Spider-Deku (Japan's friendliest hero)

Hello everyone I'm here again with another MHA story. This one being my very first AU story. In this story Izuku, as you can tell, get the powers of spiderman. I know their are like a hundred other stories out their but I've had this story on my mind for a while and thought to take a crack at it. I won't give away too much but it have several prequel chapters leading up to how will play out to the original manga with either extreme or slight changes. Along with a few filler chapters in between. Anyway I don't own MHA, Spider-Man or any of its characters, themes, settings, or anything related to it as this is a work of fiction. All rights go to Kohei Horikoshi and Marvel, please support their work. I only own the story plot line. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Itsy-bitsy Deku

To say it had been a long day for a young 9 yr old Izuku Midoriya would've been the understatement of the decade! He had gone through yet another extremely long and grueling day of school. Sure he got to see a hero and villain fight break out on his way to school, however when he got to school is when everything went downhill; he was called out for being quirkless and wanting to be a hero humiliating him again, he was bullied and beaten by his so called 'friend' Kachan again, he had his lunch stolen and then dumped on him again, he had been picked last for dodgeball again, and singled out for a full on doude ball pelting again, and on top of that Kachan had stolen his Hero analysis notebook and was thrown into a dirty trash can. Then he tripped and sprained his ankle and had to make the painful journey back home hobbling on one leg by himself, again.

He sighed sadly and winched from the pain in his leg as he mindlessly walked through the streets of the city…..wait a second the city!? He was suppose to be at the train station to get back home! Man his mother was going to be so worried about him if he didn't get home on time. He sighed again at the thought of his mothers tearful and worried expression when he came home, which made him feel guilty for making her feel that way in the first place. He went into his pocket to retrieve his phone but noticed it got soaked from his lunch hours prior and had short circuited.

Once he took notice of where he actually was he immediately noticed an all too familiar laboratory skyscraper looming above him causing a huge shadow to form. 'Osborn Co Laboratory' the sign read in huge letter along the huge building and on a sign by the ground. Izuku knew this place very well as he tended to visit a certain professor here as much as he could, one that he made very good friends with.

The building itself was enormous; with metal support, concrete, and chiseled marble holding the whole thing together with tons of glass that made the whole thing reflect in sunlight, their were also two smaller towers on each side made entirely out of glass and metal support. It had an odd shape to its build that Izuku's young mind couldn't put into words though it almost suited it in an odd way. Izuku knew that if anyone could left his spirits after such a rough day then it definitely would be her.

Izuku put a large smile on his face and walked through the familiar huge sliding door that were spissificlall made for people with mutation or gigantifaction quirks. He walked across the huge plastic rug that almost filled the whole front lobby. Through the crowds of scientist diligent at work, janitors, and tourist groups following theirs guides taking picture after picture of everything around them. Hollow grams boards litter all over the place for people to learn more about Os Corps and occasionally came alive on their own telling infor and such due to their settings. In the center of the lobby was a huge, white, half circle shaped desk being man by at least 12 different secretaries constantly taking call, tapping on their computers, or filing paperwork.

Izuku went up to on the the secretaries sitting at the huge desk; she looked about in her early 30s with the green eyes and instead of hair she had brown feathers that draped down past her shoulders like hair. She was diligently typing away at her computer with the headset on listening to calls simultaneously. Izuku knew he wouldn't be able to get her attention as she wouldn't be able to see him, so he decided to ring the bell. Unfortunately the bell was on top of the desk and he being only nine years old was extremely small, too small to actually ring the bell.

He tried jumping up and down in an attempt to reach the bell in the hopes of ringing it at least once, however in a matter how many times he jumped he was still 2 feet too short to actually rang the bell.

Fortunately for Izuku's futile attempt to get the secretaries attention he actually caught the attention of an old janitor mopping nearby after hearing the boys shoes squeak and his grunts of determination. The old man left his mop against the wall walked over to where he is a cool was still trying to ring the bell and slammed on the bell a few times making the ring come out very loud!

The secretary finally looked up from her computer placed her headset around her neck and gave the janitor a questioned look.

The old janitor pointed his fingers the ground and said, "I think you've got a visitor Meg."

The secretary looked down to where he was pointing and her face immediately brightened up upon seeing Izuku's little face looking back up at her. "Hi Izuku!", she greeted to boy with delight.

"Hi Meggy-chan.", Izuku greeter back. "Thanks for the help Stan-san.", Izuku thanked the old janitor.

The janitor-who's name was Stan Lee as stated by his name tag-gave the young boy a thumbs up while saying, "Any time Izuku. Excelsior!"

