Act 8: Lord Inari

The afternoon sunlight streamed down on the dense forest floor as Kisuke and Momohime traverse through the wide-open road leading to a large country house.

It's been three days since I and Kisuke escaped Musashi: Edo, New Yoshiwara pleasure district. The journey itself was dull and boring with no excitement whatsoever.

Except a few bounty hunters trying to kill me and Kisuke a while ago then some bandits who tried to rob us of our equipment and two male commoners strike a conversation with us and then both try to sexually harass me.

Probably to sneak a peek under my butt or take a small glance at my B-cup size boobs, covered within my pink yukata.

They must have assumed that Kisuke was my little brother pretending to be a samurai or ninja, due to how short and young he is.

But Kisuke defeated those ill-mannered hooligans with no problems. I wasn't worried at all because Kisuke is no doubt, among the few strongest warriors I know.

Wait a minute…Am I suddenly getting used to this vagabond lifestyle? If it wasn't for Kisuke protecting me. I would've been raped or swindled by the average everyday thief.

How can these peasants and merchants survive this ominous and supernatural world is beyond my comprehension. I must be the lucky few to live my life as royalty, only to understand that some people have tougher lives compared to my own.

Which only turned out horrible due to the deceit and betrayal of the Kagami family vassal, that ugly fatass Danjo Shikami who conspired with Yagyuu and the Shogunate to gain control of Narukami Province and destroy my family name.

Now I have no choice, but to move forward in the present day and prevent something like this from ever happening again.

By searching every single one of those damn Muramasa demon blades, until the very end and conceal them all somewhere safe and secure from innocent and greedy human hands. The last thing Japan needs right now is another despicable and evil man like jinkuro again. It's time to bring an end to demon blades once and for all.

That day is coming, sooner than expected I hope. Either way, I am tired of traveling in these woods already.

I pray to kami that Kisuke knows the way and doesn't get us lost on purpose or he is gonna wear that silly floral straw hat again!

"We're finally here Momohime, this place is the fox manor that houses the kitsune," Kisuke said, feeling happy that they finally reached their destination.

"It's about time, I could really use a hot steamy bath right now. Especially in this cold and windy weather during the last week of February."

"Maybe I could give you some company maybe?" I always enjoyed our moments holding hands, huddling to stay warm, and the occasional hug rewards each time I defeated more than one thug, bandit, or molester. Each time I hug Momohime, I can smell her onyx-colored hair. She smells like an aroma of natural herbs and floral, Kisuke thought as he reminisced about their days traveling together.

"In your dreams ninja boy. This princess needs some quality alone time."

"Very well then, but before we enter the double doors of this lounge. I highly recommend you don't try to eat any mochi you see laying on a table or anywhere in this place."

"Why not?"

"The Kitsune use it to trick gullible people and steal their money or valuable belongings so they continue their business operation."

"I'm not foolish enough to fall into a stupid trap like that Kisuke. You know me better than that." Does he think I lack intelligence or something? Momohime thought.

I went to hell itself and managed to convince a Big Oni into swallowing me whole, so I can be repossessed by Jinkuro, whose soul was eaten when I accidentally shoved him out of my body.

"I never said you were stupid, I was merely warning you that this place is unsafe and you might see some vagabonds on the floor. That ate mochi and entered an unconscious state."

"Ohhhhhh, well thank you for warning me of the dangers of this Fox Manor, I'll be very cautious and careful of my surroundings Kisuke," Momohime said, sounding grateful for his friend/bodyguard concern for her own well-being.

"Good I hate for anything bad to happen to you...again," Kisuke murmured, to Momohime near her right ear. Feeling a little regret for not being a proper ninja bodyguard.

"That's why we have each other," she said with confidence, as she gently grabbed his hand to reassure him as they walked to the entrance. Kisuke opened the double doors, there stood Kitsune by the entrance doors. Ready to lead the way in this unforeseen place.

"Lord Inari await both of you soon." Said the pure white fox creature. As she bowed her head as a form of respect. They both did the same thing as well. "I shall be your guide in our household."

