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Chapter 28

Hosu Incident Part 1

Izuku and Gran Torino were currently on a train to their destination. When they got on the train Izuku was immediately hounded by the civilians who recognized him.

"Man, that devil just had to open its big mouth" Izuku said as he checked his phone.

"Seriously, you kids these days are always constantly buried in your cell phones" Gran Torino said as he looked at Izuku.

"Yeah whatever old man" Izuku said causing a tick mark to appear on Gran Torino's head.

'Well Ochako is doing good, Momo seems to not like how hers is going and Tenya, still no reply. Yep he's gonna do something crazy' Izuku thought before he kept his phone as he felt something approaching the train. "Hey old man something coming towards us right now" Immediately as Izuku said that a hole was torn open in the train by a nomu

'A nomu?!' Izuku thought.

Immediately as it entered the train Gran Torino flew at it and kicked it out of the train with him following suit. "Stay here kid" Gran Torino ordered as he and the nomu went through a building.

"Yeah not gonna happen old man" Izuku said as he stretched his right hand forward and summoned Griffon. "I need you to stay with the train, if anything happens tell me immediately" Izuku said as he jumped out the train.

"You got it boss" Griffon said as it flew above the train.

Izuku jumped of the train and headed to where Gran Torino had landed with the nomu. He arrived and saw it swinging at the old man before he charged forward and hit it with a flying kick send the nomu back.

"What are you doing here? I told you to stay on the train!" Gran Torino yelled at Izuku.

"Don't get your old ass bones in a twist. I made sure they were safe before coming here" Izuku said as he kept his attention on the nomu as his mind was racing over what was going on. 'If a nomu is here then that means its handyman of a master is here as well, but of all the cities why Hosu?' Izuku asked himself as he looked for anything related before it finally clicked causing him to sigh.

"Just great" Izuku said.


Tenya and Manual were running towards the scene when Tenya suddenly saw something in an alleyway and ran into it. Stain was holding the hero Native against a wall.

"That idiot. He's so noisy. I'll take care of him later. But first..." Stain said as he turned to his victim.

"I can't move. Bastard...I'll kill you" Native said in a muffled voice.

"If you call yourself a hero, choose your last words more carefully" Stain said as he glared at the fallen hero ready to finish the job only to be interrupted as Tenya suddenly dashed in but was knocked away by Stain's sword before he turned to face Tenya.

"A child wearing a suit. Run, this is no place for children" Stain said dismissively, too focused on his current hunt.

"You must be the Hero Killer Stain. I've been looking for you" Tenya said as he glared at Stain with hatred in his voice.

"Your eyes are filled with vengeance, be careful what you say next. Even someone your age can be my target" Stain warned him, readying his blade.

Before Tenya could respond he remembered what Izuku told him before they had finished their training in fortuna.


"Yo, Tenya hold up" Izuku called out as he walked toward him. Tenya looked back and saw his friend who was covered in bandages, still recovering from his training.

"Izuku are you okay to be moving around?" Tenya asked with his usual hand chopping motion.

"Yeah don't worry about it, Kyrie's been giving me some extra treatment to speed up my healing, I'll be back to normal in no time" Izuku said.

"Anyways I've been meaning to talk to you about something, let's go somewhere more private" Izuku said as Tenya agreed and followed him.

The two walked for a while before arriving at a clearing in the forest. As soon as they got there Izuku turned and faced Tenya with a serious look on his face.

"You know I've been watching you since I heard about your brother" Izuku said causing Tenya to stiffen. "You know they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and when I look at your all I see now is anger and the desire for vengeance" Izuku continued.

"I know what you're going to say, that I should let go of my anger, that its something a hero shou-" "Shut up and listen" Izuku said interrupting him.

"First of all I wasn't going to say that, if I did then I would be a bit hypocritical. Secondly, there's nothing wrong with anger or vengeance. I've felt it, my uncle has felt it, my dad has definitely felt and the interns have also felt it" Izuku said.

"Stain nearly took your brother from you, he survived but he'll never be a hero again and it pisses you of. But at the same time you're forgetting that your brother was a pro, who has been in this business longer than you have, so what chance do you have against someone like him" Izuku said causing Tenya to flinch.

"And with that I know you're going to do something crazy when we leave here, so all I want to say is don't let it consume you and make you lose site of why you want to become a hero, don't let it make you lose site of reason. Instead channel it and use it to improve yourself, out of everyone in our class, you are always one of the most logical don't change that" Izuku said.