"Excelsior!", Izuku cries back while raising his fists in the air!

Stan then patted the young boy on his head and went back to mopping. Izuku turned back to Meg who had one eyebrow raised knowing full well why he was here. "I assume you're here to see her right?", Meg asked smugly

Izuku nodded with a smile on his face in reply.

Meg then put her headset back on and turning to the phone she dialed a number, she waited a moment and the person she called picked up when she said, "Yuri? Hi it's Meg at the front desk, sorry to bug you but you seem to have a little visitor for you."

There was some talk at the other end and Meg clicked a button stopping the call. Meg looked at Izuku and said, "She'll be down in a minute do you can wait here till she does."

Izuku nodded in reply and stood off to the side swaying back and forth on his heels. After a few minutes one of the many elevators opened and a young woman in her early 30ths walked out in a pair of comfy slippers. She was very beautiful with blue eyes and deep black hair that was put back in a ponytail, she was tall and thin, with bags under her eyes, and a very laxed aura coming off her as she sipped from a scorpion shaped coffee cup. She walked over to the desk and saw little Izuku standing their with a lollipop in his mouth, given by one of the other secretaries.

She came behind Izuku and tapped him on the shoulder, Izuku turned around and when he saw the woman standing in front of him his expression immediately lit up with excitement and happiness! The young boy immediately lunges at the woman and enveloped her leg in a huge hug!

"Professor Yuri!", Izuku squealed!

"OOF! Hello there Izuku.", the woman greeted him back. "And I told you not to call me Professor Yuri anymore."

"Sorry Aunty.", Izuku apologized.

"AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!", cooed the secretaries at the scene.

"Alright, alright nothing to see here. Back to work with you all.", Stan stated firmly to the secretaries.

"Yes sir.", they all said.

Yuri took a sip from her squirpoin cup and said to the young boy, "It's been a while hasn't Izuku?", Izuku nodded his head rapidly in reply. Yuri looked around at all the people starting to turn their gaze in their direction, this made Yuri a little uncomfortable and she suggested to Izuku that they continue their chat back in her lab.

Izuku's eyes sparkled at the suggestion and he practically bolted to the elevator in a full sprint! "Slow down their kid!", Yuri call out to him.

Soon the two of them are in the elevator going up to the 13th floor where Yuri's office is. While they were waiting to get to the top Yuri decide to strike up a conversation with the young boy. "Sooooooo how scholl going?", she stared.

Izuku was quite for a moment before answering, "Fine.", he obviously lied and Yuri saw it.

"How about friends, hmm? Make any new ones? Everything going good with that Bakugou child?"

"Yeah, things are fine.", he lied again.

"How's your mother? Does she know you're here?"

"Shes good. And no.", he replied honestly.

This struck Yuri as confused normally izuku would always call his mother to let her know where he was, so she asked, "Why haven't you called her?", Izuku then took out his soaked phone and handed it to Yuri. She inspected the phone and said, "Ah, well don't worry this is an easy fix. I'll give it to Ohnn and hell have fixed in now time.", Izuku smiled at her offer.

"Well I'm glad to hear things are going well with you. It's been awhile since you last visited.", Izuku nodded in agreeance. "Just one more thing.", Izuku looked at the woman inquisitively. "Why do you smell like Katsudon?"

Izuku looked at the ground and nervously fiddled with the tips of his fingers as he replied, "I had some for lunch today."

"Really? Did you eat it through your skin along with your phone?"

Izuku said nothing a continued to look away, until he finally said, "I...had an accident."

"Did this 'accident' happen to have an explosion based quirk?", she asked?

Izuku looked like he was on the verge of tears at this point and Yuri really didn't want to upset the boy, it obvious that he had a long day so she decided not to interrogate him with more questions. "Alright alright. I won't pry for more details.", she stated quickly, and Izuku gained a small smile of relief. "However, I want to hear the truth later.", Izuku could tell by the tone of her voice that she wasn't going to take no for an answer, so he begrudgingly nodded.

Finally the elevator went DING and the door opened revealing Yuri's lab, she was one of the head scientist so she had her own lab and department to control and since she's such a lax person things went smooth most of the time. The lab was huge and took up a whole floor of the building, with modern advanced technology and machines with names that izuku could barely pronounce. Everything was bright, shiny, clean, and smelled really good almost like honeysuckle; then again Yuri drank honeysuckle tea like it was water. The whole place had windows at almost every wall allowing natural light to pour in and the whole place was a buzz with a dozen or so other scientist hard at work with machines experiments or something else completely different. Izuku saw one scientist in paticallar that looked almost like a pteradon.