"Hey, Kisuke have you ever met Lord Inari before?" Momohime questioned the young ninja by this unforeseen god of prosperity and worldly success. Wondering if he or she will treat them as friend or foe.

"No, I have never met him before, but Yuzuruha spoke very highly of this Kami. So maybe he is alright. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, well I just wanted to make a good impression in front of Lord Inari and boss of all the Kitsune." She said as they both lay down on the soft pillow seat near the large wooden table awaiting the lord.

Instantly the sliding doors opened revealing Yuzuruha in her beautiful and elegant human form and beside her was Lord Inari depicted as a huge red-scaled dragon with amber eyes. Its horns were almost inches from touching the roof of the manor audience chamber.

Damn Lord Inari is more massive than the Dragon God of Mount Fuji, who maintained the ley lines in that area, Kisuke thought.

That dragon is big enough to eat ten Izasaou in five minutes flat I think. I doubt any living being could stand against this magnificent beast Momohime thought, as she and Kisuke stare at Lord Inari in awe.

"I always get a kick out of seeing people's faces every time they lay eyes on my gorgeous figure," Inari said while laughing at the surprised faces of Kisuke and Momohime.

"I present to you both, Lord Inari, the deity of luck prosperity, the patron of swordsmiths, merchants, protector of fishermen, and leader of the Kitsune messages."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Kisuke, traitor of Skull Valley ninjas, last master of the Oboro style and savior of the Japan ley lines."

"Likewise Lord Inari, it is a true honor to meet you as well. Also, I appreciate your assistance and hospitality." Kisuke said politely as he now his head down as a sign of respect.

"And you must be Torahime's little sister, Momohime. You have my utmost sympathy for your family and sister's sacrifice for protecting the Kuzuryuu Muramasa, which was used to seal Inugami."

"Thank you for your words of kindness Lord Inari. But we would be most grateful if you let us stay for a day or two." Momohime said while bowing her head as well.

"Of course, my manor is your manor, young ones. You will always be welcomed here by me and my fox messages."

"Thank you very much." Kisuke and Momohime said.

"With that being said, my fox messages will prepare dinner for both of you shortly. You two should probably take a bath in the hot springs outback, while you're waiting for the food to be done."

That would be very relaxing indeed, I haven't had a proper bath since the Moonlit Spirit inn in Edo, Momohime thought.

"Also Kisuke, Yuzuruha suggested we properly award for your achievements of helping seal away Inugami. By having her Kitsune friends transform into beautiful humans to properly give you a good wash, after your rough journey."

Three of Kitsune including Yuzuruha transform into jaw-dropping beautiful women with colorful kimono designs and start to cling and hug Kisuke's strong arms.

As if he was a royal specimen for a mate or to play around with the young ninja feelings so he would lower his guard down to embrace their warm breasts, thick thighs, and other feminine private parts, Momohime thought, feelings quite unpleasant by these hot women attracting Kisuke attention.

"You've been in the wilderness for three days Kisuke, you probably need an extra hand or more to wash away, all your stress huh."

"Ahhhh no, I mean that would be nice, but the mere thought would make me faint and float in the mixed hot springs." Kisuke kept on stuttering and thinking he might faint in the hot springs under such circumstances.

"Are you sure? It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Any mortal man would dream of this divine gift from the heavens."

"What!? Lord Inari do something!" Momohime shouted.

"What is the problem? Oh, I get it, you wanna have him all to yourself don't you sweetie." Lord Inari said, smirking at the sight of Momohime jealousy.

"No, it's just that, Kisuke promised to spend time with me in the bath, that's all," Momohime replied, making up an excuse to hide her true jealous feelings.

"Uh, I did!?" Kisuke said, suddenly confused by her comment.

"Yes, you did," Momohime replied, with a deadly stare at Kisuke.

"R-Right, I did say that!" Kisuke responded and felt a little frightened by her threat.

"Very well then, Kitsune ladies, please release Kisuke and lead him and his girlfriend to the mixed hot springs bath," Lord Inari said, waving his dragon paws as a sign, they're free to leave.

