Blaine stared in the mirror of his bathroom and felt sick. He couldn't remember very much, but he figured he had a bad fever. This cold was turning into something worse. Yet, he knew that wasn't what was bothering him. He had just tried going to the bathroom, and knew something wasn't right. It had burned, and he ached down there in a way he never thought was possible.

Also, all he could smell was vapor rub.

Grasping onto the sink, he swayed, trying so hard to remember what happened last night from that thick soupy fog he was still under.

Tina had come over, and he had fallen asleep?

Suddenly his stomach twisted as he leaned down, dry heaving into the sink, unable to control himself. A terrible chill broke free, and he hung his head down low, feeling as if something terrible had happened to him. Something he couldn't quite remember.


Blaine Anderson had an extra swing in this step today. Despite his recent breakup with Kurt, he was trying his hardest to focus on the future. There were tons of things to look forward to, as well as proving once and for all to himself that he wasn't a bad person. He could never forgive himself for what happened with Kurt. He was still heartbroken, but knew he had made his bed, and would simply now have to lie in it. Wearing his signature red bowtie, black slacks, and white sweater vest, he noticed Will's backdoor was partly left open. Will had mentioned he needed Blaine to drop off the recent playlists for theme ideas, and told him Emma would be home. He knew things had been kept rather low-key after both Rachel and himself had been approached by the nervous, eager young couple. Kurt had said plenty about their decision, and in the end he spent a whole weekend thinking it over, weighing the options, before asking Rachel what she thought?

"Finn thinks it's insane, I think it's insulated they didn't ask him."

"Yeah, Kurt is in the same boat, but Will explained this was Emma and his choice. I really have to hand it to them for having the courage to even ask such a thing."

"So...what do you think?"

Blaine had taken the train in to see Rachel, and since things had been starting to get distant and rocky with Kurt, he had spent the weekend avoiding any huge arguments. While Kurt had class, the two laid in bed side by side like old friends watching movies as they thought aloud. Suddenly the reality of this decision was beginning to really sink in.

"I...think...I'm honored, but I know how it looks on the outside. I know I'm going to be eighteen in a few months, but that doesn't change the fact how it looks for two teachers asking this. If I'm gonna do it, I'm keeping it private. Not worth somebody like Sue trying to get them fired just because they want to start a family."

Rachel nervously tugged on her bottom lip before looking over at him.

"I love them more than the world, and...the money could help. I know that's awful to say. I know I would have done this for them even for free. They are my family. But..."

"The money helps. No, trust me I get it...and I think they do too. Maybe it won't make it was weird. More like a business transaction."

"Why us? Any idea?"

Blaine shrugged.

"Well...maybe they want it to come from people they love, and will give their child strong dark features, and fingers crossed one Hell of a singing voice."

Rachel laughed, cheeks turning rosy.

"My dads think it's a wonderful idea. It won't even slow me down. I'm at the hospital a day tops...then they..."

Blaine looked a little uncomfortable before grinning, color showing in his own face. Rachel sighed, staring up at the high ceilings of her loft, before turning slightly and looking at Blaine.

"I want to help them, but I'm not doing it unless you're 100% in."

"At any cost?"

"At any cost."

Blaine laid back, deep in thought for a moment before he nodded, a smile spreading across his own clear full face.

" any cost. I mean it might get out anyways, that's the risk...and it might cost us some relationships as well as friendships...but for the first time in awhile I'm listening to that inner voice and it's telling me we gotta help them."

"Even will or will not know, and we'll see it...and sorta be in it's life. You think you can do it. Knowing...there's a child that's half mine half..."

Blaine reached over and squeezed Rachel's hand, cutting him off. Instantly he slowly smiled.

"I've thought it over and I wanna do this."

Rachel smiled.


"Yeah. Let's give Will and Emma a baby."

Today, less than seven months later, Blaine was swinging by to drop off the theme ideas, when he noticed the backdoor was left open to the kitchen. Blaine had parked his car and tried the front bell twice, before figuring if nobody was home he could just leave it on the back patio table like Will said. He whistled under his breath, circling around before noticing Emma's car parked neatly on the side driveway. Raising an eyebrow he found this weird since he had rang and waited for at least a good minute or so. Still, maybe Emma hadn't heard him or was in the shower. He passed the rose bushes and stopped when he noticed the back door half open. Raising an eyebrow, he fixed the strap of his messenger bag as he approached the back steps.


He reached forward, pushing the door open when instantly he felt his heart sink. Emma was laying half slumped in the kitchen, and the back doorway. She was dangerously pale, wearing a green checker print dress, which displayed her round pregnant stomach. Only...something wasn't right. Blaine's large golden eyes scanned the small area of the tile laid floor, and all he could see was one thing. Blood. So much blood. It was oozing from underneath Emma in a large dark puddle. There were streaks of it smeared all over the usually stunningly neat kept kitchen floor. He saw it was running down Emma's legs, and had stained her dress, as well as leaving bloody handprints on the lower cabinets and wall. Instantly, she weakly looked up, face pale, and dark blueish purple circles underneath her eyes.


Blaine stared down horrified before he flung his bag down with a heavy thud and went down to his knees to help her. Emma, clearly going into shock, stared at him, everything slow and delayed.

"I...was...just trying to clean up this mess...but I can't find my cell phone to call Will..."

She said, her words slurring. Blaine, feeling his heartbreak, knew he shouldn't move her. Besides, he wasn't sure if he was strong enough to even lift her. Grabbing his phone from his side pocket, he clicked it off, before with shaking fingers, he dialed 911 all the while gently holding onto Emma's shoulder, trying to keep her alert enough to stay awake.

"911? Yes please send an ambulance...there's a woman...having a miscarriage."

One month later...

Tina had just finished pouring her heart out to Blaine who hadn't exactly been having the best last few months. Between the breakup with Kurt, what happened with Emma, which she sensed he had taken very hard, and now getting sick...she had let what she originally believed was a harmless little crush, into something much worse. She understood the score. Blaine was gay, plain and simple. But why couldn't he just love her? They had been so close lately and she had been his shoulder to cry on. She knew tonight things were finally going to happen. She had doctored the cold medicine, and prayed she was making the right choice. Part of her thought maybe if she poured her heart out to him he might understand. Kurt wouldn't be a problem, and maybe she was what he needed in the middle of all this madness and loss he had recently suffered? She knew if she could convince him he was fully capable of sleeping with a woman, maybe...just maybe he might give her a chance. She turned, finding him completely passed out. She instantly knew the stuff had kicked in hard, and there was no turning back. Breathing heavy, she knew he had shut the door behind him. His mother was out for the night, and she had a few hours. Getting up, she dashed over and locked the door, before approaching the bed.

"Blaine?" She waited. He kept sleeping, his handsome smooth face sleeping soundly, his chest rising and falling.

"Blaine? Blaine! BLAINE!"

Nothing. She waved her hands in front of his face, feeling her hear hammer in her chest. Nodding, she climbed over and straddled on top of him. Sitting there, she instantly started feeling tingling she had only dreamed of having. She laid on top of him, and stared at his sleeping face. Grabbing the vapor rub from the nightstand, she gently hummed, before unscrewing the cap, and rubbing a small amount on her thin fingertips. She carefully unbuttoned his plaid shirt, and opened it enough to reveal his pale, smooth chest. Rubbing the gel in she smelled it's comforting strong scent, before more tears rolled down her face. No turning back. Sighing, she reached down, and began to undo Blaine's belt, and unzip his fly.

There was no turning back now.