Chapter 1: Dire Consequences

Tournament of Power… Age 780…

The entire World of Void was being shaken apart. The infinite 3-Dimensional area where there was no time or space. It was the perfect place to hold the Tournament of Power. A Universal Martial Arts Tournament where 8 universes fight with teams of 10 each, against the other universes. The rules were simple. You eliminate a member of a team, by throwing them over the fighting stage. Once all 10 members of a universe were eliminated, the respective universe was completely erased by Zeno, the Omni-King. This was done because Zeno noticed that 8 universes had extremely low Mortal Levels compared to the 4 highest universes. So in order to get rid of the bad universes, he decided it was best to destroy all of the universes except one who will be the sole surviving universe.

It truly was a war for survival.

Now, it was currently the final 2 minutes of the Tournament of Power. The last two remaining universes that were left were Universe 7 and Universe 11. The last two competitors left in the Tournament of Power were Jiren The Gray, and the Super Saiyan Son Goku.

Ever since Goku had heard of Jiren's unbelievable strength from Toppo, the Saiyan raised from Earth couldn't wait to face the strongest Pride Trooper himself in the Tournament of Power. And when he had the chance, Goku, of course, like always, started off with his base form and then increased his Power Levels until he got to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken X20. He was able to land some hits in, but nonetheless, he got completely decimated. Goku almost couldn't believe it. Jiren was the strongest and toughest opponent he had ever face. He was even stronger than Beerus!

Goku, with no other options left, only had one thing left up his sleeve. The Genki Dama! He gathered the energy from all of the members in Universe 7 (minus Vegeta of course) and threw it straight at Jiren. But it proved to be futile since Jiren simply blinked the Genki Dama away like it was nothing. Goku was shocked but he didn't have enough time to freak out at Jiren's amazing feat due to the fact the resulting explosion of the Genki Dama directly landed on Goku. There was a huge boom and when the smoke cleared, Goku was nowhere to be found.

At first, everybody had thought he was dead. But then Beerus was calm and simply said, "He's coming."

After the Hakaishin said that, Goku rose from the rubble and opened his eyes to reveal silver orbs…

He had unlocked the Migatte no Gokui... The key of egoism. It was the Mastery of Self-Movement and the Secret of Selfishness. Also known as… Ultra Instinct.

Even though it was only the omen, the Hakaishins and other deities were still dumbfounded. How could a mortal attain such a state that even gods could barely master? It was unheard of. What is that?! It should not be possible. But like always, Son Goku was able to make the impossible, possible.

Then after Vegeta was eliminated, Goku was able to break through his limits and attain the omen of Ultra Instinct once again. But the Pride Trooper, Jiren was still giving him trouble. While Goku was in the omen state, he could only dodge without thinking, but he still could not attack naturally without thinking. This, of course, gave Jiren the advantage, as if Goku couldn't do any damage to him, then he only had to wait until his time with Omen ran out and then immediately eliminate him.

But then, something spectacular happened. Goku was able to figure out the secret of Ultra Instinct. And as Jiren was backing him up into a corner, Goku yelled out an almost deafening battle roar as he outputted all of the energy he had in his body. He broke his limits once again. His hair turned silver along with his eyes. He had a mixed silver and blue liquid aura that just screamed out Godliness. He had done it! He achieved the true form of Migatte no Gokui. He had Mastered Ultra Instinct.

He could now dodge and attack without thinking and simultaneously. There was no need for him to plan his movements. It all just came naturally to him. He had done it. He had Mastered a technique that not even the Hakaishins were able to do. And now he could win the tournament and save his universe.

At first, he was completely dominating Jiren, but of course, the Pride Trooper was not going down without a fight. So he unlocked his Hidden Power and gained an even more crimson and passionate aura. Jiren was now actually giving a challenge to Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. Jiren managed to hold his own against the now Limit-Breaking Saiyan God but Goku was still not going to give him the victory. He had his friends and family counting on him so he was not about to give up!

He was low on stamina… but still! After hearing the cries of Krillin and the others, it gave him all of the motivation he needed to get back up.

Jiren couldn't believe what he was seeing, "Impossible! You shouldn't have any more stamina!"

