February 9th, 2021

[Place unknown]

9:00 PM

A young woman woke up in a very small, very dark room. Cold all around. Fabric brushed against her short white hair. A fluffy, chin-length hime cut.

"Where am I?" she tried looking around at her surroundings. "What is this place?"

She closed her eyes tightly, attempting to recall what had happened to her prior to ending up in the dark room she is in, only to draw a blank, much to her shock.

"What's happening? Why can't I remember a single thing?" The young woman kept her composure, not wanting panic to plague her thoughts.

As she collected her own thoughts, she bit her lip as she reached her hands out, hoping to find a way out of the room she is in.

Much to her relief, her hand found a doorknob, which meant that she was already standing close to the door.

Not wanting to be inside the dark room for much longer, she hastily opened the door and quickly ran out of the room.

However, as soon as she stepped into another room, she immediately crashed into a man and knocked him to the floor. She landed on top of him and knocked the sunglasses off of his face and the hat off his head.

"I am sorry," she apologized, then stood up and held out her hand. "I don't know what came over me."

The man picked up his shades and took her hand. "No sweat." Once he was back on his feet, he folded his sunglasses and clipped it to the collar of his undershirt. "These things happen sometimes."

The girl looked around the rather large room, one clearly built for two people, as there were two beds; one on either side of the room. It was split down the middle by colour, one side was painted blue with waves and bubbles, while the other was red and decorated with flames and lightning. She looked down and saw that even the carpet was blue and red.

"Your room has an interesting design." The girl commented, pushing up her glasses.

"Yeah, it has my favorite colors after all." The man scratched the back of his head. "So, you got a name?"

"Naoko Fujimaru," she nodded, then smiled at him. "My talent… I'm afraid I'm not allowed to tell you."

"Not allowed?" He sounded like a parrot.

"I can tell you, but if I do, I will have to erase your memory." Her expression suddenly turned serious.

"W-What the hell!?" The man jumped back slightly, a shocked look etched across his features. "Are you-"

"It is just a joke." Naoko cut him off, her expression remaining stoic.

"Jeez, I thought you were serious for a second there." He sighed in exasperation, before shaking his head.

"Really? I thought I was making what you call, a joke, senpai." The white-haired girl tilted her head in confusion.

"I didn't think it was all that funny, to be completely honest." He frowned slightly, not liking the so-called joke. "And please, call me Xavier."

"I see, then I apologize for saying such words, Xavier-senpai." She bowed politely at him.

"It's no big deal. I think I might have just overreacted, is all." Xavier waved off her apology, and gave her a reassuring smile.

"If you say so then." Naoko smiled softly, before curiously asking: "I must ask, what's your talent?"

"Well, since you asked nicely," he smirked and pointed a thumb at himself. "I'm the S-Class Guitarist, 'cuz playing the guitar is what I'm good at," he looked at the shorter girl. "And my full name's Xavier Coleman, in case you're wondering about that."

"I'll be sure to remember that." The girl nodded, looking around the room. "This is your room, right?"

"Yup." Xavier replied, nodding his head. "Are you gonna leave?"

She turned to him, before answering: "I believe so, I just woke up after all."

"Gotcha." The man made a gesture towards another door. "The door's that way."

"Thank you, Xavier-senpai." Naoko bowed politely at him once more, before proceeding to leave the guitarist's room.

February 9th, 2021


9: 08 PM

The white-haired girl stepped into the halls, with the black and white tile floors and walls painted beige, as she noted that there were other doors, similar to the one that she had just came out of.

"Hey, I thought you needed to have some fun. No need to burn me over it." A female voice came from a few meters away.

"Eh? Why would I burn you over it?" A male, French-accented voice spoke, sounding confused.

"Well, you did say that you're a fiery guy. You've got your lighter out right now. It's even lit." she pointed at the lighter around the male's neck.

Naoko ran towards the two voices, and then stopped and saw a tall boy with light red hair and a girl with brown hair, tied into a ponytail.

Both of them took notice of the white-haired girl, before the boy smiled cheerfully at her as he stepped forward, while he waved his right arm wildly.

"Hi there! My name is Iggy, and I come from the place where people throw freezyballs at each other and freeozo in place!" The now-named Iggy smiled blissfully at the confused girl.

