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Resident Evil: Devolution

Hogwarts School Year 2005–2006 was to start with relative quietness and some Ministry 'reminders'. Instead, two students are forced to fight and stay alive as they try to survive the experiments made by an alumnus with an agenda. They don't know it yet, but their nightmare has only just begun.


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Chapter 7: September 1-2, 2005 | Great Hall, Hogwarts

Once Harry Potter closed the door, two large holographic screens appeared on either side of it. One (on the side of the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs) showed Potter with his shotgun as he roamed the halls and the other one (on the Ravenclaws and Slytherins' side) showed Tracy Davis' best friend Daphne Greengrass running for her life.

"Daphne!" Tori screamed as she ran back to their table, leaving Tracy all by herself (the 2/3rds of the Golden Trio followed Tori's example) in the path of the Great Hall along with the teachers.

Steeling herself in preparation for questioning, Knight-Commander Tracy bellowed "KNIGHTS, ATTENTION!"

To everyone's surprise, multiple students of all four houses, from Second Year and up, immediately stood up and crossed their arms, allowing the two runic bracelets on them to hit each other, and transform their clothes into the armor of the Knights of the Order of Merlin. "I take it you have questions?" she said to the stunned teachers before her, allowing the Chapter Captains of Hogwarts to set up the defenses of the Great Hall for her.

"Dumbledore!" Professor Umbrigde exclaimed, going red as she faced the Headmaster (who, for once, was speechless and shocked). "How dare you train these students to be your soldiers!"

"The Knights of the Order of Merlin have been around even before Hogwarts, Dolores." Professor Snape, to Tracy's surprise, lazily answered. "In fact, Godric Gryffindor was a member of it."

Quick as lightning, Tracy whipped her wand out and pointed it at her Head of House. "And who exactly did you know that, professor?" she asked coldly. The Order of Merlin was a closely guarded secret and only its members, their family (if allowed), selected muggle officials, and the Royal Family know about them.

"Look!" someone shouted before Snape could reply. Turning around, Tracy's stomach dropped as she saw Potter, Daphne, and a little girl running away from a G-Mage enhanced Argus. Thankfully, Daphne was skilled in combat and Potter was no slouch either (given the people he was connected and the past they shared, she shouldn't be surprised at all).

Her breath did hitch, however, when the three were separated, leaving her best friend alone with Argus. She heard Tori scream when Argus grabbed Daphne by the throat but Potter managed to distract him (it?) long enough for Daphne to kill it. Knowing her friend was safe, she glared back at Snape. "How did you know about that tidbit, professor?"

To her anger, he looked at her bored out of his mind. "I was an...apprentice of sorts to the successor of Rowena." he replied vaguely, confusing his fellow teachers.

'Professor Snape was an apprentice to the Grand Sorcerer?' Tracy blinked, surprised as she sheathed her wand. "We will talk about this later, professor once the defenses are set up." she replied evenly, walking away much to the protest of her teachers. "Diggory, sitrep!"

# # # | # # #

"Blood hell, I never knew Harry could do that!" Ron Weasley exclaimed, shock coloring his voice after seeing his best friend fire a round at Argus' back.

He and Hermione Granger stood on the sidelines along with their housemates as they alternately watched the holo screen and the 'knights' set up a defensive perimeter. "I know Harry knows his way around a gun because of what happened but not like this." Hermione said, getting looks from her fellow Gryffindors.

"What do you mean, Hermione?" Ginny Weasley asked, confused.

She shuffled, not wanting to spill her friend's secret. "It's not my place to say…all I'll say is that Harry survived Raccoon City." she stated.

"Wait, he survived Raccoon City?" Dean exclaimed, jaws dropped while their magic-raised children looked confused.

"What happened there?" Susan Bones asked, their fellow Fifth Year Hufflepuffs asking as well. "It sounds like something bad happened there."

"Because something bad really happened there…" Collin Creevey answered, sharing a look with his brother. "Our uncle who lives there barely got out alive when it went down. It was-"

"-an American city that saw a viral outbreak that turns people into inferi." an armored Cedric Diggory answered, walking towards. "And I know you want answers, Hermione, but we'll give them to you later, right now we need you to get into the barricades we set up."

She huffed, much to the amusement of the others but complied anyway. "First to Third, you're in the innermost section." Cedric continued. "Fourth and Fifth are to take the middle while the Sixth and Seventh have the outermost one."

Dean ran up to her once they headed for their section. "Hermione, if Harry was in Raccoon City during the outbreak then-"

"Yes Dean, he was eight when Raccoon was destroyed." Hermione replied sadly. In the background, she heard murmurs started coming from the magically-raised students about Emma's sickness. "I don't know the whole story but from what snippets he would say, it sounds like he was at the center of things."

"Oh my god, what is that!" she heard Lavender scream, turning around to see Greengrass and Emma being chased by a huge BOW and (to everyone's surprise) Argus, who somehow survived the fall. Everyone watched intently as Greengrass tricked the two into falling to their deaths by collapsing the bridgeway, the Weasley Twins howling in laughter when they heard her remark of getting into trouble.

It immediately stopped when Emma started shaking in pain, everyone holding their breaths as Daphne struggled to find a potion for her. Thankfully, Harry was smart enough to properly label and color them, allowing Greengrass to find one to knock Emma out. "Thank Merlin Harry labeled them properly…" Parvati Patil breathed out.

"May I have your attention, please!"

# # # | # # #

Astoria always thought she was unique in being the only one in her generation that was afflicted with a terrible curse. Even though it may be a 'mere' blood malediction curse, it was terrible enough and always annoyed her how condensing people's worry about her were.

Until today.

Upon figuring out how sweet, innocent Emma Filch was cursed with the Maledictus, she finally found someone to sympathize with. She couldn't help but wonder how painful it would be when the little girl finds out that the only cure was to replace it with another one. "I may dislike Filch but I feel sorry for his daughter…" Pansy Parkinson murmured, everyone around her nodding in sympathy. "No one deserves that curse."

"No one should be cursed, Pansy." Luna (Loony) Lovegood answered back, a sad look in her eyes as they watched the two make their way down the stairs. "To be cursed is to live terribly, and to live terribly is a curse."

'That makes sense…' she thought. "Lovegood's right," Astoria agreed as one of the 'Knights' herded them to their barricade. "No one should have a curse placed on them."

"Oh my god, what is that!" they heard someone shout, forcing everyone to look at the screen.

"Daphne…" Astoria's voice hitched as they saw Daphne and Emma being chased by a huge BOW and (to everyone's surprise) Argus, who somehow survived the fall. Everyone watched intently as Daphne managed tricked the two into falling to their deaths by collapsing the bridgeway, the Weasley Twins howling in laughter when they heard her remark of getting into trouble.

It immediately stopped when Emma started shaking in pain, everyone holding their breaths as Daphne struggled to find a potion for her. Thankfully, Potter was smart enough to properly label and color them, allowing Daphne to find one to knock Emma out. "Potter may be shit in Potions but at least he labeled them correctly." Draco said, looking relieved. "Can't believe I'm saying this but good job Potter."

"May I have your attention, please?"

# # # | # # #

"May I have your attention, please?" Tracy shouted, getting everyone's attention. Standing in front of a makeshift platform so everyone could see her, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. "I know you may have questions but I know you also want to watch what's happening so I'll keep this short.

"The Order of Merlin has existed even before Hogwarts was founded, with Godric Gryffindor a member of it as well. We are tasked by the Crown of Britain to protect our magical realm from outside interference unless stated otherwise." she continued, seeing everyone listening on. "And yes, as much as the Ministry of Magic likes to say the muggles are ignorant of us, the non-magical government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Royal Family has known about magic all this time."

She let the whispers and murmurs from the magically-raised students continue (surprisingly, the muggle-raised ones looked relieved) before whistling sharply. "I know you have questions but please ask them once we are out of Hogwarts."

Stepping down, she hurriedly made her way to the side where a small group of knights were huddling. "Any updates?"

"No signal, ma'am." a sixth year engineer replied as she fiddled the portable radio. "We're jammed pretty tight."

"Goddammit…" Tracy cursed. 'This isn't how I imagined the start of my command…'

"Heads up, professors inbound." Lisa Turpin, Ravenclaw Captain, informed her. Turning around she saw all of the house heads walking briskly towards them, with a glaring Professor Umbrigde leading them.

