Gap and Fox

AN: I HATE how artists can't agree on ONE BLOODY DESCRIPTION for characters, case in point I've seen Yukari pictures with violet eyes, and with gold, and both are illustrations for games.

Chapter 2: No Hogwarts for the children.

It had been nearly ten years since Harry's mother had taken him and her goddaughter to Gensokyo, and it was now July thirty-first, and Reimu and Yukari were taking them, their 'big sister' Chen, and their best friend Cirno to an English beach, as they have a trip every year to someplace on Earth so that they would know of the world outside, well if Gensokyo was relatively stable that is.

This year was an English beach because Yukari felt that there was both potential for mischief and that they needed to be there for a few days to prevent future problems.

She was right on both counts.


In Hogwarts, a dozing old man was woken by the rapid scratching of a quill. Shaking his head blearily he focused on the quill when he realized what he was seeing, which made him wide awake.

As soon as the first letter was finished he snatched it up, and read it.

Harry Yakumo

Suite 302 Room B

Headland Hotel


Then the second letter, which had him confused.

Rose YPaoktutmeor (EN)

Suite 302 room B

Headland Hotel


The last name for the girl was gibberish, and he had no idea why, but he now had a location. He would save the two children from their kidnapper(s). He had no idea why neither had the name Potter, but he would correct it.

"Fawkes! Please take me to where these letters go," he nearly begged. He was thankful that the 'Potter twins' had reappeared. He did not want to tell the wizarding world that he had LOST their saviors.

That would not be good for his reputation, or the moral of the light.

The self roasting chicken trilled then grabbed the old man and vanished in a burst of flame.

He reappeared outside of a door labeled 302. Taking a deep breath he knocked.

He waited five minutes before a woman, somewhere in her mid to late twenties answered the door. She was attractive, with long black hair, and was wearing a shrine maiden outfit.

"Yes? And who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore, and I would like to speak to you about two children under your care." came his calm answer.

The woman's eyes narrowed and then closed the door. The old man was about to use magic to open it when it opened again, and the woman waved him inside. "You may enter but do not try anything," she warned.

He nodded then entered and was led to the common room of the suite, and he saw the two children, a blonde-haired boy with violate eyes, and wearing a male version of what the blonde-haired woman across from him was wearing, and a black-haired green-eyed girl in a conservative maid outfit. The girl and the boy were chatting adamantly about their plans for the day when they stopped when the man came in.

"Ah, Mr. Dumbledore I've been expecting you, please take a seat," the blonde woman said while motioning towards an unoccupied seat. After the man had been seated, she said with a smirk that Albus didn't like, as it screamed that she already knew what she wanted, and she wasn't going to give it to him, "Now explain what you are here for."

"I came for the children you kidnapped, and to bring them to my school," he stated bluntly.

"Kidnapped?" Yukari asked with an arched brow. "I wasn't aware that reclaiming my son and my magically bound goddaughter was considered kidnapping after all that wretched woman was all too glad to sign away all rights to me at the drop of a hat, even if she had no right to my son."

Dumbledore paused and paled at her statement. He would have to have a legal reason to prevent her from having the Potter children, or if she was right about one being her son, child if she was a magically bound godmother.

"May I check for the bond?" he asked with more confidence than he actually had at this point.

"Of course," the only full yokai in the room replied.

He actually cast two spells, one that checked for parentage, which could only be cast if the two individuals in question are close enough, and the spell to check for the bond.

Both spells showed that the woman was telling the truth.

That complicated things, he would need clear evidence of abuse to get either away from her, so he decided to ask a different question to buy time, "Why is Rose dressed as a maid?"

"Because it's cute," came Rose's response.

Ah well, if it was her choice he couldn't actually argue about it.

Just then the temperature in the room dropped as a girl about the same age as the two came in. she had blue hair and wings that looked like they were made of icicles.

She was followed by... a catgirl? What the...?

"Well, I see that it wasn't a kidnapping, but I still need them to come to my school, Hogwarts."

"Why?" Yukari asked, catching the old man off guard. "I, Reimu, and some of our friends are more than capable to teach them magic, and My Shikigami Ran is more than capable of teaching the mundane subjects, so why would they need to attend your school?"

The old man winced. How it sounded was that there would be those clamoring for an apprenticeship with both children if it came down to trying to force it officially. He needed an argument that would convince both women, as how the black-haired woman had started snuggling with the golden-haired woman as soon as he had sat down showed she was close to the mother of one of the children and godmother to the other, to allow the two children that are considered to be heroes to attend.

One thing he knew is that he would never admit to being the one to put Harry and Rose with the Dursleys. He just knew that it would end badly.

"Let me guess, something about a prophecy?" the blonde stated calmly.

The only word that went through Dumbledore's mind was 'fuck.'

"How do you..." he started.

"Know? I heard it from the record. The protections were easy to bypass for one with my talents. The thing was useless, so I disposed of if it and left a fake in its place," Yukari interrupted smugly.

"So you see why..." Dumbledore started again.

"No, no we don't," Reimu interrupted. "Prophesies are for the weak, and can be broken with a bit of effort, especially self-fulfilling prophesies like that one."

