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They came across him quickly by sheer luck. He was on his back an arms length from a small river. Katniss fell on him.

He showed little in way of life but a quick, very quick brush of lips, proved their efforts not to be in vain. So much time passed she bent back down for a second attempt. A deafening trumped followed by an announcers, unknown, voice. "This is an official declaration of a newly bonded pair, struck between the capitol princess and Peeta Mellark from district twelve."

Nothing came.

They separated as quickly as they bonded. She and Rue were on their way.

They spent several days on their new routine. They split up. She hunts down tributes. They track one another through whistles, eat a bite before bed, and sleep. Rue attempts conversation the first couple of nights but Katniss has fallen into a rhythmic routine. This way they take out the boy from seven and the boy from eight. Marvel bonds with sevens girl, Derasia.

There are eight participants left in the game at this point. All bonded. Both from one and eleven, original pairs. She and Mellark and finally Marvel and Derasia.

It would be safe to assume that the original members of the careers had split apart to preserve theirselves and their partners, what with the diminishing game participants, while Thresh traveled on his own and Mellark lay resting nearby to his stream.

The game was moving too slow, so they set the fields ablaze. She had fallen and her hands had melted on the hot earth for a moment. Blood and flesh pulling from them as she had ripped them from the flaming ground. She had been veered into the district one candidates. The two quickly began overpowering her when Thresh con-caved a skull and pulled her off and away.

The giant more than put her on edge. He is triple her size, though clearly been missing meals, and not at all seemingly friendly. "My partner! You have seen her!" It was not a question.

"I have. She is with me, but we have got to get out of here before a canon goes off and we get hunted!"

"She is safe with you?! Rue! Safe with you!" A canon.

"Yes, she's safe. We.."

"Go! Keep safe!"

He pushes her into some brush, and flees into another direction. He reminds her of Brutus. She would not have minded bonding with him.

It takes her nearly forty minutes to reach the tree where she will meet Rue.

She whistles.

They had slept in the same one every night. Each morning when they would wake up she would go off in another direction hoping to run across someone. Rue would wonder and gather their rations for the next day. Haymitch had not sent any food, nor gifts, since the bond began. What was the point of a fucking sponsor? Honestly she should have kept four alive. Maggs wouldn't be letting her go hungry like this.

She whistles once more and then once more after that. She waits. Worries. "Rue?" It is a quiet yell, district one may be on her trail. She clutched her knife in a bloody grip.


The clearing wasn't far. She broke through the tree line in moments that felt like an eternity. Her knife sinks into Marvel and he reciprocates by sinking his spear into Rue, already caught in a large net.

She's on him. Her knife sinking into him once, twice, many times more.

"Where is she Rue? RUE! Where is his partner?"

"She didn't come.. It hurts."


She takes a long hard look at Rue. Weighs her options.


"What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

The spear was clean through her left arm, just below the shoulder. She had already lost a lot of blood.

"How attached to that arm are you?"


Scavenging the body doesn't do much. A few more knifes, a pack with cloth, and water tablets. She takes the shoe laces from his feet.

The net has to be cut away for the most part before Rue can even attempt to sit up. And attempt is about all she manages to do. The spear is partially embedded into the ground and is so long that is causes wear and tear from the slightest of movements. Rue stuffs the cloth in her mouth while she pushes up on her injured shoulder.

She has to take a moment to wipe her hands against the dry cross to clean the slick from them before she can return and tie off the shoelace. She pulls the shoelace as tight as she can and then secures it before repeating the motion once more a half an inch up. She had to get the bleeding under control.

They had to get out of this damn field and no way Rue was making it up their tree tonight. She gives it thirty minutes, while the water tablets dissolve, gives the girl a fair drink and then starts sawing away at the spear. She has to sit on the field workers chest to keep her still for the first portion but her work quickly becomes slack when Rue faints. It takes her a good three to four hours of sawing to get the wood down to just a cork holding her life in.

She can't leave Rue out here while she finds shelter so she pulls the girl along by her good arm. Deposits her by Mellark. He had survived this long here after all.

Less than five minutes she wonders by a quaint cave.

When she returns to get Rue a parcel reaches her feet. "Really Abernathy?" Inside holds pain and antibiotic medicine for two. "Really Abernathy!"

A package deal. If she wants to take care of Rue she has to take care of Mellark. Haymitch still believed their was a card up his sleeve to bring back his tribute. Though it wouldn't do for her bank to die, she could always form a new bond with Rue but all her funds from citizens would already be tied up with twelve and this late in that game it would be difficult to get the funds to send anything.

She pulls them both into the cave.

Mellark apparently had been awake since the beginning and insisted she call him Peeta.

That night another parachute delivered their dinner. Lamb stew with a serving of rich sweet cream that melted in the heat. It was Rue's first official desert. "Much better than fish." to herself she cursed Haymitch Abernathy for his gift giving abilities. With her fishing skills this was basically a charity act.

Rue had taken it like a champ, waking up with Mellark.. Peeta in her sleeping bag. The pain and antibiotics were also top notch so their was little complaining on either of their ends.

"How attached to this leg are you?"

"Why? What's wrong with my leg?!"


Two careers light up the night sky while two district rejects lay a few feet back in various degrees of death.

Marvel appears first, Cato, and finally Thresh. Rue cried herself to sleep while Peeta rubs her hand.