Chapter 7 – Dual Families

The Reverse Flash hideout. Savitar rushes into main chamber. Reverse Flash, Zoom and Inertia are waiting for him.

Reverse Flash: Savitar good of you to join us.

Inertia: Got bored of church?

Savitar: I will forgive your blasphemy because the situation demands it! They impersonated my god! You must destroy them! I demand it!

Reverse Flash: Must we? Personally, I've always been for religious freedom.

Zoom: You will have your chance for revenge Savitar.

BOOM! Barry, Wally, Bart and Iris run into the room. The battle is joined. Barry rushes Zoom, Reverse Flash finds himself fighting Wally, Inertia is confronted by Iris and Bart tackles Savitar.

Inertia: Nice running trick granny. Think I won't gut my own Grandma? Think I'm afraid of a little paradox? I'm a Reverse Flash! I make my own histo-OOW!

Iris shocks him with purple speedforce lightning.

Iris: Shut up boy.

Bart blocks one of Savitars blows and then sweeps the leg tripping him up.

Impulse: You should have spent less time preaching.

Savitar: But then I would not have my followers!

Dozens of Savitars speed cult, all as fast as the Flashes rush into the battle. Impulse is swamped beneath them as they all pile on him.

Cultist: Kill the heretics! For speed!

Barry slams Zoom against a wall.

Barry: You're going away for a long time for this Zolomon.

But then Wally is thrown into Barry and the two crash to the floor. Reverse Flash stands over them grinning.

Zoom: How disappointing. I think he needs more motivation don't you Eobard?

Reverse Flash: I do.

Several cultists grab Barry and lift him up. Reverse Flash takes out a knife while Zoom keeps Wally pinned.

Reverse Flash: You always did your best work without Barry around to drag you down didn't you?

Reverse Flash takes the knife to Barry's throat. But before he can do anymore a yellow blur crashes into him. Kid Flash grabs the knife and throws it away.

Kid Flash: Payback time!

Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Jessie Quick and the Rogues arrive. A wave of lightning crashes over the speed force cultists throwing them off Impulse.

Barry: Who...I remember you all! How could we forget?

Jay helps Barry to his feet.

Jay Garrick: Save the day. Then we'll talk.

Inertia: More Flashes? I got dips on the old man in the stupid blue mask.

Max Mercury: Better men then you have tried.

Impulse: Like me when he banned me from watching TV.

Max and Impulse match velocities and charge Inertia. Inertia is defeated by a combined punch from the two of them. Impulse then embraces Max.

Max Mercury: I missed you too kiddo.

Jessie and Kid Flash both tag team Savitar, each hitting him and then rushing out before he can react.

Jessie: Who are you?

Kid Flash: Kid Flash, great to meet you.

Jessie: Likewise.

Zoom and Wally continue to fight, neither able to get a true advantage over the other. Then Zoom slams his hands into Wally's ears, Wally staggers back in pain.

Zoom: You rely on others too much. How will succeed if you let others do things for you?

Barry advances on Reverse Flash. Jay Garrick at his side.

Barry: It's over Thawne.

Reverse Flash: Oh but this is what I want Barry. More of those you love. More to hurt and-

He is cut off as Iris crack him on the back of the head with a piece of wood. He falls to ground unconscious.

Iris: That felt so good.

Savitar's cultists charge the Flash family but then a beam of ice hits them and they freeze in their tracks. Captain Cold twirls his gun and grins.

Captain Cold: This is what I love about rookie speedsters. So easy to freeze. Oh wipe that look of your face Flash. We'll unfreeze them before they suffocate.

Impulse: You helped us...

Weather Wizard: We're not maniacs kid.

Jessie: We need to help Wal...other Flash?!

Barry: He's the Flash. We're all the Flash if we want to be. But he's got this. This is his fight.

Indeed Wally has got this. He blocks another of Zoom's blows and knocks him to the ground.

Wally: You're slowing down, getting tired? Or realising that you're wrong?

Zoom: No you have to be-

Zoom lunges but Wally kicks him in the face.

Wally: Your thinking is flawed. I don't have to be perfect, none of us do. It's not about getting it right or succeeding at everything. It's about what you try, it's about who you save not who you don't. Loosing those you love doesn't make you better it makes you weaker! Loving someone makes you stronger, having a family makes me faster! IF LOSING THEM MAKES ME BETTER THEN I DON'T WANT TO BE!

He floors Zoom with a mighty punch that even breaks Zoom's mask. Zoom coughs and spits out a tooth.

Zoom: But you have to be...

He passes out.

Impulse: What did he-AAAAHHH!?

Lightning sparks from all of the Flashes and they writhe in pain.

Max: Something is happening.

Barry: Outside.

