The Flash: The Reverse Flash Family

Note: This story takes place in regular DC continuity. Or it did when I started writing since then some stuff has changed but I didn't want to have to massively rewrite the story. Just take it as an elseworlds if it doesn't make sense. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: Start Line

The story begins in the far future, 250,000 years from now. The world is barren and dead. Nothing grows. In the grey sky a portal opens and a man falls from the sky. This is Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash. He has spent the past few months in the 21st Century battling the Flash. He lost and as a result was thrown through time.

The Reverse Flash screams as he falls towards the ground. He crashes into the ground and lies still. After a few moments he tries to stand but finds he can't. He looks around him to try and make sense of where he's found himself. Suddenly a blur speeds past him moving so fast that it can't be seen.

Reverse Flash: Flash?

Voice: The reverse actually.

Suddenly standing in front of him is Zoom. Zoom is the second Reverse Flash, once an ally to his Flash (Wally West) he was broken and allowed his darkness to consume him. Now he spreads terror as Zoom.

Reverse Flash: Hunter?

Zoom: The Flash beat you again didn't he? And so badly you can barely stand.

Reverse Flash: Don't you-

Zoom: I'm not here to criticize Eobard. I've lost against the Flashes too. But my latest defeat has led me to a revelation. We always act alone, as the Reverse Flash. But the Flashes are a family, they fight as one, together. An interesting idea don't you think?

Back to the present. Central City. The city has been hit by a rather large snow storm burying the city. The city would have stopped completely if it wasn't for one man. Barry Allen aka the Flash races through the streets clearing snow as he does. Recent events have given him a new appreciation for his speed and with a grin of his face he gets the city back to normal.

With the streets now clear he stops at a junction to talk to the traffic officer.

Flash: Traffic should flow with no problems now.

Traffic cop: Not sure they'd thank you Flash, now they have to get to work. But it makes my day easier at least. Good to have you back.

Flash shakes the cops hand and then runs off. He no work planned today as either Barry Allen or the Flash. Today is for family.

The outskirts of Central City. In a nice home Iris West is cooking some breakfast. She's just finished cooking some bacon when in the blink of an eye the bacon disappears from the frying pan.

Iris: Wally!

Wally West the second Flash appears before her licking his fingers clean. He shrugs at her.

Wally: What? Foods too good to wait for, it's a compliment. Besides we've been waiting for a while now and when you're a speedster waiting for food is harder than normal.

Iris simply stares at him.

Wally: I ate it all didn't I?

Iris: Yep.

Wally: I'll be right back.

He speeds of just as fast as Barry who was just approaching the house. Barry slows down and walks inside.

Barry: Sorry I'm late, traffic was a nightmare.

He walks into the kitchen and sees the food ready.

Barry: Looks tasty.

Wally arrives back with lots of food in shopping bags.

Wally: It is.

Iris: See Barry? Wally was on time.

Wally: How is it you're the fastest man alive and yet always late?

Barry: It's my super power?

Iris: Just admit it, you ran longer again, he's been doing it all week.

Barry: After everything that's happened it's just nice to run for the joy of it again. To feel the speed force flow through me.

Wally: See everything blur as you race past it. I know what you mean.

Barry: But the best thing in my life has always been you all, I'm lucky to have a family like this one.

He embraces Iris but Wally simply looks downcast for a moment. Barry then notices.

Barry: Oh god! Wally I'm sorry I didn't mean to-

Wally: It's fine. We got Bart back, I'll find a way to get Linda, Jai and Irey back too. One day it'll be us all sitting here talking about how it seemed I'd never see them again.

Iris: Whatever you need we're here. Always.

Wally: I know you are.

He forces himself to smile.

Wally: Come on, we haven't met up at mine just to watch me mope. Let's enjoy breakfast.

The three of them sit down.

Barry: Where's Wallace?

Wally: In a book with Waldo?

