Act 2: Heart-to-Heart

I and Momohime went inside the hot spring cave, lead by the apes that showed us to a secluded onsen cave, far away from human habitation where we might relax in peace after a long day of hardships.

We both separate to a nearby bush and remove our travel-stained attires, I untie my black shinobi robes and Momohime is stripped out of her pink yukata.

I looked at her in the moonlight and suddenly bushed little as I turn around and pretend I didn't see anything. I could have sworn, that I hear Momohime murmured the word pervert, but I pay no mind to her comment.

I just hope nothing goes wrong in the hot springs thought Kisuke. As he walks crossed the almost misty waters wearing his pure white, soaking wet fundoshi.

His body felt hot and sweaty after running and jumping on rooftop buildings, locating innocent and spiteful people corrupted or housing Muramasa swords in Musashi province districts.

Kisuke dove first into the warm water while splashing it on his body and face, washing away the layers of sweat and his smelly adore.

Once he felt rejuvenated enough. He then traverses through the steamy water to find a better place to relax to his heart's content.

He found a private hot spot to enjoy for the next few minutes. Until out of nowhere, Kisuke heard a loud scream from the opposite direction, where most of the apes resided.

"Stay away from my hair, you crazy monkey!"

"There aren't any bugs inside my there!" Momohime said with a loud outburst. Angry about this horrible and ridiculous situation.

She tried to move to the other side, but the monkey had a good grip on her shoulder and began pecking in her hair, unwilling to let go.

Kisuke moved through the misty vapor to show himself, giving the ape a menacing death glare saying. "You have five seconds to let her go or die."

The monkey detaches his hands and went back to his group of apes, displease about not finding a little snack in the girl's hair.

"Thanks, Kisuke. You save my hair from those monkey hands." Momohime said with a grin on her face. She was very relieved that he found her in these misty hot springs.

"No problem. Plus it was hard to resist after hearing your girly scream moments ago. I thought you lost your towel into the stream or slipped and fallen on your butt by accident."

Kisuke replied with a teasing look on his face. Trying to get Momohime angry with his jokes again.

"Haha very funny Kisuke. But I'm not clumsy enough to do something, perverted or embarrassing for your eyes to see."

"Said the princess who screams for help because an ape was grooming her."

"Just for that, you're not getting any sake tonight mister," Momohime said with a pouted face.

"What?! Come on I was only teasing around, you know I make little jokes once awhile." Kisuke said pleadingly trying to change Momohime's mind.

"You went too far, my friend. Now more for me to drink alone."

Momohime lied. She really isn't a drinker, ever since Jinkuro possessed her body to secretly drink alcohol and sake during their journey. Until he had a downright hangover. Just the very thought of it gave Momohime a splitting headache. She vowed to never let alcohol touch her lips or her body system ever again.

"I'll do anything for some of that sake Momohime."

"Oh really?" Momohime relied upon a smirk on her face. Finding the perfect revenge for this situation.

"I'll give you the sake. If you tell me about the relationship between you and my older sister. And don't leave any juicy details." Momohime requested, feeling mostly interested and a little gossipy right now.

"Is this an order or request Momohime?" Kisuke responded, feeling a little nervous.

"What do you think?" The tables have turned this time Kisuke. Now I get the last laugh, Momohime thought.

Kisuke sighed deeply and answered her. "It all started when I was ordered by the skull valley ninjas to disguise as a servant boy and steal the Kuzuryu Muramasa blade from the Kagami household of the Narukami clan.

It was there I grew fond of the sword protector Torahime Narukami. She was kindhearted and respectful to me, attendants, nobles and treated the peasants of the Mino Province as equals.

She also knew how to act like a warrior and politician when dealing with neighboring daimyo and people who try to challenge her authority.

Then there was one night when I had gotten a fever working too hard and she did everything in her power to nurse me back to health. That night at the Narukami household, Torahime had her arms around me when she gave me the medicinal tea and medicine to make me feel better.

That's when I knew I had a deep affection for Torahime. Afterward, the coup d'etat happens and I risk my own life to save Torahime and you already know the rest of that tale."

"You loved my sister didn't you," Momohime replied with a sad and pitiful look on her face.

"Yes, I did. Torahime was everything to me and now she is resting in peace with the almighty Buddha."

"I guess I'm not the only one, who's is still grieving for my sister. I was just too blind to see it all."

"I am so sorry Kisuke, but you're not alone in all this regret, I'm here too." Momohime was feeling sympathy for the young renegade ninja, who felt pain and loss after the death of Torahime.

I know I'm the only skilled swordmaster, who can use the Oboro style to defeated or kill countless foes with the Muramasa blade. But I couldn't save the woman I love the most in this world. I promise Torahime to look after her sister until the very end.

I just hope she smiling in the heavens right now; knowing that I'm helping the citizens of Japan, thought Kisuke. while wondering about the actions he could've made to save the Kagami family.

"Anyway here's your sake Kisuke."

"Thanks, maybe this drink will help me, drown away all my sorrows, don't you think," Kisuke replied and moved his cup near Momohime so she can pour the sake gourd.