"Welcome to Shangri La.", Yuri joked as she stretched her arms, Izuku immediately ran past her admiring the whole complex around him, he hadn't been their for a few months so now everything was completely different and it tickled him pink with excitement!

Yuri took the phone in her hand and threw it into an open cubical while shouting, "Yo Jonathan heads up!"

Johnathon Ohnn-a man with black spot covering his whole body-caught the device with a black hole that that appeared in the air intersecting the phones flight path, the phone then reappeared through another black hole where it landed in the man's hand. He examined the phone for a moment before turning around in his swivel chair and saying to Yuri, "Yuri I'm flattered and all, and I know you've been lonely since the divorce, but you're just not my type.", he teased her while shrugging his shoulders.

Yuri rolled her eyes at him and shot back, "Please Ohnn-kun, I'd sooner throw myself off this building to admitting I have any remote felling for you.", Ohnn made a dramatic display of clutching his heart and make a painful expression. "And that's not my phone. I just need you get it working again and maybe make it not smell like Katsudon.", she added.

Ohnn took in the smell coming off the phone and sighed a dramatic breath at the smell. "I don't know I kinda like it. And seriously, you want me to just fix this phone? Can you give me a real challenge?", he asked sarcastically.

"Alright smart guy, get it fixed in five minutes.", She replied smugly.

"Now thats what I'm talking about!", he exclaimed before turning around and setting to fixing Izuku's phone.

As soon as Ohnn disappeared another person zoomed by Izuku and Yuri at top speed shouting, "Excuse Me!"

The person in question stopped a short while ahead of the two with a cart filled with different objects, machines, and parts. The person was another woman in her early 30ths, she wore a big lab coat with goggle around her neck, her eyes were blue and her brown hair was frizzy and completely wild. She brushed her coat off and looking to Yuri and Izuku stated, "Sorry about that professor. Just had this new idea pop into my head and I just had to get some tinker toys to make a mock version of it.", she apologized.

When the woman finally noticed Izuku she made a face like she was trying to remember something, then her face lit up and she zoomed to Izuku with a bright smile on her face! "Oh My God, you must be Izuku!? I've heard so much about you!", The woman then cupped Izuku's face and plated two kisses on his cheeks. Izuku quickly learned that she was very loud, energetic, and friendly which Izuku couldn't help but kinda like about her.

The woman then stuck her nose in Izuku's hair and took a smell. "My goodness you smell awful!", she stated bluntly. "Which is perfect for me!"

"How so?", the 9 yr old asked?

"Cause you can be my very own human test monkey for this project I just finished!", she sang with delight!

"Human test monkey?", Izuku questioned?

Though before he could ask he for more details she then grabbed Izuku's shoulders and dashed away with him to another part of the lab. Where the woman set him down in front of a giant glass tube with a door. "TADA!", she exclaimed!

"A shower?", he questioned.

"No silly….well actually yes, but think of it more as a car wash for people.", she explained as she pushed Izuku into the open door and closing it behind him.

Suddenly Yuri charged in half winded and she stated firmly, "Mary I already told you we are not using people for our experiments."

The woman-Mary-just waved a dismissive hand as she said, "Oh Professor you worry too much. What's worth anything in life if you don't risk it?"

"Not when it comes to a 9 yr old minor who has no business in it."

"Oh calm down this machine is perfectly safe. I've already tested this machine on over 100 rats and they all survived….mostly."


"Only like 20 didn't survive...in one piece. Besides Rats are way too delicate, humans are way more sturdy.", Mary then pressed a few buttons and pulled a lever on a control pad attached to the starge glass tube.

There was a locking sound, a hissing sound, then a sound of something reved up. Suddenly Izuku vision was lost in a literal hot haze, everything after happened so fast; Izuku felt hot, then wet, the soapy, the wet again, then something forcefully rubbing against him back and forth, then wet again, then something hot blew all over his body. Izuku then heard another hissing sound and an unlocking sound. His vision returned as the hot haze flooded outside the door of the now unlocked tube, Izuku stepped out on wobbly legs only to look and smell a lot cleaner then he did before.

"Success! It worked and you're still alive, even better!", Mary exclaimed excitedly! "So how do you feel kid?"

"I don't know.", Izuku replied back a bit out of it.

"Perfect!", Mary gave a thumbs up!

"AHEM!", exclaimed Yuri with a not-so-pleased face on her normally calm face! "Mary.", she began calmly. "What? He's alive isn't he and the machine works. Isn't that what matters most?", Mary quickly stated.