As Momohime grabbed his hand and directed him to the exit away from the three Kitsune, who were trying to take advantage of Kisuke's vulnerable and fatigued body.

But after hearing Lord Inari comment she turned her head around when she and Kisuke were about to walk down the corridor.

"I don't know what Yuzuruha told you Lord Inari, but you should know that Kisuke and I are not a couple, ahh…"

Momohime screamed and tripped over an unconscious adult on the floor, due to eating a fox manor specially made mochi.

Momohime began to raise her head up and elevate her hands until she realized the room was silent for some odd reason?

She let out a loud, audible gasp and everyone stopped, talked, and stared at her for what felt like forever. The Kitsune started to laugh like lunatics and started to make jokes about her situation.

Momohime finally knew why; her butt was exposed in front of Kisuke and the Kitsune vixens.

"Woah Momohime, I didn't know you had such interesting taste in panties."

"Momohime, how do you hide such a round booty under that white robe of your."

"Aww, such cute rosy cheek you have their girl!"

"Kisuke you must be the lucky guy in the world to see this!"

This can't be happening, This can't be happening, This can't be happening!? What type of gullible man eats mochi only to get robbed by a bunch of Kitsune!?

This is so embarrassing, I wish I could die right now or become invisible for all eternity! I just disgrace myself in front of a god, no doubt this tale of Lord Inari and Kisuke will never be forgotten! And I'm the side-joke in the story.

Kisuke stretched out his hand to Momohime shoulder to help her out, due to her little missteps as she flipped down the skirt behind her. "Uh, I got you Momohime." Once he did, Momohime was blushing bright red with her down, out of pure embarrassment of herself.

"Anyway excuse us, Lord Inari, we best be on our way," Kisuke said awkwardly, as he grabbed Momohime's hand and casually left the scene with Lady Momohime right beside him.

five minutes passed and Momohime and Kisuke didn't say a single word as the pure white Kitsune was leading them to the hot springs.

Maybe I should start off a conversation to change the mood maybe? Kisuke thought, after seeing Momohime complete and utterly dispirited and he can't really blame her.

"So-uh Momohime why were jealous back there Momohime?" Momohime didn't respond back.

"Were you worried about your favorite ninja being surrounded by so many gorgeous fox ladies?" Kisuke said jokingly, doing his best to change Momohime's depressive state to no avail.

Really smooth Kisuke, I'm not that clueless to know what you're really doing!? Your actions are comforting, but it is not helping me to ignore my shame at the moment!

Maybe this sarcastic comment will keep his mouth shut once he reaches the hot springs, Momohime thought?

"Oh no, not at all Kisuke. I was gonna ask Lord Inari if I could join in the fun as well, despite how everyone in the fox manor was gossiping about me exposing my butt in front of all those Kitsune vixens." She said with a sarcastic look on her face and continued.

"Maybe I should tell them how I got naked in the forest, almost got rape in Edo pleasure district, a couple of days ago too. I've already brought dishonor to myself and my clan, how can things get any worse huh?"

Momohime said with a dissatisfied look on her face as she stared angrily at Kisuke for effortlessly trying to start a conversation.

"I'm sorry Momohime. I was just doing my very best to change that sad look on your face. Because all I want is for you to be happy and finally complete our journey one step at a time."

"I understand Kisuke, I don't blame you. I'm just really gloomy right now and all I ever want is peace and quiet. We can talk as long as you want in the hot springs okay."

"Understood and if anyone makes a remark about what happened earlier, I will gladly let them feel the sting of my blade so they know the shame of disrespecting you," Kisuke said proudly, defending the princess's honor.

"Thank you Kisuke, but that won't be necessary. Although you could threaten any of them should they continue to mock me, cuss about my butt, or disrespecting my ranking title as a princess."

"Your wish is my command Lady Momohime," Kisuke said as he bowed his head jokingly like a samurai bodyguard.

"Good, now stay quiet until we can feel the flesh hot water beneath our feet and waist okay," Momohime said, with a deep sigh, as she started to think about warm steamy water, giving her peace of mind.

Afterward, Kisuke and Momohime were brought inside a bedroom with the outdoors mixed hot springs right outside the screen doors.

