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Resident Evil: Devolution

Hogwarts School Year 2005–2006 was to start with relative quietness and some Ministry 'reminders'. Instead, two students are forced to fight and stay alive as they try to survive the experiments made by an alumnus with an agenda. They don't know it yet, but their nightmare has only just begun.


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Chapter 1: September 1, 2005 | 1700 Hours | Great Hall, Hogwarts

Harry Potter stared at the clear plastic case before him, the N70 phone with an earpiece in it ringing, feeling the eyes of everyone in the Great Hall stare at him. An owl had landed before him as Headmaster Albus Dumbledore called forth the food for everyone to eat, hooting quite loudly to attract everyone's attention before dropping the package and leaving for parts unknown.

"Are…aren't you going to answer that?" his friend Hermione Granger asked, looking scared as it kept ringing.

Before he could reply, a sultry female voice filled the hall. "Do answer the phone, Harry dear." the unseen lady ordered, making everyone look around in fear. "After all, it would be in the best interest of everyone if you did."

"Reveal yourself!" Headmaster Albus ordered, his angry voice booming across the dining hall as he stood up with his wand out.

"Oh hush, dear headmaster." the voice admonished, sounding completely amused as the teachers were caught off guard. "Only Harry dear can help me with my…problem."

Calling forth his Gryffindor courage, Harry opened the case, placed the earpiece on, and answered the phone. "Happy?" he asked sullenly as he examined the contents of the phone.

"Very!" the voice exclaimed happily, clapping at his actions. "Although I will be keeping our conversation open so everyone will know what's happening."

"Who exactly are you?"

"Ah, where are my manners. I am Mary Spencer, Slytherin graduate - muggleborn in case you're wondering."

"I'm not," he said flatly. "How do we know each other?"

Mary laughed sweetly, as if he told her a joke. "We don't know each other personally, Harry dear." she replied, chuckling. "I do believe you know more about my brother, Albert Wesker, or my adoptive father's company - the one whose weapons you ran into on that fateful September night in Racoon City."

# # # | # # #

"Sherry, run!"

"Look out!"

"It…it hurts Claire…"

"Claire, Leon!"

# # # | # # #

"HOW THE FUCK DID UMBRELLA FIND OUT ABOUT MAGIC!" Harry roared angrily as he stood up quickly, his fists slamming on the table as everyone around him stared in shock. Those who kept up with muggle news started whispering - how could they, anything that involved the Umbrella Corporation was bad news.

Only a few people knew he was in Racoon City when the outbreak began, Hermione and the Dursleys among them. He still had nightmares from it and carried something that would remind him of those days in hell. To think they've infiltrated the magical world… 'Well, looks like Voldemort isn't that dangerous anymore.'

"We've known about magic for a long time, Harry dear." Mary's sweet voice replied, laughing softly. "After I got my Hogwarts letter…well, a new avenue opened up for us to explore."

He left his seat, pacing about with a hand running through his hair. "I guessed you Umbrella fuckers decided mix technology and magic together." he said sarcastically, openly sneering to everyone's surprise.

Instead of answering, the entire middle section of each table lit up, a holographic screen appeared before every student and teacher alike. "Tell me, Harry dear," Mary asked softly as he neared the screen to look, two similar pictures in it. "How familiar are you with the T- and G-Viruses?"

"More than I'd like." he whispered, soft yet loud for everyone to hear as he stared at the pictures. Horror dawned in his faced as Harry realized why she asked. "Oh my god…"

"Ah, Harry dear realized what I did!" Spencer said with giddiness. "Ten points to Gryffindor! My, my, my, Harry dear, I-"

"Bloody Merlin, what have you done!" he cut her angrily. "Do you realized what you made?"

"Of course I do!" Mary replied, sounding offended. "I don't do things without reason, Harry dear - a magically-infused T-Virus has been my dream since I stepped into this school."

"Wasn't Racoon City not enough?" he raged on, anger burning through his veins. "Wasn't the T-Virus enough?"