Yuri sighs and face palms as a delirious Izuku's hair immediately puffs out in a huge afro! "Oh, strange side effect.", Mary notes as she licks her palm and slicks down Izuku's hair. When she's done Izuku now downed hair immediately poofs right back into its original style. "Uncombable Hair Syndrome, that's quite a rare genetic trait in people. Does it run in the family or just you?", Mary asks writing down notes on a clipboard.

"I don't know and whose she?", Izuku asks Yuri.

Mary immediately slaps her own face in self disappointment as she replies, "Ah, psh, how silly of me to not introduce myself! Where are my manners today?"

"Same place you keep your common sense.", Yuri replies snarky.

"Oh that remind me I still have to fish that out of my desk.", Mary exclaimed as she goes off track with the conversation.

Yuri rolls her eyes and answers for her, "Izuku this is professor Mary Alice Ander-." "Octavius! Mary Alice Octavius. Though everyone always call me Mary.", Mary quickly interjects with an outreached hand.

Izuku shakes the woman's hand, she then quickly pulls Yuri to the side and in a hushed voice says, "Yuri I know you tolerate a lot of my daily nonsense."

"That's the understatement of the decade.", Yuri states calmly.

"But I'd reeeeeeeally appreciate it if you were just humor me on referring to me by my other surname.", Mary says animated.

Yuri took a sip from her mug and replied, "Sorry Mare, but you know how my brain works. If I see a name tag, even if I know the person, I always say what written. And if it's such a problem for you then why not getting it changed with the I.T department?"

"Cant, love to, but can't. They told me they can't change it until I get it changed legally. And I can't do that till I marry Otto, and that won't happen till that old battle axe allows us to wed!", Mary rants in a burst of pent emotion! Yuris calm expression changes to a surprised expression by Marys outburst. Mary sees this and immediately sighed in frustration, she runs her hand through her messy brown hair and says, "I'm sorry for bursting out on you like that Yuri, but it been so frustrating! Otto and I love each other so much but his mother doesn't think I'm any good for him, and he can just leave her since his heart is too big and she's the only living family he has left."

Yuri places a sympathetic hand on Mary's shoulder as she says back, "It okay Mary, I know where you're coming from. Trust me I've been there before. Just hold faith and you'll get what you desire in the end.", Mary smiles at her friends words of encouragement. "Plus you did say the woman has some health issues and she like how old now? 60 something, maybe shell keel over sooner than you think.", she jokes.

Mary blows a strand of hair from her face and roll her eyes as she says, "Oh please knowing that old coot, shell outlive us all. Though you're right, I do have faith. Faith that my newest invention will blast her clean out of the water!", Mary exclaimed coming back to her previous personality.

"New invention?", Izuku asks tugging on the brown haired woman coat.

"Oh Izuku! I forgot you were still here. Yes I have a this new invention that I'm putting the finishing touches on. Wanna see it?", Mary asks?

Izuku nodes his head rapidly at the thought of some potentially world changing machine! Mary then scoups Izuku in her arms and dashes down the opposite hallway with Yuri trying her best to follow behind. Soon Mary drops Izuku in front of a glass door with a metal lock pad next to it. She holds her eye open and a light scans her, a green flash appears above the door to reveal something covered by a white sheet. At this point Izuku was getting very very excited to this….whatever it is!

"Are you ready?!", Mary asks and already excited Izuku who shakes his head rapidly! Mary then rips off the sheet and in an animated way waves her arms at the machine while saying, "TADA!"

For a moment Izuku's says nothing as he tries to figure out what the heck it is, then states in question, "A pool toy?"

Mary laughs and replies, "No silly boy, it's not a pool toy it's my newest invention I call project Octo Arms."

The invention looked like a big, thin, metal vest with a blue chip at the back of the colar, it has four ports on the back that had what looked like translucent plastic tubs with four pronged pseudo fingers at the end of each one. On closer inspection Izuku could see that the tubs were outlined with some kind of metal going around in a cylinder shape and working up to the finger grabers at the ends.

"What does it do?", Izuku asks.

"I'll show you!", Mary replies as she take off her lab coat and pulls up her hair in an Vegetta style due.

"Mary I hope you know what you're doing.", Yuri states in worry as she finally catches up to the two.

The rack that held project Octo Arms raised the device in the air over Marys huge head of hair. Mary gives a dismissive wave and replies, "Have faith in me Professor, I've tested this thing like a hundred times and I've ironed out almost all the bugs."

"That's what I was afraid you'd say.", she replies nervously as she pushes Izuku behind her leg.

The rack then brings the device over Mary's head and it falls over her body like a tailored suit. There's a compressed hissing sound as the device forms over Marys body and locks into place, the chip at the back of the head inserts hypodermic needles into her spine and the chip activates. Suddenly the arms started twitching and come alive holding themselves up in the air like a pair of arms or real tentacles. The tentacles then made a bunch of movement at the same time, then individually, then they all made peace signs with their fingers.