"This will be both your living quarters this evening. The bathroom is on your right side and you'll have the mixed hot springs right in front of you guys." Said the pure white fox spirit, pointing out the layouts of the building space.

"We appreciate you showing us the area of the manor. No doubt me and Kisuke would be lost in this maze of a manor." Momohime said as both she and Kisuke bow their heads to thank her for good service.

"It was an honor to serve both of you. Now I best be on my way, I sense another unlucky mortal being tricked by the fox manor delusions or lost consciousness after eating some mochi."

The Kitsune left the room to further complete the tasks given to her by Lord Inari. Now Momohime and Kisuke are alone together once again, keeping each other company during the sunset's warm orange glow.

"Uh-uh, Kisuke why don't I use the bathroom to change out of my kimono and you use this living room to change into your clothes."

"Okay, Momohime I'll be in the hot springs once you're done undressing."

"Okay Kisuke, I'll be there soon."

Kisuke strips out of his ninja attire. Until he had nothing left but his pure white fundoshi. As he walked on the stone tile ground and headed toward the hot springs destination.

After a long and exhausting evening, a dip in a nice and warm hot spring is the best cure to let all your stress and worries drift away like the passing of a rainstorm.

I stirred my foot around the hot steamy water. I wonder if it's good enough for both me and Momohime? I don't wanna be boiling hot after three or five minutes.

Kisuke was testing the water temperature, to make sure it was suitable for bathing.

"Yup it's perfectly fine," Kisuke murmured, as he entered the hot springs, wadding into the water, with his fundoshi already being drenched by the warm crystal clear lukewarm water.

Then he began to lightly rinse his body with hot water a little. Until he heard Momohime walking on the stone tile floor.

With a short glimpse in the corner of Kisuke's eye, he could see Momohime's curvy hourglass figure and her beautiful slender thick thighs.

"Ah, Kisuke? It's embarrassing, so please don't turn around." Momohime said nervously, while tightening her grip on her pure white towel, due to the light breeze this evening.

"Why? I already saw everything when we first met and the many other times we exchanged insulting words to one another, every time we visited the hot springs. What's the big deal anyway?" Kisuke said, feeling quite confused, as he reminisced about his and Momohime's conversations in the past.

We both shared baths a lot. So there shouldn't be any awkwardness, right? Kisuke thought with his hand on his chin, while he continued thinking.

I swear if I had a Ryo for every time she said the word rude to me. The total amount would probably be enough to buy one hanami dango, a treat best eaten under moonlit cherry blossom.

"That's not the point, I feel uncomfortable right now with you staring at me. Usually, it's alright sometimes because we see each other as close friends with a bond. But ever since that big mishap earlier with Lord Inari and the Kitsune laughing at me."

Momohime slowly paused in her response and began to blush a shade of pink on her face. Due to remembering that despicable scene of her showing off her butt to everyone, during their meeting with Lord Inari.

"I just can't stand people looking at me right now okay! This is a direct order from your princess so, avert your pervert eyes immediately." Momohime replied angrily at him.

"I understand princess, I'll turn around this way and I promise that won't look at your attractive body or private parts."

Damn, I was really looking forward to her washing back and then finishing off with a heartwarming hug with words of kindness and appreciation.

But I guess it's just bad timing, maybe if I wasn't embarrassed today. She probably would've done my request after saving her life from amateur thugs for the past three days.

"Thank you, Kisuke for taking my own feelings into consideration. I guess there is still hope for you yet with your brute force personality huh?"

"Hey! I'm actually very smart and polite when the moment presented itself. I even used my detective skills to figure out where your location was. When you were kidnapped and taken to the Edo, New Yoshiwara pleasure district. I was worried sick about you Momohime, but I stayed calm and focused on my mission to save you."

"I'm sorry Kisuke, sometimes I forget that you have many unique ninja skills and a truly magnetic personality. Anyway, I think it's about time I hop on in the hot springs. And no peeking mister bodyguard."

All that time she was laying her round butt on the rock mineral bleacher of the hot springs. As her legs were dangling in the heated water.

