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Chapter 1


A long time ago, there was a war between the human world and the underworld. Humanity had lost all hope when the prince of darkness MUNDUS invaded with his hordes of demons.

When all hope seemed to be lost, one demon took up arms against his own kind and fought for the humans. His name was SPARDA, he was the greatest warrior of the underworld and not even. He alone faced the armies of the underworld and pushed them back into the their domain.

Sparda used the blood of a priestess to seal the gates of the underworld. He then sealed Mundus away on Mallet island but at the cost of his powers. With his power gone Sparda walked the earth for two thousand years as a protector of humanity, until he met woman that changed his life and gave him happiness. Her name was Eva, from the moment he met her he fell in love with her as she accepted him and saw the good and kindness in him.

A few years later Sparda and Eva got married and lived together happily. He and Eva later had twin boys Vergil and Dante, Sparda was happy that he got to experience what it meant to be human but nothing good lasts forever.

Seven years later after the birth of Vergil and Dante, Sparda and his family were attacked by demons who were sent by Mundus who noticed the seal was weakening to kill Sparda and his family, this lead to the death of Eva as she protected her sons while Sparda was trying to fight them off but was too late to reach Eva, Sparda was able to get his sons out of there but was gravely wounded as a result further weakening him.

Both Vergil and Dante who witnessed the death of their mother vowed vengeance on that day. Sparda who realized that his time was running out trained Vergil and Dante with both his legendary weapons for seven years, the Yamato was given to Vergil and the Rebellion went to Dante. Eventually Sparda had reached his final moments with his sons, he gave them his amulets and told them to follow their own paths.

After Sparda had passed, they buried him beside their mother in Redgrave and went on the hunt for the demon responsible for the death of both their parents. A year after burying their father, at the age of fifteen Vergil began to change after he and Dante left together, he began absorbing the energy from demons that he killed which led him to craving more power.

The brothers had a falling out when Dante found out what Vergil was doing as both of them fought over their ideals, they fought as if they were the bitterest of enemies, like they took some twisted pleasure in fighting each other. The victor was Vergil, as he was about to deliver the finishing blow, Dante transformed into his demon form but was not strong enough to defeat Vergil.

After the battle both brothers went their separate ways, until three years later when they met again at the age of eighteen, teaming up with the Walking Arsenal LADY to stop her father Arkham who wanted their blood and amulet to awaken the teminengru a tower that serves as a portal to the demon world.

Vergil and Dante defeated Arkham and stopped his plans, after that they had one more battle in the tower in which Dante came out the victor, but lost his brother as Vergil fell to the underworld. After the battle Dante started his business as a Devil hunter and opened his business DEVIL MAY CRY to hunt demons and protect people.

Four years later, Dante was approached by the Bewitching Devil TRISH who told him that the holding Mundus was breaking on Mallet island. Dante accepted the job and went to the island to stop Mundus, it was there that he ran into a servant of Mundus called NELO ANGELO and fought him as he tried to stop Dante from resealing Mundus but he failed.

After Dante defeated Nelo Angelo he discovered that it was his brother he was fighting all along. For failing Mundus Nelo was sent back to the underworld and was kept there until further notice. Dante finally came face to face with Mundus after he found out Trish was working for him and used her as a hostage to try to defeat him.

Dante freed Trish and used the amulet he got from Nelo to unlock his fathers greatest sword the SPARDA which was in its sealed state the Force Edge and used it to battle Mundus. Dante defeated Mundus and sealed him again, Mundus defeat freed Vergil from his control and was finally free again but he was still trapped in the underworld so he waited patiently for a portal back to the human world.

Three years later Dante was called on again to stop a mad man by the name of Arius who wanted to open a portal to the demon world and absorb the power of a demon that rivaled Mundus, its name was ARGOSAX. Dante joined forces with Lucia a woman with a complicated origin who wanted to kill Arius.

Arius was successful in gathering the items required to open the portal and was waiting for the day of an eclipse to finally complete the ritual. After Arius opened the portal he was defeated by Dante but he realized that he couldn't close the portal until Argosax was defeated. Dante and Lucia argued who would go and fight Argosax and it led to a coin toss in which Lucia later figured out that it was a double headed coin.

Unknown to them, Vergil sensed the portal and used it to leave the underworld as it closed with Dante still in the underworld fighting Argosax. A few months after Vergil got out Dante returned as well and both brothers met up and talked about what happened.

Vergil told Dante that after their battle in the tower, when he fell to the underworld he immediately ran into Mundus who defeated him and corrupted him turning him into Nelo Angelo. Dante finally realized that while Vergil went power hungry, all he wanted was to be able to protect what he cared about and that he never wanted to feel helpless again when their mother died.

Both brothers went their separate ways as Dante returned to his calling as a devil hunter and Vergil who wanted to find a new way of life. Two years later after Vergil went on his own path, he met a woman by the name of Inko Midoriya and they became friends, that friendship later turned to love as they both got together a year after they had met.

Vergil later told Inko about his history and what he had done. Inko was shocked and a little bit afraid but she put it aside and accepted Vergil for who he was and never judged him for the choices he made.

Two years later Vergil and Inko had a child, a boy who also carries the blood of Sparda, a child who will grow up to become a legend. This is not a story about the sons of Sparda, this is a story about Sparda's grandson Izuku Nero Midoriya and this is the story of how he becomes the worlds greatest hero.


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