Izuku was astonished to see these seemingly lifeless arms come to life like any intact limb, his eyes sparkled with wonder with an agaped jaw and a hunched over foarm with clenches trembling fists that showed exuberance! And Mary was all the more delighted to see this young child so fascinated by her work! Though his was just the beginning; the arms then planted themselves on the ground and lifted Mary up in the air Izuku cried a WOW of wonder as the woman's whole body lifted in the air! Then the arms grabbed onto the rafter beams and started to swing her around like a monkey! This time Izuku fell to his butt trying to follow the woman practically flying around him!

"With these four strong, nimble, versitial arms you could grab or do anything you can with normal limbs, and as you just saw so much much more! Their sensors and signal wires with the special chip at the back of my neck are so fast and percies that they travel commands from each finger far faster than the human brain can!", Mary explains with zeal!

"Incredible!", Izuku exclaimed in wonder!

The limbs finally brought Mary back to the ground and garbed a bottle of soda off a desk and handed it to Izuku. Izuku took the bottle and looked at it like he was given a gift by a god!

"I believe that with the right smarts and tools for the job, anyone even quirkless people can be heroes! And with technology like this and so much more I hope to achieve just that!", says Mary.

"Really?! Even like me?", Izuku asked hopefully in awe.

Mary smiled and kneeling down bopped him on the nose while answering with an, "Of coarse."

Suddenly the arms twitched and sparked like a haywired machine, they then exploded into a mass of rapid and incoherent movements going all over the place and hitting or breaking everything in range! Mary was thrown around by all the movements like a rag doll going up and down and all around in mere seconds! Yuri quickly tackled Izuku to the ground and covered him with her body!

"Turn those things off!", she shouted!

Mary managed to gain some of her equaliberim back from all the fast movements and spinning and finally managed to hit a large button on the chest! The chips light dimmed and the arms fell dead along with a very dizzy Mary to the floor!

The woman picked herself up painfully and said dizzily, "That wasn't supposed to happen."

"Ya think?", Yuri asked sarcastically.

"Well to be fair I did say I ironed out most of the bugs, and it's still in beta testing. So It looks like I still have a little more work to do.", Mary stated as she slipped of the metal vest and hung the device back on the rack. "However this ain't a total failure, this alone shows I've been making progress! I'm so close to perfecting this that I can taste it! Soon my invention will get recognition, money, publisty, and will change the world! Then that old cow will see the burning passion in my eyes and know who really is worthy!", Mary then broke out into an almost maniacal laughter that filled the whole room with a sense of awkwardness and dread.

"Speaking of burning, does anyone else smell that.", Yuri asked as she picked Izuku and herself from the floor while smelling the air.

Mary smelt the air a few times, her eyes went wide as she realized something then freaked out as she shouted, "AH THE MEATLOAF!"

She then ran around the corner and called out in her usual loud voice, "Lykos-san!"

Lykos-the man with the pteranodon looking body-looked up from a microscope and looked confused at his fellow scientist. "You were supposed to watch the sciency meatloaf in the sciency oven!"

Lykos blue eyes then widened with fear and he cried out in panic, "OH God! I totally forgot!"

Then Lykos and Mary ran in the same direction with Mary shouting, "Hurry before its ruined!"

Izuku and Yuri looked on with every other scientist in the lab at the pair of idiots yelling and running like mad men for some kind of meat loaf, leaving everyone very very confused.

Izuku looked up to Yuri and asked, "What was all that about?"

"The meatloaf? Ya got me on that one. Sometimes my employees have the craziest ideas for invention and even I can't comprehend what they're trying to do.", she answered nonchalantly.

"Well that and the other thing.", Izuku corrected himself.

"Oh that!", Yuri realized what he was talking about. Yuri then stopped as she was think of what exactly to tell the young boy. "It's not really my place to say but….let me tell you this Izuku.", she finally spoke gaining Izuku's full attention. "If and when you fall in love.", She stopped and looked at her scorpion mug with sad soulful eyes as she continued, "Don't go running off with the first girl you meet."

Izuku sorta understood what she was saying yet at the same time knew she also meant something else by it, something deeper.

"And what if he ends up liking boys Yuri? Ya every think of that?", Ohnn suddenly exclaimed as he appeared from a black hole in the wall looking smug.

Yuri returned to her previous attitude and rolling her eyes corrected herself saying, "Then don't go running off with the first boy you meet."

