Miles managed to use his speed force powers to escape from that fantasy dimension and he entered the speed force itself. With entering the cosmic force, Miles was able to find his way back to Earth and keep all of his powers at the same time. But as he haphazardly used his speed force power to do whatever he pleased back at home eventually Earth's god took notice of it.

As he was relaxing in his king-sized bed with a group of beautiful women sharing the bed with him naked, a voice spoke to him in a quite angry tone.


Miles started picking his ear before flicking the ear wax inside away.

"Fuck off you shitty old man. Let me do my thing and I won't beat the shit out of you." Miles responded in a gangster-like manner.

"Y-You! YOU DARE!?" The voice shouted as a sudden bolt of lightning struck down straight towards Miles.

The lightning bolt seemingly coming from nowhere pierced through the luxurious kingly bed of Miles and wrecked a majority of his golden mansion.

"First you come into my home without my permission, then you disrespect me in my own home, and to finish it all off you destroy my house! If I don't beat you to death, I'd be the biggest bitch around." Miles said while cracking his knuckles and a blue aura shooting into the clouds.

The pink M on his forehead shined as he suddenly vanished into thin air and reappeared in a land of fluffy white clouds and a white bearded old man.


Winged humans wielding golden weapons flew towards the weaponless and relaxed Miles.

"I haven't been sitting on my fucking ass this entire time you lazy shitbag. After escaping that hellhole, I've been making sure I would never have to follow some asshole's commands ever again." Miles swayed his head to the side, avoiding the blade of an angel who intended to decapitate him, and countered with a side kick to the side of the angel's jaw.

The angel's neck twisted multiple times around before he fell from the sky and laid motionless on the soft white clouds. More angels charged the lone human and were swiftly and easily taken out until only one was left, an Archangel.

This angel was fully equipped in golden armor and a large golden shield and sword. She slowly flapped over to Miles and then hovered in front of him.

"Surrender now and a painless trip to Hell awaits you." She said in a regal and angelic voice, not matching her fierce and frightening appearance in the slightest.

"Yeah yeah bitch, just let me knock that old fuck's head around a bit and I'll be out of your way. We could settle this in "another way" later… What do you say?" Miles asked with a certain lustful look in his eyes.

The Archangel blushed inside her armor and was thankful no one could see it. For some reason this intruder is able to affect her emotions and she felt certain feelings for him… She couldn't explain this feeling except that it made her body feel hot and caused her emotions to run high. To do away with these unexplainable feelings, she charged towards the male and attacked.

Miles grinned as he effortlessly toyed around with the feminine angel. He dodged all her attacks and constantly taunted her. The Archangel got angrier and angrier as she tried to slice the human-looking intruder to pieces, her form got sloppier and sloppier and eventually it felt as if a seasoned veteran was playing with his young daughter.

"I'll play with you later. Now get out of my way." Miles told her as he kicked the blonde-haired angel in the stomach and shattered her armor entirely. The Archangel was sent sliding across the gentle clouds far away and Miles and the white robed middle-aged man stood across from each other.

"Ready for your beating G O D?" Miles asked with a grin.

"You can't be one of mine… My creations can't possibly rise past the universal barrier I set for them.."

"You should be a bit more active. A whole bunch of us went missing a while ago." Miles said before vanishing and reappearing in front of the deity.

He uppercutted the higher being and reappeared above the launched god and whipped his leg into the throat of God, launching him down past the clouds and back down to Earth.

The two would continue to battle until eventually they fell down into Satan's realm. What happened after that wouldn't be known until years later as the Earth advanced into the 30th century and its new religious figure хуткасць sent down a revelation to his followers about his ascension into Godhood.


"KIKIKIKIKIKIK KILL THEM ALL MY MINIONS! THIS WORLD SHALL BE MINE TO RULE!HIHIHIHIHI—" He suddenly began choking despite his new appearance.

A nearby supernatural beauty patted his back and helped him cough up whatever was causing him to choke.

"Thank you my beautiful wife." Phil said to his seemingly human-looking spouse.

She ripped off her head and tossed it at a nearby assassin beastkin, shattering most of his bones on impact and soon the undead army nearby began ripping him to pieces and eating him. Her head magically teleported back onto her neck and she hugged Phil.

"You're welcome my most handsome husband." She said as she hung onto Phil's skeleton body.

"All that's left is the Hazamund Kingdom and then my minions of the dark shall rule this planet!" Phil shouted out.

The undead army shouted along with Phil in agreement and they continued their march to take over the planet.


"ROARRRRRRRR" A large muscle-bound demon towered over the blue four-armed pokémon.

It slashed down with its fierce red claws that could cleave demi-gods in half.

"Hoo…." Kitara calmly exhaled as she suddenly vanished and reappeared under the demon.

The machamp punched forward towards the chest of the demon. The amount of force generated by the female pokémon was enough to kill the demon in one hit. Her punch managed to caused the demon's heart to explode and body to burst into pieces from the leftover vibrations left by her punch.




More demons came from the surroundings with hungry look in their eyes. Kitara slowly started to smile as she turned around to face them with numerous scars upon her ripped and powerful body.

