which are effective, and Izzy progressively isolates and abducts most members of both teams. Eventually, it's down to Zoey, Sugar, Shawn, and Jasmine. Sugar makes a suggestion to Zoey: let her be the bait for Izzy, and when Izzy comes after her, Zoey can jump her while she tries to subdue Sugar. Zoey agrees. Meanwhile, Izzy tries to go after Shawn and Jasmine, but even with the element of surprise on her side, Izzy can't get the better of the two of them, and they drive her off. In a moment of elation, Jasmine kisses Shawn, which Shawn accepts. In a confessional, Shawn declares that even if it isn't the smart thing to do, he intends to see where his burgeoning relationship with Jasmine goes.

Izzy sees Sugar, seemingly on her own. In a confessional, she admits that she knows it's a trap, but she wants to spring the trap anyway. She jumps Sugar and uses a Vulcan-style neck pinch to disable her, but Zoey drop-kicks Izzy and the two fight each other. Zoey puts in her best effort, but Izzy gets the better of her. As a result, Team Survivor loses. Chris takes the opportunity to plug the episode's sponsor: Ranger Rodrick's Tactical Outdoor Gear. He describes it as "military-grade," but Chef claims it isn't, then begins on a rant about "idiots who want to pretend they're army material when they wouldn't last a day in basic." Chris mumbles something about editing Chef's contributions out.

After the challenge, Sugar claims Zoey went down without a fight in order to ditch Alejandro, and that she had been sabotaging her teammates. The others are skeptical, but Scott backs her up, claiming that he had been sabotaged as well, then points out that Lightning had his shoelaces undone when they were being chased. Lightning declares that "bad sportsmanship," and Zoey is sent packing.

In private, Scott reveals to Alejandro and Sugar that he knows about their alliance, and he wants in. Feeling as if they don't have a better option, they agree.

Chapter 35: A Little Lesson In Trickery


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Heather, Jasmine, Katie, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Shawn, Tyler, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Cameron, Dawn, Geoff, Leshawna, Lightning, Scott, Sky, Sugar

On Team Chris's side, Heather secretly approaches the Anti-Scarlett voting bloc and tells them that she's sick of kowtowing to Scarlett and that she wants to switch sides. She offers to vote for Katie next time they lose, because "Katie is a total incompetent. She couldn't possibly win a tiebreaker." Having no better options, the four of them agree.

Meanwhile, on Team Survivor's side, Sugar finalizes plans to get rid of Bridgette with her two allies. Once she leaves, happy as a clam, Scott asks Alejandro if he really wants Bridgette gone. Alejandro admits that he doesn't, but he doubts he will be able to change Sugar's mind. Scott suggests that Sugar doesn't have to change her mind. Alejandro takes an interest.

Chris announces the challenge for the day: a stage magic contest. The two teams will each put on a magic show, and whichever one he likes better will be the winner. Sugar thinks the challenge is lame, but when Chris offers a skydiving challenge as an alternative, she shuts up.

No one on either team really knows much about stage magic, so they're largely left to figure it out on their own.

The majority of the episode consists of the two teams trying to figure out what the heck they're doing. Eventually, though, B manages to put on a decent magic show. Team Survivor's show, however, is a complete mess, which includes, among other things, Alejandro taking off his shirt and doing a sensual dance to distract Chris while Sky very obviously tries to sneak from one teleportation box to the other, Scott passing off opening a trapdoor under Sugar (who was about to perform a "craptry" song) as a magic trick, and Geoff accidentally mixing up two different tricks by tearing up a piece of paper, dropping it into his hat, and pulling a rabbit out of the hat, which immediately proceeds to attack him.

Chris thinks it's funny, and talks up the entertainment value of Team Survivor's act, making them think they're about to win...but Chris declares Team Chris Is Really(x4) Mean the winning team, and Team Survivor the losers.

Scott talks to Bridgette, and makes a gutsy move: he tells Bridgette that Sugar is gunning for her, and that Alejandro is voting with her. He claims that Alejandro is afraid that Bridgette and Geoff being friends with Lightning and Sky would put them one person away from a majority vote. He also claims that Sugar implied that she might have an immunity idol. Bridgette asks Scott what his angle is, and Scott says he wants a voting bloc big enough to take out Scarlett when the merge arrives.