Though Ohnn still wasn't done as he continued in a snarky way, "Though what if-" "Ohnn! If I want to hear talk like that I'll go on Tumblr. So either give me the reports, the phone or just keep quiet!", Yuri went off on him.

Ohnn smiled at this and created a hole above Yuri's open hand. Then some papers and Izuku's phone fell through it. "I have the statistic reports, the phone all fixed up, and I will not promise you I will stay quite.", he said teasingly.

Yuri shook her head and went to take another sip from her mug only to realize it was empty. Ohnn was seemingly prepared for this and created a spot floating in mid air were he pulled out a teapot. "More tea?", he offered snarky.

"With you around I'll need the whole pot.", she shot back as Ohnn topped her off and place the pot back into the hole.

Yuri took a sip from her mug, gave Izuku his newly fixed phone, and took another sip while reading the paper in her opposite hand. Izuku marveled at his shiny and not smelly fixed phone like it was a god sent. He then looked upto Yuri and noticing the paper his curiosity was peaked by what she was doing.

"What's that?", he asked.

Yuri looked down at him and replied, "Oh these, well their reports for this new experiment I have coming along."

"What kind of experiment?"

"My, aren't we nosey.", Yuri started with a glitter of mischievous in her eye. "Well I guess I can show you, but you can't tell anyone what you say.", Izuku immediately nodded his head to the terms. Yuri then motion for Izuku to follow her.

The two of them walked past all the other scientist and their work all the way to the second half of the lab in the far back where they had to pass through three doors just to get their. After they finally came to the last door which took Yuri even longer to open then the other. Whatever was in here had to be really really importante!

She took Izuku over to a large table that sat in the middle of the room surrounded by many different machines and whatnot, on the table sat over a dozen little terrarium tanks filled with oddly enough, Spiders! Though Izuku knew that these weren't any ordinary house spiders as they all were different sizes, shapes, and color that were not natural for actual arachnids. Izuku looked into the tanks wondering what the spider were supposed to be for?

"Well what do you think?", Yuri asked?

"Spiders?", Izuku questioned.

Yuri took another sip from her mug and said, "Yes Izuku, now do you notice anything else?"

"Their not real spiders."

"Yes and no. They are spiders though not natural ones. These are Os Corps very first batch of genetically enhanced Spiders. Once we can mass produce these little guys they'll be used for pest control on farm lands, no more harmful pesticides to kill bugs.", she explained.

"Cool!", Izuku exclaimes with sparkles in his eyes.

"Right now we have over 16 different species all with their own unique genetic code and different adaption as a result.", she exclaimed with pride.



"15. There's only 15 in the tanks."

Yuri had a worried expression grow on her face but kept it hidden from Izuku as she said in a calm tone, "Well...some of the spiders have natural camouflage abilities so I'm sure its still their.", she lied.

Yuri then calm walked over to another scientist who was in the room listening to the conversation unfold and instructed him in a firm yet hushed tone, "Get a vac team and sweep the whole lab.", the scientist nodded and ran off.

Meanwhile the scientist and Izuku didn't notice the tiny eight legged creature on the labs ceiling. The creature then stuck a web to the ceiling and descended down onto Izuku as he was still admiring the other spiders. It landed unsuspectingly on his hand completely camouflaged and with its infrared vision saw Izuku's young warm body heat. In its limited intelligence it only saw the young boys and as little more than a giant warm meal, much better than the dead crickets they feed him! The spider retracted its fangs and bit deep into Izuku's warm flesh!

Izuku yelled from the pain and immediately shook his hand to get rid of whatever bit him! The spider flew from Izuku's hand and fell to the ground where it reappeared and immediately scampered away into an air duct! Izuku saw the spider with his head buzzing with questions before it vanished. Then his head started buzzing then spinning making Izuku feel sick.

Yuri walked over to Izuku and quickly stated, "It's been great seeing you again Izuku, but I think you should leave. Were about to do some top secret stuff and I'm sure Inko will be worried if we keep you here another minute longer. So I'll just have Ohnn warp you back home, that sound okay to you?"

Izuku was almost half out of it as he nodded his head. Yuri the grabbed Izuku and took him back through the lab to the front part where Ohnn was still at his cubicle typing away. Yuri tapped the spotted mans back and he turned around to answer her heed.

"Ohnn-kun could you be a dear and warp Izuku back to his house?", she asked with clear ergency on her face.

The man looked at the dazed Izuku and asked, "You still at the same address kid?", Izuku nodded. Ohnn then took a spot off his face and threw it against the wall where it expanded to Izuku height. "Done."

"Well I hope to see you again real soon Izuku.", Yuri said with fake cheerfulness as she hurried him into the black hole.