"Freezyballs? Freeozo?" The girl tilted her head in confusion.

"Just ignore him," the brown-haired girl pointed her thumb at him. "Believe me, trying to make sense of what he just said will just confuse you to no end." She gave the shorter girl a friendly smile. "What's up, I'm Shiori Hashimoto, the S-Class Drummer." The now-named Shiori pointed her thumb at Iggy once more. "The guy's full name is Iggy Heismont, and his talent is the S-Class Arsonist for some reason."

Naoko widened her eyes in surprise for a brief second, before shaking her head as she spoke up "I-I see, that is a rather interesting talent." She took a breath and smiled at the two people in front of her. "My name is Naoko Fujimaru, but I believe that I will not tell you what my talent is, unfortunately."

"That's cool, I ain't gonna pry into that." The drummer shrugged, still smiling at the shorter girl.

She looked at the floor as she thought of what to say next, before looking up at the two, as she asked: "Um, do both of you remember anything prior to being here?"

"Nope, I can't remember a single thing before waking up in this place." Shiori shook her head, looking at the ceiling.

"Me too! I was at the shalabas and was making my way to the schoolio, until I was knocked out like bokikos and here I am!" Iggy's tone sounded too cheerful for the girl next to him.

Shiori put her face in her palms and sighed. "Damn, did you smoke some ecstasy after waking up?"

"I don't remember doing that, but that sounds fun!" The arsonist was seemingly oblivious to what the drummer had meant by her words.

"That reminds me," the brown-haired girl reached into her bomber jacket and pulled out a small square wrapped in plastic. "Naoko, do you want a brownie? Because here's a brownie."

Naoko shook her head and smiled politely. "I'll have to pass, I'm not feeling hungry at the moment."

"Suit yourself," the drummer shrugged. "I'll hold onto it for you, okay?"

The shorter girl could only bow politely in response, as she left the two people to their own business.

February 9th, 2021

Mini Hospital

9: 21 PM

As she began to explore the rooms, Naoko decided to check out the mini-hospital first, to which she stepped inside and took note of what's inside.

The walls were pure white, with the tiles on the floor being the same as the ones she saw in the hallways, and the room basically had everything one would see in a hospital, but were smaller to fit the size of the room itself.

She also saw a small desk set up, with papers and office supplies strewn all around, as well as a hallway full of rooms on the left-hand side. On the walls were a myriad of inspirational posters, such as a calico kitten hanging from a branch, with the sentence 'Hang in there.' in black cursive text.

Before she could look further into the room, two new voices had reached her ears.

"You mean to tell me that you do not remember most of the requirements that are related to your talent?" A male voice asked, sounding rather professional and stoic.

"Yes, while I remember the name of my talent and some of its basics, that is about it." A female voice responded, her tone sounding uncertain.

"You are a spiritual healer, correct? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I believe that involves homeopathy."

"Well, I do remember using crystals for quite a while, but I do not remember how. It is as if.. As if only this one aspect of my life has been erased."

The girl with the mysterious talent opened the door. In one of the offices was a pair of students, a blonde woman in the swivel chair with a troubled expression, and an albino man; sat cross-legged on the examination table.

"Hello?" Naoko looked at them and walked inside.

"Oh? How can we help you?" The young man asked, looking at the girl with a slightly calculating expression.

"Well, I was simply just exploring this room," The white-haired girl responded. "And I apologize for eavesdropping slightly on your conversation, senpai."

"S-Senpai!?" He quickly lost his composed expression, as it gave way to a rather flushed and embarrassed one.

"Um, would you mind introducing yourself, please?" The blonde asked politely.

"My name is Naoko Fujimaru, but I apologize as I'm not allowed to tell anyone about my talent." Naoko rubbed her left arm shyly.

"I see then," she nodded, placing a hand on her chest. "My name is Sofia Nilsson and I am the S-Class Spiritual Healer," she frowned slightly. "From what I remember at the very least."

The silver-haired young man coughed into his hand, trying to regain his composure, before introducing himself: "N-Nissho Ikezama, t-the S-Class Physicist." He looked away slightly, trying to hide the small blush on his cheeks.