"Ms. Davis, I wou-"

"I already said this earlier, professor." Tracy cut, matching her glare. "You have questions, ask them once we're out of the woods or ask Apprentice Snape here. Until then, I have to worry about protecting everyone in the hall - and it's commander, for your information."

"Just professor, commander." Professor Snape corrected, looked sad for some reason. "I lost my right to be called an Apprentice during my Fifth Year after I had a falling out with Lily."

"Lily?" Cedric asked.

"Lily Potter, the brightest witch of our time and the previous Grand Sorceress of our time…" he said proudly, smiling with nostalgia. That surprised the Knights - no one knew who the next Grand Sorcerer or Sorceress was since Newt Scamander gave up his title. If Lily Potter took the mantle, she never informed anyone besides Snape.

The Headmaster coughed, getting their attention. "Back on the matter at hand, while I appreciate your concerns, Ms. Daivs, there is no need for you to still worry-"

"Commander Davis, Headmaster and with all due respect, I call bullshit." Tracy replied, narrowing her eyes. "Out of everyone in this school, Harry is the topmost expert when it comes to dealing with BOWs. Our Order comes close a second, even if the gap between our knowledge and that of Harry is as narrow as the Channel."

She turned her back to them, ignoring the cries of the teachers. "Ask your colleague about us if you really want answers," she ordered. "Otherwise, leave us."

# # # | # # #

"I want to say I'm surprised," Dean said after they heard Davis ('Commander Davis,' Hermione corrected herself) talk about the Order. "But honestly, I'm just grateful."

"Why are you grateful?" Hannah Abbot exclaimed, hands raised. "The muggles know about magic! They'll be hunting us-"

"Eh, not really." Hermione replied, shrugging. Honestly, while she understood why the magical world isolated themselves, she never understood why they didn't try to at least keep up with the times. "The muggle world has become more understanding and anyone who attacks you because of your magic can be arrested for 'hate crimes'."

"But-but it doesn't explain how the government knows!" Susan asked incredulously. "I can - may be, I don't know - understand the Royal Family knowing but the government?"

Justin Finch-Fletchley chuckled, getting everyone's attention. "My Father's an MP and the day after Professor McGonagall visited us, he made quiet queries about Hogwarts to some friends in the DfE." he said, snorting. "Imagine our surprise when an MI5 agent visited a week later."

"MI5?" Ron asked as Hermione looked at the screen, spotting Harry rescuing Fleur. "What's that?"

"Shhhh!" she shushed them, pointing to the screen. "Harry's with Fleur!"

They quieted down and watched Fleur plead to Harry they need to contact the French Ambassador to call for help, although her friend seemed resistant to that idea. Thankfully, when Greengrass met up with them and that weird call from Emma's 'uncle', they managed to get an explanation…though it made things much worse.

# # # | # # #

'Looks like I'm not the only witch to survive a full-blown Bioterror Attack.' she thought, snorting as Fleur explained the outbreak that happened in Magical France.

"Something funny, Moon?" Malfoy asked one of the few muggleborn Slytherins, glaring at her as if she was dirt.

"Potter and Fleur aren't the only ones to survive a Bioterror Attack," she answered as they watch Harry talk about BSAA contingency plans. "There's a reason I could see Thershalls since last year."

She could still remember the screams and growls of the BOW Hunters chasing after her and her cousin Andy, how she had to kill her turned aunt from killing both of them, how-"Lilly, snap out it!" Millicent Blustrode shouted, snapping her out of her flashbacks. "Breath, Lily, breath - you're shaking."

"Tha-thanks," Lily replied, accepting the goblet of water from Astoria.

"What happened?" the younger Greengrass asked, eyes full of worry just as they watch the three move.

"I was visiting my cousin in Terrarigia when it was attacked by Il-Vetro." she replied, setting down the goblet as everyone around her quieted down to hear her story. "I was-holy shit, is that a Tyrant?"

# # # # # # # # # #

"By Merlin!" Dolores exclaimed, her fear mirrored by his fellow teachers. "It looks like the one Ms. Greengrass faced earlier!"

Severus agreed, seeing similarities with the monster (a BOW, if that brat was to be believed). "I still find it suspicious that the boy knows how to fight it." he said as the boy ordered the two ladies to flee.

"If the conversation from earlier is to be believed, it had something to do with this…'Raccoon City'." Minerva answered, looking worried for the boy as he fired his pistol at the lumbering giant. "What could have happened there?"

"Bloody hell, is that the Honeydukes owner?" one of the Weasley twins screamed, pointing at the inferni-like creature shambling behind the boy.

"Merlin help us…" Albus muttered softly, shock coloring his face as everyone looked at the right side screen as more of them appeared. "I think I can see Rosmerta."

"God help us all," Minerva prayed, making a quick sign of the cross as the boy fired a Hurricane Jinx at them, creating a distraction long enough for him to escape.

They watched on silently as the Potter brat began warding the door he exited before getting a call from his former student, Mary Spencer. Snape knew that Spencer was a muggleborn and it still surprised him that she ended up in Slytherin, when the entire seven years she was here made everyone believe she was meant for Ravenclaw.

Now he knew why the hat placed her in his house: she had misdirected everyone into thinking she was an inquisitive bookworm when she was here, hiding her intentions as she laid down whatever plans she was cooking. 'But what for?' he thought, brows furrowed as his fellow teachers discussed the ramifications of experimenting on a young ogre.

"Potter's tense," he stated as the Hall watched Spencer taunt the Potter boy, loud enough for his colleagues to stop their discussion and focus on him. "The 'Polisher' comment threw-"

Suddenly, a pale-looking creature slammed into the boy. He reacted quickly, turning the creature's head into waste. "You made the House Elves Lickers." Harry stated angrily after inspecting it, everyone could hear it in his voice.

"Ten points to Gryffindor!" everyone heard Spencer exclaimed, howling in laughter. "And they're called Polishers, FYI. I think their inherent personality of making things clean carried over because when I dropped a cow into their holding pen, all that was left were bones - fully polished bones. Have fun fighting them, Harry dear!"

# # # | # # #


Ron winced before grabbing Hermione as she tried to clamber over the barricade. "'Mione, calm down!" he pleaded.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN!" she screamed, turning around to glare at him. "THAT BITCH KILLED 2084 HOUSE ELVES - 2084 SLAVES OF HOGWARTS THAT NO ONE IS GOING TO MOURN!"

Hermione collapsed into his arms, crying. "Th-they're living cre-creatures, Ron," she sobbed, burying her face into his chest, sinking back into the ground. "And-and no o-one going t-to mourn them…"

Ron awkwardly patted her back, trying to comfort his best female friend. 'Thank Merlin Harry distracted them.' he thought, seeing everyone watch his best friend fight off the infected House Elves, ignoring Hermione's outburst. "Hey, hey, that's not true Hermione." he replied, wiping the tears of her face. "The two of us - no, the three of us will mourn those Elves."

"Re-really?" she whispered back, looking so small and sad, a far cry from the strong and brave woman he always saw.

Ron nodded. "Yeah!" he replied, grinning. "We'll even revive the...what did you can it - the STEW group you made last year and use this to jump start a campaign!"

'Finally!' he thought happily, seeing her smile softly. "It's SPEW Ron." she corrected, chuckling.

"Yeah, SPEW!" Ron repeated. "I'll be your vice president and we can use Harry's fame to endorse us - a win-win situation for us!"

He might not be as good as Harry nor as smart as Hermione, but seeing Hermione laughed was enough for him to know he was a good friend.

# # # | # # #

"Someone pinch me," Draco ordered. He could not believe - he refused to believe that Potter could wield a wand and a muggle weapon so efficiently that it looked like he was merely dancing to an unheard song. "This has to be a dream!"

Everyone around him - except for Granger and Weasel, completely ignoring everything around then - was trying to comprehend how Potter was destroying the mutated elves. "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Moon laughed loudly, clutching her stomach as they watch the 'Golden Boy' finished off the remaining Polishers. "Potter watched too many Gun Fu films!"

"He did wandless magic!" Padma Patil exclaimed, Potter fleeing upon hearing the alarm he set up. "When can Harry do wandless?"

