Outside The Brew, it was closed for rehearsal space. The Crystal Gems were arriving because they got an email saying that there's an emergency there. They were in their human forms so they wouldn't blow cover. The door was open, but when Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl got in, music came out. Emoji was playing Whip it from Devo.

As they got out their weapons, Donna used her force powers to drag Amethyst's whip.

"Donna?" Pearl shouted, "What is the meaning of this?"

Crack that whip

Give the past the slip

Step on a crack

Break Brian's back

When a problem comes along

You must whip it

Before the cream sits out too long

You must whip it

When something's going wrong

You must whip it

Now whip it

Into Shape

Shape it up

Get straight

Go forward

Move ahead

Try to detect it

It's not too late

To whip it

Whip it good

When a good time turns around

You must whip it

You will never live it down

Unless you whip it

No one gets away

Until they whip it

I say whip it

Whip it good

Michael and Helen were both filming them performing while Vee secretly made the special effects.

Only Amethyst and Digital Quartz applauded. "Sorry I had to lure you, girls, here," Donna said, "We needed backup dancers for our Devo tribute DVD for CLST records"

"Well, I be a Monkey's Uncle!" Pearl snapped.

"Correction" Bram replied, "Monkey's Uncle comes last."

"Here's the next song for our tribute DVD" Abby shouted.

Are you ready?!

Are you ready?!

Action boy, now

Action girl, now

Be prepared to climb another mountain (Are you ready?!)

Action boy, now

Action girl, now

Be prepared to fill your plate

Be prepared, don't hesitate

Be prepared for a great big bust

Be prepared to do what you must

Be prepared to take a hit

Be prepared to go for it

Be prepared for a sneak attack

Be prepared just don't look back

They say, "Where there's a will there's a way."

We've heard these are the things that they say

So, reach out for that big fat star

Stick to the groove and go real far

Outrun the ones who steal your fire

Are you ready?!

Are you ready?!

"I gotta get out of here" shouted Pearl as she ran off in crazy.

"A case of Donna Shock Syndrome," Amethyst asked.

"I'm afraid so" Donna replied, "But I must warn you, their unintentional conditions."

"Plus Mr. Andor suffers this condition" Helen shouted, "And we have to get at least 4 songs by the end of the day or else millions of disappointed fans will cry out."

Red got down the stage, "You must be Donna's friends from New York, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Gwen" she said.

"That's us" Amethyst replied, "I can't believe that Donna pulled such an epic prank."

"Too epic for Pearl" Garnet replied.

"I got it all on video of her going nuts" Gwen smiled.

"Enough horsing around" Donna replied, "We must find Pearl before the town gets flooded."

Emoji thought she meant by tears, so they decided to go along, "I'll play us some Freedom of Choice recorded by Red while we look for Pearl," Michael said as he played Vee.

A victim of collision on the open sea

Nobody ever said that life was free

Sank, swam, go down with the ship

But use your freedom of choice

I'll say it again in the land of the free

Use your freedom of choice

Your freedom of choice

In ancient Rome

There was a poem

About a dog

Who found two bones

He picked at one

He licked the other

He went in circles

He dropped dead

Freedom of choice

Is what you got

Freedom of choice!