Scott also suggests that Cameron might not be as harmless as he seems. He asks where Alejandro would have gotten the votes to take out Duncan, then asks, "Don't you think it's strange that Cameron started sucking up to Zoey right after Duncan got booted?" He also suggests that "for someone who's never even been outside of his house, Cameron sure picked a strange first outing, don't you think?" Bridgette initially writes Cameron off as harmless, but Scott tells her that everyone assumed Scarlett was harmless too, and they were dead wrong.

Cameron is voted off, to his own shock.

Chapter 36: Food Fright


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Heather, Jasmine, Katie, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Shawn, Tyler, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Dawn, Geoff, Leshawna, Lightning, Scott, Sky, Sugar

Cameron's elimination only serves to deepen the distrust on Team Survivor. Bridgette is worried she might have made a mistake, Sugar realizes Alejandro and Scott betrayed her but that she can't call them out, Leshawna is ready to throw hands, Lightning is raging over the fact that he can't vote out Sugar (which is only exacerbated by Dawn pointing out several similarities between the two of them), and Scott is congratulating himself over his cleverness.

Team Chris, meanwhile, is fascinated by the fact that for once, they aren't the most dysfunctional team in the game.

Chris tells the campers that he paid for materials for too many challenges, so he has to combine two for the episode or it comes out of his paycheck. As a result, their challenge for the day is a combination eating challenge and obstacle course. They have to eat a giant stack of pancakes, one person at a time, periodically running through the obstacle course before passing the metaphorical baton. Also, there are traps in the pancakes, because of course there are.

Team Chris does their best. The more keen-minded members of the team manage to disable most of the traps in the pancakes, and all of them eat as much as they can. But Sugar proves to be too much of an advantage for Team Survivor.

Team Chris goes to elimination, with Scarlett planning to have Sammy eliminated. But with Heather voting for Katie, the vote ends in a tie. For a tiebreaker, Chris gives them both pieces of pancake, and tells them the first to finish wins. Katie doesn't understand, and she says she isn't hungry anymore, and pancakes have so many free radicals that aren't good for you. Chris takes this as a resignation and declares her the loser of the day.

She's not too upset, though, because Sadie is on the Boat of Losers, and they are glad to be reunited.

Scarlett, meanwhile, is livid.

Chapter 37: Spite and Blindness


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Heather, Jasmine, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Shawn, Tyler, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Dawn, Geoff, Leshawna, Lightning, Scott, Sky, Sugar

Scarlett has become an absolute nightmare to deal with. Meanwhile, Topher is unsuccessfully trying to find where she hid her immunity idol in order to take it for himself. At the same time, things have not settled down on Team Survivor. Just in general, no one is talking to anyone outside of their individual groups.

Chris's challenge for the day is a "throwback," where the members of each team will be paired off and have to complete tasks with one blindfolded and the other directing their blindfolded teammate. Chris will allow each pair to decide who wears the blindfold. Also, because Team Survivor won the last challenge, they get a free point. B asks via text-to-speech if Chris didn't notice that both teams have an odd number of players, which Chris ignores.

First off, blind bomb defusing, featuring overly complicated timed stink bombs. The teams set are Tyler and Jasmine, and Dawn and Geoff. Jasmine and Geoff are the ones blindfolded, and Jasmine and Dawn direct their teammates. Neither Jasmine nor Dawn really know what they're doing, and Tyler receives several electric shocks while somehow not setting off the bomb. In the end, though, it's Geoff who messes up and cuts the wrong wire, and he sets his bomb off by mistake. Tyler sighs in relief as Chris declares Team Chris the winner of the round, just before his bomb goes off in his face too.

Second, blind climbing, with an improvised climbing wall with several visible traps. Teams are Heather and Topher, Leshawna and Scott. Leshawna insists that Scott wear the blindfold, to which he doesn't object, and after a heated argument Heather eventually gets Topher to wear the blindfold. Both teams are pretty bad at working together, but despite a few missteps Leshawna manages to get Scott up the wall with only minor injuries. Heather and Topher, however, fail pretty miserably, because Topher doesn't trust Heather to get him up safely. It ends up becoming self-fulfilling when Heather tricks him into grabbing a handhold with scorpions on it out of frustration. Thankfully, they aren't poisonous.

