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Story 2: Sports Festival Part 2


It was a day of excitement and fun as Konoha Stadium was jam packed. The atmosphere was on its highest intense level and the scene was very much can be compared to that of a exciting and wild rock concert.

Sasuke, along with his wife, Sakura sat down on a certain section ay the stadium stands, the couple were pretty much awaiting for one of the main events of the festival which was the Obstacle Race and In addition, Sarada, their daughter was a participant in the race itself.

The section, where Husband and Wife reside was filled fans cheering and going wild. Some where throwing cans or props towards each other as they supported and defended their team.

Sasuke could only sighed as He wondered on why his pink haired wife would choose this part in the stadium and of course, He immediately remembered that most of the seats were sold out and thus she ended up getting these seats.

"It's really full of energy here, Sasuke." He heard voice of his wife from beside.

Sasuke then turned around to face his wife, who was carrying some snacks which were none other than the popcorns and softdrinks.

He sighed." Yeah I know, I still don't understand why all of them are going crazy? The event hasn't even started yet!" He said.

Sakura smiled." Oh don't worry, I think they're just cheering for the participants." She explained.

At the same time, an random empty can hit a deadpanned Sasuke in the head. He was just annoyed the fact that He wasn't used to these kinds of loud crowds. Although, He was here because of one goal, and that goal is to cheer for his daughter who was competiting for two events, which was the Obstacle Race and Track and Field Event.

However, When He tried to searched for his daughter amongst the contestants, there was no trace of her yet. He wondered if she was still dressing in her attire at the preparation room.


Through all the years of Inojin's life. This was probably the most daring thing that he had ever done. He had expected that it was going to be just very easy but He didn't expect that this was going to be the most sensitive thing that he has ever done.

Right now, He found himself staring at the almost naked body of the raven haired girl, who was dressing up in front of him. He also could feel this unexplainable feeling that he was having right now. It was radiating from all over his body.

Apparently, He was supposed to be bracing himself right now for mega punch from Sarada, if she was in control right now of her body. But luckily, it was Boruto who was currently inside of her and didn't mind on being naked in front of Inojin.

As Boruto, He focused more on the dressing up the clothes that He had brought awhile ago contrast to the clothes that his teammate had brought which were none of other than Home clothes. The clothes that He had brought were considered qualified for a sports attire but the difference is that it was more boyish.

The blonde Uzumaki had an idea of making his Uchiha teammate looked more different, by the time He was inside of her. He wanted to give Sarada a more confident, intimidating and edgy looked for this sports festival. In addition, He also wanted to donned his usual clothes through Sarada, because He was more comfortable with them.

He really never really imagined on what would Sarada looked like if she wore boy's clothes, but He was now seeing it unfold in front of his eyes. As He was dressing up, He first took off the shorts and girly stockings, and by the time he removed those two things, He was finally staring at the underwear or panties which were colour red and had a small teddy bear symbol on the middle.

"Never knew Sarada-chan had colorful underwear dattebasa." Boruto commented through Sarada's voice, which was sligtly more deeper.

Although, the blonde was not used to wearing this type of underwear and even if he's inside a girl's body, He will still wear his usual underwear which was devoid of any girly stuff. It was his most pride and joy which was his red and black underwear which he immediately put on. After that, He grabbed the black pants from the paper bag that he had brought and instantly wore every thing from the lower part already done, the top part was next. Boruto noticed on how his teammate would always wear this red qiapao dress and He wondered on how she can managed herself during missions while wearing the dress as it really didn't fit her to be honest.

So with that said in done, Boruto made his move and took unzipped the dress, by the time He removed the dress, He found himself staring at Sarada's upper body which was surprisingly curvy and enticing. He also took noticed of the breast which was small but perfectly round and for a few moments the blonde decided to grabbed both of them groped them gently.

"You really have a pretty body Sarada-chan." Boruto smirked. He really find the raven haired girl's body really in good shape.

He also noticed a problem which in the form of the red bra that Sarada's body was wearing right now was loose.

Boruto then examined the bra and concluded that it was dangerous and risky to wear these bras. He also took a couple jumps to test the bra and he found out that it was really loose and so He took it off.

Inojin, who was watching the whole thing unfold braced himself for another surprised as the topless Sarada (Boruto) turned around to face him.

"Hey man do you have scissors?"

