Just as the light struck, the blue blur had reached out, arms wide, blindly hopped onto the pink hedgehog. Which resulted in both rolling onto the floor, crashing into other equipment along the way.

"Oomph!" Blue landed on pink.

Sonic whom was as durable as obsidian, wasn't fazed at the impact due to his constant battles but unfortunately the pink victim hadn't been so lucky and hit their head on the wooden floor.

Groaning and twirling his head in dizziness "Geez, I didnt mean any offense..." The Hedgehog meekly murmured. From under Sonic's toned chest.

Rushing towards them with worried blue eyes, Tails slightly hovered over sprawled wires and wrinkled blueprints before reaching the due. "Amy, Sonic! Are you guys alright?"

Slightly chuckling, Sonic tilted his spiked head toward his brother. "As good as new, lil' bro!" Then moving his head back to check on the hogette under him. "But I'm afraid Amy's hit her head-..." Olive eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the sight under.

There laid a pink hedgehog, very identical to our Amy. You could call them twins or sisters if it weren't for the fact this hedgehog was a dude. Two quills on both sides of his face hugged his muzzle. Three bangs sticking upwards on his peachy forhead, red athletic headband that went around the head under them. Red sleeveless shirt with a loose turtleneck that stopped right under his chin with a thick white stripe vertically in the middle to decorate it. Red Knee high boots with a similar white stripe running from the top to the tip. Just like Amy's usual boots, but without heels.

And typically no pants for Mobian males.

Jade eyes oppened and stared right back in shock at the blue hedgehog on top of him. Realising this dude was definitely not his friend that accompanied him a second ago.

The blue blur jumped off of him in less than a sonic second and exclaimed loudly "Imposter!"


Just earlier Andy and his very best bro friend, Butter, had been spending time together as best brofriends.

The creamy rabbit, accompanied by his chao, Peanut had gotten permission from his father, Jam The Rabbit, to sleepover at Andy's house.

He recalled what Andy had said "We're gonna have so much fun, bro." The pink hedgehog had been very sure, but here they were arguing about wether Cream and Cheese was better than Peanut and Butter on the dining table in Andy's kitchen.

That totally did not make sense to the rabbits logic.

Sighing, the bunny neatly put down his peanut butter sandwich back to the plate and looked back up at the hyper pink blob that was making a big fuss over the sandwich.

"I'm telling you, cream N' cheese taste wayyy better than peanut N' butter." Flicking his bangled wrist he added cooley "Trust me, I'm a doctor."

Much to the chao next to him's protests about Andy's comment, Butter took out his little napkin. "Andy, your not a doctor and your making peanut upset." Wiping his milky muzzle then putting away the cloth.

Manners ran in The Rabbit's family.

The pink hedgehog sweatdropped and faced the offended chao. Raising both his hands in a sign of peace. "Sorry, peanut, but ya gotta admit.."

Not a second later a bright flash corrupted their vision.

The little chao emitted a squeak in surprize and immediately grasped onto his rabbit companion, Butter, in fear. The said rabbit had sheilded his own eyes with his arms at the unexpected blinding flash of light.

The room dimmed back to its previous light a moment later. Waiting for the spots to clear put of eyes in order to get used to the setting again Butter blinked a few times and displayed his thoughts with his voice. "What was that?"

Tilting his round head back to face his freind infront of him the rabbit instead met an unexpected sight.

Two chocolate brown orbs widened in Confusion and question.

There seated a pink female hedgehog with equally wide jade eyes where his similar pink best brofriend had previously sat and one thing was sure right then and there in Amy Rose's pink little mind as she faced Butter The Rabbit in front of her.

This was not sopposed to happen.


Sonic had witnessed and dealt with crazy things before. Things that his current situation would seem more believable than, but if anyone told him his self proclaimed girlfriend was about to become a guy with a horrible fashion sense, then let him tell you, he sure as hell would snicker in their face and continue on his giddy way.

But nooo.

There stood the pink hedgehog that looked oh so similar to Miss Rose in all his mobian glory.

Or is he?

His leadistic nature kicked in and held up an arm infront of his younger fox companion and growled he question out of his throat "What are you?!"

One blink. Two blinks.


"I'M NOT A THING YOU SONIKA LOOKALIKE!" High pitched voice escaped from his mouth. The peachy muzzel molded into pink with anger.

"The hells a sonika?!" The blue speedster exclaimed across from him.

"Both of you, Stop!" Both spiky heads, pink and blue, snapped towards the source of the demand. Big baby blue eyes stared back.

"There is a perfectly sensible explanation for this!-" ... "Probably!" Tails Miles Prower assured with eyes that had no idea what was going on too.

'At the moment' he silently assured himself.


It had officially been 3 minutes and silence still ensued. The staring moment continued with occasional blinks.

So she allowed herself to recall whatever on mobius brought her here.

Oh right.


That smart fox was so dead when she gets back to him. Like, for him to go so far as to teleport her to a random mobian's house?!

Twinkling jade eyes skimmed the Mobian victim sitting across from her and she was hit with how familiar the mobian (apparently rabbit) looks to a very, very close best freind of hers. Cream The Rabbit. Not to mention that oh so (A/N: annoying) important detail and of it being that small little chao that looked like another copy of cheese but adorning a cute little flower on top of his head rather than a cute little bow tie around his non-existent neck.

She found her girlish self liking this one more.



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