Goku stared at him as his Godly silver and blue aura swirled around his frame, "Jiren, it ain't over yet."

Jiren grit his teeth, "How?! How can you still stand after being beaten so many times, Son Goku?!"

"No. 17 and Vegeta… and everyone else is trustin' me. I swear on that faith I can never back down now!" Goku powered up as his Godly white aura became even more potent.

"Such a thing is meaningless before my power!" Jiren shouted.

Right as he said that both Jiren and Goku jumped towards each and began to brawl once again. Jiren aimed a punch, but Goku effortlessly dodged it.

"I'll show you that it ain't meaningless!"


"Son Goku's speed has increased even more!" The Kaioshin of Universe 11 said nervously when he saw Goku weaving Jiren's attacks like they were nothing.

Vermoud stood up in a fit of anger and shouted, "Impossible! How can that be?!"

"You can't even figure that out?"

Vermoud and the Universe 11 Kaioshin looked towards where the voice was coming from and realized it was Piccolo who spoke.

"Goku isn't fighting only for himself. It's because he's bearing our hopes too."

"Piccolo's right." Master Roshi suddenly said. "Goku has people who help raise each other up. Not only do we all treasure each other greatly, but our existence also gives Goku strength. I'm sure he doesn't believe, even for a moment, that he came this far by himself."

Krillin nodded in agreement, "It's because of that Goku that all of us are here now. When we first met, some of us fought or were enemies, but here we all are, trusting Goku."

"Even when fighting, he has a way of drawing in those around him. That's just the sort of person Goku is." Tien added, reminiscing of how he and the others met Son Goku for the first time.

"Exactly," Beerus said, as he too couldn't deny the fact that Goku has certainly changed him for the better as well.

Vegeta smirked, "You hear that, Kakarotto?! We're all counting on you! Your failure will be unacceptable. Show Jiren, what you showed me when we first fought! Teach him what True Power really is! Now, go and beat Jiren for us! Do it in the honor of our Saiyan Race!"

As Goku heard the encouraging words of his Rival, he couldn't help but smile. Vegeta and many others have changed so much throughout the years, that it's unfathomable. To think that the same Prideful Prince of all Saiyans would be cheering on a low-class warrior to prove the honor of the Saiyan Race. How ironic.

Goku powered up, "No problem, old friend! I'm going to win this for you and everybody else!"

Goku clashed with Jiren once more. They kept on trading blows before Jiren kicked Goku down and sped towards him with momentum. The Silver Haired Saiyan God easily landed on his feet and evaded Jiren's attack. Goku then outstretched his hand and gathered Ki in it. He sent out a pulse of fierce wind that was condensed into a single point. This sent Jiren flying to the other side, but the Pride Trooper was still on his feet and fired a barrage of crimson Ki blasts towards Goku.

Goku dodged these blasts like a pro and flew to Jiren at Massively faster than light speeds and punched him square in the chest. This made Jiren get stuck to a wall as the force of the punch was too much for even the strongest Pride Trooper to tank.

Goku gazed at his strongest enemy with a determined look in his Silver irises.

"This is our power, Jiren!"

Jiren grit his teeth in utter frustration, "Who cares about friendship?! Who cares about trust?! To accept that would be to deny everything that I've ever been. I won't believe in such power. Such a thing… "

Jiren's left hand ignited as violent crimson energy began to empower it. He then crushed the wall he was trapped in using his beyond Godly Ki.

" easily erased!"

Jiren fired a full powered energy blast towards the stands where Universe 7 was sitting… with intent to kill!

Everybody sitting in the stands just looked on at shock with their mouths agape. They couldn't react to their impending doom due to the pure shock they were in. That blast was strong enough to surely vaporize all of the Universe 7 members and even some of the Hakaishins sitting beside them.

But before the blast could make contact, it was effortlessly knocked away by none other than Son Goku…

"You… "

Goku's eyes were shadowed. He was shaking uncontrollably in pure wrath. This fool just intended to wipe out his comrades!

"The power you believe in is easily erased. Just like that!" Jiren shouted as everybody watching were baffled at the audacity of the strongest Pride Trooper.

