A/N: Not my best, set the night after Lego Movie 2, which you really have to see to understand this.

Emmet was a lucky guy.

He pondered this as he leaned against the pearly picket fence of their new home. He had wondered how he got so lucky many times, but tonight he just wanted to stare at the stars and be thankful for everything he had.

He had a beautiful girlfriend who loved him with the strength of a mother saving her child in danger, friends who valued him like gold, and a future ahead of him that was brighter than a doable bucket list. He was almost afraid to admit it for fear of losing everything, but he didn't think he could live without them.

"What'cha doing, Emmet?"

Following Lucy's words, her arms snaked around him like a heated, velvet blanket on Christmas Eve. He could feel her sigh in contentment; her chest rose and fell in a slow motion, and her breath was warm bliss on the back of his neck.

As the warmth became familiar, he was able to contain his jump at spotting her Play-Doh, cotton-candy, sky and berry locks against the back ink of the sky. "Still getting used to your new hair," he chucked, leaning back into her arms.

"You like it?" Please, please say yes. Her arms tightening around his chest contradicted her frame backing away from him. She needed his approval, his assurance. The affirmation that he forgave her. For lying, deceiving, leading him on into a world he was unaware was a simulation. Cruel. She was cruel for doing such a thing. He trusted her, and she hadn't been able to tell him her true hair color.

And now, she craved his love for her. Her. Her as a whole–the hair, the lies, the truth, the life.

Emmet nodded vigorously. "Yeah, you look great!"

In silence, she gave her gratitude that he wasn't able to detect her relief, especially the pink hue that powdered her cheeks. What had she been worried about? Emmet was Emmet, forgiving and loving, there was no wrong she could do that he couldn't forgive. "Thanks," she murmured, her words thick and slow like molasses.

She couldn't stop here, could she? Like a child's confession to a mother, it was either all or nothing. Now that she had started the race, there was no choice but to finish it, especially with the black hole of guilt gutting away at her insides. "There's…something else I have to ask you." Oh, how she hated this. She wanted to go to bed, to skip to twenty minutes in future where this was all over and she wasn't being consumed by guilt and nerves.

Correctly assuming what his girlfriend had to say was important to her, Emmet took a moment to pull out of her arms and face her. "Yeah, sure!"

Wasting no time, she stared straight into his eyes and asked her fate, "Emmet, back at the wedding, when I said that I liked you when you were sweet and kind, you said that the real Lucy would never say that." Her breath was a sharp needle before she hit the racetrack again. "Do you really think that I don't love you for who you are?"

A shrug of his shoulders did not comfort Lucy. "I mean, kind of, but then I just remind myself that you broke up with Batman for me, so I can't be too bad, right?"

He could be so naïve sometimes, Lucy regarded bitterly. Couldn't he get mad at her for once? Then maybe they could be even, and she wouldn't have to be the bad one. "Emmet, why do you stick around?"

Now, that question was foreign to Emmet. Why was he with her? Answering such a question was like telling someone why two plus two equals four. It just…is.

"Lucy, I love you for you! I don't know how to explain it…" What he really didn't know was how to explain it in a way she could understand. How could he tell her that he woke up from dreams about her? How would he explain that every morning he got up early just so he could make sure breakfast was ready before she got up? How could she ever understand that as he went through his day, he thought about whether or not she was happy in that moment? It would be difficult to explain that he put the blankets in the dryer before bed because she once told him she hated being cold at night.

As she watched him grow increasingly frazzled, a soft smile found a place on her face. He loved her, all right. She knew now. Silencing him with a slow kiss that reminded her of their first, she murmured under her smile, "I get it, Emmet. I get it."

His smile copied hers exactly. "So, we're good?"

She leaned forward and let their hands meet. "Yeah, we're good."

"You two are adorable!"

Emmet and Lucy turned around, spotting Unikitty on the porch of their house. "You guys coming to bed or what?" She let out a yawn, and Emmet believed she was dangerously close to falling asleep on the porch right then and there.

Nodding, she took his hand. "Ready to go, babe?"

"Yeah…" he yawned and stretched, the day's events finally catching up with him. "I'm tired."

"Gee, I wonder why?" Slipping her hands in his, she gently dragged him to the house, taking a quick detour to grab the E&L 4-EVA pillow. "No reason this should be outside," she told Emmet as soon as he spotted her display of sentimentality.

Unikitty smiled. They were really awesome.