"Oh thank Morgana!" Astoria exclaimed, seeing Potter and Greengrass meet up. "At least she isn't alone anymore, damn the stairs..."

"Looks like Spencer wasn't joking about the controls." a Ravenclaw, Su Li, commented as they watch the two wander around boringly (then again, with all that happened, Draco knew this was a good time to rest). "And-behind you!"

'Spoke too soon…' he thought, gasping as his rival's shoulder was pierced by the tongue of the Polisher. Thankfully, Greengrass managed to kill it quickly before any more damage could be done. "Potter, give me your - what the…"

"Surprised?" he replied with a smirk, everyone's jaw in the hall dropping as the watch the wound sizzle and close all by itself.


"Remember what I said about the T- and G-Viruses?" Harry asked, getting a nod from her. "My cousin and I got infected by the G."

"But...but your still here!" Greengrass exclaimed.

"He was infected?" he heard Moon whisper. "He should be dead already! My aunt turned into a BOW a few seconds after being infected!"

They saw Harry nod grimly. "Yeah, it was touch and go for a few hours but thankfully, Claire and Annette manage to make a cure for the two of us. Not an easy task for Claire - especially given the lab was already overrun and we were on a clock but...Sherry and I are still alive and kicking"

"I thought you said there was no cure yet?" Draco asked harshly.

"They must have gotten a prototype cure!" she answered back as Greengrass helped Potter up.

"The cure didn't completely removed the virus, suppressing it enough for the body to adapt it." he replied, proving Moon's statement as he cocked the newly reloaded pistol. "Somehow, we both manage to get healing abilities out of it."

"Oh shit…" Moon swore. "That's even worse…"

"What do you mean?" Pansy asked, looking confused while Daphne asked the same question.

"The test checks out negative every year, so no for now." he explained, indirectly answering their question. "Since Sherry and I were the only known survivors of G, we know next to nothing about its aftereffects - that's why we regularly check ourselves and look for abnormalities. In fact, the Potter line might end with me since I'm not even sure what my kids may end up with."

"You think they might infect your children." she stated, the hall buzzing with whispers as the ramifications sank in.

"Yeah…it's a shame actually, I always wanted a large family - I'll probably ask the Weasley's if I can be an honorary uncle to any of their children." he joked as they reached the Grand Staircase.

# # # | # # #

He couldn't have children.

Ginny just stared, tuning out Greengrass' tale of a similar backstory, realizing why Harry turned her down last summer when she got the courage to ask him out. 'And it's not just that,' she thought bitterly, recalling their conversation.

When he was explaining why he couldn't - something about not always being there for her - Ginny thought it was because of Riddle. Now though, after hearing her muggleborn friends explain the dangers of bioterrorism and the numerous outbreaks that has happened since 1998, she finally understood why Harry turned her down: they'll both end up heartbroken.

If Dean's and Colin's comments were to go by, Harry was eight years old when Raccoon City fell - facing off these kinds of monsters while trying to survive with nothing but his cousin and two others. No wonder Harry was always exercising and studying hard - not because he was his parent's child but because he needed to be ready for the next time something like this happens.

It made her even fall harder for him.

'I promise you Harry,' she thought as she (and everyone in the Hall) watched on. 'I'll make you the godfather of all my kids.'

# # # | # # #

"Didn't we have a report about Sherry Birkins?" Tracy asked Cedric, her second-in-command. "I remember it was part of the briefing when we were appointed."

The Sixth Year Hufflepuff nodded. "I read it briefly, saying something about a mutation she had. Didn't go into detail but if Harry's wound is anything to go by, I'm guessing it's that."

"Still can't believe Potter was infected with the G-Virus of all things, nearly died because of it, and managed to survive it all." Lisa muttered, arms crossed as they watched Daphne and Potter work their way up the stairs. "How do you think he and his cousin survived?"

"If his comments we're anything," Katie Bell, the Gryffindor Captain, began. "I'm guessing they ended up in the Umbrella Lab underneath Raccoon."

"Well, he did mention an Annette - Annette Birkins, perhaps?" Cedric pointed out. "She's Sherry's mother right? May be Harry's related to her somehow."

"And one of the lead researchers of the whole T- and G-Virus." Lisa added, shivering. "Makes you wonder how she ended up working for them."

Tracy snorted. "Have any of you seen the state of the muggle economy?" she asked, Katie cringing as the others turned to her. "My mom works for the Department for International Trade and let me tell you, it would have been better to be swimming in cash back in the 90s because nowadays, the economy is going sideways."

"You don't have to remind me…" the Gryffindor Captain grumbled. "My mom's thankful that dad's a rich wizard because her salary isn't enough to support us in case things get dicey."

"Oh look, they've arrived!" Cedric said, pointing to the screen. Indeed, the two reached the painting before being ushered in by Fleur - just in time before a Trynorg appeared in the corner. "Still can't believe there was a bioterror attack in France we never heard off."

"To be fair," Lisa countered. "Those who know about bioterrorism in the wizarding world are few or know too little. Even the Order's plans to counter a bioterror attack in a magical location relies heavily on getting the BSAA involved immediately."

"Thank God Harry knows people in the BSAA." Cedric pointed out, grinning. "MI5 sent in a report he was spotted with Agents Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, right?"

"And Doctor Rebecca Chambers," Tracy added, eyes narrowing as she spotted the room her friend entered. "What the hell is a highly equipped science lab doing Hogwarts?"

# # # | # # #

"I'll say - Filius, isn't that John Watson?" Albus asked, pointing to the brown haired man following little Emma as she ran towards Ms. Greengrass. "It seems the…

Albus trailed off as Watson explained "Suppressant Charlie activated when her Maledictus acted up. It worked successfully but it did cause some minor reaction in Emma."

"Did...did he just make a suppressant against a the Maledictus?" Severus exclaimed in surprise, everyone in the Hall murmuring his achievement.

"It would seem so," Filius replied quietly, no doubt shocked and wondering how his student managed to achieve it.

"Impossible, even the best potioneers of our time couldn't do anything!" Dolores refuted even as Albus watched Watson give a condensing look to Ms. Greengrass (a look he often saw Severus give Harry). "How could he create a suppressant when others have failed?"

"He used unconventional means…" Severus exclaimed, looking at Watson with (to everyone's surprise) reverence and awe as he began explaining how he achieved it. "I knew Lily managed to create potions using a muggle kitchen - lessening the procedures greatly - but to use Muggle Science to solve magical curses was a brilliant move I should have thought off!"

"What exactly is a...dee-en-a, Severus?" Minerva asked - only for Ms. Delacour to answer it. "Oh, never mind."

"I don't believe it!" the Minister lackeye stated, eyes narrowing "This-"

"Shut it, you pink hag!" the potion master replied harshly, not tearing his eyes off the screen. "This is the greatest achievement to the wizarding kind and I will not have you ruin it!"

"I've never seen Severus this angry before," Minerva quietly whispered to him, watching Severus transfigure the plate and spoon into a notebook and pen, looking like a student quickly writing down notes as Watson began explaining how he reached this point. "Or at all!"

"It seems we have much to learn, Minerva…" Albus whispered back, the explanation the Ravenclaw alumnus was giving flying over his head. Even the students were quiet - even hearing Ms. Granger swear that she'll castrate anyone who makes her miss something. 'I wonder if we truly made a mistake by-'

His musings were cut short when Watson revealed he and Spencer were the ones who made the virus affecting Hogwarts. Things went downhill from there as Harry angrily asked "Why in the world did you even think of helping her?"

Instead of answering, Watson merely raised his arm and pointed at her. "What...what has my family done to you?" Ms. Greengrass asked, looking shocked and confused.

"Your family - nothing." he replied, his eyes filled with deep resentment and anger. "Your blood supremacy ideology...now we're talking."

It was as if the entire Hall gasped as one. "Did you know I got twelve Os in my NEWTs?" he told them bitterly, Albus recalling seeing the newly graduated Ravenclaw dancing happily when his grade was given. "A hundred percent in all my tests, even got the highest academic honors the school could give - fat lot that did to me in life."

"Here I was, an eager Ravenclaw graduate with the highest marks, applying for a position in St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries as a medical research and did you know what they gave me?" he asked rhetorically. "A potion brewer for Second Floor - A FUCKING POTION BREWER!"