Goku grit his teeth. He balled his fists as his Mastered Ultra Instinct aura began to become a fiery white.

"I don't think I'm a Hero of Justice or anything. I never perceived myself as such. But… those who'd hurt my friends, family, or anybody close to precious to me…."

Goku lifted his head and shouted at the top of his lungs,


The liquid Silvery blue aura of Mastered Ultra Instinct transformed to a white hot inferno of fury. Goku's Power Level exponentially shot up! His presence alone made the entire dimension they were all in shake uncontrollably. All of the gods couldn't believe it. The white hot flames of Goku's aura had heat that made even the Angels sweat. The Gods of Destruction shook in fear. They knew that once Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct, he had surpassed each and every last one of them… but this heat…. It was enough to give them nightmares. They were relieved that the Saiyan known as Kakarotto was on the side of Justice. Even if all 12 of the Hakaishins fought him at once…. They would all get demolished at the hands of this now enraged Silver Haired Saiyan God!

"W-What is this HEAT! It feels like my skin is burning just from the sensation of Goku's Ki!" Tien shouted as the others also had the same thought process.

"N-No way! This can't be happening! Impossible! How can a Single Mortal have so much raw power that it makes us look like specks of dust!" Vermoud said as he definitely did not see something like this coming!

"Father! Calm down or you will burn us all to death!" Gohan yelled to his Father but it completely fell on deaf ears as Goku's Power just kept on multiplying more than Kaioken could ever dream on doing.

"WHIS! What in the hell is going on with Goku! His power makes mine pale in comparison. Even if all us Hakaishins went all out and combined our powers, we would get shit stomped! What is this raw strength!" Beerus cried out in fear as he did not want to be on Goku's bad side when he is in this state.

Whis was visibly sweating as he too was dumbfounded by Goku's outburst, "My Lord…. It seems as though seeing Jiren almost kill Goku-san's comrades has awakened the Righteous Fury hidden deep within his heart. The fires of Goku-san's temper have flared. And his rage now burns with the heat of a mighty inferno. The flames of Mastered Ultra Instinct augment his anger and now the heat of his energy have expanded to the point where they it knows no boundaries. This is his true Limit-Breaking power."

"Kakarotto… so this is your true power…. Go beat Jiren! Make our Fathers and Saiyan Brethren proud!" Vegeta yelled.

Goku immediately flew towards Jiren at speeds never seen before and landed a sucker punch that completely knocked the Pride Trooper off of his feet. Goku was now exponentially stronger than what he was before. The power increase from Mastered Ultra Instinct has given him more power than even fusion could ever hope to achieve. Goku stared at Jiren with a face that was the absolute epitome of Fury and Wrath. His current state of Rage was comparable to when he first transformed to a Super Saiyan on Planet Namek.

Jiren slowly recovered from Goku's rage induced punch and stared at him with wide eyes.

"What in the blazes was that?! Your power is on a whole different level than before!" Jiren then rushed Goku, but Goku easily countered and and threw him up. Jiren powered up and fired crimson Ki blasts. Goku dodged the high speed blasts and met Jiren with a clash of fists. They then began to fly and fight all over the arena as all the spectators could see was a Crimson and White hot aura battling for dominance as the two strongest Mortals in all of the Universes blew even Zeno away.

Each time they clashed, it had enough force to destroy whole macro verses as cracks began to form in the World of Void. Even the Grand Priest was shocked as the World of Void was supposed to be infinite, so how were these two Mortals making cracks in an infinite realm?

Truly this is the Greatest Showdown of all Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!

Jiren fired even more blasts but Goku tanked it all as his White Hot aura completely disintegrated all of the Pride Trooper's attacks to dust.

Jiren widened his eyes but continued his onslaught on the Silver Haired Saiyan God. Goku dodged all of the punches and sidestepped to the left and landed a massive uppercut to the strongest fighter of Universe 11.

Goku then cupped his hands in a familiar position. White energy began to form in his hands as he charged up an insurmountable amount of pure raw power.

"Supreme Kamehameha!" Goku shouted as he blasted the strongest Kamehameha he's made yet. Instead of it's usual blue color, it was pure white, and it was filled with the flames of Mastered Ultra Instinct.