"It's nice to meet you two." The white-haired girl bowed politely.

"You as well, dear." Sofia held out her hand, and Naoko shook it gently.

"A-Ahem!" Nissho coughed into his hand once more, getting the girls' attention. "Is there any other reason that you're in this room, Miss Fujimaru?"

"Well, I do have a question for both of you." She looked at the physicist with some hope. "Nissho-senpai, do you and Sofia-senpai remember anything before waking up here?"

The two students looked at each other, before the spiritual healer spoke up: "I apologize, but I don't remember much. I believe that, should everyone have the same condition, we may have had our memories erased."

"I agree, while I find it quite unusual that all of us have a form of memory loss, I cannot deny that it is possible." The young man pushed up his glasses thoughtfully.

"I-I see." Naoko looked at the floor. "Thank you for your answers, senpai."

"N-No need to say that." Nissho flushed slightly, tugging at his coat sleeves. "Believe me when I say that I came close to panicking when I realized that I had no memories prior to waking in this building."

"Once again, I apologize for not remembering much," Sofia rubbed at her right arm nervously. "As well as being not much help in answering your question."

"It's okay, I understand." the shorter girl nodded politely. "I believe that I'll leave you two by yourselves now," she turned around and made her way out of the office. "Take care now, senpai."

The spiritual healer waved at her as she left, while the physicist's pale face reddened even more.

February 9th, 2021


9: 32 PM

Naoko quietly walked down the halls, as she thought back to the people she had interacted with.

"If what Sofia-senpai said was true, then it would create problems for us here." she thought to herself, seemingly blocking out her surroundings.

As she delved deeper into her thoughts, a voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Hold it right there, would you mind not coming any close, if you please?" The man's voice had a Manchester accent that was oddly familiar to the white-haired girl.

"Have I heard of this voice before?" She asked herself, feeling her face heat up slightly for reasons unknown to her.

Shaking her head, she looked up and saw a black-haired young man, who was wearing a black cap with bandages wrapped around his left eye, looking down at something, which took her a few seconds to realize what the young man was looking at.

It was a young man with short pink hair, who lay face-down on the tile floor. He was dressed for adventure, as he wore a brown, fur-rimmed jacket, cargo pants and thick, heavy-looking boots; as well as a small water canteen on his belt. Naoko could imagine this man travelling to many far-off lands, with wonder in his eyes.

But alas, that did not seem possible. The Brit turned the man over and Naoko saw a large bruise on his neck, his mouth agape in shock, his once-bright blue eyes wide and reddened. He was dead.

"I see," the Brit looked over the corpse, then sighed to himself. "Given the marks around his neck, I would believe that he was strangled with a cable. For around five minutes, thereabouts." He sighed once more. "What a cruel way to die."

He turned his head and saw the white-haired girl, who appeared to be covering her mouth in horror and was a few inches away from him and the corpse.

Sighing tiredly, the young man stood up and dusted himself off, before politely introducing himself: "Hello there, my name is James Lee, and I am the S-Class Detective." His gaze drifted towards the corpse, before it returned to the girl in front of him. "I apologize for what you're seeing right now, but I assure you that the man on the floor is long dead."

Naoko could only nod timidly in response, her blush seemingly growing even more on her pale face.

"W-Why do I feel like I've known him before?" She thought to herself, as she stared into the detective's expression, as it grew rather gentle.

"Are you just going to stare at me like that?" James asked, his lips forming a small amused smile.

In response, the white-haired girl blinked and then shook her head, trying to shake off the blush on her expression.

"N-Naoko Fujimaru." She stammered, shyly twiddling her thumbs. "A-As for my talent, I'm afraid that I can't you that."

He stared at the girl for a few seconds, before shrugging slightly, seeing that it wasn't his business to ask her what her talent was and simply smiled politely at her.

"U-Um, d-do you-" Naoko cut herself off as she shook her head, seeing no point in asking the same question, before asking a different one: "W-What do you think of what's happening right now?"

"What kind of a question is that?" she scolded herself for asking such a question.

To her own surprise, James' expression turned serious as he answered her with: "Well, considering that there's barely anyone here but students like ourselves," He cupped his chin thoughtfully. "I could only conclude that we are either locked inside this building for our own safety at best," His expression darkened slightly. "Or at worst, trapped inside for the purpose of being subjected into a killing game, which is more likely to happen so far."