"Please be my guest."

Kisuke turned his head around as ordered by Momohime. Began to look at the serene mountain tops covered with white fluffy snow and the mellow tree fragrance of the Kinoki Cypress, being used as hot springs environment decoration.

The Kinoki Cypress is a type of tree that grows in Japan that releases a fragrance. It's also water-resistant and is perfect for a hot spring set.

Momohime then sunk herself in the perfectly heated water of the outside baths. A sigh of relief left her lips as her body relaxed, the water was relieving the tensions and stress that she had built up during the long travels and this evening stress from her complete embarrassment.

At the end of all that, a nice bath seemed like the perfect reward to wash away, her troublesome night.

Momohime leaned her back on Kisuke's back. As their hair, neck, spine, tailbone, and butt cheeks were warmly touching one another in a comfortable unity, as they both enjoyed the peace and quiet.

"Ahhhh, the full moon looks beautiful tonight," Kisuke said, trying his best to strike a conversation with Momohime.

"Yes, it does look beautiful tonight."

Does man talk about awkward? It's pretty obvious that he was expecting some affection from me. When we entered the hot springs. I guess I can offer him one little gift for protecting me these past few days and for not laughing at me when I was embarrassed earlier ago.

"Hey Kisuke, were you expecting a gift from me, in the hot springs possibly?" She said teasingly with a seductive voice, so the ninja would lose his cool-headed composer.

It's always laughable when he acts all nervous and surprised all of a sudden. Momohime thought. Sometimes he acts like a little boy at times like these.

"W-well I've been a very good ninja so far, Lady Momohime," Kisuke said, feeling a little surprised by Momohime, choice of words and tone. Is she really doing this? Do I even deserve this reward from my grace? Kisuke thought.

"Yes, you have. So I'll consider doing one of your requests so long it is not dirty or too provocative okay."

"Well if I'm being completely honest; I was wondering if you could give me a one-minute long hug and wash my back. When those Kitsune's were cuddling me, I was thinking about asking one of them to wash my back. Since I missed that opportunity with Yuzuruha when I was traveling west, before and after I met Torahime." Kisuke said, feeling a little nervous about revealing some of his inner thoughts.

"I will only do one thing, so choose Kisuke and be quick about it because I already cleaned my body and hair with soap and shampoo. Once I'm out of the hot springs I'm gonna use my toner and face serum soon." Momohime said with a strict attitude.

"Then please wash my back Momohime," Kisuke replied, calmly, yet boldly. I can't get embarrassed or nervous. Because Momohime might take advantage of soothing my worries first then tease me afterward. She sometimes does that on my weak-point like my tolerance to sake and other alcoholic beverages.

"Very well Kisuke," Momohime said, as she wades to the hot springs to grab her soapy towel and then returns back to Kisuke to wash his back. With the towel, Momohime wipes Kisuke's naked back in a comfortable repeating motion stroke that puts the mind and body at ease.

As she continues cleaning he smooth

back. Kisuke's left eye started wandering down Momohime's body when she wasn't looking. He could feel himself getting an erection underneath his white fundoshi,

despite the fact that the water was heated.

He tried to hide it but Momohime had already noticed out of the corner of her eye when she was washing his lower back.

This is so embarrassing, I should've just asked for the damn hug instead. Quick and simple, with no repercussions. Thought Kisuke.

"It's been so long since I washed someone back before. Last time I did this with my older sister." Momohime murmured. I can even see some of Kisuke's visible scars on his upper back, shoulder, and arms. Well...this is getting boring, I think it's time for me to put a little prank on shorty here.

"Hey Kisuke, don't be alarmed, but the same towel I used to cover my boobies, belly, and crotch. Is now being wiped down on your back. Maybe that's why you got an erection."

"Say what!? N-no, I mean y-yes, n-no wait I wasn't trying to take advantage of you or anything! And I wasn't thinking about this and that."

"Hahaha, you should've seen the look on your face blushing and panicking expressions. You were all like, oh no I've lost the respect of the princess and brought shame upon her."