Mary had the audacity to scoff. "Of course it was. However, that was a non-magical version tested on a non-magical location. The magical version, on the other hand…"

The screen suddenly shifted, showing Argus Flinch in his office staring at a vial on his hand. "Hey Spencer," the caretaker shouted as Harry's stomach grew cold. "You sure this G-Mage will give me magic?"

"Of course, Argus dearie." Mary's voice said sweetly as Harry stared helplessly at Argus. "Hogwarts is in for a surprise, Argus."

Argus looked suspiciously at the vial before popping the cap and drank it in one go. 'Oh God Argus, I'm sorry…' Harry thought in despair as the caretaker screamed in agony as he slowly transformed into the very monster Claire killed in NEST.

"Bloody Merlin!"

"Oh my god!"


"Fuck…" Harry muttered in despair as he sat down, watching a mutating Flinch roar in agony. "I'm going to need a shit ton of explosives to kill him."

His friends around him looked at as if he lost his mind. "Oi, what the hell Harry?" Ron Weasley exclaimed, looking green. "I know everyone hates Flinch but…"

"Indeed Mr. Potter," the stern voice of Professor Minerva McGonagall reprimanded, announcing her arrival alongside the Headmaster, Professor Severus Snape, and Professor Dolores Umbridge. "Surely-"

"With all due respect Professors," Harry stated flatly. "Flinch is already dead."

"What makes you an expert on such things, Potter?" Snape scoffed, not hiding his sneer. "Fought one before?"


Harry could feel their incredulous stares at him - he said it like how one recalled a horrific event. "Harry…" Hermione asked slowly, eyes full of concern. "Did…did this happen in Racoon City?"

"Yes…and we have to bring down an entire underground laboratory just to kill it." Harry replied, recalling how Claire and Leon double teamed G to buy Sherry and him time to unlatch the train car.

"Harry," the Headmaster's voice brought him out of his memories. "Is Argus truly dead?"

Harry nodded grimly. "The original G-Virus was slow acting, taking almost two hours before it reached stage one." he replied, unconsciously rubbing his left arm. "This version looks like a far more dangerous and fast acting, isn't it Spencer?"

"Very perceptive, Harry dear." Spencer crooned happily. "All thanks to the magical genome my husband and I discovered."

"What do you want?" he asked tiredly, sighing. "You didn't set this entire shit show so you can talk to a Racoon City survivor."

"I need combat data."

Harry blinked, not expecting that request. "Let me get this straight - you want to test how powerful…this G-Mage is?"

"Yes dear," Spencer replied in a bored tone. "I need you to test how well all of them can stand combat."

"All of them?" Professor Umbridge asked, color draining from her face.

"Oh yes - all of my BOWs." Spencer replied maliciously. "You didn't think it'll only be Argus you'll be fighting, Harry dear? I made sure to add magical versions of your...friends from Racoon City."

"When the Ministry finds you," Professor Umbridge began, looking red in anger as Harry's eyes widen at Spencer's hints. "We'll-"

"-be scratching your heads because you have no idea on what to do." Spencer drawled, sounding completely bored. "Besides, if you try anything that'll ruin my experiments, I can activate the T-Mage within all of you with a snap of a finger."

Eyes wide open, Harry growled as he slammed his fist on the table. "How the fuck did that happen?"

"Quite simple, really." Spencer replied happily. "You really didn't think this would be the same T-Virus, did you Harry dear?"

"Bullshit!" Harry swore, fist clenching. "You're bluffing!"

"Do you really want to test that theory, Harry dear?" she drawled, making him pause. "Are you willing to call my 'bluff', only to see every single person in this hall transform into the very monsters you had to survive from back in Racoon City?"

He looked about, seeing the terrified looks of the muggleborns and halfbloods while the purebloods looked about warily. With no idea how Spencer did it, he sighed in defeat, looked towards Professor Dumbledore grimly, and shook his head sadly. "Very well," the Headmaster announced heavily. "What is it that you wish Mr. Potter to do?"

"Oh, nothing stressful." Spencer said dismissively. "I just need him to roam around the castle, fighting these new BOWs as he deems fit while I record the whole thing for review."

"You-you would subject a student to such horrors?" Professor McGonagall asked, shocked. "All by himself?"