There was a huge explosion that enveloped the World of Void. After the smoke cleared, Jiren was found lying on a crater…. Defeated.

"JIREN!" Vermoud yelled in worry.

Goku dropped down to the crater and stared at Jiren with impassive Silver eyes.

"Well? Why won't you finish me?" Jiren asked in confusion. Jiren had lost. It was proven already that Goku was by far the better warrior. He had Mastered Ultra Instinct, the form that not even the Gods of Destruction could attain. And unlike Jiren, Goku was not only fighting for himself, but for his comrades who put all of their trust in him to win it all for their Universe.

But then for some reason…. He began to feel guilty.

All of this… this whole Tournament of Power… it was his doing. He was the one who went to Zeno and asked for this tournament to happen. And in the process, it cost the lives of so many innocents. Whole universes were erased just because of his selfish desires to fight strong opponents and to break his limits in order to become the strongest there is. He remembered the faces of the people who were erased. All good and innocent people and they were all gone just because the so-called "King of All" wanted to clear out the bad Universes with low Mortal Levels. It made him sick to his stomach whenever he realized just how many people innocents died just for their entertainment. He did a good job on hiding his anger as to not worry the others but whenever a Universe was eliminated and erased, it took all of his willpower to not just rush the Zenos and blast them with a Kamehameha wave. Goku realizes that he isn't exactly a "Hero" in the sense of Justice or anything but this Tournament of Power changed him. It made him realize that there were bigger things than his selfish desires. The lives of countless innocents were much more important than his need for fighting strong opponents. He remembered the two Saiyan girls, Caulifla and Kale. He saw great potential in those two and he hopes to get the opportunity to train them in the future. Kind of like how Vegeta's relationship with Cabba. When he saw them get erased, it broke his heart.

And when Goku thought about Hit and the others being erased…. A new resolve burned within him.

He made a decision.

Goku looked at Jiren with soft eyes and a look of pity, "Jiren… I'm sorry… if it were up to me none of you would have to get erased. Thank you for pushing me to limits I could never dream of. I have attained this newfound power thanks to the experiences of this entire Tournament of Power. I promise I will pay each and every one of you back. I'll keep my word on that even if I die!"

Jiren widened his eyes in shock, "R-Really? W-What do you mean? Once I'm knocked off, my Universe is gonna get erased!"

Goku shook his head, "Just trust me on this. I'll bring you all back… I promise!"

"What are you doing having small talk, Goku?! Hurry up and finish it!" Beerus shouted all the way from the stands. None of the spectators could hear the words that Goku and Jiren exchanged but Goku nodded his head to Beerus and walked towards Jiren.

Goku outstretched his hand and readied a yellow Ki blast strong enough to knock Jiren off.

But before that could happen, Goku collapsed to the ground.

He got on his knees and panted heavily. Harsh purple lightning enveloped him as he reverted to his base form. He screamed in agony as pain coursed through his entire body.

"Goku! What the hell is going on!" Beerus yelled.

"The limit-breaking power that surpasses even the gods… I didn't think the toll would be this great." Whis said as he now was worried for Goku's health.

"But, Goku had won! He'd won! He was just a blast away from victory! DAMN IT!"

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Goku kept on screaming in pain as he was currently experiencing hell. He underestimated the power of Mastered Ultra Instinct. The heat of his energy was just to great to maintain. It drained his stamina way too quickly. It was only his first time using the form. He had no idea the drawbacks of using such a legendary form that not even gods could obtain.

"Jiren, knock him off!" Vermoud yelled. "Do you want to lose?"

Jiren looked at Goku who was completely defenseless. He grit his teeth. He was hesitating to take advantage of his opportunity to finally win. But the words of Goku came back to his head.

'What if he was actually being sincere…?' Jiren thought.

"What are you doing? You'll get the Super Dragon Balls! Do it!"

Jiren sucked his teeth and got up, "Fine!"

The Pride Trooper outstretched his hand and aimed a crimson energy blast towards Goku.

"Proud warrior, Son Goku. It is not my wish that our showdown end this way. But, even though you will case to be, you shall live on forever in my memories. Farewell."