"I think I know what he's talking about," he heard Poppy whisper to Wilhelmina. "The entire healing community was in uproar when the scandal was revealed."

"I originally thought I needed to work my way up, so I did my best - brewed the correct potions, manage to hasten the healing process of some of the patients, and even correctly diagnosed a patient when none of the healers could. Yet I stayed as a potion brewer for five fucking years...until Rita Skeeter came."

"That was her breakout article, I believe." Albus commented quietly to Minerva, recalling the only day he sent a gift to that reporter.

"God bless her soul," he praised, smiling brightly as the murmurings began among the students. "She released an article confirming that the St. Mungo's director at that time was a Blood Supremacist and would favor average pureblood over competent muggleborns and halfbloods. It was such a huge scandal that the director resigned in shame and took her life a year after.

"The aftermath was even worse." he continued, his eyes full of hate as the headmaster flinched - that was his advice to Fudge at that time. "They tried appointing us muggleborn in high positions, giving us grants, and all that jazz just to make up for all the mistakes they made. By then, I was completely disillusioned with the entire wizarding world - if they could do this here, where else could they be doing it?"

"He has a point," Severus remarked, getting a glare from the Transfiguration professor.

"You still practice it!" she snarled back, getting him to wince.

"They actually had the audacity to give me the directorship of the hospital." he said, scoffing. "You know what I did - I gave them the finger, told them that there will always be people who will look down on my kind no matter how good we were, and gave them my resignation letter. Caused another scandal but I didn't give a shit - I was done with everything.

"That's when Spencer approached me, offering me a job at Umbrella because she wanted to enter magical medical market and needed people like me who can make the two sides work together - I just told her when do I start." he ended, glaring at Ms. Greengrass with all the hate he could muster.

"This whole thing - the Mage Series virus, Umbrella's experimentation on magic, everything I'm doing here - is all because YOU PUREBLOODS!" Watson screamed, scaring everyone in the Hall - the purebloods more so. "Couldn't look past the blood in your veins!"

Ms. Greengrass immediately ran off, no doubt hurting while Harry started berating a non-caring Watson. "I...I don't know what to say." Minerva muttered, still reeling from the explosive rant.

"We failed our past students - plain and simple." Severus stated calmly, closing his notebook. "We thought to reel them in and they'll be fine when in fact, it was not."

"How are you this calm!" Minerva screamed, getting everyone's attention. "You-"

"-helped the Slytherin halfbloods and muggleborns get good jobs in the Mainland, put in a good word to noteworthy one from other houses in the jobs they were applying, and would follow up on all of them to see if things are fine." he listed down, giving an unamused look. "Have any of you done that?"

"What about the abu-"

"The Slytherin house has a long standing policy of all punishment in-house." Severus cut off harshly. "If you haven't noticed, three-fourths of the school hates us because of the idiocrasy of our alumni. To keep a united front, we make sure that any Slytherin who keeps on antagonizing the rest of the school is punished privately."

"It's true, Minerva." Albus added, getting gasps from the rest of the student body listening in. "In fact, last year alone, Severus and I had to reconstruct the grades of some Slytherin Fourth Years because of the numerous-"


Albus immediately turned towards the screen, spotting young Emma Filch double over in pain and her hand growing furs. "It would seem the suppressant has stopped." Filius commented, looking completely worried. Thankfully, Watson had the cure ready but just needed two more ingredients to complete it.

"A Mandrake Restorative Draught...impressive!" Severus praised, grinning. "I can see why use that particular potion to add to the cure."

"Indeed," Albus agreed, understanding what Severus was pointing out - even back in his youth, he and Gerald had discussed the potency of that draught, theorizing that it could be used as a basis for transfiguration cure potions. "Although, I have to ask you Ponoma, what kind of plant are they talking about?"

"I have no idea, Albus." the Hufflepuff Head replied sadly. "I have seen the plant they are talking about but it was a gift from Watson a few years ago, thinking it was a mere muggle plant."

"Dolores, you seem...too quiet," Minerva suddenly asked, making them look at the new DADA teacher. "Is everything fine?"

"I...I was just contemplating," the Senior Undersecretary replied quietly - a far cry from her loud personality. 'It seems Watson's words hit close to home'. "It would seem the two are getting ready for their search."

# # # # # # # # # #

"He's right, you know."

Draco stared at his friend (underling) Gregory Goyle stated, unperturbed by the looks his fellow purebloods were giving. "Wh-Goyle!" Vincent Crabble exclaimed, looking like he just said he liked Gryffindor.

"If you haven't realized, muggleborns and halfbloods make up 75% of our society." Goyle explained. "The remaining 25% is us purebloods. We keep on antagonizing the majority of our society and we might end up just like Russia."

"Which part: the revolution or the collapse?" Moon asked, smirking as if she understood what his friend was saying.

"Both I guess." he replied, watching Potter and Greengrass prepare to leave the laboratory. "Best case scenario would be a French Revolution without the muggles interfering - worst case would be a full-blown October Revolution during the Dark Lord's Blood Supremacy War."

"Both equally terrifying." the muggleborn Slytherin agreed, shivering much to everyone's confusion.

"What's Goyle talking about?" Astoria asked to no one.

"I'm surprised, Goyle." Blaise Zabini said, a knight standing by the barricade and a fellow student. "I didn't peg you for someone…who knew history - much less the muggle one."

'Goyle knows muggle history?' Draco thought as said person gave a grin.

"You mean 'I'm pegged as dumb'?" Goyle corrected, making everyone wince - that thought had been in his head for a while now. "We're Slytherins, if we can't be subtle and create misdirection, we're not meant for this house."


# # # | # # #

"May the Lord God have mercy…" Tracy muttered as they stared at the mutated form of Argus. "The fucker won't stay down?"

No one answered, still staring at the monster chasing the two. "Aw shit," Cedric swore as the Grand Staircase separated the two, leaving Daphne alone with Argus as Potter's floor moved away from then. "Spencer really hacked Hogwarts."

"But how?" Katie asked, bewildered. "We know in basic training the Headmaster's the only person with the ability to control the wards!"

Tracy tuned out of their debate, focusing instead on the screen as Daphne slowed Argus down with a powerful Slowing Charm while Potter ran upwards to get to her. To her shock, he began gathering magical energy into his palm (reminding her of that Japanese Ninja cartoon she saw once) before jumping down the floor to smash it on the BOW.

Exclamations of surprise and shock spread throughout the Hall as the floor-slash-bridge broke. Potter would have fallen to his death had Daphne not jumped and slammed into him, tumbling down the floor in front of the Gryffindor Dorm Entrance. "What in Merlin and Morgan's name was that Potter?" Daphne asked exasperatedly, ruffling his bag looking for a potion.

"Just water," Potter croaked, getting the Slytherin's attention. "Potions will just make it hurt."

Looking doubtful, she nevertheless gave him water. "What in magic's name did you do, Potter?" she asked as he drank greedily, looking confused. Tracy leaned forward (much like the rest of the hall), wanting to know what he did exactly. "It looked like some sort of orb."

"Channeled magic into my palm, creating a ball of energy." he replied, grinning cheekily. "Won't recommend using but it's useful in certain situations."

Seeing her unamused look, Harry continued. "I did some accidental magic back in Racoon City: flung zombies away from us, enhanced my punches, the likes. It was only when I was checked in the New York Goldstein Magical Hospital did I find out that I was damaging my magical nerves through my reckless use of wandless magic."

"Shouldn't he have been flagged by now?" Lisa whispered to the Knight-Commander.

"The Yanks probably pulled the wool over us," Tracy whispered back. "It was bad enough in the No-Maj side, MACUSA didn't want to get scrutinized by the ICW."

"But isn't wandless a great skill?" Daphne answered back.

He nodded. "Yeah but only if you had fine motor skills to handle the magical output without burning the nerves." he explained, chuckling humorlessly. "Since I had none…well, you get the idea."

Greengrass looked exasperated, rolling her eyes. "Of course you'll do something like this Potter." she replied dryly, Tracy agreeing with her - case in point, Potter's tenure in Hogwarts was enough evidence to support that claim. "Well, we're here - what's the password?"

"Bloody Merlin," Cedric whistled as they followed the two enter the 'Lion's Den'. "My respect for Harry went up by a notch - not only did he survive a bioterror outbreak when he was eight but he had to use magic in a combat situation that young."

