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Anthology 1 : First Client


Thank you very much for helping me out guys!"

Inojin smiled. The young Yamanaka was very pleased and glad that his friends had volunteered to help him arranged a number of documents and scrolls that were due to be send to the Hokage's office by today.

"No problem, Inojin." His blonde friend replied.

Boruto, along with his raven haired temmate, Sarada were currently helping their friend placed the documents and scrolls on two separate boxes. They were currently in a living room at the Yamanaka's residence.

"You sure have a lot of documents here Inojin." Sarada commented as she properly arranged papers into a stack and placed them in the box.

The blonde boy simply nodded." Yup, this is all from my mom's reports and stuff." He simply explained.

"So your mom also goes into missions?" Sarada asked.

Inojin nodded." Yes, but rarely nowadays, She spends most of her time working at the flower shop." He explained as He stapled a stacked of papers using a stapler.

"And what are this scrolls for?" Boruto spoke this time. He was in charged of the scrolls and He was also examining it.

Inojin smiled." Oh, those scrolls are for Jutsu testing purposes only." He said. He would then go on to explained that these scrolls will be submitted to the Konoha Scientific Division for further research and approval.

"So these scrolls are inventions of your clan? Awesome Dattebassa!" Boruto widened his eyes in surprised. He was quite amazed about this.

"Yes, and once we packed up the scrolls, then this will be submitted to the Konoha Scientific Research facility for further testing and approval" Inojin simply explained. He noted that this scrolls were highly classified and most of them contained Jutsu's that involves with the mind and spirit.

"Cool! but it's sucks that we can't test those scrolls. Who knows, We might learn cool new jutsus!" Boruto commented. He was also a fan of the Mind Transfer Jutsu.

Sarada could only sighed." Come on Boruto, Inojin just said that We can't test this scrolls for ourselves, It's dangerous." She explained.

"I know Sarada, I just wanted to know how Inojin's clan uses their Mind Transfer thing, Am I right?" Boruto said as he darted his eyes towards the other blonde.

Inojin smiled." It's actually called" Mind Transfer Jutsu". It's a Jutsu where the user converts their consciousness to spiritual energy which they send at a target. Their consciousness moves slowly towards the target and travels in a straight line." He explained the mechanics of the the Jutsu.

"Although, it's only use for spying purposes which is actually pretty cool to me." Inojin added. However, He rarely use this kind of Jutsu because of the fact that It requires a lot of chakra to do so which can drained him pretty bad.

"But can someone who is not a part of your clan learn this Jutsu?" Boruto asked.

Sarada then gave a suspicious looked at her blonde teammate. She had a feeling that if He managed to learn this Jutsu, then he would use it for his occasional pranking schemes.

Inojin sighed." Unfortunately, Only clan members are the ones that are exclusively allowed to use this kind of Jutsu." He explained.

"If someone would then want to learn the Mind Transfer Jutsu, They still can't because they're not a Yamanaka." He added. He was speaking the truth here directly to them.

Boruto sighed." Oh well, looks like I won't be learning any new skills." He said. He was actually wanted to learn the jutsu to increased his stealth and spying abilities.

Inojin then scratched his chin and looked up." Well, If I am correct, I heard that our clan attempted to invent that something that allows a non-clan member to use the said Jutsu." He wondered which caught the other's attention once again.

" What kind of something is that?" Sarada asked.

"Well, that one I'm not sure, But for me, that invention would be in a form of a device or a book. Then again it's a classified secret for the clan." Inojin explained. He really had no idea where this thing was located. No one really knows at least for him.

"Another Mystery to solved right Sarada? " Boruto slightly chuckled as He grinned at his raven haired teammate.

Sarada could only sighed. But she really did loved mysteries and she loved to solved each one of them if the opportunity calls for it.

"There's one more thing that I would like to add, since I heard that the Jutsu is modified then I guess it also has the power to swap people's souls into each other." Inojin added.

Both of the two from Team Konohamaru, widened their eyes in surprised. They find the thing getting interesting as Inojin continued to explained the mechanics.

"But then again, I have no idea on where this invention is located." He repeated his statement once again.

Boruto sighed. Then a thought quickly came into his mind." So putting that aside, If this invention really existed, then who would you like to see switch bodies with?" He then asked.

Inojin then scratched his chin yet again." Well, I would like to see my mom and dad switch personalities therefore I can witness them using each of other's jutsus." He simply explained. He can imagine his mom dressing as his dad and using art techniques and vice versa.

"Oh man that is awesome!" Boruto exclaimed. He began to imagine thousands of scenarios if a jutsu like that would have an effect to the people that He knew.

Sarada, on the other hand, also wondered the possibility of her parents switching personalities. It would be interesting to see her Mama acting like her Papa and having that deep male voice and vice versa. Although, that wasn't the only thing that was in her mind, She also began to imagine a scenario of her Mama having the personality of her role model, the Seventh Hokage. That would be really interesting to see.