The Speedsters rush outside and see lightning crashing across the sky in the shape of the Flash logo. Then the logo shatters.

Negative Flash: It's the speed force. We broke the speed force.

Negative Flash runs up and joins them. She takes off her mask and has been crying.

Negative Flash: I just wanted the secrets of the speed force I didn't mean too...we broke it.

Behind where the logo shattered there is only blackness. And then the blackness moves. Clawed hands with long, thin fingers reach through into the world. Followed by the full being – Mandrakk - the dark monitor returns to existence. His glowing red eyes gleam as he surveys the world. He licks his lips and grins exposing long fangs.

Mandrakk: At last. The barrier that kept me from feeding is no more. I will drain the bleed and corrupt these germs I see before me. I shall be Mandrakk supreme.

Kid Flash: do we do?

Mandrakk lands on the ground. Then Savitar races out of the Reverse Flash hideout and rushes towards Mandrakk. When he reaches the monitor he kneels before him.

Savitar: I knew it! I knew you were real! They thought I was mad but I was true! You are my lord, my Prince of Speed.

Mandrakk: You are deluded. I am not your god. I am greater than any god. I am a god's God. But you can serve me, drink deep of the bleed, feast on my power.

He points at Savitar and a red tendril shoots from Mandrakk's finger and into Savitar.

Mandrakk: Arise my Herald of Cosmic Midnight! Arise my Black Racer!

Savitar becomes clad in armour resembling his TV show version only the armour is deep black with glowing blood red lines.

Barry: It's up to us. With the speed force broken I don't know how long we'll hold onto our powers. We have to be quick.

Impulse: We'll have to be quick. Do you know who you're talking too? Let's get this guy!

Mandrakk gestures and the shadows of people and animals are ripped away from them. They expand into life bloated with Mandrakk's twisted power.

Kid Flash: What are those things?

Jay Garrick: Shadow demons. The Anti-Monitor used them in his army, whatever this Mandrakk is he seems to be similar to the Anti-Monitor.

Barry: Superman told me about him. He's worse, far worse. He's some kind of multiversal vampire, he feeds on the stories of universes and brings decay and corruption where he touches. In breaking the speed force the Reverse Flashes have ended the multiverse unless we stop Mandrakk!

The Flashes run forward, Savitar runs to meet them and races around them with ease. Max Mercury is thrown aside by Savitar.

Savitar: Mandrakk's dark powers have made faster than you can dream! As the Flash is to man, I am to the Flash. How can you stand before us?

Suddenly a bright green light shines. And then the heroes of Earth now freed charge forward along with the Rogues.

Superman: We stand together. As we always have!

Trickster: We freed your friends Flash, that owes us one get out of jail card!

Heatwave: At least.

The heroes battle the shadow demons and Mandrakk. But then Mandrakk slams his hands together and a shockwave knocks down all the heroes except for the Flashes.

Mandrakk: You are insects! You are nothing to me.

Jessie: How come we weren't knocked down?

Iris: Look! The shockwave only hurt the heroes the Rogues freed. And the Rogues. Everyone else is fine.

Jay: Of course! It's the speed force! Mandrakk's power can't affect the barrier that held him out. It wouldn't be much of a barrier otherwise.

Wally: We need to restore the speed force.

Jessie: As long as that's all we have to do.

Max: Everyone run together as fast as we can. We need to enter into the speed force once in there our velocity should restore it. I hope. To be honest I'm guessing.

Barry: It'll work.

The Flashes get running. Kid Flash looks shocked as he sees Negative Flash running alongside him.

Kid Flash: Meena?! What are you-?

Negative Flash: I made this mess. I will help clean it.

The world blurs around them as they get faster and faster and then they leave this plane and enter the speed force. Mandrakk feels this. He howls in pain.

Mandrakk: After them my racer! I will not be imprisoned again!

Savitar: As you command my lord.

Savitar rushes after them and vanishes into the speed force as well. Within the speed force the Flashes run but they see a black spec behind them. It gets closer and closer.

Max: It's Savitar! Or whatever he is now.

Impulse: Keep running!

But Savitar gets closer still, the speed he has gained from Mandrakk is beyond even the fastest Flash.

Iris: Barry! He's getting close. You need to keep running, I'll buy you time.

Iris is lagging behind, she hasn't had speed as long as the others.

Barry: No! Iris!

Jay: Keep going, I'm sorry but we have to-… you feel that?

Negative Flash: Vibrations...familiar yet distant all the same. What is-

Something rockets into the side of Savitar and the Black Racer stumbles. It's Jay Garrick of Earth-2, a younger version of the first Flash.

Savitar: This does not concern you! This is between these heretics and God!

Jay (Earth 2): Wow. You sound really well adjusted. Except it's not just your thing, it's a speed force thing and that makes it all our business.