"But at great cost," Lisa pointed out, watching Potter comfort Daphne. "Though I do agree with Diggory, Potter has my respect."

They continued watching as the two retrieved what they needed before heading for the dungeons. Tracy smiled after hearing Daphne's plan after getting rescued only to be soured when they ended up talking about them being 'infected' - or rather, the bluff of it. "That damn bitch!" she swore when Spencer called.

"Fuck you, Spencer!" everyone saw Harry exclaimed angrily. "Fuck you and your sick games, bitch!"

"Now, now, you wouldn't want me to…'accidentally' open the doors and kill everyone, hm?"

"She's telling the truth," Fleur said over the radio, Tracy freezing up. "Two Trynorgs just entered and are heading for the Great Hall with miniguns."

"MOVE!" she screamed, the various knights running towards the doors. "WALL UP NOW!"

The Knights of Merlin moved with surgical precision as Spencer laughed in the background. A shield wall was immediately formed before it, leaving the flanks open for the rest. Tracy immediately twirled her wand, transforming it into a sword as she held her shield up in case Spencer allowed the Trynorgs to enter.

# # # | # # #

"Merlin, that was close…" Severus said, exhaling as he lowered his wand when Fleur announced the Trynorgs backed off.

"Indeed…" Dumbledore agreed, slipping back his wand and watched the two enter the Slytherin dorms. "It would also seem you finally found who stole ingredients three years ago."

Severus huffed while the rest of the teachers laughed, focusing instead on the conversation Daphne and Potter were having. Narrowing his eyes, he cursed at his foolishness. "I shouldn't have left it there!"

"Left what, Severus?" Poppy asked.

"Lily…I received a letter from Lily a week after she died." he replied, clearing his throat. He watched Potter open the flower-shaped box (where the old gun was stored) and bring out the gun, immediately spotting his mother's letter. "I…I never got to know what...what she sent me."

Opening the letter, a small cassette player dropped out. "What's that?" Greengrass asked, frowning at it.

"A cassette player, think a Howler but stores any words spoken to it."Harry explained, staring at it with apprehension. "I'm playing it."

"Potter, that isn't your."

Snape was in a bind - on the one hand, he truly wanted to know what Lily wanted to tell him but the downside was it would mean everyone would hear what she would say. Unfortunately for him, he had no choice on the matter because Harry sighed before looking determined. "Look, I never got to hear my mother's voice, okay? I…I just want to hear it."

Seeing her anger deflate, the Gryffindor brat took it as a sign to press play. "If you're listening to this Sev," a voice Severus hadn't heard for a long time began. "It means Riddle killed us, my son's alive, and the ritual worked. That said, I also know you were the reason he targeted us in the first place."

One could hear a pin drop when the entire hall became silent, no doubt shocked by the revelation. "What, didn't think Dumbledore won't tell us who told him?" Lily continued, as if knowing they'd be confused. "He explained that you overheard the proclamation of the prophecy and in your rush, you didn't stop to think who the targets would be.

"I…I was a horrible person to you Sev, laughing at you when the Marauders was bullying you and ditched you in your time of need." By now, Lily was openly crying and sniffing. "You had every reason to keep on hating me - I married your worst bully, I ended our friendship because of a word spoken in a distressing time - and yet you immediately became a double agent to save me - why Sev, why?

"Guess…guess I'll never know, since I'll be dead by the time you listen to this. I could only hope you forgive me, Sev, for the pain I've caused you - for all the pain we have done to you." Lily pleaded, hiccupping. "To…to sweeten the deal, as Sirius would say, I've hidden my journals in our secret space for your use - although you're going to have to wait for my successor to open it."

She was silent for a moment, as if contemplating over something. "Once…once you got it, could…could you make sure the letters James and I wrote in case we die be given to Harry?" she asked, sounding worried. "Consider this your best friend's final plea to you, Sev. I know you have no obligation to do so but…please?"

There was some ruffle of paper before the only woman he ever loved spoke again. "Well, my time is nearly up. I hope you can forgive me, Sev, for all the pain I've caused you...and James and I forgive you for the pain you've created for us." she said. "Live long and prosper."

"Live long and prosper," Snape whispered, imagining a smiling Lily standing before him with the Vulcan sign.

# # # | # # #

Dumbledore listened intently at the conversation Harry and Ms. Greengrass. Besides him, Minerva was ripping a new hole in Severus for everything that had happen to Lily. 'If what Ms. Daphne is telling is true,' he mused. 'It would seem I was looking for answers in the wrong direction.'

Once - he completely believed that Harry would prevail and get them out of here - once they were out, he would have to rope in the help of Ms. Greengrass to help with the destruction of Riddle's cursed artifacts. He would have to woo the Greengrass to the Light Side - if Serverus' information is to be believed, Riddle was now trying to woo them to his side - something he can't allow.

"Headmaster!" Commander Davis called frantically, running towards his seat in haste. "Please tell me you have the remaining Soul Anchor!"

"I would like some answers as well, Headmaster!" Dolores exclaimed, turning towards him angrily. "Mr. Potter has stated for the record that it was not him that he faced and yet he's telling Ms. Greengrass otherwise! Which one is the truth?"

Bringing out his elder wand, he wordlessly casted a Muffling and a Smokescreen Charms around the three of them. "To answer your question, commander, I do not nor do I know where they are." he replied calmly. "As for you Dolores, Riddle - or Voldermort to the world - is back."

"Wait...did you say are?" Davis repeated, blood draining from her face while Dolores flinched at his use of Riddle's other name. "You mean…"

"I have reason to believe that he made at least five of these Anchors." Dumbledore replied gravely.

"What...what exactly are Soul Anchors?" Dolores asked, trying to keep a calm facade as Davis cursed repeatedly. "Is it a Dark Artifact?"

"Nowadays, it's called a horcrux - wizarding historians tend to romanticize things." The commander snorted, looking amused. "But originally, Soul Anchors - as the name suggests - is an item where someone can store a piece of their soul. Should the original die, their soul will remain as a disembodied spirit until a ritual is enacted to give them a new body."

The Knight Commander's eyes widened. "Potter's kidnapping during the tournament - that's when You-Know-Who was reborn, wasn't it?"

Dumbledore nodded, Dolores paling from the implications. "The Ministry...the Ministry is not ready!" she exclaimed in horror. "Auror Corp is already low on manpower and the Hit Wizards are spread too thin! Even with the laws-"

"The Ministry isn't...but we're ready." Davis proclaimed, smirking. "The Queen will not allow another Blood War happen in her time."

Dumbledore canceled the charms, watching the two Fifth Year students slowly make their way out of the dungeons. "Then let us hope that it will not come to that, Commander."

# # # | # # #

"It would seem Product 117 is a success, Forge." Fred said to his twin happily, watching the walking trumpet rouse the dead from their slumber.

"Indeed, Gred." George replied simply, grinning back. "Our good friend Harry has proven how useful 117 is for distraction."

"I can already imagine a tagline for this product, brother dear."

"'Decoy Detonator - A Prankster's Greatest Distractor-'"

"'-it even distracts the dead!'" they both finished, smiling widely as Harry and Greengrass entered the Greenhouse area.

"Honestly Ron," Hermione remarked, smiling at the two pranksters. "Your brothers are something…"

Ron snorted, not disagreeing with that statement. Besides, it was a better conversation than the topic that You-Know-Who (or Riddle, as Harry called him) was a dark, immortal spirit or the fact that Gryffindor's #1 hated professor was the reason that Harry's parents died in the first place. "At least they manage to help him - imagine what would have happened if Harry didn't have that?"

Ginny, overhearing the remark, snorted. "Probably would have found another way around it, Ron." she replied, watching the two make their way into the Greenhouse courtyard. "He knows-AHHHHHHH!"

Ron screamed as he and the rest of the hall saw Harry get thrown away by a huge, ugly monster that came out of the greenhouse. Greengrass tried to fight back as Spencer gleefully explained what they were fighting. "Bloody hell…" he heard Dean curse as the thing called Girge fell to its knees when the Slytherin did a crotch shot.

