Kaiju Zoans


Kaiju-Zoans are a mysterious sub-class of the Zoan type Devil Fruits. Like their other counterparts, Kaiju-Zoans also allow their eater to transform into certain species. Unlike their other subclasses, the species of creature they can transform into are supposedly monsters unheard of in history, known as Kaiju.

Kaiju-Zoans seemingly only begun appearing fairly recently, as the book 'Of Monsters and Men' dates the first Kaiju-Zoan to have appeared 150 years before the series started with the appearance of Grendolas the 'King of Monsters'. However, it should be noted that Kaiju, the monsters themselves, have a history far more ancient than this. Whatever links between Kaiju-Zoans and Kaiju have yet to be known, and discovering the connection between the two has become Gian's personal goal and dream.

Information on Kaiju-Zoans are something the general public has little knowledge about. The Devil Fruit Encyclopedia omits their information, and only select books scattered around the 4 Blues as well as the Grand Line has limited documentations of their existence. Other information is limited to legends and myths of select cultures, though many have questioned the legitimacy of these sources. As such, the line between Kaiju-Zoan and Kaiju are often blurred by certain civilizations and cultures.

According to a few people that have come into contact with them, A Kaiju-Zoan user inherits the spirit of the Kaiju the fruit grants. This sentiment is believed by a few people, such as Gian and Mr. 0.5. Gian specifically has displayed sighs of such.


Similar regular Zoan Class Devil Fruits, these fruits enable the user to transform into a more bestial form, but upon closer inspection they go deeper than that. While most Zoans let their eater turn into every day animals, with exceptions to the prehistoric and mythic class, Kaiju Zoans allow the eater to assume the forms of powerful creatures now lost to history. Known as Kaiju to only a handful of people, each fruit gives its user different abilities.

Like most Zoan fruits, Kaiju-Zoans allow the eater to take the form of more animal like creatures, in this case, ancient monsters. The type of Kaiju-Zoan differs in the type of Kaiju, abilities and strength they have.

As with most Zoan Fruits, the Kaiju-Zoan gives its user enhanced physical strength, speed and instinct. Further abilities are also present, different for each Kaiju-Zoan available. Examples would be Gian's Goji Goji no Mi, which allows him to harness the effects of radiation, and Ryugetsu's Radon Radon no Mi, which gives him supersonic speed. The Kaiju-Zoan user is able to access these without the need to transform.

A Kaiju-Zoan has access to two Transformations. The first being a natural Partial Transformation. Here, the user takes on traits of their monster, or becomes a miniature version of their creature. Their already impressive strength is accelerated even further, usually where they can easily overpower standard armed opponents and have increased stamina.

Should the situation call for it, a Kaiju-Zoan user can unleash the full power of their Full Transformation. Here, the user becomes the full size of their monster, usually towering over most buildings and reaching a gigantic size. Their already impressive power are now near overwhelming by most standards, and a single Fully Transformed Kaiju-Zoan user is capable of easily destroying a small city. 'Sea Scourge' Triton of the Red Hair Pirates compares a Full Transformation to "A living, walking natural disaster."

Some Kaiju-Zoans users are able to access a form of energy called Aura when they at least Partially Transform. Described as the Spiritual Energy of Kaiju, the full effects of Aura are yet to be fully understood at the moment. Gian is reportedly able to feel the emotions and actions of opposing Kaiju-Zoan users, and later shown to be using Aura to communicate with Manda, a true Kaiju. According to Portgas D. Ace, Aura can be felt by non-Kaiju Zoan users if they remain in their vicinity. The Kaiju Manda claims that only Kaiju, and thereby Kaiju-Zoan users are able to harness Aura.

A Kaiju-Zoan user must be conscious of their power, as in the wake of their destruction they can easily harm their allies just as easily as their enemies. Different Kaiju-Zoans also display different weaknesses depending on the fruit. Otherwise, they are affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Currently known Kaiju-Zoans:

Goji-Goji no Mi: Eaten by Gian, it grants the user the ability to manipulate radiation in the form of an enveloping fire or a singular beam from their mouth. It also grants the ability of rapid cellular regeneration. This regeneration, according to Gian, does not extend to dismembered limbs, though he dares not test that theory. Its Full Transformation is a massive, obsidian colored carnivorous dinosaur with maple leaf shaped dorsal fins.

Titan-Titan no Mi: Eaten by Triton, it grants the user ability to generate high speed gales from their body, the ability to manipulate air, and a sonar ability. Its Full Transformation is a long neck, red scaled amphibious dinosaur.

Ragon-Ragon no Mi: Eaten by Betrugus, AKA Mr. 0.5, the user is granted the ability to deep tunnel and expel a geothermal heat ray. Its Full Transformation is a unicorned, horned creature.

Radon Radon no Mi: Eaten by Ryugetsu, the user is granted the ability of supersonic flight and hurricane force winds. Its Full Transformation is a monster Pteranodon.

Ryu Ryu no Mi: Model Ghidorah: Eaten by Gideon, Gideon is shown able to harness and weaponized a golden bolt of energy, and according to him the scales of his monster is capable of refracting light from beam weaponry, thus rendering them ineffective at a distance. He is also seen to be access the power of flight. The Full Transformation of this fruit has yet to be seen, but Gideon has at times let his aura take form of a golden three headed wyvern at times.

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