"Agreed, so unless you can think of a good reason for our children to go to Hogwarts, the answer is no."

Dumbledore started to describe his school, and what would be expected for the children in an attempt to convince the parents to allow their children to attend.

The two children in question both agreed and really didn't want to leave their best friend and their family for however long the schooling took. They had noticed something odd with Cirno though, as they had caught up to her in age... she had started to grow older as well.

Unknown to them, as it really hadn't come up in their education yet, some types of yokai, such as fairies, or other 'eternal' yokai, can start to age if their mental maturity started to outstrip their physical bodies... or if they want to.

Cirno had realized, shortly after the two had hit their physical age, that they might grow apart. It had happened to her before. She had befriended children, and they had drifted apart as they aged, and she didn't.

There was something about the two that made her refuse to allow that to happen. So she worked on allowing her to physically age. She knew that the chances of hitting a full adult was slim, but she could probably hit a minimum of a physical age of sixteen, perhaps as old as eighteen.

She hoped that would be enough.

She also didn't want her friends to go, they would apparently, from what she was hearing, be gone for nine months out of the year. Something she really didn't want to happen.

So to distract the two friends she dragged them to get ready for their beach trip, and Chen as well.


Ten minutes after Dumbledore started, Yukari was fed up. She normally had loads of patience, but having an inferior manipulator attempt to force his will upon her, annoyed her greatly

"Enough," she stated, interrupting his most recent attempt to convince her, something about safety she thought, which was ironic considering that her home was the safest place possible, as it wasn't accessible without her permission. "Rose and Harry will not be attending Hogwarts. My home is literally inaccessible without my express permission. We have a large number of magic users in our land, many of them geniuses, and I am personally rich and can buy any books we need. So tell me, why should we send our children to a school that they don't need, and would most likely be unhappy in, with everyone treating them like they were some sort of messiah?"

Dumbledore grit his teeth, he had nothing to say. "Very well, contact me if you change your mind, although be aware, if you choose to come in a later year, the children will be starting as first years irrespective of their ages."

"That's fine," Yukari responded, as she had no intention of sending her son to Hogwarts, and she could easily break any attempts to force him, or Rose, with a contract.

"Before I go, may I try and convince the children myself?"

Reimu thought for a second, then answered before her wife could, "Leave your wands here, then empty your pockets, then yes."

Yukari looked at her wife in surprise but privately conceded that it was the best choice.


Dumbledore, after emptying his pockets, walked to where the children were playing a board game and observed them. One of which, by the ice wings was obviously not human, as well as the one with the cat ears, while the only thing Yukari's son had unusual was his violet eyes. His scar had completely vanished which made him scowl, the scar had been as much a part of his image as his green eyes, everybody, thanks to him, though he had, and the hair wasn't black as he had thought that night, although now that he thought of it the children had been covered in soot that he hadn't bothered to clean off, so his messy blonde hair might be his real coloration.

The Potter heir son the other hand looked almost like he was expecting, with mid-back length rich copper hair, green eyes... and a missing scar.

'Fuck,' he thought, 'why would they remove the scars? And how?'

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he pasted a grandfatherly smile on his face and approached the children.

"Hello children, I would like to talk to Rose and Harry."

"So talk," the catgirl responded as she checked her notepad. "I suspect Mr. Green with the wrench in the library!"

"Nope, see this card?" Rose responded to Chen while holding up the wrench card. "And if this is about Hogwarts, I am not interested. I loathe being the center of attention for strangers, and by what you were saying to Yukari, I would be the focus of the entire bloody British wizarding world. So no thank you. I also don't want to leave my friends and family for nine or ten months. Hmmm... ah, I got it, I accuse Mr. Custard, in the kitchen with the pipe!"

Dumbledore opened his mouth to argue with her, while internally wincing at what she had said. The fact that she would hate the inevitable attention made convincing her difficult when he was interrupted by Harry.

"Nope," Harry smirked as he flashed the Mr. Custard card... then frowned at his notepad. He then rolled and while he was moving his character responded, "I have no reason to go, especially without my friends, and I wouldn't put Rose in the position that she would be seen as some sort of savior, and unlike Rose, my family has no historical bonds to England. I accuse Mr. Green, in the pipe, with the revolver."

Everyone but Dumbledore, who had never played clue before, stared at Harry, and then checked their cards.

When everyone came up blank, Cirno checked the solution and tossed the cards down when she said he was right.

Dumbledore spoke up as the game was reset, "but what about the Potter history? Every Potter since Hogwarts had been constructed had attended there."

"So?" Rose answered. "It doesn't mean I have to. You have your answer."

Dumbledore gave the children a disappointed look, then went to retrieve his stuff. He was not looking forward to explaining why the children weren't going to Hogwarts, and he had no legal recourse unless he could find Sirius, and convince the Wizenmot why he was trying to take children away from their parent/lawfully appointed guardian, when she is healthy and happy, and used their prerogative to choose alternative education for the children.

Shaking his head, he left the suite empty-handed.


In Hogwarts, the big book of students had two names written on it, those names flashed red, before vanishing.


End chapter

EN: Ypaoktutmeor a combo, alternating letters, of Yakumo and Potter, the magics got confused because of the bond between the two.