"Of course, it'll be completely unfair to the BOWs if Harry had back up." Spencer replied nonchalantly, as if discussing the weather. "Harry dear must fight them in any way he deems fit."

Hope blossomed in Harry's chest as he repeated mentally what Spencer said. "In any way I want, right?"

Spencer snorted, amused. "You're a wizard, Harry dear - your imagination is your limit."

"Joke's on you then." Harry answered back, pulling out a tiny pouch from his pocket. Tapping his wand on it, the pouch enlarged itself and became a sling bag. Rummaging it, he grinned as he pulled out dark blue clothes with dragonhide padding and placing it neatly on to the floor. He then brought out the Samurai Edge pistol he got from Chris Redfield as a gag gift and the W-870 shotgun Leon kept as a souvenir, along with their respective ammo.

"Bold of you to think I didn't spend the past seven years after Racoon City doing nothing, Spencer." He said gleefully, the entire hall gasping as he stripped down to his boxers to reveal his toned muscles from years of workout. "I trained to fight, to heal, to shoot, and to prepare in case I ever got caught in another bioterror attack."

Grabbing the custom-made dragonhide armored pants he spent a fortune on, he was about to put it on when spotted Hermione and some of the girls near him blushing furiously red. "Err...are you okay, Hermione?"

"Just...just put your clothes on, Harry!" she exclaimed, still not meeting his eyes.

Spencer laughed loudly as Harry merely shrugged and placed it on, grabbing the dragonhide long sleeve polo shirt afterwards. "My, my, my, Harry dear, aren't you delicious." she said flirtatiously, getting an eye roll from him. "I should have known you Racoon City survivors won't sit about doing nothing."

"Like hell we would!" he snarled, buttoning up his upper garment. Once it was secured, he pulled out a dragonhide vest with ammo clips attached to it and wore it before putting on his sling bag. Afterwards, he loaded his pistol before holstering it on his left thigh. "You want your combat data? I'm going to give you your combat data by fucking them all."

"Aren't you eager! I had hoped to test my specimens against spells first but I-oh my...what do we have here." Spencer paused, sounding distracted. "It looks like someone volunteered to take care of that side of the problem."

The screen then showed a lit corridor where a blond-haired girl was running, stopping only to fire some spells at an unseen assailant before running away again. "Damnit Spencer," Harry exclaimed angrily, his unloaded shotgun falling onto the table. "Our agreement was it was only me!"

"Oh yes...but as I said earlier, I need someone to test how effective spells are against them." Spencer replied, giggling. "With dear Daphne coming from a pureblood family - a dark one, no less - no doubt that she knows enough spells to keep me...satisfied."

The witch's laughter filled the hall, creating general unease for everyone present while the teachers whispered furiously at each other. "Now then, I'll leave you to say goodbye to everyone, Harry dear." Spencer announced. "Once you're done, I'll open the doors for you to get out before locking them in again."

"How are you controlling the castle?" Professor McGonagall asked, looking constipated. "Only the Headmaster controls the wards of the school!"

"I just hacked into the school's...'mainframe', so to speak." Spencer answered, laughing at her own joke. "But enough about that, why don't you all say goodbye to Harry dear so I can get my test results. Tata!"

The call ended and Harry stood there silently, as everyone processed what happened before erupting with whispers of scared students. "Harry," Ron said as walked towards him, looking a bit queasy but trying to be brave. "Just say the word and - and I'll follow!"

Similar words from his fellow Griffins followed Ron's declaration, giving Harry some warmth that he had friends that were willing to follow him into hell. Whistling sharply, the entire hall fell silent as their attention focused on Harry. "I appreciate the help, I do." he said, smiling sadly at all of them. "But this isn't your fight."

"What the hell, Harry!"

"Oi, we can take care of ourselves!"

"We ain't weak, Potter!"

"I know!" Harry shouted loudly, quieting everyone. "But you have no idea what kind of monsters are out there. I know what to expect, especially if Spencer's hints are anything to go by, and I have the skills and equipment to last me the entire night if necessary - this isn't my first rodeo guys, believe me."

"Hem, hem." Professor Umbridge cut, looking at him critically. "I do have to ask, are you really up to the task?"