Third, the blind slingshot duel, with the first hit being the winning one. The teams are Lindsay and Shawn, and Alejandro and Lightning. Shawn and Lightning are wearing the blindfolds and holding the slingshots. The two shoot apples at each other with little success, Shawn because he can't tell where Lindsay is telling him to shoot, and Lightning because he just isn't very good with the slingshot. Shawn eventually hits Lightning, and the round is won. Alejandro himself admits he should have taken the slingshot himself, but was afraid he would get hit in the face. It doesn't really help, because one of Shawn's shots flies at him. Alejandro covers his face, but it hits him in the nuts instead.

Finally, there's the Unseen Path, which Chris insists is spelled with capital letters. Teams are Scarlett and Sammy, and Bridgette and Sugar. Chris admits in a confessional that he rigged it that way because the two pairs hate each other. Sky offers to take the place of one of them, but Chris says no.

The path is simple, but has a fair number of obstacles. Both teams argue over who will walk it and who will wear the blindfold, but eventually Scarlett agrees to do it out of frustration, and Bridgette tricks Sugar into insisting on doing it. Bridgette mostly guides Sugar well, only accidentally guiding her into one obstacle, which Sugar of course assumes Bridgette did on purpose. Sammy, meanwhile, directs Scarlett into obstacle after obstacle, admitting in a confessional that she's enjoying putting Scarlett in her place, which angers Scarlett even more.

Sugar reaches the finish line first, and Team Survivor are declared the victors. Scarlett tries to call Sammy out for acting like her sister, hoping it will hurt Sammy, but the cheerleader dismisses it as total hypocrisy, as Amy and Scarlett only go after those they think are weaker than them.

The vote is 5-4 between Tyler and Sammy, and Tyler is eliminated, which Lindsay is distraught about. Scarlett threatens Sammy, but Sammy brushes her off, saying, "Try me. I'm a light sleeper." She even admits it wasn't actually Topher who sprayed Scarlett's clothes with pepper spray; it was her, with spray that Scott had filched.

Chapter 38: Adjusted For Inflation


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Heather, Jasmine, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Shawn, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Dawn, Geoff, Leshawna, Lightning, Scott, Sky, Sugar

Somehow, the environment has managed to grow even more toxic. Scarlett and Sammy are both trying to take the other to task at every possible opportunity, while Sugar has gone from irritating to intolerable.

Chris declares the challenge for the day: a water balloon fight. Except instead of water, the balloons are filled with all sorts of unpleasant surprises.

Even if they can't go after their teammates, both teams are tense enough that they don't even have a problem with this for the most part. Sugar, meanwhile, has decided this is the perfect time to throw another challenge, and she informs Scott that she intends to get revenge on Bridgette. Scott tells her that if she does, she will be eliminated for sure. Sugar gloats that there's no chance of that. She tells Scott a secret: she found the gold immunity idol. Scott asks where, and she tells him it was in Chef's kitchen. Scott admits he would never have thought it would be there.

Most of the others pick each other off one by one. Eventually, the only players left are Shawn, Sugar, Bridgette, and Lightning. Sugar throws a balloon full of spiders at Bridgette from behind concealment. Lightning, thinking Shawn was the one who threw the balloon, throws a balloon full of itch powder in retaliation, and it hits Sugar. Sugar, angered, prepares to fight him, and Lightning is pissed when he realizes it was Sugar who threw the balloon, and the two are about to come to blows, but Shawn abruptly interrupts the two by throwing a balloon filled with slime that covers them both.

Scott doesn't bother telling anyone about the gold immunity idol, and after Bridgette and Lightning detail what happened, Sugar is seemingly voted off in an 8-1 vote. However, she takes out her immunity idol, and every vote is cancelled out except for hers. Chris then takes out the box of votes, and reads out Sugar's vote: Geoff. Sugar gloats that after Lightning threw that balloon at her, she thought long and hard about who would upset both Bridgette and Lightning most by voting out, and she laughs at their helpless anger, not caring about the death glares everyone else on her team is sending her way.

Chapter 39: How Did We Get Here?


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Heather, Jasmine, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Shawn, Topher

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Dawn, Leshawna, Lightning, Scott, Sky, Sugar

At the start of the episode, Chris reveals the budget for the episode was mostly used on "unforeseen expenses." Topher asks if he means he spent it all on himself, which Chris refuses to answer. As a result of the lack of budget, the challenge is to try to guess how many votes each player got in total. Some of the guesses are easy (Izzy had no votes, DJ had four, etc.). However, other guesses are hard, particularly contestants who were in the bottom two multiple times. Team Survivor's former Badgers eventually puzzle out that Dave's first elimination was likely (based on a variety of comments made by previously eliminated players) by a margin of one vote, making his vote count 14 and Staci's 17, but Sam, Tyler, Anne Maria, Aiden, and Mike end up being unknown quantities.