Iris: Wallace is back at my place doing his homework. He's not joining us until it's done and he'll be a while. It turns out the one thing that really slows him down is math.

In the house of Iris West a fourteen year old African American boy simply stares blankly at his math homework sheet and textbook. This is Wallace West, a time line duplicate of Wally created by Flashpoint. He's Kid Flash.

Wallace: Maybe if I take a peak at the answers I can...

He turns to the back of the book to look at the answer section. His face falls.

Wallace: How does that make sense? Why can't I do this?

Voice: Because you don't belong here.

Suddenly Wallace is pulled from his chair and dragged out of his room, he is thrown outside the city and lands in a farmer field. The Reverse Flash stands over him.

Reverse Flash: Hello Wallace.

Wally's home. Breakfast is interrupted when a red streak runs into the house and races around the room a few times before stopped. It's Bart Allen. Bart is Barry's grandson who travelled back in time, also a speedster known as Impulse.

Impulse: Hey guys sorry I'm late I got in a fight with Killer Croc, you seen his teeth? Huge! So I knocked him out then headed over here but got stopped because of something you all should see, is that food?!

Impulse begins attacking the food laid out on the table. Wally stops him.

Impulse: Hey man I'm hungry!

Wally: You said there was something we had to see?

Impulse: Oh might want to suit up first.

Central City Centre. The police have cordoned off a large section of the city shopping district. The two Flashes run and stop next to a Detective Morillo.

Morillo: Had a feeling you'd show up, didn't think it would be both of you though. You here for him?

Wally: We just heard-

Morillo: It's not looking good. Better to just show you.

He leads them into a tent. Strapped on a stretcher badly wounded with several machines hooked to him is August Hart aka Godspeed. Godspeed was a friend of Barry who became an enemy.

Sat next to him his Silas Stone from Star Labs. He runs to the Flashes.

Silas: I've tried to stabilise him but the damage is too great. He doesn't have long.

Barry: Can we have a moment with him?

Stone and Morillo nod and gesture to the other officers. After a moment it's just the three of them. Barry sits next to Godspeed.

Godspeed: Barrryyy...I'm...I'm sorry. For everything. I wish...I wish I was different, better.

Barry: You're not done yet August, hold on I can call in others to-

Godspeed: No, they...they knew how to do this, how to leave me long enough for you to find. I said no, even when they threatened, I said no! I tried to do right at the-

He stops and coughs up a large amount of blood.

Wally: Who did this to you?

In the field Wallace takes out his own flash ring and in an instant he faces the Reverse Flash in his Kid Flash costume.

Kid Flash: I'm not afraid of you Thawne. Trying an easy one after Barry kicked your ass? Not gonna happen. Get running while you still can.

Reverse Flash: Someone's arrogant. Especially as I'm not the only one running today.

Back in the city. Godspeed struggles out his last words.

Godspeed: Reverse...flashes.

And then he passes away.

In the field Kid Flash is suddenly struck from behind and is knocked to the ground. His attacker Zoom looks down at him.

Zoom: This is your fault. If you were better you might have survived.

Kid Flash: Come on then! I'll take you both!

Reverse Flash: He really is arrogant. I must admit I find myself liking this temporal aberration.

Inertia speeds in and kicks Wallace in the head.

Inertia: Nah, he's a total bit! Let's crush him.

Reverse Flash lifts Wallace up and pins his arms.

Reverse Flash: You see Wallace, it's not just me you have to worry about.

Zoom hits Wallace.

Zoom: Or me.

Inertia does the same.

Inertia: Hehe or me.

Cobalt Blue rushes in striking Wallace in the face.

Cobalt Blue: It's me!

Then Savitar follows.

Savitar: And me.

After him comes the Negative Flash.

Negative Flash: Me as well.

And to finish the Rival.

Rival: Could it be any other?

Reverse Flash throws Wallace to the floor. The various Reverse Flashes crowd around him.

Reverse Flash: Family is a wonderful thing. Wouldn't you agree?