Naoko gasped slightly at his answer, as she had heard a bit about the killing games before.

"It is solely speculation for now," James looked at her, then scratched at his forehead, being careful so as to not move his bandages. "For now, that's all we can do." He looked back towards the pink-haired man, then noticed a small card sticking out of his pocket.

The Brit reached out to the corpse's pocket and pulled out the small card sticking out of it.

"Austin Coda, the S-Class Collector." He read the small card, furrowing his brows.

"What does it say?" The white-haired girl asked, looking at the boy directly.

"Judging from this card, he must've been a student like us as well." The detective answered, before sighing as he placed the card inside one of his pockets. "Which can further prove that we might end up being subjected into a killing game."

Naoko could only look at the floor, as she began thinking about the situation in a new light.

The young man looked at her gently as he spoke up once more: "Look, I know this is quite a lot to take in, but I assure you that whoever did this will pay for what they did."

She looked up at him and saw his gentle gaze, causing her face to go red, along with something beating in her chest.

"H-Have I met him before?" She thought, rubbing her left arm shyly. "I-I feel like I have, especially with the way he looks at me."

"U-Um, can we somewhere else," The girl spoke up, trying to hide her blush. "I-I don't think that I want to look at the poor man's body even more."

"Of course, Miss Fujimaru." He nodded, looking at the corpse once more.

"L-Let's go." Naoko murmured, making her way down the hallway, walking past the corpse known as Austin as she did.

James stared at the corpse for a more seconds, before following the seemingly mysterious girl, with his hands in his pockets.

February 9th, 2021


9: 44 PM

The two students quietly walked down the seemingly long hallway, as both of them have yet to exchange any words after their previous interaction.

They were then taken aback by what sounded like a motorbike engine without a muffler. Then, silence.

"Mr. Suishin, would you please wake up!" A female voice caught their attention. "It's not appropriate for you to be sleeping in the hallways."

"James-senpai, let's go!" Naoko grabbed his hand and ran as she very nearly dragged him over to the motor engine and the woman.

The unknown woman had black and red hair, and she seemed to wear an attire that closely resembled a Japanese school uniform. She turned around. "Oh thank god," she put her hand on her hip and sighed. "Can you two please help me get this guy off the floor?"

"Of course." the white-haired girl stepped forward, lightly pulling James along with her.

What the two saw on the floor was a rather tall man with orange hair tied into a ponytail and a long yellow scarf. He seemed to be lying on his back, with a rather peaceful expression on his face.

The woman, along with the two students, surrounded the man on the floor, with the woman sliding her hands underneath his head, Naoko grabbing his left arm, and James grabbing his right arm, before attempting to pull him up, but to no avail due to how heavy he was, compared to his lithe frame.

"He's too heavy for even the three of us." The woman sighed in exasperation, crossing her arms.

"Surprisingly so." The Brit nodded, as he bent down and observed the man's expression. "He doesn't seem to be hurting anyone, but I see why you're concerned."

Feeling his curiosity getting the best of him, he waved his hand over the man's face, which seemed to gain no reaction. His eyes observed every part of him, until noticing a strange tattoo on the man's neck.

"Interesting." He muttered to himself, before leaning close to try and get a closer look on the tattoo itself.

To his surprise, a hand suddenly shot up and caused him to stagger back slightly, knocking his cap off in the process.

"Don't touch me." The man's voice was a tired growl.

"Sorry, sir." James knelt down and picked up his hat. "I was just curious."

"Tch. I better not catch you trying to fucking touch me again, ya hear?" He narrowed his eyes at the young man before him.

Said young man was staring at him for a few seconds, before bowing politely at him, muttering another apology under his breath as he does so.

The taller man sat up against the wall and then stood up. He sighed, then turned his sharp, birdlike gaze to the three. "What the fuck are you looking at?"

Naoko decided to answer. "Excuse me, but I was wondering what your name was."

"Link Suishin."

"I see then," the white-haired girl nodded, before introducing herself. "My name is Naoko Fujimaru, I apologize if you were disturbed by James-senpai."