It may have been a monster but as a man, he flinched and instinctively covered his own when it doubled over in pain as Greengrass ran desperately towards Harry. Everyone could feel the desperation the two had as they tried forcing the door to open, to no avail. "Oh God, I can't watch!" Hermione cried out, burying her head into his shoulder when the Girge grabbed Greengrass with-


The entire hall was enveloped in silence as they watched the Girge slowly transform back into a plain ogre, Harry catching his companion with a Levitation Charm. "By Merlin's Saggy Pants, did…did she-" Ginny gaped, completely shocked at how Greengrass used the Killing Curse.

In a snap, the entire hall became alive as everyone started pitching in their comments, only for a loud whistle from Commander Davis to shut them up. "The entire Greengrass Family has a special deposition to use Dark Magic due to certain factors." she announced, glaring at everyone who dared to make eye contact with her. "If you still have questions, ask them once we have left Hogwarts."

Ron furrowed his brows. "'Special Disposition'?" he asked incredulously. 'Sounded like blood money…'

"I think it makes sense." Hermione said, getting shocked looks from everyone around her. "What? Their entire line is cursed by blood curse - which is Dark Magic, mind you - maybe they thought that experimenting with it might lead to a cure."

"When you put it that way, it does make sense." Justin reluctantly admitted, Ron agreeing with it mentally - the way Hermione framed it make things logical.

"Well, as Harry said," Dean quipped. "We now know a new way to cleanse this Mage-series."

"Yeah, it has a 100% cleansing rate though." Hermione remarked dryly.

# # # | # # #

Neville stared intently at the plant Harry was gently packing. "Hey Collin," he asked the lower year student. "How much does that herb costs in the muggle world?"

"Oh those?" Collin replied, getting a nod. "Nothing at all - ever since the increase of BOW outbreaks everywhere, everyone's been planting them in pots everywhere. In fact, I can ask my mom to send you some."

"Really?" he asked, surprised - the way Harry explains the herb, they seemed expensive enough.

Collin nodded. "My uncle planted a bunch of them in our garden after he escaped Racoon City. Mom was kind of pissed since she wanted something else but she waved it off, saying 'It's better that we have some rather than none at all.'"

"Yeah!" Dennis interjected happily. "They're pretty easy to make into pills since the leaves are quite fragile."

Neville's questioning was cut short as Argus once more interrupted the show, this time with wings. "Bloody hell, how many stages are there?" Ron echoed Greengrass' question.

"Let's hope this is the last one…" Ginny murmured, looking worried.

"They're being herded!" Hermione exclaimed, fear in her eyes as everyone watched the two run into the Quidditch Pitch before getting surrounded by the infected Centaurs.

Everyone in the hall was at the edge of their seat, shaking in fear and worry as Greengrass and Harry fought for their lives. The heiress, to buy them time, activated a spell that encircled them in a bright, blue flame, destroying anything that tries to enter it. "What's Harry doing?" Neville asked, watching his friend load things into both his guns.

Before anyone could answer him, Greengrass dropped the flames and Harry started dancing - not the waltz or the jiggle but…Neville wasn't sure what to call it - Harry was moving so fluidly, dancing to an unheard tune as he killed each Chimera with a single shot, wasting no shot as they came at him.

It was unnerving.

"I know he did it earlier but…damn, it never gets old." Dean whistled, looking impressed as the two ran back into the castle, fleeing from a grotesque-looking Argus with wings. "Still though, how is it that Argus is still alive?"

"You know how BOWs are - I remember reading a news report that some of the viruses constantly mutate." Hermione answered, looking worried as they watched the two evade Argus. "Though Harry seems very familiar with this version of the virus."

"He did say they fought something similar back in Racoon." Colin suggested before gasping at the scene playing before them: Harry and Greengrass were now running up the ever-moving stairs as Argus and the Girge fought in the center of the Grand Staircase. "Holy shit, it's like Godzilla versus King Kong!"

Amazingly, Harry and Greengrass managed to keep up with the stair's movement, moving in synch as they jumped and stumbled all throughout the switches and changes. "Fucking stairs…" everyone heard Daphne muttered, collapsing to her knees as she tried to steady her breathing. "I'm never climbing them again."

The entire hall laughed at the statement - after what they did, Neville couldn't blame them. "Amen to that," Potter praised, leaning by the wall of the seventh floor corridor. "I don't give a shit if I had to skip classes, I'm never climbing them again."

"A great idea, brother!" George proclaimed, smiling widely.

"Indeed!" Fred answered, turning to his twin. "Perhaps we should follow Harry's example and develop a complete aversion to stairs!"

Neville shook his head fondly, smiling as the Twins made everyone laugh at their statements - things were really looking up.

# # # | # # #

Astoria clenched her fists in worry as Daphne and Fleur hurried down to the labs. 'I hope Emma's okay…' she thought, biting her lips. "Do...do you think the cure would work?" Pansy asked, worry laced into her voice.

"It has to." Moon replied with conviction, a solemn look on her face. "'Cause I don't know what Greengrass or Watson would do if it doesn't."

That sent shivers up everyone's spine - the thing was, Astoria could really see her sister do something incredibly brave, stupid, or both if all her hard work didn't pay off. 'To Mother Earth and any Deities out there, please let this work.' she prayed, watching Potter, Daphne, and Fleur bustle about the lab under Watson's careful instructions.

"I still can't believe he willing gave himself Lycanthropy just to test his theory…" Theodore Nott muttered, mouth opened as they watched Watson shake in pain as the three prepared the cured. Astoria didn't bother to answer, just repeating the prayer she gave over and over again.

"Oh hey, isn't that Mrs. Norris?" Goyle pointed out, the infamous cat landed on top of Emma as Daphne was about to inject the cure, startling her.

"Realized it now, haven't you?" Watson said smugly, to everyone's confusion. "Now you know why Argus hates every single one of you."

"May Magic forgive us…" Daphne whispered in horror, realizing something none of them did.

"What are they talking about?" Malfoy asked her, Astoria looked back at him with confusion as well.

Thankfully, Potter shook her out of...whatever it was, jabbing the cure at the fur-covered arm. Everyone held their breaths as the cure entered her system, silence befalling the entire hall. Then, when doubt began to appear in her mind, the fur started to recede and a relieved smile appeared on Emma as she woke up groggily.

"YES!" Astoria screamed in joy, tears falling from her eyes as the entire hall cheering wildly and loudly. "THE CURE WORKS!"

"Settle down!" the Headmaster ordered, though he was smiling brightly. "It would seem Watson wants to talk to Ms. Greengrass about something."

"Go, I'll be fine." Daphne urged, the entire hall quieting as they watched a suspicious Potter leave with Emma and Fleur. Once they were alone, she dropped her smile and turned to Watson, who Mrs. Norris resting on his chest. "What do you want?"

Watson didn't answer, merely content to scratch the cat's ears. "Did you know it was Bellatrix Lestrange who gave my sister the Maledictus Curse?" he said softly, not meeting her eyes. "My older sister, Mary Norris Watson, who was merely an innocent bystander, was cursed to become a cat."

The entire hall was struck dumb as realization dawn in them. "By Merlin…" Goyle whispered in shock. Beside him, Moon looked like she wanted to puke while Malfoy started looking green. "All this time…"

Mary Norris Watson, John Watson's sister, was cursed to be a cat.

Mrs. Norris was a cat sitting on Watson's chest.

Mrs. Norris was Mary Norris Watson.

'All this time,' Astoria thought in despair, everyone in the hall slowly devolving into a mess of tears and self-anger. 'We were hating on a woman cursed because of Blood Supremacy…'

"Twenty years, Greengrass, twenty years of research and experiments just to create a cure." he continued, not knowing the effect of his words to the rest of the student body. "Mistakes were made along the way but I learned from them so I can reach this point."

Watson then started coughing up blood as his body slowly started shaking, Daphne kneeling beside him, full of concern. Mrs. Norris gave a mournful meow, as if realizing something. "I lied about having Lycanthropy - I activated the Maledictus Curse in me."

"Im-impossible!" Daphne gasped, Astoria nodded as well. "The Maledictus is-"

"-is hard coded to appear in women only." he replied, coughing. "I'll spare you the details but I convinced the curse to think I'm a woman and…well, I'm feeling the side effects."

"What did we do to deserve this…" Malfoy wailed, crying out tears. "WHAT?"