Then he took a few sips of the alcohol while laying down on the warm heavenly water, relishing every moment of this paradise, only an inch away from Momohime.

Who was now splashing water softly on her face, chest, and legs? Using this moment wisely to satisfy herself as well. within these sacred hot springs.

"I doubt that's the best way to deal with depression Kisuke. Why not pray for Torahime instead of mourning her death. She must have wanted you to live an honorable life. Not having headaches on sake, thinking about what could've happened. What done is done, end of the story."

Momohime said trying her best to comfort the young ninja regret.

"Yeah you're right Momohime, I'll do my best to move on. I just need some time that's all." Kisuke said as he looks up at the cave's small stalagmites, think about her wise words of encouragement. As she gave a gentle hug on Kisuke's right shoulder.

It felt like a warm embrace of comfort, almost similar to Torahime.

"I understand. Just lean on me, when you need a shoulder to cry on." Momohime replied to show her compassion, that she cares about the emotional trauma of her friend.

"Hey! I don't cry; especially when it comes to death." Kisuke replied feeling quite annoyed because he shared his feeling about Torahime.

"Whatever you say, tough guy. I'm leaving the hot springs to change my clothes now."

Momohime said as she moved away from Kisuke's shoulder to stand up. With her white towel covering her chest.

As her ripe posterior was waving side to side, leaving her backside completely exposed as she walked to the cavern exit.

Kisuke drew his attention to her sexy plump ass and thighs swaying the heated water off her rear. Then he replied nonchalantly like a drunken Japanese sailor.

"You may look skinny Momohime. But you got a good-looking ass and thigh for your lovely figure."

The young princess faced the opposite direction and covered her ass with her left hand as she turns away from the exit to face Kisuke while blushing and a little embarrassed by Kisuke's flirt comment earlier.

she retorted. "H-How dare you to speak such vile words about my butt. People could probably hear us and get the wrong idea Kisuke." Momohime said in a low voice while trying to control her outrage emotions.

"Their only you, me, and a couple of apes chilling in the background. There's no need to get so bent out of shape because of a little flirting sometimes. Besides, it's funny and cute when you get angry."

Momohime face was blushing deep red again. This time she was completely speechless by Kisuke's counter-attack of wordplay and began to walk out of the cavern to change back into her pink yukata dress.

I need to think of a clever comeback to make Kisuke astounded. It would be so satisfying to see his reaction, Momohime thought wanting a taste of payback.

After Momohime left the onsen. Kisuke leans down on the water surface thinking of the attractive image of Momohime while drinking his sake in the moonlight; until a playful soak, tail wraps around his waist which almost made him jump by this sudden surprise.

"Very smooth indeed master Kisukeā€¦It makes me wonder why you didn't act so witty around Torahime?" Yuzuruha murmured into the back of Kisuke's ear. Behind him was almost visible within the hazy vapor that surrounded her body.

"I-It none of your business you tricky fox."

"I and Momohime are merely playing a game. Teasing one another for a couple of laughs for enjoyment purposes only." Kisuke thought of this in order to reassure himself.

"Oh no, did I made the talented ninja displeased? Maybe I should wash your back while I'm in my sexy transformation and soothe your soft body."

"N-no thank you, that isn't necessary, I don't need help...No wait don't do that Yuzuruha!"

But it was too late. Yuzuruha got her soapy towel and moved it back and forth gently soothing his body with diligence and focus until she was truly done. It was hard for Kisuke to resist this pleasant moment.

It felt like soft feathers were touching his back with each passing minute. Until his mind gave him a wake-up call, telling him it's time to leave before things escalate any further.

Kisuke rise up on his feet and responded. "Okay, I think it's time for me to leave. We don't want Momohime wondering what's going on here Yuzuruha."

He was feeling really nervous about this whole scene. Especially when looking at her beautiful white skin, curvaceous hip from top to bottom, and illuminating thick thighs that can make any male howl like a wolf, calling for her mate in the moonlight.

"Yeah...don't worry about that Kisuke. Because I saw the whole thing happen with my own two eyes. I guess even shinobi have their weaknesses."

Momohime said this when she reveals herself hiding between rocks and with a smirk on her face watching Kisuke's dumbfounded expression with his jaw wide open.

"Well let have some fun in private, next time Kisuke," Yuzuruha said trying to leave the scene.

"hold it right there Yuzuruha. Weren't you supposed to watch our clothes and equipment while we were taking a bath?"

"Because they're all gone now; some maniac stole them, including some of our Muramasa swords!" Momohime said furiously about Yuzuruha's behavior of not taking responsibility for her actions. Instead, she would rather act like a sexy lady for Kisuke's foolish entertainment.

Kisuke straighten up and replied with shame on his face. "I'll find them Momohime. Probably an animal or person took them and left tracks or clues behind?"

"I hope so; for your life and her too," Momohime responded displeased about this whole ordeal. After enjoying a wonderful night in the hot springs.

Such an attractive hot spring chapter. Who knows what will happen between this amusing couple. There will be flirting and more teasing in the next chapter as well, so enjoy. Peace and have a nice day or night anywhere my newcomer fans.