Link scrutinized her intently, before snorting as he grinned slightly. "Heh, at least you're polite, little lady." He reached his hand out to her. "I'm the S-Class Electrician, nice to fuckin' meetcha."

The shorter girl smiled and reached out to his hand, as she shook it gently.

However, she quickly frowned as soon as she let go of his hand. "As for my talent, I'm afraid that I'm not allowed to tell anyone about it." She bowed at him. "I apologize for that."

In response, the tall man waved his gloved hand at her and smirked. "Hey, it's cool. What about your friend?"

"James Lee, the S-Class Detective." the young man's voice was fairly quiet, as he puts his hands in his pockets.

"Well, since we're introducing ourselves here," the unknown woman smiled kindly at Naoko and James. "My name is Mariko Akasaka, and I'm the S-Class Patisserie." She reaches into her cardigan and pulls out a small box. The tag read 'Redstone Bakery'. "Do you want a pocky stick?" she opens the box, revealing chocolate-coated biscuit sticks. "They're my own recipe."

"Sure." Link picked out one of the sticks and bit it almost in half.

"Miss Akasaka, I assume that you know this man, judging from the fact that you had referred to him by his surname a while back." The Brit turned his attention to the now-named Mariko.

"I woke up in his room, then he dragged me out here and fell asleep in the hallway. Face-first, I might add." She shook her head. "It's a wonder he hasn't broken his nose."

"She kept pestering me about my sleeping habits like she's my mom or some shit." The electrician grumbled, but sighed. "But I ain't gonna stay mad at her for being concerned."

"I would like to ask you something," Naoko looked at the two, who then stared back at her. "What do you remember before you woke up?"

Link scratched his rather sharp-looking nose, before he bit down on his left ring finger. Once he let go, he told her: "I don't remember anything."

"I also don't remember anything, I'm sorry about that." The patisserie frowned and nodded in agreement.

"I see then," the white-haired girl looked down sadly. "Thank you both for your answers."

"Sorry for not being much help, Miss Fujimaru." Mariko smiled sadly.

"Hmmm, I'm going to assume that you don't remember anything as well, correct?" James looked at the shorter girl.

"Yes, that's correct, James-senpai." She looked away slightly with a small blush.

"With all four of us not having any memories prior to waking up in this building, who's to say that every student here would be the same as us." He theorized, crossing his arms.

"It's similar to what Sofia-senpai and Nissho-senpai told me," Naoko thought grimly, gripping the hem of her skirt. "Do we really have our memories erased?"

Link and Mariko looked at each other, unsure of what to say next.

"W-Well, I think we'll have to go now," she bowed at the two politely. "Let's go, James-senpai."

The young man simply nodded as he followed the girl down the hallway once more, leaving behind the electrician and the patisserie.

February 9th, 2021


9: 51 PM

Both students began to explore another room of the building, as they took in the surroundings of it.

It was a small little drugstore, its four rows of shelves stocked with brushes, toilet tissue, sanitary napkins, deodorant, toothpaste and other self-care supplies.

In a corner near the entrance was an orange countertop around three feet tall; the shelves below it held chocolate bars, mints, chewing gum and an array of sodas in a small fridge.

The shelves behind it held small bottles of an unidentified yellow liquid, bottles of pills, boxes full of needles and syringes (separately, of course) and curiously, transfusion equipment.

On the counter itself was a plush doll of a snow-white fox, its collar decorated with red and pink hearts. Naoko picked it up and held it up to her face. Its stitched-on smile was warm and friendly, its black bead eyes small and slanted upwards toward the top, and its soft, fluffy fur felt like Naoko was holding a cloud in her hands.

"Wow, it looks so cute~!" The girl cooed, bringing the plushy close to her chest.

It took a long while for Naoko to notice James' wide-eyed staring at the counter. There, in a long brown coat, was an albino man in a train cap and a cloth gas mask, with a pair of goggles over his eyes. To Naoko, he looked almost like an android.

Naoko stared at him. He stared back. "Um.. hello?"

"I am the machine." His German-accented voice was at the same time muffled and amplified by his mask.

"I'm sorry..?" She tilted her head in confusion.

