At The Golden Griddle, it was Alien knight. The aliens were listening to Kim's story, "And that's how I stopped Senor Senior from controlling the world leaders with a hypnotic disco ball." she said.

Everyone cheered.

Suddenly, Cuban Pete was playing on the jukebox

They call me Cuban Pete

I'm the king of the Rumba beat

When I play the Maracas I go

Chick chicky boom

Chick chicky boom

Yes, sir, I'm Cuban Pete

I'm the craze, of my native street

When I start to dance, everything goes

Chick chicky boom

Chick chicky boom

The senorita's they sing

And then they swing with their rumbero.

It's very nice!

So full of spice

And when they dance and they bring a happy ring

They're a care-o, singing a song...

All the day long!

So if you like the beat

Take a lesson from Cuban Pete

And I'll teach you to

Chick chicky boom

Chick chicky boom

Chick chicky boom!

"Check out Ron" shouted a Grey.

"He's got the move" shouted another.

"Have you been taking Salsa lessons from Donna?" Kim asked as Ron got her to dance.

"You know it" Ron replied

"Let's Mambo" Rufus shouted.

"Where is she anyway?" Ron asked.

"She said she had to help Bailey clean her room after some bingleborps with binglepox got loose," Kim explained.

"I thought we could use some fresh air," a Grey shouted, "Now Mr. Andor is in that nonsense coma."

"Who gave you the idea of releasing the sick bingleborps" Kim asked.

"Some new Dr. D'Amo guy" the Grey answered.

Meanwhile, Bailey and Donna were on their way to The Golden Griddle when they heard something. "Do you hear crying?" Bailey asked.

"Yeah" Donna answered.

They followed the crying to an alleyway, "It's horrible Mom" cried the girls, "I didn't make any friends, and they all beat me up and dumped my stuff for no reason. I know, I love you too"

Bailey saw what a mess the bullies made and picked them up, "Are these yours?" she asked.

"They are" the girl replied, "I'm Athena, I just moved here over the summer."

"No way" Bailey smiled, "Me too!"

Then Athena saw Donna Solo and was excited by them, "OMG, your the Donna Solo. The National Supers Agency's most INTERGALACTIC agent."

"You know about me?" Donna asked, "And that I'm not from Earth."

"Duh,," Athena said, "My parents were scientists for the NSA. They relocated here for alien research."

"Then I'll take you to The Golden Griddle." Donna smiled, "That's where the alien patients go to be themselves."

Once there, Donna introduces the aliens to Athena. While they were talking, they were both starting to have the same interests in dancing and astronomy, which made Kim suspect there was something wrong with her.