Jiren blasted Goku. Goku was helpless as he was sent flying towards outside of the ring. But before he could be eliminated, a sudden force of energy pushed him into the direction of a platform, thus saving him from elimination.

"Huh? YOU!" Jiren shouted!

"FREEZA!" Universe 7 yelled.

Then out of the ruins of the arena came out Android 17.

"No. 17 san!"

"So you didn't self-destruct."

Android 17 held onto his arm as he walked out of the dust, "It was a gamble whether I'd survive or not. Looks like I lucked out."

"You really are amazing!" Android 18 yelled.

"Jiren, you'll run out of time at this rate. Hurry up and knock them off!" Vermoud yelled.

17 stood next to Freeza as he powered up, "With Son Goku in that condition, it looks like it's just us."

"I'm well aware!" Freeza replied as he powered up as well.

"How futile. Is dragging one who can no longer fight back to the stage… this 'trust' thing that you're always going on about?" Jiren said.

"Trust? What's your point?"

"Don't make me have to repeat myself."

"He's just insurance. I'll be winning the Super Dragon Balls, so there's no need for you to worry about repeating anything! I don't sense that absolute strength you exhibited earlier anymore. You shall experience the taste of defeat once more… by my hand!" Freeza said.

That got Jiren pissed off as he then rushed the two combatants. It seemed to be an even fight as 17 and Freeza used teamwork to get the edge over a weakened and fatigued Jiren. They were able to corner and trap him between rocks and 17 and Freeza were able to combine their attacks together to put JIren to the ground. Everybody thought they had won. Freeza went up to finish the job but….

"What are you doing, Jiren!"

Everybody looked to see Toppo on his feet.

"You would kneel before an enemy? Is this pathetic image how you end?! Get up, Jiren!"

"Your friend is quite obnoxious." Freeza said.

"I have no friends!"

"What did you build your strength while trusting no one all this time for?! Fight for your pride until the end! You may not believe in your own strength, but I do. Until the end! Jiren. You are strong! You are… stronger than anyone!" Toppo yelled as his words sparked a new resolve within Jiren.

"Honesty, I feel like vomiting." Freeza said.


Everybody looked on with gasps as Jiren's crimson aura flared and his power shot up to even higher than before.

"Run, Freeza!"

But it was too late…

Jiren immediately took the chance to grab Freeza and blast him with heavy and dense energy shots. He then flew all the way and blasted him all the way out of the ring. Freeza had been eliminated.

"Freeza has been knocked off." The Grand Priest said as Zeno pressed his button to indicate that Freeza was no longer in the game.

Freeza appeared on the stands.

"T-This can't be happening… we were so close! We were going to win!" Beerus said as he now feared for his Universes' destruction.

It was now 17 and Goku left.

'Damn it! Jiren isn't playing around anymore! He's gonna make quick work of 17 and then he's gonna come finish me off! I wish I could do something but I'm all out of juice! DAMN IT! I have to do something or else my Universe is gonna get erased and I won't fulfil the promise I made.' Goku thought in frustration as time was running out and he barely had any power left.

But then it hit him. He knew exactly what he needed to do to save his Universe and fulfill his promise….

He quickly Instant Transmissioned to where 17 was at and then teleported to a secluded hiding spot within the ruins of the arena.

"You can move?!"

"Look who's talking, No. 17! Listen, I'm going to need to ask a favor of you. It's really important that you do this in order to save our Universe and help me keep my promise." Goku said as he explained his plan to 17.

"What?! Are you out of your mind? You'll die!"

"I don't care. I rather risk my life than allow my Universe to get erased. I'm doing this for the greater good. Please promise that you will follow the plan and… tell Chich that I love her. I'm sorry but I have to do this…."

17 nodded sadly. Alright you can count on me… it was nice knowing you Son Goku. Now go and save us all just like how you've always done!"

Goku smirked and then instant transmissioned to a platform all the way to the top of the arena. He then raised both of his hands to the air…

"EVERYONE! I hate to ask you this again, but please lend me your energy ONE MORE TIME!"

"Huh? But didn't he do this before? Why would it work now?" Krillin questioned.

