"Blaine, you need to relax! What happened baby?!"

Blaine was completely hysterical. He couldn't stop crying as large fat tears continued flowing from his big golden eyes, which was now bloodshot His hair was a mess, sticking up in places, and unwashed with the dried gel still in it. His shirt was unbuttoned, and his face flushed. Ever since she came up the stairs he had been a total wreck. Worried, she knew he hadn't cried this badly since he was a baby, or following the breakup with Kurt.

She had seen him upset plenty of times, in fact this past year had been especially tough on him. Kyle and her had been worried after the Schuester's baby. Still, as always he handled it with his had held high. This morning she knew something was wrong. He couldn't stop crying, struggling to breath, chest wheezing, she kept trying to get him to calm down. She sat him down on his bed, sitting beside him, and holding him as he continued crying against her. Finally Pam had enough, she pulled back and firmly held her youngest by the sides of his smooth and full face, looking him directly in the eye. "Blaine, what's the matter?" Blaine blinked, tears still running down his face, when suddenly the oddest expression spread across his tear filled eyes.

"I...I really don't feel good. I think I might have a fever, mamma...I...I feel so dizzy..."

He broke down completely, slumping against his other. That's when Pam saw it. She raised an eyebrow, and slowly looked down, opening the top collar of his shirt, and unfolding it, There she saw a nasty hickey. It looked awful. The skin was bruised, and she saw teeth marks.


She knew this was fresh, the skin around it tender and swollen.


Instantly, Blaine lifted his head and looked up at her, dazed, and flushed.


"Honey, I don't wanna embarrass you...but...that girl who came over last night? Did she give you this?"

She pointed, and for a second Blaine didn't seem to follow. He took a second before he looked down, and pulled his shirt more open to get a better look. Getting up on uneven feet, he swayed before looking at the full length mirror hanging on the back of his door. He stared at it, before gently touching the hickey with his fingertips. Standing there in complete silence, he turned slightly and looked back at his mother.


He went to take a step towards her when suddenly he tripped over his now two feet, and fell forward. With a heavy thud, he fell face first, hitting the floor. Instantly, Pam's eyes widened as she screamed.


Blaine sat in the waiting room, hands together when suddenly Rachel and Kurt walked in and spotted him. Hurrying over, they greeted Blaine who stood and hugged them. Kurt met his eyes for a second, and the two didn't even need to speak. They stared at each other for just a few seconds, before Kurt gave him a firm, strong hug, giving instant comfort. Rachel had tears in her eyes, as she opened her arms, and the three went in for a strong hug. The three stood together, before they heard a person clear their throat. Turning, they looked and saw Will who looked absolutely heartbroken and exhausted.

"Hey guys?" Instantly the three of them went to him, all giving strong hugs to the man they not only saw as a teacher, but as a brother. They hugged him, before pulling back.

"How's Emma?"

Will wiped his eyes and sighed staring at them.

"We lost the baby."

Rachel gasped, covering her mouth as Blaine stood there frozen, all color draining from his face as Kurt hung his head down and sighed.

"I'm so sorry...what happened?"

Will shrugged.

"She started going into early labor, and...there wasn't a heartbeat. She's going to deliver it, they all ready have her started. Her parents are coming down, but they figure it might take awhile. I'm so sorry guys, you outta go home, get some rest."

Will's eyes then went to Blaine.

"I...can't thank you enough. The paramedics said if you hadn't called 911 and found her there...she could have hemorrhaged to death."

Blaine just stood there, when Will sighed, clearly overwhelmed, trying everything inside of him to keep it together.

"I gotta get back in there..."

"I'm not going anywhere."

Will, Kurt, and Rachel all turned, stunned over his statement. Will sighed, as Blaine shook his head, eyes glistening with tears.

"I...I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here."

Will sighed.

"Blaine, that's so nice of you...but there's nothing else you can do. Honestly we have no idea how long this is going to take. You guys get home and relax."


Kurt and Rachel glanced over at Blaine who held his ground. Shaking, his head he stared at Will.\

"No, I'll be here...I know there's nothing I can do, but I'll be here."

With that he silently sat back down. After a few seconds, Rachel nodded.

"I'm saying too."

"Yeah, so am I. We're here."

Kurt added as both Rachel and him sat down, holding hands, and sitting right beside Blaine. Staring down at them, Will fought back tears, before nodding.

"Thank you..."

Turning, he went back inside. The three of them continued sitting there, before Rachel rested her head on Blaine's shoulder and sniffled, tears filling her eyes again.

"God, this is such a nightmare..."

Blaine continued staring forward, wanting so badly to tell Rachel this was worse than a nightmare. At least with nightmares you could wake up...

One month later...

Tina was getting frustrated, but figured this was the best she was going to get. She was sweating, and her hair was a mess. For the last half an hour she had been fighting with Blaine's body. She first tried "fluffing" him up by giving him oral sex. She was pleasantly surprised by how well-endowed he was, and had lowered her head, slipping his penis into her mouth. Less than a minute later without any warning, he climaxed, leaving quite the mess. Annoyed, she wiped her mouth, and used the sheets to clean up around the front of his jeans, before using his hands. Twice just as it was beginning to get hard, it would go down. Now finally, she had gotten it hard, all the while sweating buckets, and staring down at his pale sleeping face. Taking her panties off, she carefully positioned herself, before holding it, and staring down. It was now or never.

"I love you Blaine Anderson..."

She whispered, before very carefully she eased herself down onto him. There was discomfort, as she at first thought for a split second he was losing his erection. Instead, she pressed her palms down against his chest, and eased herself down completely. Within seconds she bit down on her bottom lip and began to move, fighting through the discomfort. She rocked back and forth, trying to pump her hips. Staring down at Blaine sleeping face, she saw him mutter in his drugged sleep, as she continued moving, building up a frantic rhythm. She couldn't believe it. She was having sex with Blaine Anderson. She continued moving, pumping her hips as she leaned down, hands everywhere, licking his skin, sucking down, nipping, and never feeling so excited before in her entire life.

This was everything she had wanted it to be, and she could all ready feel the slow build of herself coming close starting.

That's when she smiled, looking down and froze. Blaine's terrified eyes were staring up at her.