Back at the mall, the janitors were cleaning up the place. Ron was still upset that Donna accidentally destroyed the jars. "Nacho sauce got you down," Emma asked.

"You know me Emma" replied Ron, "She ruined the sauce that makes Bueno Nacho Good. Now people will never enjoy the sauce in the comforts of their home. That traitor Donna Solo"

"You never betrayed Kim when you two were young," said Emma, "You always say that "Palls help Pals"

Ron got up and said, "Your right, pals help pals. We need to find Kim

Back on the outskirts of Rosewood. Danger and Athena were both glaring at our prisoners. "After all these years" Donna growled, "You turned against the government?"

"It's your fault you got me fired." Danger shouted, "As a child, I was always left out of everything. My mother abandoned me and my father and he's always so busy in the science labs of The NSA. Unfortunately, a terrible explosion caused his life when I was 18. Leaving poor Alfredo alone in the world. I told those gullible greys while disguised as a janitor at The Underground Hospital to give the sick bingleborps some fresh air."

"Enough dad" Athena replied, "I befriended Donna, surpassed her in every single way, and broke her like you programmed me to."

"Program?" Donna asked.

Athena removed a part of her face, revealing to be an android. "You see, Solo," said D'Amo, "I never got over dad's death, never had the time for dating. I built my Athena to keep me company. Now all that's left is to drain your spirit from her and I'll get back at the NSA for kicking their boss out."

"What is this about draining me?" Athena asked as she placed her face part back in.

"Oh ugh," Danger said, "Sweetie, Daddy is going to drain the essence of Donna's sparks"

"You tricked me too?" Athena asked, "What kind of parent are you?"

Danger trapped Athena in another cage where he can drain Donna's spark, "I told you there was something wrong with her!" Bailey said, "Now what do we do?"

Donna looked up to the sky and saw Emma, Ron, and Rufus flying through the sky. She suddenly got an idea, "Okay Danger, you win" Donna said, "Not before it starts raining cheese."

Danger didn't know what she meant. He turned his head and Ron tossed exploding Bueno Nacho cheese sauce at him. Some of the cheese sauce damaged the remote that was holding the others prisoner. Donna, Kim, Groot, and Bailey were free, "Boo ya!" shouted Ron.

"Groot" shouted Donna, "Free Athena"

"I Am Groot(You got it Sis)" Baby Groot shouted as he freed Donna.

"Are you crazy?" Bailey asked, "She's been draining your confidence?"

"Yes," Donna replied, "But I can't see an android being scrapped by their own creator."

Groot pressed the release button to free Athena. "Thank you, a little twig" smiled Athena.

"I Am Groot(No problem, Athena)" Groot replied.

Athena activated a trap gun to stop Danger from escaping.


Emma shooted a pile of butterflies from her Harmony ring and send him to The Golden Griddle garbage bin, "Why didn't you use your butterfly wings?" Ron asked.

"I didn't want to overuse my power," Emma replied.

Back at The Golden Griddle, The Greys found Danger, coming out of the garbage bin, "Hey" A Grey said, "Your that bloke who helped us release the Bingleborps."

"Maybe you can help make some chicken soup for the aliens" another Grey suggested.

They took Danger into the kitchen, "Hey now" Danger said, "Can't we work something out."

"Nope!" The Greys answered as they started forcing him to fix some chicken soup.

Back in the outskirts, Ron came to see if everyone was alright, then he turned to Donna, "Hey Donna" he said, "I'm sorry about the whole Bueno Nacho explosions."

"That's alright," Donna said, "Let's go home now.

Back at the Solo residents, Ben, Lea, and, Leia saw Donna carrying her friends by butterflies. Everyone was thrilled to see that they got out of the mess and even befriended Athena. "Even robots have feelings" Donna replied, "Now we have to decode D'Amo's evil in Athena and I know just the guy."

At the repair shop, Bodhi was decoding the evil in Athena, "Are you sure this is possible, why can't Donna's raccoon caretaker do this."

"Then he'll implant you with lasers," Bodhi explained.

While Donna was watching Athena being reprogrammed, she looked outside to see all the patrons who were at the Poppy Blu Concert. Ron explained that he gathered them all here to apologize on making fun of Donna. Donna forgave them.

The End.