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Muramasa: Battle, bath, bonds

By: Sacredstar Mentor

Act 1: Demon Blade Hunter

The moon overhead was shining brightly in Edo. Despite all the noble's unfulfilled desires casting greed and misery over the whole country.

Including the Muramasa swords, that can corrupt both kindhearted souls and malicious humans alike. These curse blades thirst for human blood.

That's why the princess has entrusted me to hunt these endless demon blades in the land of Japan and restore peace to this transient world.

As I hack and slash my opponents manipulate by the demon blades curse while sparing their lives in the process and reaping the swords for the princess and my own benefit.

I was able to collect a few Muramasa swords while the night was still young as I ran on the stone-tiled ground to reach the princess and report my achievements were successful.

"Princess I was able to collect ten Muramasa swords while you were waiting at Musashi Province, Emon Hill," Kisuke reported.

Kisuke had the Muramasa demon blades and his equipment inside a huge brown sack, as he begins to sit down on the bench next to Momohime and explain his mission.

Nearby are the cherry blossom trees, that illuminated across the hillside fields, shedding it bright pink petals in the distance. Above the beautiful night sky full of radiant stars over the horizon.

"Good job Kisuke it's only a few, but at least these demon blades aren't falling to the wrong hands," Momohime replied with a sincere smile on her face.

"Yeah, I know this is a noble cause to protect the people from these corruptible swords. But this mission of ours will take years, decades, and possibly the rest of our lives; are you sure you okay with this situation?" Kisuke said with a concerning look on his face. Trying to let Momohime know the risk she is taking.

I promise Torahime, that I'll be Momohime servant and bodyguard until my deathbed, yet I don't want her to waste her life for the benefit of Japan. She obtains her body back after I defeated Jinkuro, but she later lost her older sister due to my intervention.

Momohime deserves to live a simple life, without regretting her own existence. It's the least I could do for the princess, Kisuke thought.

"Yes, no, I don't know?" Momohime said unsure of herself about the decision she made to become a demon blade hunter alongside him.

"Eventually we're going to have to figure out a better alternative to find all the demon blades. Without wasting our lives until we're old and gray."

"But for now you need to take a bath Kisuke, you smell awful and sweaty," Momohime said covering her nose with her hand to avoid the odor.

"Will you be accompanying me princess as a reward for all my hard work and deeds tonight?" Kisuke said, trying to tease the young princess with a smirk expression on his face. "Yes, but that isn't the reason why I'm going to join you tonight."

I swear this renegade ninja is completely full of himself. Trying to act all tough, like nothing in this world could hurt him, thought Momohime.

"I owe you one for saving both my body and soul from that monstrous Jinkuro. If it weren't for you, he would've used the Kuzuryuu Muramasa to go through the world's ley lines to open Heaven's Gate and transform into a demon of the sixth realm. The whole country; maybe even the whole world would've fallen into despair."

Just thinking about what Jinkuro could've done to destroy Japan. Frightened Momohime and made her hands start to shiver as if a chilling gust of windblown by the cherry blossom petals and straight through her slim body.

"Hey it's okay princess, Jinkuro is rotting in hell as we speak because of all the sins he committed. Torahime and your family sacrifice were not in vain, so please try to look at the positive side okay."

Kisuke responded as he lay his hand on top of Momohime shaking palms. Doing his best to calm her down and make her understand that everything is gonna be alright.

"Thanks, Kisuke. For a renegade ninja you're not half bad; most of the time, especially when gloating about your ego." Momohime said teasingly trying to change the mood in the atmosphere.

"Why thank you, princess. I live to serve you alone of course; free of charge for a sweetheart such as yourself."

Kisuke replied as he rises off the bench and started keeling on one knee, taking her soft hand and gave it a short kiss at the end. Momohime face started blushing scarlet red as she quickly turns her head away from Kisuke so he won't see her embarrassed expression and then asked.

"All joking and flattery side Kisuke; may I ask you one request before we leave to the hot spring in the Sagami Province."

"Anything Princess."

"Don't call me princess and stop treating me like you're my bodyguard. Say my real name and regard me as a close friend." Kisuke took a deep breath and sighed.

"Okay, Momohime," Kisuke replied.

"Now let's leave this town and cleanse our body and souls Kisuke," Momohime replied and then grabbed Kisuke's hand as they walk side by side leaving the city and its cherry blossom tree fields behind in the beautiful moonlight sky.

"Hey have you thought about pouring me some sake while we're bathing."

Kisuke said with a wide grin on his face.

"Maybe; you'll just have to wait and see."

Knowing that their story continues living as two hunters dancing within the shadow in search of demon blades, as their friendship and strength grow with each passing day. Developing into love possibly?

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