The child unnerved him. All of them, really. He hadn't met a single shinobi that felt comfortable around the boy.

Even Dog, the highest and mightiest pupil of the Fourth, kept his distance. Though, truth be told, that was more out of grief. The kid's origin was not a secret. And Dog's role in it was even more well known.

"My feet hurt." All eyes turned towards the child as his voice rang out amongst the group. A wave of pity washed through the shinobi for the briefest of moments. They had been travelling for nearly four hours with not a single break. The pace they had set would have been rigorous for most shinobi. Yet, the child had kept the pace without a single complaint.

Up until now.

"Only another ten minutes." The answer definitely didn't please the child but the little blond kept quiet. Inwardly, all fifteen members of the transportation squad released a sigh of relief. Despite the boy's docile nature, they all were aware of what he was capable of.

They did not want to be on the receiving end.

The screams of his fellow countrymen did little for his emotions. Iwa was his birthplace, yes, but the treatment he had recieved at their hands did not evoke my loyalty in him. If it wasn't for the cranky old man overstaying at position as Tsuchikage, he would have long since turned fully rogue.

Yet, when Onoki called for him with the most urgency he had ever felt from the old man, Han answered. Within days, he was armoured and prepared to face the upcoming and pointless war that the world had fallen into.

"Bombers, support! Strike do-" The words of countrymen died out into a horrendous screech of terror. Han couldn't even look at the dying man before his vision was filled with debris.


Having long since learned to trust the voice in his head, the towering man threw his arms behind him. Not even an instant later, a cloud of steam erupted from his sleeves, propelling him forward. Whatever had been aiming for him impacted the ground with so much force that it threw him off course, sending him tumbling several feet away from his original target.

"What have they doneā€¦" The voice spoke once more as the jinchuriki rose to his feet. Han was confused what his partner meant until he managed to catch his bearings and see what exactly had attacked him.

What stood in front of him was supposed to be a child. Intel had informed him of such. Yet the creature that snarled and swayed only a few feet from him did not resemble a child.

It was a monster cloaked in red and black. Six tails waved erratically behind it as blank dark eyes stared back at Han. An exoskeletion had formed on the beast, making it even more intimidating.

"Do not hold back, Han. This is not a child." The last half of that message was lost to the jinchuriki when the very child being discussed appeared in the man's space and buried it's fist into his cheek.

As he flew from the hit, Han could feel his teeth rattle in his mouth. After skipping off the ground nearly a hundred feet away, he spat. The mass of broken teeth, blood and mucus did not give him much comfort.

"Focus! Cloak on, now!" At the behest of his partner, a cloak made of it's chakra appeared around him. And, not a moment too soon, as the monster child attempted to end his life with an overhead double-fisted slam. It took the combined effort of his steam-aided arms and his three chakra tails to stop the boy from caving in his head. Still, the force of the blow cratered the ground beneath him.

"Offensive now!" The man was already in the process of swinging at the child as his partner spoke. The billowing smoke coming from his arm made his usually slow strike come at the speed of a piercing arrow.

It meant nothing. His fist slammed into the boys occipital lobe and didn't budge him an inch. The snarling that greeted him told him everything that he needed to know about how effective his attack was. By the time that he could react, the bipedal kid had already grabbed a hold of his offending limb.

Then things went bad.

The five-tails screamed at him but shock wasn't a thing that was so easily conquered. The feeling was nonexistent but the sight was horrifying. The limb he had just punched with laid nearly fifty feet away. Blood poured from the discarded limb and the older man swore that it was still responding to his thoughts.

It was stupid but instinctual. He tried to force chakra through his lost limb but was only greeted with a pathetic squirt of blood. Before either him or his partner could even begin to think, a crushing grip settled over his skull, bringing his attention back to the child.

His chakra refused to obey him and his tenants' words went bare to him as he looked into the eyes of his opponent. A part of him desperately wanted to find some sort of consciousness, some sort of remnant of the child beneath the demonic chakra. Yet, as the grip around his head tightened, Han realized that at this moment, the child was gone. His searching would be for naught.

"Move!" His partner screamed for him to act but it was too late. By the time the beast had opened his mouth, death had already greeted the man. A torrent of concatenated chakra leapt from the boy's mouth and tore through the Iwa ninja. The boy's hand was a victim to his attack yet he didn't seem to care. The beam of chakra obliterated everything in its path. The child's hand, Han's skull and the hundreds of feet of land that sat behind the duo.

It was only after a full ten seconds of the attack that the monster relented. His mouth closed with a ragged hiss. Smoke poured from his mouth as Hans' lifeless body dropped to the ground. The beast looked around at the now desolate battlefield before releasing a howl into the air. As he leapt through the air, if one looked closely enough, they could spot his already regenerated hand clenched into a fist.