A/N: I've decided to do my first oneshot collection! These may jump around in time, may not have to do with each other, and most/some WILL contain spoilers for Lego Movie 2. Updates may be slightly irregular. Happy Reading! (BTW: I don't know how Lego rings work on fingers so just bear with me here)

"Emmet," Lucy called. The couch enveloped her welcomingly, the blanket draped lazily over her legs like it had been tossed there. "Are you coming?"

He was coming, he was just taking his time. After all, it wasn't everyday someone proposed. His hands were clammy. His breath shook. Several times he had to reach out and grab something because the room was clearly spinning around him. The mere possibility that she would say no made his heart sick. The thought of it being over, really, really over was too much to handle. Only a proposal could send it there.

Unikitty had told him there was no reason to be afraid, and she had full confidence that Lucy would say yes.

Benny, Sweet Mayhem, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, Batman, Metal Beard, Vitruvius, ok, EVERYONE thought she would say yes. On the same note, they weren't the ones proposing.

"Lucy," he began, speaking to his mirror that would certainly (probably) not reject him. "I love you with all my heart, you're the most special, amazing person I've ever met, and to this day I can't believe that you chose me to be with. So…" he removed the ring box from his pocket with a jittery hand. "…I was hoping that you would choose to spend the rest of your life with me. Lucy, will you marry me?"

Emmet had gone through a lot to get to this point.

First, he had to go through the torture of deciding to propose. Three therapist visits, five-hundred sixty-two motivational quotes, six days of listening to Everything is Awesome and finally just a day of isolation gave him the courage to decide to propose.

He had to find a ring.

That wasn't easy, either. He had an idea in mind: a simple, plain rose-gold band, with a two-karat diamond in a heart shape. On the band he wanted an inscription, Everything is Awesome When I'm With You. And believe me, deciding on the inscription was a whole other crisis.

Eventually he had to have it custom ordered, but that was fine with him.

"Emmet!" His girlfriend called again. "You ok?"

"F-fine!" His voice was shattering worse than glass in a hurricane. "Just a…give me a sec!"

He tried to suck in a breath, but it didn't help much.

Just do it. She loves you, you know that.

What if he messed it up?

Besides, it's not like this was his original plan. In the beginning, he had planned an elaborate confetti-glitter-candy explosion with the words, MARRY ME, LUCY! Written on a sixty-foot cake. Of course, she had to go through a scavenger hunt first, and that was after she woke up in a hotel on the other side of town to give the 'surprise' factor.

Yeah, the guys had gently talked him down from there.

He decided instead to go with what she liked doing best; proposing during a quiet movie night, when they could be alone and comfortable.



Ok, this is it. Just go, open the door, and do it. Now.


Come on, just open the door. That's the hardest part.


He did it.

Hey, that wasn't so bad!

Unfortunately, Lucy had chosen that particular night to look stunning. Her hair was in its usual side-pony tail, just messy enough to look cute. She was in her signature hoodie and pants, laying across the couch like a casual Sleeping Beauty. Her freckles were dominant without any makeup on, giving her a girlish adorability.

He was ready to faint.

"Finally. You ready for the movie?" She sat up, still leaning heavily on the couch. "You ok, Emmet? You look pale."

Oh, did he? He hadn't noticed with the way his knees were shaking.

"Uhm…Lucy? Can-can I ask you something?" His voice was breaking like a chandelier in a hurricane.

His beautiful girlfriend nodded. "What's up, babe?"

Emmet was considering running. Yes, running would be a very good option in the boiling water of the moment, but he would regret it later. "Uh, huh, uhm…I just…sit."

"I'm already sitting."

"Oh yeah."

Well wasn't this off to a magnificent start.

He took his sweet time stepping to her side, careful not to sit down. He knew that if he sat down he might never kneel.

Breathe, Emmet. Breathe.

Lucy finally noticed that her boyfriend was standing (and hyperventilating to a degree) in front of her. "Are you ok?" She shifted in her spot and pulled off the blanket. He didn't respond. "Emmet?"

This was it. He took in a deep, fresh breath of the spring air that filled his jittery lungs and forced his gaze on hers. Whatever that lay inside him that was similar to Rex, he needed it now. "Lucy, I have something to ask you. Don't interrupt me, just let me talk."

Huh, I actually managed to get two sentences out!

Lucy eyed him up and down like a military officer. "Uh, ok. But don't talk like that, you sound like Rex."

Dang it.

Another deep breath passed over his lips without the courage he needed. "Lucy, you know I love you, right?" He finally found his natural emotions finding their place in his mind, for a soft smile was on his face as he gently took her hands in his.

She nodded, returning the grin. "Of course. I love you too. Now, where is this going?"

Emmet bent down on one knee.

Lucy's eyes nearly popped out her sockets.

"Em-Emmet?" Now her voice was cracking under the earthquake of emotion.

He took his hand in his, despite the shaking from both parties. He couldn't remember the speech he had memorized at all, but his shaking, shock, and nervousness was now passed to her. "Lucy, I love you. I've loved you from the moment I saw you. You're everything to me. I still can't believe that you love me, and I don't ever want to let you go. Lucy," Ignoring for his own sanity her jaw-dropped expression, he pulled out the ring box, opened it, and revealed the shimmering stone. "Will you marry me?"

Lucy didn't respond.

This did not sit well with Emmet. "Lucy, please say something, my knee hurts and I'm about to hyperventilate."



Tears, salty tears started pouring down her face. Her smile was beyond her control. She gripped his hand like a lifeline. "Yes, yes, Emmet, yes, yes." She wanted to repeat the work over and over again, yes, yes, yes…

She said yes.

Emmet's tears matched her won. He had promised himself that no matter the answer, he wouldn't cry.

So much for that.

"You…you…really? You actually want to marry me?" He had to check, just in case. "You're being serious, right?"

A pure laugh escaped her lips. She slipped her arms behind his neck and pulled him close. "Does this answer your question?" It was all she could mumble out before kissing him like it was New Years, Christmas, and his birthday all in one.

Falling down from the couch to her knees in front of him, she drew him even closer into her embrace. "I love you so, so much." They both considered themselves the luckiest person in the world.

Not wanting to separate for a moment, she pulled his hands to hers so he could slip the ring on her. It fit her like a glove, her perfect match. Just like him.

"Lucy?" He murmured, finally pulling away to see her damp, mascara-smudged adorable face.


His arms around her in a tight hug, his words came out through a sigh of bliss. "Thank you."