Ultimately, the fact that Team Chris has no former members of the Gophers causes them to get Dave and Staci wrong, and they end up losing the challenge. Heather suggests that with the merge coming up, it would be better to get rid Topher to remove an unnecessary wild card, as Lindsay is no threat to anyone. The others sans Scarlett and Heather agree, and Topher is voted out. He takes it well enough, assuring his teammates that there are no hard feelings, "except for you, Scarlett. You suck." He then thanks Chris for showing him exactly what kind of person he really is, before being taken onto the Boat of Losers.

On the Boat of Losers, he removes some papers from his pocket, looks at them, and says, "I think the executives will want to know about this."

Chapter 40: Double, Double, Toil And Trouble


Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Mean: B, Heather, Jasmine, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Shawn

Team Survivor: Alejandro, Bridgette, Dawn, Leshawna, Lightning, Scott, Sky, Sugar

Chris declares the challenge is the final one before the merge, and to celebrate, the episode will feature a double elimination, one player from each team. When asked what the point of the challenge is, he answers that while both teams will lose a player, only one team will get to vote, and that team will vote off someone from each team. So, if a player wants to send someone from the other team packing, they should compete hard.

Sugar notes in the confessional what he didn't say, namely, that someone in hot water with their team would be well-advised to lose the challenge.

As for the challenge itself, Chris announces that it will be a PVP challenge, but with 2-on-2 battles instead of 1-on-1. With Team Chris only having seven remaining players, Chris has B go solo.

The challenge is sports-themed, which Chris admits is because he has a bunch of sports equipment he never ended up using. First is tennis, with Shawn and Lindsay facing Leshawna and Bridgette. Shawn is decent at tennis, but Lindsay is so useless that he's basically playing without her. He keeps up for a bit thanks to Leshawna and Bridgette not being all that great at the game either, but ultimately he loses.

Second is field hockey, with Jasmine and Heather facing Lightning and Sugar. Sugar finally drops all pretense of being a team player and actively plays against Lightning, who can't keep up with a 1-on-3, especially when he and Sugar spend the entire challenge trading insults. He loses badly, but claims he will pay Sugar back for denying him victory.

Third is Scarlett and Sammy versus Dawn and Alejandro, playing basketball. Scarlett freely admits to Sammy that even if they did have a chance of winning, which they don't, it doesn't benefit her to win any more than it would benefit Sugar. Sammy tries her best, and Dawn isn't that much help to Alejandro anyway, but ultimately Alejandro is the victor.

Finally, B faces Scott and Sky in fencing. Despite his opponents' numerical advantage, B is holding his own. Neither team is able to make progress until Chris gives them a water break, and Scott suggests that Chris may not care that much about the sport's official regulations. Sky is hesitant to cheat, but Scott convinces her that the real game they're playing is Total Drama, not fencing. In a confessional, Chris says that's the kind of thinking he likes to hear.

When they return to fencing, Scott and Sky blatantly ignore tournament rules in order to get as many hits as possible. Chris declares them the winners as a result, waving off B's objections.

When deciding who to vote for, Alejandro and Scott secretly agree to vote for B, so when Scarlett plays her immunity idol, B will be eliminated as a minority vote. However, Scarlett bribes the information out of Sugar, then lies to Bridgette, Lightning, and Sky, saying Scott and Sugar both plan to vote out Lindsay, and between B's challenge skills and alliances, this could be their last chance to vote him out. They agree, but not before warning Scarlett that they have not forgiven her and will vote her out at the first opportunity.

With that, the minority vote becomes a majority vote, and B and Sugar are sent packing. Scarlett notes that she's aware she has alienated almost everyone, but she's convinced no one will vote her out as long as she has her immunity idol, for fear of leaving in her place. Everyone else except for Lindsay declares that Scarlett will be eliminated before the finale.


Remaining players: Alejandro, Bridgette, Dawn, Heather, Jasmine, Leshawna, Lightning, Lindsay, Sammy, Scarlett, Scott, Shawn, Sky