"That's so not funny Momohime!" Kisuke shouted, feeling angry and pissed off at Momohime's little prank.

"Yes, it was funny. It's just from a certain point of view my shorty little ninja who stutters in awkward situations. You can bring on the pranks and jokes, but you can't handle it when it happens to you."

Kisuke stayed there for a moment blushing bright red, then his eyes closed, and took an escape dive, scrub off the soap suds. He soaked in the warm water, in order to avoid Momohime. Unaware of the fact that his fundoshi dangled off by the rushing warm water.

"Classic ninja fashion to runaways when things don't go his way. I do find it quite cute and adorable when he is embarrassed for a change of pace. He is like an innocent adolescent who made a little accident on the futon."

"Maybe it's about time we see each other face to face soon. This is getting far too funny for my sweet little heart to take. But first I better give the shorty ninja a little alone time for now."

"It's so not fair that the princess gets to have the demon blade hunter all to herself." Said Kitsune number one.

"I know right! I don't care if she exposed her butt in front of us and disrespect Lord Inari. She doesn't own that handsome ninja." Replied Kitsune number two.

"Just look at them playing around in the steamy hot water. Having the time of their lives." Kitsune number three responded, feelings quite jealous just like the rest of her fox spirit friends.

The Kitsune's pile on each other in front of those Japanese wooden side-doors with screens, peaking their eyes through the small corner holes within them.

"Come on girls. I can't see what's happening? Move aside!" Said the third Kitsune accidentally pushed her fox friend, which caused them to break through the side-door screens. Leave a loud paper ripped sound and a big hole inside the side door.

They were piled on top of each other, until they met face to face with Kisuke, who was standing on their own two feet in the hot springs, with the warm water between his waist. As he glares unhappily at the peaking vixens before him.

"Hey Kisuke, how it's hanging." While the girl laughed nervously. As Kisuke revealed an unsatisfied expression on his face. With some of the Kitsune feeling ashamed and embarrassed for eavesdropping and peaking on Kisuke and Momohime bodies and hearing their funny conversation and interactions moments ago.

"Looks I'm gonna have to give you vixens a piece of my mind for being rude and peaking on your guests," Kisuke said with a strict attitude, standing on their own two feet in the hot springs as he scolds the Kitsune.

Afterward, I'm gonna have Yuzuruha or Lord Inari to punish those three pervy Kitsune and tell her and that dragon to keep those vixens under control. Especially when I'm trying to relax and have little fun with Momohime.

"Lord Inari and Yuzuruha will be very disappointed to know that you were all peaking and eavesdropping on your welcomed guests. I'm among few who are very disappointed." Kisuke said, acting like a mature adult giving discipline to disrespectful children.

But none of the vixens were paying attention to him. Instead, they were all grinning, snickering, and laughing for some odd reason, unknown to Kisuke's own curiosity.

"Um, what are you ladies staring at?" Kisuke asked, with a fearless and strong face.

"Nothing really, but it's just kind of enchanting," Kitsune number one said.

"What's enchanting?"

"Your dick, it's funny how it looks with a boner underneath the water like that," she observed while doing her best not to snicker under her breath. Kitsune number two said while giggling with her hand over her mouth. while Kitsune number three, with a surprised expression on her face.

The vixen's blunt comments and observations alerted Kisuke to the fact that his manhood was indeed bobbing along with the gentle currents within the hot springs, prompting his face to become even redder than it had already been from the heat.

"I'm so sorry," he made a futile attempt to push it back down only for it to pop back up, "this sort of thing doesn't happen a lot.

"Maybe you got a semi-erection because of our mountain breasts." She said with a sly smile on her face. As she mentions her pure white nipples perking up as the cool air touches them.

"N-No! And where in the heck are my damn fundoshi!?" At least Momohime isn't here to see this embarrassing event unfold. Kisuke thought.

"No need to embarrass Kisuke," Kitsune number one replied while trying her best to comfort him.

"It's just a part of nature. To be completely honest we're all quite flattered that you're expressing your feelings this type of way." Kitsune number one said while making a joke at Kisuke manhood, along with her vixen friends laughed alongside her.