Savitar: Our?

He turns to see an army of Flashes rushing at him. From all worlds in the multiverse they come, from Red Racer to Johnny Quick, Bizzaro Flash to Arrowverse it's flashes everywhere. Savitar is swamped by speedsters.

Johnny Quick (An evil speedster from the Anti-Matter universe) leaps at Savitar.

Johnny Quick: Still got some residual anti-matter on me, check this out!

He touches Savitar and Savitar's armour explodes!

Max: With me! Grab him and push!

Max Mercury and several other speedsters grab Savitar and begin to run.

Savitar: NO! NOOO!

Savitar begins to fade away into the speed force. And then he is gone.

Max Mercury: Into the speed force you go, goodbye Savitar.

Johnny Quick: Cool right? Now if any of you tell the Crime Syndicate I helped you I'll skin you alive.

Kid Flash: Whoa!

Wally: Yeah stay away from him Kid Flash. He's bad news.

Johnny Quick: Saved you didn't I?

Barry: Stop it! Mandrakk is still loose and the speed force needs repairing. It will take all us. Come on!

And then they run. All of them hundreds of speedsters running and producing lightning and power as they do. If they were on Earth the planet would be powered for centuries, perhaps millennia. But they are not on Earth and in the Speed Force it is not enough.

TV Barry: Why isn't this working?!

Max: We need to go deeper, the Speed Force needs...I think it needs someone to restart the core of it. I don't understand it fully but...I'll go.

Barry: You aren't fast enough. I'll do it. Iris, Wally, all of you. Take care of yourselves.

Barry races ahead of the pack before anyone can stop him. He smiles and closes his eyes.

Barry: Iris...I wish I-

He stops as he feels something go past him. It's Wally!

Barry: WALLY NO!

Wally: I won't let you sacrifice yourself again Barry. You have Iris and I won't let her lose you again. Zoom did all this to break the speed force and he exists because of me. This is my fault and I'll fix it.

Barry: I won't let you throw your life away Wally!

Wally: You can't stop me. I'm faster than you remember? I'm the fastest man alive.

Wally grins at Barry as he runs ahead and then in a bright flash of lightning he vanishes. And then the Flashes are thrown out of the speed force. Each returned to their rightful worlds. And arriving back on Earth-0 the Flashes see Mandrakk waiting for them.

Mandrakk: Pitiful germs. You may have taken my racer but you cannot- NO! I WILL NOT BE-

Mandrakk shatters into pieces and those pieces shoot up into the sky. He is gone. Suddenly lightning strikes across the world, hitting everyone who had been given speed by the speed storm.

Barry: Iris!

Iris: I'm ok, my speed is gone. He did it.

Barry: Wally.

Barry sits down and begins to cry. The other Flashes do as well. The Justice League approach.

Green Lantern: What happened did we win?

Cyborg: Where's Wally?

Jay: He's...

Impulse: Wait! Don't you feel that? The vibrations in the speed force? It's Wally! He's alive!

Barry: Bart you...he...

Impulse: NO! I feel it, I know he's still here!

Impulse vibrates his hand with incredible speed and thrusts it forward, it cut's through the air, through reality and into the speed force.

Impulse: Come on Wally! It was me and you for years! Don't leave me now! Come on home! Ngghhh I've got him! I've-

Impulse finds himself being pulled towards the speed force rift. But then Max Mercury grabs Impulse.

Max: Not losing you too kiddo. Come on everyone. Start pulling.

They all link arms and pull, the Flashes, the Justice League they all strain and then the rift explodes! They are thrown back and smoke obscures where the rift was.

Jessie: Did we?

The smoke clears it's Wally and he's not alone. In his arms are his two twins; Irey and Jai both aged seven years old and dressed in Flash outfits of their own. The three of them are hugging and crying.

Wally: I got you...I got you...

Within the Reverse Flash hideout Zoom watches the entire display, he sits down stunned.

Zoom: He did it...he's better. I DID IT!

Inertia rushes in and tugs at the Reverse Flashes arm.

Inertia: We need to go. Won't be long before the Flashes go after us.

Reverse Flash: I'm surprised you're still here.

Inertia: This has been fun, figure I'll stick with you two for a while. Us Reverse Flashes should stick together.

Reverse Flash: Indeed. Hunter, come on.

Zoom: I did it. I did it Eobard.

Reverse Flash: Yes you did it. Well done genuinely but now we need to think of us. We can't do anything from within a cell.

Zoom: Yes...yes you're right. We can do more, push them further then-

A bright flash of light hits all three speedsters and then they find themselves floating in nothing. Then a giant Mirror Master looms over them.

Mirror Master: Yoo-hoo! Shouldn't have stolen my gear!