"I am the machine," he said again, pulled his mask off, and then continued. "Or Eckhart Hertz, if you prefer."

"I … see then," the white-haired girl smiled slightly at the man on the counter. "Do you happen to work at this store?"

"No, I believe I do not." Eckhart pulled up his goggles, revealing his ruby red eyes. "I am merely here to inspect these so-called drugs in this store."

James looked warily at the albino man, but spoke up: "May I ask about what your talent is?"

The said albino man stared at the detective as he seemed to remain eerily silent, which didn't serve to ease the young man's wariness.

"Um, you don't have to tell us if-" The girl tried to speak, but quickly cut herself off as the man opened his mouth to answer.

"My talent is the S-Class Rocket Surgeon," his tone was monotonous, seemingly devoid of any form of emotion. "Do you have any further questions?"

"Yes, is there any other reason why you're here?" The Brit asked warily, narrowing his eyes.

"Considering my talent, I have come here in hopes of jogging my missing memories." the rocket surgeon answered simply, closing his eyes.

"This only further proves Sofia-senpai and Nissho-senpai's words." Naoko grimaced slightly, hugging the fox plushie close to her chest, before speaking up: "Have you tried the mini-hospital?"

In response, Eckhart turned to look at the girl blankly for a good while, which greatly made her uncomfortable as she felt his piercing red eyes stare through her soul.

"I believe I have not," The albino man went around the counter and quickly made his exit. "I shall go now."

With those words, he was no longer in sight, leaving the two students more than a little baffled.

"Well, that happened." James pinched his nose and sighed. "I feel that this man should take some lessons on how to be human."

"I'm sure he's not that bad, senpai." Naoko smiled reassuringly.

"Hello hello!" A cheerful voice called out to them.

A dark-haired young man entered the drugstore, with a bright grin on his features as he spoke: "Hello? Is anyone inside?"

"Hello there." The white-haired girl smiled politely at the new person.

The young man turned his head to notice her, before he waved cheerfully and gave her a bigger smile. "My name's Dashin Sorana!"

"Naoko Fujimaru." She bowed and smiled softly at him. "Nice to meet you."

"Hello," the Brit stepped forward and nodded at the young man. "My name is James Lee."

To his slight surprise, Dashin narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized him, and then Naoko, before a toothy grin slowly appeared on his features.

"Why are you looking at us like that?" The girl felt slightly uncomfortable.

"Hmmm," he rubbed his chin and narrowed his eyes. "How long have you two been dating?"

"What!?" Both students shouted, with Naoko blushing furiously.

"As the S-Class Soulmate, it's only natural for me to know if you two have been dating or not." Dashin smiled brightly at them.

"I see." James pulled his hat down to cover his eyes. "Though I assure you, we are not dating."

"Mhmm." The white-haired girl nodded timidly.

"That's too bad," Dashin frowned slightly, putting his hands on his hips. "You two look like you'd make a great couple."

"Well, James-senpai does look quite handsome, even with those bandages over his eye." Naoko thought, her blush growing even more.

"Anyway, I believe the two of us will make our leave now." The Brit sighed, looking at the girl next to him.

"Oh, okay then," The soulmate smiled again, before turning to the girl. "If you want some advice and how to win this young man's heart, my door is always open."

Afterwards, he winked at her and made his way to the counter, presumably to check out its contents below.

"Let's just go, Miss Fujimaru." James began to make his way out of the drugstore, with a blushing Naoko following from behind.

February 9th, 2021

The Lost Library

10: 07 PM

The two students began to explore the next room, whose door was painted over and then cut open with a rusty hatchet, due to the detective's curiosity over certain things in his head.

The room smelled damp and dusty, and it seemed to be covered in cobwebs. Half-rotted ribbons and loose leaves of paper lay scattered across the floor. It was several stories tall, with bookshelves stacked up to the ceiling, the books all messily arranged in haphazard piles on the shelves and floor.

On the shelves were rolling ladders, fastened to the top of the shelves with wooden wheels in a groove inside the bookcases' top and bottom ends.

Lastly, there was a librarian's desk that looked like it was recently cleaned up, with chairs and tables looking like they were recently organized. While the books, shelves and even the ladders were covered in a thick layer of dust, the dust on the tables, checkout counter and chairs were wiped clean.