Inojin shook his head, unknowingly that small portion of blood was coming out from his nose." Well I don't have one but I got this." He said as He drew a Kunai from his pocket and offered it to the other.

Sarada (Boruto) grinned. "Thanks man." She said.

As Boruto proceeded with the final stage of his dressed up, He then took a tape, two pieces of white garment that he also had brought along the trip. He used the Kunai to cut a portion of the tape and paste on top of the garments around the chest to cover up and secure the breast so that it won't bounce during the race.

With all that said in done, He grabbed the white t shirt from the paper bag and wore them. With all the dressing part done, He then looked at the mirror to see Sarada's reflection staring at him. There was one more thing that needed to be fix which was Sarada's usual hairstyle.

Boruto then removed the Konoha Headband, drew out a comb from the paper bag and a little gel that He mixed with the hair, after than, He started combing the hair up backwards to get the style that He wanted to see.

As the dressed up and Hairstyle changed had finally come to an end, Boruto was now staring at Sarada who was now more boyish than ever. She almost looked like a boy for a few seconds there.

Boruto then made some facial expressions that Sarada would never do. From, making a boy charming look to smirking all the way, It was safe to say that He was now ready for the main event.

"Alright, Inojin let's go!" Boruto said. By the time He had turned around, He saw Inojin who was still there watching him in awe.

Inojin, who was still having his nosebleed and his junior sticking out, blinked a couple of times before regaining his senses.

"Okay, Let's go!"

(Later on)

The scene at the stadium was loud and defeaning. The crowds were roaring and cheering as if the championship round had already begun.

Naruto sat down with his wife, Hinata and his daugther, Himawari at the stands. They were eagerly waiting for the race to start.

Naruto, who was in his thoughts recently, darted his eyes around the field in order locate his own son who was now supposed to be inside his teammate's body since He had used the scroll to execute the jutsu on her awhile ago.

He also took glances at Hinata and He began to wonder on how he was gonna use the scroll on her later on. She seemed so calm and cheerful right now.

The crowd erupted with another roar as the competitors finally came out and went into their respective positions.

"Where the heck is He?" Naruto muttered. He had already spent a good enough time looking for Boruto and He began to wonder if the latter would be late again.

After awhile of waiting, A familiar raven haired girl finally emerged from the entrance. It was indeed Sarada but somehow she looked very different, albeit more boyish looking.

"Woah, You've got to be kidding me Dattebayo." Naruto said.

Apparently, his son had made the raven haired girl wear a set of new clothes that obviously belonged to a boy. The girl was now wearing a white T-shirt along with black jogging pants. She also had this red bandanna tied around her forhead and lastly, her hairstyle was a bit different as it was comb all the way to back that made Sarada looked almost like a boy.

Naruto was pretty much amused right now. He then took glanced at a a very shocked Sasuke and Sakura who were just a few meters away from his stand.

As for Boruto, He really didn't care what the people think about him right now. He was more focused on his goal to help his teammate get first place.

He gave a smirked as He headed towards his position while the cheers and roars from the crowd were still ongoing.

He knew that pretty much soon, He will be racing against time and He was really going to enjoy the whole ride. Plus this was the first and only time that he will see Sarada with a new clothing and overall boyish appearance.

He then observed the crowd and saw his dad cheering for him and With the signature Uzumaki grin through his teammate's face.

All he had to do was to wait for the main event to start.

Boruto observed his surroundings as He head to his main spot. Along the way there were a lot of reactions from many people. One for instance, is that He was getting a lot of shocked and weirded out looks from other contestants, one of them is Cho-Cho who was giving him a puzzled looked.

"Hey Sarada are you alright? And I see you got a new outfit." She commented.

Boruto, who was inside the Uchiha girl's body, gave a smile." Ye
ah I think so." He tried his best to sound more like the original Sarada but trying to be someone else was his biggest flaw.

Cho-Cho raised an eyebrow." Okay? You sound a bit different though? are you trying to be more edgy looking?" She asked. She noticed on how the raven haired girl was acting a bit differently. Her voice was okay, but the way she talked as if all that usual feminine stuff was gone.

"Of course! If I'm going to win this race, I should have the confidence in myself!" Sarada (Boruto) exclaimed which startled the other girl.

"Oh okay? just to let you know that some of the girls here are really having a crush on you right now with that look." Cho-Cho explained. She pointed to a certain direction where some of the female competitors were staring at the raven haired girl for awhile now with those large heart-shaped wide eyes.