Captain Cold and the rest of the Rogues join him.

Captain Cold: You're in a special kind of pocket mirror dimension, one that has no gravity. Good luck running your way out of this one. We thought about using it on the Flash but it just didn't seem right. But we don't approve of Reverse Flashes. The Flash might be a pain in the ass but you're all crazy. The Rogues don't approve of crazy.

Trickster: Ummm.

Weather Wizard: You're our token crazy hire.

Trickster: Good to know.

Zoom, Reverse Flash and Inertia all scream and try to run as they float in the mirror dimension.

Outside the heroes all gather around Wally and his kids. Kid Flash is on the outskirts and is then startled by Mirror Master and the Rogues appearing in a window next to him.

Kid Flash: Whoa! Stop doing that!

Captain Cold: We're out of here kid. Give this to the Flash and tell him he owes us for a few.

Cold extends his arm through the window and gives Kid Flash the small mirror containing the three evil speedsters.

Heatwave: I wanted to drop it but they outvoted me.

Kid Flash: You guys helped save the Earth. You could be so much more then bank robbers. Why don't you-

Weather Wizard: We like being bank robbers.

Captain Cold: Everyone's good at something kid. Don't ruin this for us. Be seeing you.

The Rogues fade from the mirror.

Civilians begin to gather around the heroes and reporters interview anyone they can grab for details on what just happened. One reporter, a woman named Linda Park pushes past some others. Jai and Irey notice her.

Irey: Mum! Mum!

Wally puts a hand on his twins' shoulders before then can run to her.

Wally: Wait there's something you should know. Your Mum...whatever took you both away made her forget it all. You, me. And I couldn't make her remember no matter how hard I tried. I wish we could have-

But Linda spots the three of them and then something sparks behind her eyes. Memories crash back into her head and she stands there stunned and begins to cry. She runs at her family and embraces them.

Linda: Oh god! How could I-? I wouldn't! You're here and I-

Wally: It wasn't your fault. We're here now and we have time. Every second we have from now on is a gift. We won't waste it.

A week later. In the centre of central city Green Lantern Hal Jordan drops many large crates of food.

Green Lantern: Here you go boys and girls. Fresh food from another star. Dig in and enjoy. Should tide you over until food here gets going again.

Iron Heights. Visitation Room. On one side of the glass sits Negative Flash while Kid Flash sits on the other.

Kid Flash: We rounded up the last of Black Hole last night. Those two elderly speedsters really know their stuff so it was a piece of cake. Without your information we'd never have got them all.

Negative Flash: I'm glad I could help. I did so much wrong, I see that now. It's only right I help undo it.

Kid Flash: You helped save the multiverse! They should have taken some time of your-

Negative Flash: There's a saying in here "do the crime take the time". That's what I'll do.

Kid Flash: But-

Negative Flash: I helped attack you Wallace. No I helped almost beat you to death! You should be angry at me, you should be, you should. I'm so sorry.

Kid Flash: But you didn't. And it's something Flash said "every second is a gift". I won't spend those seconds hating. I'll see you next week, I've got a family thing.

He runs out of the prison and to Keystone City. Towards the central park at the centre of the city. There having a nice barbeque are the Flashes (out of costume) and their families.

Wallace: Sorry I'm late!

Jay: Heh looks like he's a flash after all right Max?

Wallace: What do you mean?

Max: It's in the small print when you get your powers. You'll be the fastest man alive but you'll always be late.

Jessie: Never been a problem for me. Stick with me you'll be fine.

Jay: Food's ready!

Irey and Jai rush to the front of the line to grab food.

Wally: Don't push to the front!

Barry and Iris watch everyone and smile.

Barry: I still can't believe it. How many of them we'd forgotten; Jessie, Jay, Max, Wally, Irey, Jai...I'll have to find out what and why.

Iris: That's another day. Right now enjoy this one.

Barry: No argument-

His JLA communicator buzzes. He takes it out and listens for a second.

Barry: Grodd? Understood. On my way.

He turns back to find all the other flashes looking at him.

Impulse: Where we going?

Barry: Gorilla Grodd. He's broken out of containment. I can handle it you all don't need to-

Jay: But we want to.

Barry: Alright then. Shall we go for a run?

And with a sonic boom they all set off; the Flash Family – Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen, Jessie Chambers, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Wallace West, Jai West and Irey West running towards another adventure.

Somewhere else. In the sewers of somewhere blue lightning crackles as Cobalt Blue comes to a stop. He makes sparks fly from his hand to make a fire and begins to cook some food over it.

Cobalt Blue: You all forgot about me. While you rushed to deal with Thawne and Zolomon and the other idiots you forgot about me. That was your mistake, you have my life Barry Allen. I want it back. I'll see you soon brother, very soon.

Never the end!