Afterward, Kisuke had a worried look on his face, with sweat on his forehead. As he looks at Momohime holding his white fundoshi in front of all Kitsune ladies.

"Uh Kisuke, you left these behind your fundoshi when you swam away earlier," Momohime said out loud, holding his fundoshi with her fingertips while looking the other way, doing her best not to stare at her best friend while she was blushing scarlet red face.

"Why are all the Kitsune here?" Momohime responded out loud. Feeling quite confused about this scene, until it finally dawned on her, what was really going on. "The vixen was spying and eavesdropping on us huh Kisuke."


"They heard all that teasing and embarrassing comments too."

"Most likely Lady Momohime."

"Get your sword. Because they've crossed the line of privacy!"

"I can't Momohime."

"And why not Kisuke?"

"Because I don't wanna show my family jewels front all of you or put on my fundoshi in front of you and all these Kitsunes…They already saw my manhood. There is so much humiliation I can endure Momohime." Kisuke said while lowering his body and head deeper into the warm water as he closed his eyes, wishing the night

"Aww look at the awkward duo; they look so cute together." Kitsune number one said, with a teasing tone.

"Really, she seems a little skinny for that ninja's taste in women." Kitsune number two replied.

"Would you vixens get the fuck out of the hot springs? You ladies alright ruined my evening with me and Kisuke. What more do you indecent and disrespectful foxes want to laugh about now huh!" Momohime shouted while putting her hands behind Kisuke's shoulders. In order to comfort him and put his worries at ease.

"I think this is our crew to leave ladies."

"Yeah, we overstayed our welcome."

"Well, this little party was already over anyway."

Each of Kitsunes said their comments as they walked away back to the fox manor. Leaving the princess and the ninja alone, so they can finally enjoy each other's company without the vixens disturbing them.

Momohime lowered her head and murmured into Kisuke's right ear. "Okay my little ninja, the vixens are all gone now you can put on your fundoshi...Unless you want me to put on for you?" Momohime said, with a flirty and baby tone in her voice. As Kisuke felt a tingly feeling in his spine and hand shifted a little while holding his pure fundoshi when Momohime said that comment.

"I swear to Kami, this is my last teasing comment Kisuke, I just couldn't resist. But seriously though It's gonna be okay. At least we both know what feels like to be embarrassed and we can comfort one another."

"Thank you Momohime. The teasing part wasn't necessary though. They saw my dick, three minutes ago. The last thing I need right now is you making fun of me." Kisuke said, feeling angry about everything that happened in hot springs.

I swear everywhere we go. Something embarrassing happens to me or the princess. This only began the moment we started our journey in search of the Muramasa swords. Kisuke thought as he felt like the journey itself is nothing more than a pain in the neck. That not even the hot springs themselves could cure.

"Aww, I'm sorry...Would a hug make you feel any better?" Momohime responded, displaying sympathy and kindness, with her puppy dog eyes. As she opens her arms out to welcome him.

"I think we both could use a comfy hug right about now," Kisuke replied, as he embraced Momohime gently. Because our heights are so different, my head was buried on top of her chest. When she hugged me I felt her B-cup breast touch my chest. She is still a growing teenager and will most likely be C-cup when she reaches young adulthood.

The feeling of Momohime breast became closer and her hips drew forward. When her belly touched my stomach, it felt ticklish. No doubt Momohime would use this to her advantage to wake me up early in the morning if she knew.

At least this journey has its perks at least. Kisuke thought as he smiled little feelings Momohime, elegantly smooth body engulfed in the heated water and smelling her flowery scented, black hair. Afterward, Momohime let go of me and began to depart out of the hot springs. If only moments like these could last longer.

"Come on Kisuke, it's about time we leave the hot springs. I'm getting pruney and dinner is about to start soon. I'm getting pretty hungry right about now."

"Yeah me too."

After taking a hot springs bath. Both I and Momohime were completely exhausted, once we were fully dressed and on our way to Fox manor dining room.

Lord Inari was awaiting both, among her multiple Kitsunes, in their own sitting arrangements on the pillow seats, getting ready for dinner.