"I won't lie, Greengrass, I still hate you purebloods but you seem okay," Watson said weakly, everyone in the hall grimacing as he pulled out a small book from his coat. "Which is why I'm giving you this. This journal contains everything I've discovered throughout the years - from my thoughts on the T-Mage to the steps I took to make the cure."

"W-why?" Daphne asked, gently accepting the journal.

He chuckled before grimacing from the pain. "Your sister…has a blood malediction, yes?" he replied, getting a nodded. "Then use my notes to cure your sister from it - consider this my payment for saving my niece."

Daphne's jaws opened as she stared at him. "I…I don't have your knowledge or skills!" she tried to counter, feeling distraught - Astoria feeling it as well. Both of them only knew what Tracy would show them - even then, it was a simple explanation, nothing more. "Morgana, I don't even know how to operate any of the machines here!"

"And did that stop you from helping Emma?" Watson countered, grinning softly. "You're a good person, Greengrass, and I know I can trust you to use my notes to help the world."

"Meow!" Mrs. Norris meowed, as if telling her to accept it. A few in the hall chuckled at that, amused by the timing.

She gulped before shrinking the journal, pocketing it. "I'll try my best…"

He merely smirked. "Do, there is no try." he said, grimacing in pain. "Now, I want you to kill me."

"Bloody hell," Moon groaned, face palming. "Of course he was going to ask her that - seriously, you already burdened her with your notes and you're adding your life as well?"

"May be that's his plan all along?" Zabini suggested. "Play the long game and still get to shove the middle finger at the purebloods?"

"Will…did you at least leave a letter for Emma?" Daphne asked, silencing the rest of the conversations in the hall.

"Ye - ack - yeah," Watson said, clutching his stomach in pain. "It's in the…the journal I gave you. Make sure - cough - to give it to her when…when she's ten."

"Any…any last words?"

"I…I proved all you purebloods wrong, Greengrass - make them realize that." he replied, Mrs. Norris rubbing her head on his chin.

"Avada Kedavra." she casted softly, tapping her wand over his heart. A slow pulse of warm, green light spread slowly throughout his body. Watson closed his eyes, smiling peacefully as the curse finally ended his life. Mrs. Norris gave a mournful howl as Daphne sunk to her knees and cried.

"The magical world lost its brightest wizard because of our pettiness." Malfoy suddenly stated, a faraway look in his eyes. "Goyle's right - we have to stop this pettiness of ours."

"I promise on my family's magic." Daphne suddenly said as she stood up, Astoria shivering as she felt the Greengrass Magic bind the oath. "I will honor your wishes and change our world for the better."

# # # | # # #

"Did...did she-"


"You do realize-"

"I do."

"Holy shit," Cedric swore, shocked at the fierceness present on her best friend's face. "Holy shit."

"You can say that again." Tracy answered back, watching as Daphne slowly made her way up with Mrs. Norris in tow. 'Good lord, what a fucking mess…'

Everyone - even the battle-hardened knights - were still reeling from the numerous revelations they've had in less than an hour: the Maledictus (and other potential dark curses without any known cure) could be cured, Mrs. Norris was actually human with Maledictus and every single Hogwarts student had abused her at one point (Tracy didn't even want to think about the time the cat was petrified), and Daphne just swore to change the wizarding world.

Of course, there was the issue of You-Know-Who basically creating at least five Soul Anchors and is nothing more than a dark spirit because of the numerous dark spells he has cast throughout his lifetime. The last time something similar happened, it took the Founders using Stonehenge as a cleaning agent, fending off an army of undead with what remained of the English Army.

Add that Hogwarts was crawling with BOWs and everyone was relying on Potter and his makeshift crew for the rescue, Tracy wasn't sure how she was going to debrief High Command about this.

All in all, this was a clusterfuck with shit being thrown into the fan every minute.

"I need a drink." Tracy despaired, watching the three discuss their plan. "And of course Potter could have ended this way earlier if he actually remembered about that GODDAMN MIRROR!"

"Chill Commander," Cedric replied, shaking his head fondly at the outburst. "With everything happening tonight, I won't be surprised if he forgot about a gift given to him just hours earlier."

Tracy sighed, slumping down onto the floor as Harry and Fleur discussed their past bioterror experiences. "You're right...I still need a drink though."

# # # | # # #

Draco Malfoy was a man with a mission.

After hearing John Watson explode about how the Purebloods destroyed everything in his life and learning his Godfather was willing to give up everything for a mud-muggleborn (he corrected himself), it made him realize how petty and counterproductive the Blood Supremacy ideology was.

Sure it had good points - muggleborns and halfbloods were destroying the magical heritage with their outside ideas and disrespects - but at the same time, they were also what was keeping the entire British Magical Economy afloat. May be Golye was right - the Purebloods made up about a quarter of their population and if the halfbloods or muggleborns (or worse, both) decided to do away with them, they can start a revolution and it would end bloody. Add this mess with bioterrorism and BOWs and the Dark Lord's crusade...Draco shuddered at the volatility of the situation and how catastrophic the effects could and would be - the fallout would be felt for generations.

Which was why he was walking towards the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff side, looking for two others that could help him prevent (or at the very least delay) the coming disaster. "Heiress Bones, Heir Longbottom, I wish to talk." Draco stated as he stood before the Lions and Badgers.

Longbottom and Bones looked at him suspiciously, no doubt wondering what he was up to. "Oi, what are you doing here, Malfoy?" Weasley asked rudely.

"If your tiny brain didn't hear, Weasley-"

"Enough!" Bones ordered, shooting both a glare that stopped their banter. "Speak your piece, Malfoy."

"In private."

Longbottom snorted, giving him an incredulous look. "We can't get out of the hall, Malfoy."

"I meant somewhere not before them," he replied, tilting his head towards their eavesdroppers. "The matters I wish to discuss have…ramifications."

The two started whispering with each other while the rest of their rabble eyed him distrustfully. He did wish the two would hurry up - the quick glance he gave his housemates knew that he was up to something and he wasn't about to tell them yet until he had the support of the two. "...very well." Bones then said, turning about. "Follow me."

Draco followed the two as they left the barricade although he didn't like the direction they were heading for. "I specifically asked to talked with just the two of you, remember?" he reminded then.

"And if you want us to hear your proposal, you'll agree to let her in." Bones retorted as they walked up to the makeshift command center of the Order of Merlin. "Commander Davis."

"Bones," Davis greeted back, turning towards them.

"Heir Malfoy wished to talked to us about a subject heavy ramifications." Bones continued. "Given the recent events, I thought it was prudent to involve you in the discussion."

"Is it political?" Davis asked him bluntly, Draco replying with a noncommittal shrug. "Very well - Officer Brocklehurst, this is your shit show. I expect a summary afterwards."

A brown haired Knight walked towards then, smirking as she nodded. "Follow me," Brocklehurst said. "Call me Amanda or Mandy, whatever floats your boat."

Upon reaching a secluded corner, Amanda casted a Muffling Charm around them. "Now then Malfoy," she began, smirking as she leaned on the wall. "Now, what so important that you wish to talk to the heirs of the leaders of the two most powerful factions of the Wizengamot."

'Drat...I knew it was obvious.' Draco thought sullenly before composing himself. "Very well then - in light of recent events, I believe the current…debate should be put on hold - permanently."

"Did...did you just grow a consciousness, Malfoy?" Longbottom asked incredulously.

Draco scoffed. "Of course not, Longbottom - I just came to a realization."

"Get to the point, Malfoy." Bones replied sternly.

"Very well - while I still believe that muggleborns and halfbloods are ruining our magical heritage, I do conceed that our society would have collapsed without them." he explained, sighing. "My father and his fellow like-minded allies, on the other hand, wishes to seem them crushed and enslaved. I fear that if their…goals pushes through, a…friend of mine said we might have a French Revolution at beat or a Russian one at worst - although I have no idea what he means."

"Ohhh…" Brocklehurst cooed, smirking. "Good analogies! The best explanation I can give is the former saw the deconstruction of royalty while the latter saw the complete extinction of it - both equally terrifying for the purebloods."

All three of blanch. 'Com-complete ex-extinction?' Draco repeated, mind reeling. "Shocking it is?" she continued, amused at their discomfort. "The Order already has plans in place should a revolution come about - all of them in favor of the revolutionaries. We did plan to save some purebloods but…they'll be as rich as the average British."