Boruto then directed his eyes to the spot and gave a surprised look." Wow, I never really expected that Sarada-chan would attract a lot girls because of this." He commented inside his mind. It was really mind blowing to think that Sarada, in this clothing can be also charming to other girls with this appearance.

As the race was about to start, the referee had informed everybody to get ready for the countdown.

Boruto noticed Inojin, who was watching from a certain corner, giving him a nod, and He was there as backup if something wrong happens.

"Alright! Competitors!" The referee called out everyone.

"This Obstacle race has 3 stages, which were designed by the organizers! If you managed to pass all these 3 stages, you win!" The referee explained.

"But I must warned you guys that these 3 stages are not that easy to pass, Wish you all the best!" He added.

Boruto confidently smiled. This was gonna be too easy at least for him. He had been to a lot of these obstacle races and He managed to win them all. Talk about Uzumaki confidence.

As the referee finally raised his hand up, He started the countdown.

"On your marks...

The competitors then quickly prepared themselves for the big announcement.

"Get set..."

Boruto gripped his hands into a fist and readied himself overall.


As the buzzer sounded and the prop gun was fired the race had finally began. All of the competitors burst from their former positions and dash their way to the first stage and towards finish line. Boruto, who was one of the competitors, was actually in the leading position and He was already a few distances away from the rest when He already encountered his first problem.

The shoe laces on his rubber shoes, suddenly went loose and He accidentally stepped on them and as result, He tripped and instantly fell to the ground.

Boruto cringed as He found himself being almost stepped on by the other competitors as they passed by him. He gritted his teeth in annoyance as He blamed his carelessness for not tying his shoe properly.

Since had no time to waste, He immediately recovered from the ground, tied his shoe laces properly in a few seconds, and then made a dash to catch up with the rest.

Meanwhile, Inojin was just cringing and shaking his head, Naruto was continuously laughing out loud, while Sasuke was still in disbelief and shocked as He watched his daughter, while Sakura was screaming like Godzilla and cheering for her daughter.

As the race continued on, the competitors had reached the first obstacle of this race.

Apparently, there was this man who intentionally set his arm on fire, and the goal here was to put the fire out of him.

As each of the competitors encountered this obstacle, each of them immediately understood what the situation mean't and they quickly used their water jutsu to put out the fire and thus they passed the first obstacle.

As for a certain Boruto Uzumaki, who was currently inside his teammate's body, He did a different approach for this obstacle. Since He had that idiotic mindset of his father, He instead stared at the man on fire, wondering on what he will do next, It took no longer than second for him realize on what was going on and instead of the using his water jutsu gently, He used the water jutsu to the point that He sent the man flying away to a few distances.

"Ahhhhhhh!" The man comically yelled as he was sent crashing to a nearby tree.

Boruto gave a smirked." Alright finally done with this obstacle! Dattebassa!" He exclaimed as then proceeded to the next stage of the race.

Meanwhile, at the stadium, there was this large monitor that was displayed for the crowd to get the best look of the race. Inojin was watching the whole thing unfold as He can hear roars and laughter of the crowd mixed together.

"What the heck was that Boruto!?" Inojin exclaimed as He just saw his friend, used the water jutsu on the poor man.

As the race continued, the competitors found themselves on the second stage of the race and by the time they arrived there, they encountered a very familiar face in the form of one Kakashi Hatake, who apparently had volunteered to be the second obstacle of the race. The goal of this obstacle was to get passed by him but the competitors must engaged him in a small duel and beat him so the competitors can proceed to next stage.

Most of the competitors had a difficult time getting passed by the former sixth Hokage and legendary Copy Cat Ninja. Most of them had probably given up but some of them managed to get passed by him. One of them was Boruto himself.

When Boruto met the white haired mask man face to face, He first gritted his teeth in annoyance because the man was very clever and crafty to beat but something came into his mind thus He finally knew what to do.

"There's no used, You can't get by me Sarada." Kakashi said, who had no knowledge that the spirit of Boruto was inside of her.

"Nice outfit by the way." Kakashi smiled and commented.

As for Boruto, He gave a smirked as He finally knew what to do to beat the man. "Hey Kakashi-sensei, Do you want to know the ending of the Fifty Jutsus of Gray movie?" He asked through Sarada's voice.

Kakashi widened his eyes in shocked, He quickly covered his ears in pain as the latter had open her mouth to tell him the ending of the highly rated movie that he will be watching this week.