Once Izuku was on the other side he was immediately greeted by the sight of his house, the black hole behind him disappeared from sight and Izuku was left all alone and half dazed from his spider bite. He wobbly walked up to his house and opened the door, he kicked off his shoes and in a weak voice said, "I'm home."

Inko power walked into the hallway and exclaimed, "Izuku? My goodness where have you been it's almost dinner time?! Why didn't you call me?"

"Sorry mommy I lost track of time." , he replied weakly.

Inko noticed her son's attitude and asked, "Izuku are you okay? Cause you don't seem okay. Did something happen are you feeling sick?"

"No, just tired.", he replied half conscious.

"Do you want to have some dinner right now?", she asked trying to hide her worried tone.

Izuku shook his head and replied, "No, I'm just gonna go to bed. Good night.", and with that Izuku walked from the hall to his bedroom where he weakly closed the door behind him.

"Good night.", Inko weakly called back.

Once Izuku was inside his room he immediately dropped his backpack and phone on the ground and climbed weakly in bed where he passed out as soon as his head touched the pillow.

Izuku woke up from a very very heavy sleep, he could barely move like his limbs were made of led, his eyes were even heavier and crusty, his whole body ached or burned, his mouth and throat were dry, and his head felt like led. After what felt like hours of just laying their semi-conscious he finally managed to turn himself over to his back, but not without feeling severe vertigo rush through his head. He felt as if the whole world was now spinning around for a solid five minutes. After his vertigo passed he managed to slowly raise from his sheets and promptly fell to the floor, and when he did he really really felt like crap!

After what seemed like hours of trying to regain conative function of his body Izuku finally made his way off the floor and into the kitchen. He called out for his mom yet no one answered him back. He though she might be asleep or she had to step out to the store, until he saw a note on the table. He walked over on weak legs and taking the note in hand read it;

Dear Izuku,

By the time you get this you'll either be awake or still in bed fast asleep, I'm really hoping for the latter. I know you're probably wondering where I am so I'll be brief. I'm currently at work right now and won't be home till my normal time. I tried to wake you up for school but you were so out of it and unresponsive that I decided to call you in sick at school. I already took you're temperature so I know you're not ill, but whatever you did yesterday sure seemed to wear you out. I hope you're doing okay my baby. Theirs some food in the fridge if you get hungry. Call me if you need anything or you really do feel sick and take it easy today.

Love you,


Izuku placed the note back on the table but when he did he noticed that the note was still their, almost as if it were stuck to him. Izuku tried to shake it off, but to no avail. Then he tried pulling it off with the other hand but it also got stuck. What the heck was this paper made of!? Izuku pulled hard to free his hands but ended up ripping the paper in two! Izuku was only seconds to freaking out when it hit him on what was actually going on!

"Is-is this my...quirk?", Izuku asked himself. "My quirk...I have a quirk!", he shouted with zeal!

Then it dawned on him just as quickly as it came, and he asked himself how he got a quirk? The doctors were very thorough in their tests, he was diagnosed as quirkless from the start. Could they have made a mistake? And if they didn't and he was truly quirkless then how did he suddenly gain this Stick hand quirk? Izuku racked his brain for any idea of how this could've happened and so suddenly, then he remembered yesterday when that spider bit his hand!

'The Spider!', he thought! He immediately looked at the back of his hand only to find that the spider bite was little more than a red puffy sore spot.

He touched it with his finger and felt a numbing sensation run up his arm, wait a second his finger? Just a moment ago his hands were still stuck to the paper, now the paper scraps were on the floor. Izuku looked at his hands and touched his fingers to make sure they weren't going to stick to themselves, when he was certain that he was fine he wondered how he did that and how the spider was connected?

Was that the same spider that Izuku saw was missing from its tank back at Os Corps lab? And if so then why and how did its seemingly one identail ability get passed onto him? Did it have something to do with the genetic modification it went under or perhaps radiation? Izuku heard that Yuri's lab had been doing research in nuclear radiation mutations, could some of the spider have been experienced to it as well? And if its abilities could be transferred then what kind of abilities could Izuku have gotten and can just anyone get these so called spider powers? So many questions with so little answers.

First thing's first what time was it? Izuku looked at the clock and saw it was nearly noon! Boy did he sleep or what? This meant he had about 6 hours to get an understanding of what he could do before his mom got home. Mom. Man what was Izuku going to tell his mother? Would she be happy, sad, worried, have a heart attack from the news. No no no, hell cross that bridge when he gets to it for now he just needs to see if he has all different spider abilities.