"Then…it is a good thing we're doing this, isn't?" Draco asked, composing himself.

Brocklehurst nodded. "The Crown won't interfere if the change comes within - we would help but nothing drastic, mere suggestions and the likes."

Bones, though she looked like she didn't like it, nodded. "Very well, it's the best we can hope for." she said tiredly before turning to him. "Well Malfoy, what's your plan?"

# # # | # # #

'Damn you Potter...although I do deserve this.' Serverus cursed mentally, watching the Argus' daughter look at him.

Once the Potter and his group contacted Black, they immediately confronted Spencer underneath the boathouse (a secret lair, no doubt). Unfortunately, the feed was cut so no one had any idea what happened down there - even Potter was tight lipped about it when they came back. Of course, Potter had to throw him under the bus by directing Emma's attention towards him - revenge for the death of his parents, he supposed. Severus sighed as he watched Daphne and Potter leave the hall, deciding to gently reveal the truth - well, an edited version of it. "Do you understand the concept of death?" he asked her softly, getting sharp looks from everyone around him.

Emma shook her head. "What's that?"

"Death is when someone now has to sleep forever," he explained, building up on Daphne's earlier explanation. "You can't wake them up."

"Like Uncle Jonny!" she exclaimed brightly before frowning. "Can I see him?"

Severus shook his head. "Unfortunately, you cannot - the living should not bother the dead anymore."

"Emma, I'm Daphne's sister." Astoria, thankfully, cut in, getting the you girl's attention. "She asked me to take care of you while she fights the monsters outside."

"You shouldn't have done that, Severus." Minerva whispered harshly as Astoria cheerfully lead Emma away from the teachers. "I understand that he forced you but-"

"But nothing, Minerva." he cut, shooting her a glare. "It is done, the child is sated, and Potter is saving us all. Best we get ready for the arrival of this BSAA."

# # # | # # #

Nothing could prepare Tracy for the massive FOB the BSAA had prepared upon landing on the outskirts of Hogwarts Ward Line. "BSAA was ready," Cedric commented as she helped him up, Captain Cooper already leaving them to report to his commanding officer. "I'm impressed."

The BSAA's Magical Response Unit that she greeted upon their arrival was a tightly-run ship, no doubt about that. Captain Cooper immediately set them to work (all seven of them muggleborns), their plans accommodating the current set up the Order made yesterday. In fact, the Order mostly stood in the sidelines as the seven-man team quickly directed the students.

She nodded absentmindedly as they headed towards an Order Command Center the BSAA gave them. "Give me a sitrep, Taylor!" she barked at their comms officer as she entered. It was stocked with radios, a map table of Hogwarts (very accurate, from what she could gleam), and a couple of monitors and printers as well.

"Seeker Flight was in the area around 0330 hours ma'am." Taylor replied, hand a clipboard. "Command gave them leave to drop by Hogsmeade for a quickie but they couldn't enter as it was on lockdown. Command tried contacting us with no success, forcing them to mobilize the Northern Command. Thankfully, BSAA contacted No. 10 about an outbreak in the Scottish Highlands, the Defense Secretary connecting the two and ordered Command to help out the BSAA in anyway."

"Who's in charge of this camp?" she asked, getting a grin from Taylor.

"Head Honcho himself, O'Brian himself." he replied, pointing towards a nearby tent with a BSAA logo. "Wanted to speak with you about it."

Giving a curt nod, Tracy headed for the BSAA Command Tent with Cedric in tow. "So how are we going to play this?" he asked.

Tracy just shrugged as she entered the tent, smiling upon seeing the organized chaos surrounding Clive O'Brian. "...prioritize the lower years before going higher. We're facing a new BOW set here, I want to make sure everyone's clean before we release them." he ordered a lab technician, who was busy writing it down.

"Director!" she shouted, getting his attention. "Knight-Commander Tracy Davis. I want to thank you for your help today."

O'Brian waved her off as he picked up a report. "It's our job, Commander." he replied, signing it before handing it to an aide. "Besides, you should thank Potter - without him, we wouldn't be here at all."

"It's a shame Potter wants to be a BSAA Agent." Cedric mused. "He'd make a fine Knight."

O'Brian chuckled. "He can be both, if what I have in plan gets approved." he replied, crossing his arms. "He told me about how your order's anti-bioterror plans heavily involves getting us up to speed, right?"

"You want to set up a partnership, I take?"

The director shrugged. "As you have seen, the MRU doesn't have the necessary resources or clout to engage in a magical society that doesn't like non-magical people like us." he stated bluntly, Tracy and Cedric wincing at that. "Without Weasley's interference, this entire operation would have been done before it could start."

He then pointed to her. "Your Order, on the other hand, have everything we need - clout, money, and power to get things done. So here's my suggestion - while we retain overall command of the MRU, the Order will handle the equipping and training of its members."

"It's a good idea." Tracy said, mulling over it. The whole idea was sound, allowing the Order to not only gain an anti-bioterror unit but also bypass the restrictions placed upon by the Statute. "Command has final say over these matters but I think they'll like it."

"Sir!" a radio operator shouted. "Dragon 1-1 has retrieved Agent Griffin - they're homeward bound."

A loud cheer rang throughout the tent, Tracy smiling widely. "Announce that to the rest of the camp," O'Brian ordered before turning to the two. "Let's go greet our conquering heroes, shall we?"

Leaving the tent, the three headed for a temporary helipad. Looking around, Tracy snorted at the growing crowd following them as a Blackhawk came into view and landed. The rotors slowly stopped spinning, the door opening to reveal an equally tired - but smiling - Potter and Daphne as they stumbled out of their vehicle.

The crowd went wild, cheering loudly as sparks flew from their wands while the rest of the knights and agents prevented them from overwhelming the two. Astoria, ever the loyal sister, ran forward to hug her sister while the Golden Trio reunited once more, Tracy moving at a more sedated pace. "You have a lot to tell me, Tracy." Daphne said, hugging her as she reached him. "I want to hear the story behind that armor, you hear me?"

The Knight Commander just shook her head in happiness, leading her friend back to the crowd. 'Finally,' Tracy mused. 'This whole nightmare has ended.'


And with that, Resident Evil: Devolution comes to an end.

It took my over four months to finish this, most of which were written while standing in line waiting at the pick-up station, sitting crapped in a van while stuck in traffic, or whenever I have spare time during the weekends.

I know some of you really wondered what were the people in the Great Hall doing all this time? Well, here's your answer - bonds were made, secrets were spilled, and realizations were made. Within a span of 24 hours (within the story of course), the Magical Society of the United Kingdom was shaken, setting the stage for the sequel.

I've also introduced a new set of characters that I have toyed of playing a role in the next three - yes, you read that right - three fics. When will these come out? The first one will probably be written around mid next year since I will be continuing on my other stories that plan to republish along with a new writing style.

So adios, my loyal readers! I hope to see you next year with the new stories as well! Drop your review before you leave, I would love to hear your thoughts on this last chapter



















Did you really think I'd end without a teaser?

Mary Spencer was reviewing the current progress on combining the T-Abyss with the T-Mage when her door swooshed open. "I take it the rescue operation was successful, dear?"

Jacob smiled as he sat before her desk. "All students accounted for, Potter and Greengrass have been rescued, and G-Argus was destroyed." he replied, taking time to sip his coffee. "We also reviewed the footage regarding the Killing Curse and its effects on the BOWs. It's slow but the scientists have a potential theory in the making."

Mary nodded absentmindedly, closing the report from her monitor. "Update on the magically infusing the U-Mage?"

Her husband sighed. "While the process seems to work with the T- and G-Mage, it seems it doesn't work for the U-Mage - it's as if we're missing something."

"Have you checked the copy of Watson's journal?"

Jacob shook his head. "I wanted to explore all options for the current process before I check the journal. I thought I might have been doing something wrong."

"But you're never wrong, dear!" she exclaimed, pouting much to Jacob's amusement.

"I'll see you later tonight, honey. I have to check on the Barrier if it's still holding."

"Stay safe dear, I'll wear your favorite tonight..." Mary replied seductively, getting a laugh from him as he exited. Swiveling her chair, she stared out of her windowed wall, sipping her tea as she watched Dementors weaved through the stormy weather of the North Sea.

Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass will return in...

Resident Evil: Evolution