Naoko took a look around the dirty-looking library, to which something that greatly stood out had caught her eye.

What she saw was a silver-haired young woman sitting on one of the chairs, as she seemed to be focused on reading a book. The front cover read "Emotional Intelligence".

To her surprise, the young man closed her book and smiled politely at her and James, before she spoke up: "I apologize if you two saw the hatchet on your way in, I needed to find a way to get inside after all."

"Did you realize at first that this was a library?" the detective raised an eyebrow.

"Not at all, I was simply curious about this room and just happened to find out when I came in." She stood up. "Where are my manners? My name is Asami Kuronaga, the S-Class Psychiatrist."

"James Lee, the S-Class Detective." The Brit introduced himself in a brief manner.

"Naoko Fujimaru." The white-haired girl shyly waved at her.

"It is nice to meet you two," the psychiatrist bowed politely at the two students. "I will assume that both of you have your own reasons to be in this room."

"Well, James-senpai said that he wanted to know if there are books related to this building's history." Naoko turned to the young man next to her.

"Indeed, the idea came to me not too long ago." James nodded, crossing his arms. "Learning about this building's history would be beneficial, and we happened to be lucky upon finding that this room is a library, albeit an old-looking one."

"I see then," the silver-haired girl turned to the shorter girl. "And I believe that I haven't gotten your talent yet."

She shifted nervously and responded: "Um, I've been told to keep my talent hidden for now, unfortunately."

"Oh, is that so?" Asami asked, walking towards her. "Forgive me for saying this, Naoko, but that makes me curious about what your talent could be." she then narrowed her eyes slightly. "I would be lying if that didn't make me wary as well."

James looked at Asami and sighed. "As far as I can tell, she has not disclosed that information to anyone at the time. It is, and will always be her choice as to whether or not she reveals what her talent is, or is not." He took his hat off and scratched at the back of his head. "Besides, I can say for certain that she is rather harmless."

Naoko blushed slightly at the detective's words and looked away in embarrassment. "Thank you, James-senpai."

"Oh, if that's truly the case, then I apologize for what I said to you just now." The psychiatrist smiled. "But I'll let you know that if you ever feel like talking, my door is always open."

"Thank you, Asami-senpai." The white-haired girl smiled gratefully.

Asami nodded and looked at the two. "Now I believe that I will let you two do what you came here to do." She took her book and began to walk away. "I shall be elsewhere if you ever need me."

With those words, she moved to a different part of the library, leaving the two students behind as she was now out of sight.

"Alright then," James scanned the bookshelves. "Let's see if there are any books that involve this building's history."

Naoko nodded in response as she and the detective began to go through multiple bookshelves, in an attempt to find books that contain useful information for their current situation.

After what felt like an hour, both of them had gathered ten to fifteen books that could possibly help them find information about the building.

The detective opened one book and began to scan its pages, only to narrow his eyes as he kept reading.

"We're inside a school?" The white-haired girl looked over to see the book's content.

"And its name is apparently Winter's Crest Academy," the young man mused, turning another page. "But so far, there is no information that could help us escape."

"I guess that means we're students of this school then, since Winter's Crest Academy refer to their students as 'S-Class'," Naoko's eyes squinted thoughtfully, pushing up her glasses. "But that makes it more possible that we might end up being in a killing game."

James could only nod in response, as both students continued to read through the school's history, in hopes that they'll find information to help them escape.

An hour has passed and the detective has yet to find anything useful that he and the mysterious girl have found, much to his dismay.

"This will be much more difficult than I thought it would be." He frowned to himself, before feeling something light lean against his shoulder.

He turned to see that the white-haired girl had fallen asleep while reading, as she leaned against his shoulder with a peaceful expression on her features.

"She must have felt tired while reading these books." The Brit couldn't help but blush slightly at how peaceful the girl looked. "For some reason, I feel like I've known her before all of this."

A small smile crept onto his face as he decided to put down the book, before moving himself so the girl slept more comfortably. As in, he let her head rest on his thighs.

"Senpai." the girl murmured quietly, smiling peacefully.

Seeing that she was comfortable, James proceeded to read more of the books until he himself eventually felt tired.