"Then tell me how" Tenya said.

"I can't give you that answer Tenya, everyone deals with vengeance differently so temper yourself if you ever want to face Stain" Izuku said as he walked away.


Tenya looked at Stain for a moment before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "I am the brother of an amazing hero you hurt. A caring person who saved many lives, someone people looked up to and you destroyed his legs and ended his career. You had no right to take that all away from him!" Tenya yelled.

"Ah, I see you're Ingenium's brother, I can see the resemblance. I let him live so he could spread the good word, the word of me. You see he was a weakling and a fake who didn't deserve to call himself a hero" Stain said.

"Shut up! He was my hero. My older brother inspired my dream that one day I could be a pro too! I won't forgive you, but right now I can't let you kill that man there" Tenya said as he took a running stance.

"Ho, so you intend to fight me boy" Stain said with a dangerous tone.

"Listen kid, get out of here, you can't face him on your own. Just go I'll be okay" Native said but Tenya could tell he was lying so he could get him to run.

"I can't, if I run away from someone who needs help then I can't call myself a hero" Tenya said causing Stain to smile.

"Well said" Stain said as he ran at Tenya to attack him but Tenya quickly grabbed Native and dodged the strike as he turned around to run away but was quickly blocked by Stain who suddenly appeared in front of him and kicked him back shocking Tenya as he flew back with Native.

'That speed, its just like Izuku's' Tenya thought as he steadied himself as Stain grinned at him.

"Good you prioritized getting him out of here rather than fighting me, even if your eyes shine with the desire for vengeance, your actions says otherwise, it means you aren't all talk" Stain said.

'I should have brought someone here with me' Tenya thought as he looked at the still paralyzed hero Native. 'I still let my desire for vengeance get the better of me and I have no way of getting help' Tenya thought as he tried thinking of a solution.

'I have no choice but to fight, but if I let my guard down then its over for me and Native' Tenya thought as he prepared himself as Stain charged at him again swinging his sword wildly causing Tenya to dodge and jump out of the way.

"Listen to me kid, don't let him cut you. That's how he got me in this state, do what you can to avoid those blades of his" Native said in a low tone which Tenya acknowledged with a nod.

'Looks like I'll to use this now'Tenya thought his legs began to glow a bit.

'Devil Arms: Blazing winds' Tenya thought as black and red coloured armored greaves appeared on both his legs which was noticed by Stain.

"Alright let's go" Tenya said as he charged at Stain with faster speed which caught Stain off guard.

'He's gotten faster' Stain thought as he narrowly dodged a kick aimed for his head but the wind pressure from the kick sent Stain back a bit. 'He's not just fast but his attacks are also strong' Stain thought as his cheek had a small bruise.

'He dodged my kick, he has excellent reaction' Tenya thought as he landed back putting distance between him and Stain. 'Even though this just a prototype, its the results speak for itself if its improved my abilities to this level. Now I just have to get Native out of here' Tenya thought.

"I see now so, those fancy boots enhanced your ability" Stain said as Tenya looked at him with narrow eyes. "Either way it won't make a difference, its time I showed you the gap between you and me boy" Stain said as suddenly Tenya was hit by his killing intent which caused him to freeze in place.

'What is this feeling? its like a knife is constantly hanging around my neck. Not even the villain at the USJ gave this kind of feeling' Tenya thought as his eyes were filled with fear.

Suddenly Stain vanished from his sight and stabbed his sword into his shoulder causing him to yell in pain before he kicked him in the stomach with his spiked boots sending Tenya and Native flying back as they hit the ground. Stain then licked the blood of his blade which caused Tenya's body to freeze up again.

'I can't move, what did he do to me?' Tenya thought as Stain began to walk to him.

"There are many false hero's in this society, most of them are all talk but you are worthy of keeping alive for now" Stain said as a his body was shadowed with a demonic aura while he walked pass Tenya and towards Native.

'No! he's going to kill him, I have to do something'Tenya thought as he tried to move his body but to no avail.

"Now its time to be purged you fake" Stain said as he raised his sword.

As he was about to bring it down a flash of green lightning appeared as Stain was punched in the face sending him flying into the wall as it broke upon contact with his body. As the green lightning settled down it revealed the face of one Izuku Midoriya who had a smirk on his face as he turned his head towards his fallen classmate.

"Hey Tenya, fancy meeting you here" Izuku said casually as if he hadn't just sent a killer flying with one punch.


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