"This is the life.." She mumbled as the demons attacks.


"Now it's time to find me an escaped minion." Majin smiled as she held a collar with a chain attached to it.

Tuff smiled happily as he hung on the shoulders of Majin who was currently looking through multiple dimensions for any signs of Miles. The innumerable amount of dimensions showed many interesting and some straight up crazy worlds. There was a world where she was never transmigrated into. A world where Jeuntak, the planet, was filled with her xenomorph babies. A world where she was the demon lord and even a parallel world where every sentient race were nothing but pets to the non-sentient races.

Although Majin saw many different versions of Miles, the one she was looking for was the only one with a pink M on his forehead. But it seems no matter how many images she passed by; she couldn't find the Miles from her dimension. So, she began to think.. What if Miles isn't even on the planet Jeuntak anymore and he's somewhere exploring in space? Or what if with the speed force he was somehow able to return back to Earth?

"I feel like even if I made millions of clones, I wouldn't be any closer to finding that speedy jerk." She sighed.

"Maybe I should give up. My reasons for even looking for him aren't even important. I did want to give him a good punch though. Taking my power and then running off with it? Hmph! Hmph! If I was a truly petty woman I would search to the ends of the universe to give him the beating of a lifetime."

Tuff yawned as Majin left the time stream and reentered her dimension. After arriving back at the luscious green area free of monsters, Majin began flying upwards with Tuff. She flew above the trees, pass the clouds, and through the atmosphere.

Floating peacefully in space, looking down on the planet Jeuntak. The planet looked like a mess if Majin was to be honest. A mess of colors in certain places, mishmash biomes right next to each other, and an abnormally large ocean that seemed to take up a majority of the planet.

'I guess magic didn't do this planet any favors but it was quite fun. But now it's time for a whole new adventure! Somewhere new! Somewhere fun! Let's see if there is any more planets as interesting as this one was and if there isn't we'll just have to explore this universe! This fantasy world can't be completely empty right?' Majin decided as she began flying throughout space, exploring moons to planets to stars to the galaxies and beyond.

She gifted Tuff with immortality along the way as she sped her way throughout the universe and adventured on foreign and alien planets. It would be millions of years before Majin eventually found herself bored with adventuring around in space and decided to absorb everything she could. It would take her an uncountable amount of years more to completely absorb this universe before moving on to the next with her unimaginable power. But before she moved on to a different universe, she realized that immortality wasn't all that sweet. Even with a certain cute pet accompanying her.

As she and Tuff arrived at the new reality, she hugged him and kissed his forehead. Tuff hugged her back and in completely new appearance. Tuff now looked like a crazy rough future version of Knuckles. His body grew to bodybuilder heights, he had a red gruffy beard, and a large futuristic gun hanging from his back. Majin looked no different from the time when she left the planet Jeuntak with the exception of her wearing different clothes. Tuff looked into Majin's eyes as he slowly rubbed her head. Tears slowly bubbled from Majin's eyes as she realized that this was goodbye…

She offered to bring him along with her in this new universe but he refused. More and more tears formed around her eyes, as the lack of gravity refused to let these tears fall and just crowd around her eyes. Tuff wiped the tears away, kissed her forehead, and showed a smile before fading away into dust.

Majin dropped to her knees in the empty cold vacuum of space and cried for her son. She cried for days, thinking back on all the good times and the bad times… Eventually she found the strength to get up and continue on with her original goal, but first, she had to make a proper burial for her son.

Majin harnessed the energy of the universe and etched Tuff's name in Eternity itself.

Here Lies The Greatest Warrior and Cutest Son A Mother Could Ever Ask For.

Tuff El

Majin then sealed her body in an insect-like cocoon and separated her soul from her body.

'I guess this is where it all starts… A new universe a new me…' She sadly chuckled. 'But even in this state it's still too much..'

Majin began sealing her memories away while keeping her personality relatively the same. Before the important memories were locked away, she swiftly sent her soul into the unbelievable beautiful starry filled space to inhabit a soulless humanoid body or an infant who is still in the womb.

By the time she reaches a body, a majority of her power and abilities will be sealed and she'll start all over with no knowledge of her past life or this one. But an interesting twist she added was a system-like interface will accompany her soul. This system will grow and gradually release her current skills and abilities for a certain "price." This price was called shop points and to gain those shop points, her new self would need to accomplish certain tasks or sell things to the system. She added more features for the system but it wasn't all that important.

She made this system so that if she was somehow born with her karma in the negatives, she wouldn't die so easily. But even if she somehow died, she made sure to have her soul automatically transfer itself into a new being's body, so that her adventure would never end even when it does!

Majin would wonder from time to time though if she would ever find a way back to Earth though..

Well this chapter happened? I never thought i would ever write about a character actually fighting god. I actually got the idea from the first chapter from where Neflem talked about avoiding Earth's god. If i didn't remember that i would've just had Miles living it up on Earth with his powers.

But anyway onto the protagonist! I feel like i did her ending well. Although ultimately i feel like I failed with her as a character. I went into this novel with her majin buu powers as a focus and didn't really stray far from that even near the end. I should've focused her on her character more instead of her ability.

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