"Please stop! I can't take this anymore!" Kakashi yelled as He dropped into his knees while covering his ears.

It was at this moment, when Boruto finally had took advantage and ran as fast he can to the next stage. It was safe to say that He finally managed to passed the second stage.


It was probably the most hilarious and entertaining races that Naruto had watched in recent times. Who knew His son, who was inside his teammate's body" can really bring the crowd into frenzy.

"Sarada-nee is awesome!" He could here the voice of his young daughter cheering for the raven haired girl.

" How does she do that?" Hinata asked. She was quite amazed on the girl had handled the first two obstacles.

Naruto could only smile. He knew that he would be participating in the events later on. He was really excited and looking forward to it.

He then darted his eyes again to Uchiha couple, who were sitting a few stands away, He could really Sakura going wild while Sasuke was just sitting and getting pummeled by the fans. He must be really freaking out about his daughter.

Sasuke was still in shocked. He didn't mind being accidentally caught in the crossfire of the fan who were throwing empty soda cans, food leftovers and props as they were really going wild right now. He was more focused on watching his daughter through the large monitor.

Sakura was just too focused on cheering for her daughter. She was also going wild along with the fans around her. She danced, she sang, and she laughed. It was really crazy but fun.

Sasuke gave a deadpanned looked at his hyperactive wife, What the heck was she doing right now? Couldn't she just sit properly and watched? Of course! This was Sakura! No one was really stopping her from cheering and yelling for her daughter.

As He darted his onyx eyes towards the monitor again, He can sense this mysterious energy that was emitting from her daughter. It was really strange as He gave a puzzled look.

Is Sarada really alright?


As the race continued on, there were only a few competitors left as they headed to the final stage of the race which was probably the most easiest of them all. Apparently, there was a big wall that was ahead of the competitors' way. There were also long ropes that were attached to them. The goal of this final obstacle was to climb the whole using the ropes rather than using the usual Shinobi way.

The wall so big and talk that the competitors will be having a very hard time climbing it.

As for Cho-Cho, who was one of the last few competitors remaining, She found it as the biggest challenge of this race. By the time, she had arrived at the wall, she immediately grabbed the ropes and attempted to climb on to the other side.

Most of the current remaining competitors were already climbing and were on their way to the other side when suddenly they were hit by a number balloons which contained water inside of them. There were two people responsible for this and they were none other than Rock Lee and Metal Lee who were the ones throwing water baloons at the competitors.

"This is fun Dad!" Metal Lee exclaimed.

Rock Lee gave a proud look." Way the go son! Just throw your balloons at them in honor of Gai-sensei and YOUTH!" He exclaimed as father and son continue throw water balloons at the poor competitors.

One of their victims was Cho-Cho who was hit by multiple water balloons and almost fell to the ground and because of that, she was now pissed.

"CUT IT OUT YOU IDIOTS!" She exclaimed as she her right hand suddenly grew into huge proportions.

With her now giant hand, via the multi-sized technique from her clan. She used it to catch the rest of the water balloons that started filling up her hand. By the time her hand was already full with a lot of water balloons. She wasted no time and threw the balloons at father and son.

Meanwhile, Rock Lee and Metal Lee, who was still having fun was immediately overwhelmed by a large number of those balloons and they quickly found themselves being sent away from the wall towards somewhere else.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh" The voice of father and son could be heard yelling out as they flew through the air.

Boruto could only stare in amusement and fear as this was how destructive Sarada's friend can be. However, He still had a race to finish and He had no time to wasted as he quickly made his way on top of the way and jumped down on the other side.


As Boruto finally passed the last stage and obstacle, He found himself, heading towards the finish line. He could finally see the noisy crowds ahead as he could finally sensed the Championship from a few distances away.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" the voice of Cho-Cho could be heard yelling from behind. She had apparently had gone beserk because of Rock Lee and Metal Lee pissing her off.

Boruto then turned around to see on how Sarada's friend had become a pissed of monster and was faster than ever as she bulldoze her way through the other competitors, who were beaten and tired.

"Oh crap!" Boruto said as He increased his speed to avoid the angry Cho-Cho. However, it was already too late as the uncontrollable angry girl had managed to catch up shove him thus he fell to the ground.