"It doesn't matter! Just do what he says damn it!" Beerus yelled. Everybody of Universe 7, including Vegeta, gave all of the energy they could muster to Goku.

The Genkidama formed almost instantaneously as it was now far bigger and stronger than it ever was before.

"Son Goku! Again you stand before me!" Jiren shouted as he powered up and sent shockwaves of his energy.

"An amazing amount of energy is gathering in Jiren!" Gohan said.

"It looks like Jiren's gotten over his issues!" Vegeta said in amazement as he never thought they would meet somebody so powerful.

"Jiren really is amazing… He got this strong all by himself. Even all of us together might not be able to be able to beat him. But still…. I won't LOSE!" Goku shouted as he then began to absorb all of the energy of the Genkidama into himself. He then looked deep inside of himself. He went back deep within himself. He thought of all of the things he had to do to get to this point. He then thought to all of the lives that were at stake. He couldn't lose no matter what! He had to keep his promise. He won't let everybody be destroyed damn it. He then emptied his thoughts and found the power he was seeking once again.

He then yelled out a deafening roar that seemed like it had two voices, one which sounded like an Oozaru! Goku's hair and eyes turned Silver, he bulked, gained a White hot aura like before , and his power shot up exponentially to new heights never seen before!

Son Goku has done it again! He reached Mastered Ultra Instinct!

"H-HE DID IT! He transformed again! YES! WE CAN WIN NOW!" Beerus shouted in happiness.

'Alright, I have one shot at this! I have to finish this now!' Goku thought.

Goku then balled his fist and used all of the energy he had left into one attack and rushed Jiren.


A giant Shenron-like White dragon materialized from Goku's energy and dived straight to Jiren. Jiren had no idea what was happening and was unfortunately caught in the dragon attack and was sent outside of the ring…

"Jiren from Universe 11 has been eliminated. Universe 11 will now be erased!"

Zeno then erased Universe 11, leaving only Universe 7 in the stands.

"YES! WE DID IT!" Beerus shouted in joy as everybody began to celebrate their victory.

Goku gave a sad smile as he saw Universe 11 be erased. He then looked at his comrades and waved.

"Well, then guys… I guess this is goodbye…"

Due to constantly breaking his limits over and over again, Goku's body could no longer hold it. Thus it was falling apart as harsh purple Hakia energy began to encircle the Saiyan God. He was gonna die.

However before that could happen, from the cracks of the void that was created by the clashes of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren, a vortex appeared.

It seems as though the Dragon Fist caused a rift in time. The limit breaking power of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku was strong enough to transcend time. Goku had surpassed time itself.

Goku, who was still in his Mastered Ultra Instinct form, was then sucked in by the massive vortex. He didn't even have enough time to prepare himself. His comrades called out his name as some tried to fly towards them as fast as they could but to no avail. The vortex closed before they could reach him.

Son Goku was gone….

"Whis, what the hell just happened?! Where is Son Goku!? He was the one who won the the whole tournament for us!" Beerus yelled.

"I-I-I d-don't know…." Whis said.

By this time, the Grand Priest had already summoned Super Shenlong.

"Number 17… what is your wish?"

Android 17 smiled and said, "Please restore all of the Universes that were erased… "

Goku was not having a good time… He thought that after he unleashed his final attack, that his body would give out and die. But the vortex seemed to have saved him and helping him restore his injuries. He felt his body changing. Not only was his body recovering, but it felt like it was transforming to a prime and peak position. As if the vortex was trying to make him the best vessel possible. His Mastered Ultra Instinct and Hakiaishin energies began to merge to create something infinitely powerful.

Once that was done, there was a huge flash of light as Goku was finally transported by the vortex.

When Goku opened his eyes, he was met with a pair of Silver ones as he noticed that dozens of arrows were aimed at him. He looked around to see himself to what seemed to be a camp in the wilderness. All he saw were girls dressed in hunter clothing as they all stared at him with caution as if he were a threat.

"Who are you?! What is your name, male?!" One of the Hunters said venomously.

Goku thought for a second before he answered.

"Son Goku. Or… Kakarotto!" He then passed out on the floor.

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