Sticking to objects, that one was easy. Lets see if he can cling to the walls like a spider, he walked to the wall and shook his limbs loose he crouched and then with all his might jumped up and onto the wall! Immediately Izuku expected to just fall right to the floor, but after a time he didn't feel the floor on his feet, he opened his eyes and saw he was sticking to the walls like a real spider! Not only that but he had jumped right to the very top of the wall when he normally could only just a few inches in the air! So now he could put Super Jump on the list of abilities.

Now then, how was he supposed to unstick? What was it that triggered him to to unstick from the papert the first time? It wasn't force that's for sure so maybe it was emotional from how he was feeling ,though what was he feeling before? He was startled then relaxed then startled again, perhaps this sticking thing was like a muscle; when he tenses up he sticks and when he relaxes he unsticks?

So Izuku decided to put the theory to the test and tried relaxing by thinking of things that soothed him. However he didn't account that he was still over 9ft in the air and when he did unstick he immediately fell the the floor with a FLOP! Izuku picked himself up rather easily and noticed this and the fact he wasn't in any pain, so now he could put Reduced Pain Sensory and Superhuman Endurance on the growing list.

Izuku had to find out what he could do and as fast as he could! Then his stomach growled and Izuku though that he should first clean himself up eat something then set to work on his new powers.

After hours of testing his full capabilities he found out that he had the following abilities to his new pseudo quirk; Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reaction and reflexes, durability, stamina, blance, wall clinging, and a form of espn which he dubbed Spider Sense. Luckily Izuku didn't have any other spider abilities like organic web production, natural venom, egg laying, and/or spidercontrol. He also found out that he had shot up almost three inches overnight and lost most if not all his baby weight. He thought for a moment of how exactly he could further expanded upon his new quirk and get full control of it, while hanging upside down on the ceiling.

Unfortunately he didn't keep track of time and soon his spider sense went off telling him someone was at the front door. The sound of the unlocking door was heard and soon after and the sound of Izuku's mother's voice calling out to him.

"Izuku dear, I'm home. Are you awake baby?", she called out as she slipped off her shoes and locked the door behind her.

Izuku used his new powers to jump from the ceiling and onto the couch where he quickly turned on the t.v and called back as calmly as he could, "I'm fine mom. I'm just watching t.v."

"Oh you sound a lot better too, I'm glad you're okay you had me real worried this morning. Sorry I'm later than I usually am, I had to stop by the store for something so I hope you weren't too lonely without me.", she answered back as she stepped into the kitchen and placed something on the counter top.

Izuku quickly looked at the clock as it almost 8:00pm. Wow she really did get home late. Izuku wondered what she had to get at the store?

"Is it dinner?", Izuku asked?

"Actually it's something much better then dinner.", Inko answered as their was the sound of her stirring around in ten kitchen.

Izuku stood up from his seat and turned around only to be surprised by the sight of his mother holding a birthday present with an All Might Cake next to her!

"Happy 10th Birthday Izuku.", she said sweetly.

Izuku was at a lost for words right now, in all his confusion and excitement he had totally forgotten about his own birthday! Even if it wasn't much it meant so much to Izuku that Inko remembered! He immediately jupe dover the couch and ran over and grabbed his present from his mom's hands excitedly.

"Thank you mommy!", he exclaimed!

But Inkos face immediately went from happy to shock at seeing her son! "Izuku!", she stated in shock! "You got...bigger!"

Izuku immediately froze in place as he realized he wasn't going to hide the fact that he had grown a few inches in under a single night! How was he supposed to explain this to her?! Izuku was beginning to freak out and sweating trying to figure out any form of excuse to tell his mom!

"Well I guess that's why you were so tired yesterday, maybe you were just growing, though I didn't expect it to be this quick.", Inko sated trying to make sense of it for herself.

Izuku breathed a sigh of relief internally and smiled at his mom as of nothing had happened.

"I wanted to take you out today for your birthday, but its seems ill have to call you in sick tomorrow for you to really enjoy your birthday. That sound good?", Inko asked?

Izuku immediately nodded his head rapidly! Inko smiled and motioning to the cake said excitedly, "Before you open your gift, blow out the candle and make a wish sweety."

Izuku walked up to the cake and thought of what he wanted to wish for, normally he would ask for a quirk yet this time he actually got it so this time he wished for something else, 'I wish to be the greatest hero in the world.', Izuku wished and then blew out the candles on his cake.

For today and tomorrow he would just be normal, plain, uninteresting, quirkless Izuku; but after that in the coming days, weeks, and years he would push himself as hard as he could to fully understand and control his new found quirk. To know everything about it inside and out front to back, to become the hero he always dreamed to be, that was his birthday wish!


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