From the stands, Sakura could be seen gasping in shocked while Sasuke was complaining that should be a foul or something. Naruto was amazed on how Choji's daughter could moved very fast, while Inojin was trying to motivate his friend while also guarding his friend's original body beside him.

As Cho-Cho became the leading competitor in the race, everyone was now thinking that the girl would be first place and win the race but something unexpected happened.

Boruto gritted his teeth in annoyance, He never expected this to happened to him but eventually he will going back right at her.

He gave smirked as He formed a fist on his right hand." I hope this works dattebassa!" He said as he then punch the ground which sent a shockwave towards the girl.

As Cho-Cho was finally reaching the finish line, She suddenly a disturbance on her ground. She widened her eyes surprised as she immediately lost her balance and tripped to the ground.

"Gotcha!" Boruto exclaimed through Sarada's voice as he credited his teammate's power punch for this. He immediately recovered from the ground, and proceeded to head to the finish line.

As for Cho-Cho, She was just laying there while imaginary stars hovered around her head.

Since Boruto was the only competitor left, He freely breezed his way through the tracks and finally reached the finish line.


Boruto yelled out the top of his lungs as the crowd roared with defeaning cheers. The stadium also had a couple canons which contained the confettis and the stadium officials had both canons light up to release the confettis just for the sole winner of this race which was a certain Uchiha girl.

Meanwhile from the stands, Naruto was very much amazed on how his son managed to win the obstacle race and claimed the first place. He did all that inside a girl's body. Sasuke was very much impressed that her daughter was the champion of Sports festival event for the first time. Sakura on the other hand, was very much jumping for joy right now.

Inojin sighed but smiled. The whole obstacle race was heart stopping and breath taking. Even though, He was just watching from the sideline, the whole thing felt like as if He was in this really speedy roller coaster ride.

The blonde Yamanaka then looked back at Boruto's unconscious original body which was beside him. He had apparently told everyone who ever noticed this, that the blonde was just sleeping. Yes, He was just taking a nap.

As the prize presentation was held, Boruto, who was still inside Sarada, stood at the top between Cho-Cho and Wasabi Izuno.

"Oh man, I really can't believed this! This is for you and me Sarada-chan!" Boruto was at the peak of his celebration. He also started hugging himself, so that He could share his victory to his teammate and he was also unaware that some people were giving him a very weird look.

As the he was presented the trophy, Boruto gladly accepted his prize as He lifted up the trophy as a symbol of his triumph at the obstacle race. He also knew that it was not over yet as there was one more race to go which was the track and field event.

Boruto, who was still inside the raven haired girl's body began to feel intense. He continued embraced himself. The excitement and adrenaline had caught up to him that he forgotten what his dad had said to him before.

The higher the body gets intensed or aroused, the higher the chance that His spirit will get expelled from the body.

As He continued to celebrate, Boruto suddenly felt that his spirit was being pulled out. By the time that He realized what was happening, He was already too late.

"Oops." That was the last word that He had said before being pulled out from her body.

Inojin, who was watching from the sidelines noticed that the scroll was glowing. It mean't that Boruto had done something very wrong. As he watched the scene unfold, there was a small blue energy that came out from Sarada's body and went back towards Boruto's original body like a speeding bullet.

Moments later, Inojin noticed that the blonde was slowly regaining his consciousness.

"Boruto! Are you alright?" Inojin asked as he went up to check on the blonde.

Boruto groaned as he held his forehead in pain." Man, I feel so tired-ttebassa but It was really fun inside of her!" He said.

"I'm glad you're okay." Inojin smiled.

Boruto sighed." Yeah I know, Looks like we've finally won the race and...Oh crap!" He widened his eyes in reallzation as He darted his eyes to the main scene of the presentation.

Inojin also directed his eyes to were his friend was looking and immediately realized that they had just made the biggest mistake of their lives.

They really need to do something fast before all of this goes haywire.

Sarada gasped as she regained her senses. She blinked for a couple of times before observing her surroundings. She was very confused to what was happening just now.

"What is going here? Where am I?" She asked. There were a lot of questions going around her mind as she was greeted by this frenzy crowd.

She found herself being in the midst of this celebration that she knew nothing about. Beside her, where her friend Cho-Cho and Wasabi congratulating her. It was like she was thrown into the biggest surprised of her life. She also noticed that she was wearing a different kind of outfit, which could not remember wearing before and there were girls that were really cheering for her as if she was some boy idol.

What the heck is really going on right now!?


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