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America is furious. I mean, very furious. He stormed to the world meeting room. "How dare you?!" America yelled at Japan. Japan try to look innocent whiling everyone look confused. "I'm sorry America, I'm not sure what you mean." Japan lied.

America's blood boiled in rage and his face darkened in anger. "You made a huge mistake Japan," He said darkly. Whiling everyone (expect for Japan) paled. What did Japan do to make America so dangerously pissed off? He haven't been so dangerously pissed off since World War One. "I, America, declare war on Japan." As soon as America declaration the temperature decreases. America's eyes changed from blue to red. He haven't had red eyes since America Civil War between South and North America. Everyone's (expect for Japan) jaw dropped in shock/horror and paled. "A-America w-what d-do you mean by that?" France asked, stammering.

America turned around to look at France. America smiled darkly. "You will see in the worldwide news headline tomorrow." France's eyes widened. America look back to Japan. America's dark aura spreads. "Mark my words, Japan, you will lose. You won't have my mercy." Japan give a cold stare. "I won't lose."

America give a bitter laughed and glare at Japan lividly. "You made a huge fatal mistake to hurt my daugh— er, Hawaii. This world meeting won't be opened again after this war be over! England, I will join you in this war to crush Japan to pieces." America said lividly and then storm off with a pissed off look.

Everyone was speechless. "Somehow I have a bad feeling about this..." Greece thought.

— During the final stage of World War Two —

"America," Said US President. "Are you ready to drop the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima?"

America grinned. "Hell yeah boss." He turned at the pilot with a wicked smirk on his face. "Let's drop the baby." The pilot smirked. "You got it." The pilot touch the button and the nuclear bomb dropped. "Let's turn back, it's gonna blow!" America shouted. "Aye!" Pilot yelled.

America look at the window and then he took a deep breath, hoping to god that the nuclear bomb works. On the next minute the air was quiet and then on the next minute there's was sudden explosion of light, as the smoke revealed flames. America look at the flames coldly and then his red eyes changed into blue. America stumbled a little and then groaned. "Ugh...What just happened?" "Alfred! You are not going to believe it — we finally did it!" The pilot gushed. America frowned, who is this guy? The last time that he ever remember that he declared war on Japan until he blacked out. "Uhm, what do you mean?" The pilot rolled his eyes. "Look at the window, we finally dropped the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima!" America stunned and look at the window. He gulped at the flames. "What's year is it?" America asked nervously. The pilot blinked. "Did you hit your head? It's September 2nd 1945." "Oh shit," America thought. "My other self has possessed me for four years. After this I'm gong to apologize to Japan for blowing up one of his city. He is going to pissed off when he going to found out."


—When Japan found out —

"AMERICA, YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Japan roared angrily. "You got some fucking guts to blow up my city!"

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