Boruto, who was really hyped up just sighed in the end. There was actually no way of finding that invention or whatever that is.

The blonde then grabbed the last scroll on the living room floor and placed it on the box. However, He unknowingly placed it on the wrong box. At the same time, his raven haired teammate and Yamanaka friend headed to the kitchen to grabbed some snacks.

Boruto, who was really the unconscious kid that He was closed the two boxes and sealed it by using a scissor and a duct tape. He then used a pen to label the boxes' their names which were "Scrolls" on a first box and "Documents" on the other box.

Unbeknownst to the young Uzumaki, the last scroll that He placed on the wrong box was actually the invention that Inojin was talking about.


Location: Hokage Office

Naruto yawned yet again. He had just finished the last stacked of paperwork for the day. He was really exhausted right now and He wanted to go home and be with his family. It seemed that the duties of the Hokage was finally catching up to him yet again.

The Seventh then placed his pen down and rested himself on his chair. His thoughts began to cloud his mind. He thought about the the oncoming Long Holidays which everyone was preparing for.

His friend and adviser, Shikamaru was on leave for the holidays with his family. He realized that He was the only one here working his butt off and stressing himself. If He only had the power to leave then He would do it righr away. However, He was unable to do so because He had to finished checking and signing this documents that were placed in this box right in front of him.

The box which was Ino's reports and also labelled "Documents" was delivered to him by the office staff awhile ago and now he found himself staring at it." You've got to be kidding me Dattebayo!" Naruto whined. He really wanted to go now.

The blonde man then grabbed the said box and opened it by cutting the duct tape via a scissor. By the time He had opened it, He was then greeted by something new and different.

"What?" Naruto was confused and taken by surprised. In the middle documents, there was a lone scroll that was placed on top.

Naruto then grabbed the said scroll and began examined it. It looked like any other scroll but what intrigued him was that it had a symbol on it which mean't that this scroll was somehow important.

He then opened the scroll and was greeted by some symbols and incantations on the scroll, which He find intriguing.

Naruto then moves his eyes around the scroll as He observed and read its contents. He would then learned that this was some kind of Mind Jutsu, but He wasn't sure on what this thing could do. Except for the fact that this was pretty much similar to the Yamanaka's trademark Jutsu.

"Hey Naruto." A familiar female voice called the blonde's name which interrupted his thoughts.

Naruto then looked up to see his Pink haired fellow long time teammate and friend, Sakura Haruno who had just arrived at the office carrying a stacked of documents.

"Uhmm, Hey Sakura, What's this for?" Naruto asked.

Sakura, who placed the documents on the desk, smiled." Well, Here are the Medical reports of the New Genins that I was supposed to submit today." She explained.

"Looks like I'm right on time." She added, with a smirked.

Naruto, who was already exhausted of paperwork just rested on the chair yet again giving a very tired face.

"Hey are you alright? You looked stressed you know that." Sakura pointed it out. She was getting concerned for her friend who was all day and night working.

"Yeah I know Sakura-chan, I really need something to get away from all of this." Naruto said as he then massaged his forehead.

Sakura sighed but smiled." Look Naruto, I tell you what, All you need is a proper relaxation at the public hot springs and after you finish all of this paperwork , you can go there. I heard that they are offering discounts today." She simply explained.

"Really?" Naruto widened his eyes. A good time at the hot spring would be really nice for him to get away from the stress.

Sakura simply nodded." Yup, But I really have to go right now, I have some other important things to deal with." The pink haired woman said as she gave the latter a winked as a sign of goodbye and turned around to exit the office.

At the same time, Naruto began to wonder the pink haired girl on how she keep her appearance naturally young? and more than that, she was really keeping herself in great shaped and looking very sexy nowadays. How he wished he was in her stress-free position.

He then darted his eyes towards the scroll and read it once again.

"If I could only be in someone's else placed then I could stay away from this Hokage stuff for awhile." Naruto thought as He then read the main content of the scroll.

"Ninja Art: Soul Transfer Jutsu!"


As the day continued on, the sun began to go along with it as well as the afternoon slowly came.

Sakura walked through the streets of the village as she headed towards her home with a goal fetch her daughter and some necessary things that they needed as they were gonna spend time at the public hot springs later on.

Along the way, She suddenly felt a bit dizzy and she began to experience a slight headache. The pink haired woman then held her forehead in pain as if something was trying to enter her head.

A moment later, all of that vanished as if nothing had happened. Sakura was taken by confusion as She really had no idea of what happened just now.

"That's strange?" Sakura muttered aloud not knowing that her voice sounded deeper when she spoke.

Sakura then continued on her way towards home as unbeknownst to her, that some form of blue spiritual energy slowly began to enter her body. She really had no idea of what was in store for her later on.

Meanwhile back at the Hokage office, It was at the same time when Naruto found himself fading away from consciousness. A few moments later, The Seventh Hokage was now in a deep sleep and snoring very loudly.


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