I and Momohime explained why we were so late. Because three of the Kitsune were peeking on us. In hot springs while we were enjoying the relaxing evening.

Lord Inari said he will punish those Kitsune tomorrow for disrespecting his hosts. As I and Momohime sat near each other on the soft pillow seats, close to the decorative table full of amazing food, such as sushi (Sea Urchin), sillago tempura, whole sea bream, steamed white rice, fried tofu, yosenabe hot pot, miso soup, zosui with pheasant and finally hitsumamushi.

"It all looks so tasty huh Kisuke. I can't wait to eat and go to bed." Momohime said, feeling quite tired and hungry.

"There are times like these that you want to excessively eat these types of very elaborate meals. But they're sometimes really expensive in restaurants like Edo."

"You have my permission to eat now." Lord Inari said, giving approval to feast tonight. "Thank you for your hospitality, Lord Inari." Momohime and Kisuke said, both in unison.

"Well, let's eat now."

"Yes, indeed Kisuke."

And then, we start on the food; first off is the hitsumamushi. The overlapping taste of various herb spices, white rice, and boiled eel meat. The herbs and spices give the taste depth and further increase the degree of perfection of this. Although it's an expensive meal, it is so worth every bite.

"It's delicious. Especially the whole sea bream." Momohime said and then began to chew again with her mouth closed.

"I really love this sake brand. It's sweet and easy to drink, so I won't get drunk. I greatly appreciate Lord Inari." said Kisuke.

"Now that everyone is midway done with their food. It's time we talk business Kisuke and Momohime." Lord Inari said with dragon claws clamped together. Preparing to speak to his new guest.

"My Kitsune spies have found a nobleman of the Oda clan is starting a huge art painting auction party tomorrow."

"And this is important because?" Kisuke said their feelings were a little uninterested.

"Because rumor has it that his family has twenty-five Muramasa swords inside their manor attic, collecting dust and rusty on their display shelf. Including many other antique and rare treasures."

"So you want us to sneak into their party in the cover of darkness and steal their Muramasa swords," Kisuke replied.

"No. I want both of you and Momohime to go to the party as invited guests. Enter the basement when everyone is distracted and steals the swords. There will most likely be boobie traps, but I'm sure a skilled Skull Valley ninja can handle this. Once you have the swords, tie a rope on somewhere secure and climb down from the roof to the stone tile floor."

"That sounds like a good plan Lord Inari," Kisuke said.

"I agree, there will be fewer guards during broad daylight too," Momohime said

"I'm happy to hear that. Also, Yuzuruha will be accompanying you just in case the plan falls apart."

"That's okay, just no funny business Yuzuruha," Momohime said, keeping a close eye on matchmaking Kitsune.

"But of course princess. I'm always focused and serious when it comes to the mission." Yuzuruha replied, trying to reassure her.

"Anyway, I think it's time for you two to go to bed. It's almost midnight and both of you already finished your dinner. We'll go over the plan later in the morning." Lord Inari said, seeing tonight has come to a close.

"Understood, thank you for hospitality Lord Inari. Just make sure to keep your Kitsune under control okay." Kisuke said honestly.

"I feel the same way too Kisuke." Yuzuruha doesn't know the meaning of personal space or alone time with Kisuke and me, Momohime thought.

"I'll make sure that does happen again. My Kitsune will be reminded to show discipline and respect towards our welcomed friends and allies."

"We greatly appreciate it, Lord Inari," Momohime replied, while bowing her head alongside Kisuke, as a sign of respect.

Afterward, the ninja and the princess emptied their bowls and plates. Then handed them over to the Kitsune maids and departed. Although they took a small detour in the hallway of the fox manor, they were eventually able to return to their quarters to change into their nightwear and sleep on their own individual futons near each other.

"Good night Kisuke and let both hopes for a better tomorrow," Momohime said, as she forced a smile on her face. In order to brighten the mood with Kisuke, ever since they were both embarrassed tonight.

"Okay, Momohime. I pray to the Buddha that our mission will go smoothly, without any antics or humiliation."

"Yeah me too, my little ninja."

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