"Like I said earlier, Professor - this isn't my first rodeo." he repeated. "Claire - the one who rescued my cousin and I back in Racoon - has a brother in the BSAA who regularly fights these kinds of monsters."

"Harry," Fred and George Weasley said in unison, getting his attention.

"Since Spencer said nothing against indirect help," Fred began. "We thought-"

"-to give you this Decoy Detonator. A test product we have that-"

"-once dropped, it will scamper away while making loud noises and release-"

"-black smoke." George finished. "We only have one right now-"

"-but if you can get to our trunk-"

"-you can use all ten of them." the twins ended with matching grins.

Harry pocketed the device with a smile, realizing how useful this thing could be. "Thanks guys." he replied sincerely before looking around. "Anyone else?"


To his surprise, Snape handed him a heart-shaped key. "There's a Smith & Wesson Model 10 inside a flower-shaped boxed in my personal office." he informed him, eyes narrowing. "Rescue Ms. Greengrass and she can help you get into the Slytherin dorm to retrieve it."

"Th-thank you, Professor." Harry replied in surprise, pocketing it. Snape sneered at him before turning his back and went back to the Teacher's table. 'Well...you don't see that every day'.

Suddenly, a brunette in Slytherin robes ran towards him, followed closely by Slytherin girl trailing after her. "Potter," the girl cried out, eyes red from tears. "Please, find my sister and keep her safe - I beg you!"

Thankfully, the other Slytherin clarified what she was asking. "The girl in the screen, that was Daphne Greengrass." she explained, worry in her eyes. "I'm Tracy Davis and this is Daph's sister Astoria, in case you're wondering."

"Please Potter," the young Greengrass pleaded again, grabbing his arms and shaking him. "Save my sister, promise me! House Greengrass will forever be in your debt and-"

"Woah, woah, woah!" Harry cut her, gently pushing her away. "No need for that, I was going to look her anyway."

The two Slytherin look gob smacked at what he said, making him feel like he did something wrong. "You're...you're rejecting an offered debt?" Davis asked, looking surprised. "Potter, don't you realize what you're rejecting?"

"No, I don't." he replied calmly as loaded his shotgun. "But what kind of person would I be if I save people's lives for money and favors?"

"A pragmatic one?"

"An asshole." he replied seriously, pumping his shotgun before walking towards the door. "Now open the goddamn door, Spencer - I got shit to kill and someone to rescue."

Character Visualization:

Harry Potter as himself

Ronald Weasley as himself

Hermione Granger as herself

Albus Dumbledore as himself

Minerva McGonagall as herself

Severus Snape as himself

Dolores Umbridge as herself

Fred and George Weasley as themselves

Tracy Davis as Barbara Gordon (Young Justice)

Astoria Greengrass as Arya Stark (Game of Throne)


Okay, in case you're wondering why I have a new story when I basically said I won't update until all my stories have been reworked, I had this idea of a RE x HP crossover that's been bugging me for weeks since I watched the entire Player's Little Playground Resident Evil 2 Remake (both Claire's and Leon's scenarios). I kid you not, this story has been in my mind since I watched that, stopping me from working on my Naruto story just so I can flesh out this idea (especially since I created a writing schedule that I NEEDED to follow so I can update all my fics).

Anyway, a little bit of a background on this:

Harry was born in 1990, not 1980

Harry wasn't abused by the Dursley, more like him living as a tenant with them so Dudley doesn't bully him, he contributed to the household because he wanted to, etc.

Somehow (I haven't fleshed it out), Harry ends up in Racoon City while staying with his cousin Sherry Birkins and the two get caught up with Claire's adventures (I'm using the RE2 Remake plotline, not the original one).

After the incident, he becomes friends with the RE gang and the Dursley end up treating him like family once Petunia realized that Harry was her last link to her sister

HP Books 1-4 happen but with certain twists that will be revealed throughout the story

However, this fic will literally be in the back of my priorities as I will be focusing more on my other stories. I just needed this story out of my mind so I can focus on my other ones. Don't worry for this story's fans - if all goes well, I can pick this up again within the next six months.

Hope you enjoy,


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