Bella has little secrets of her own and after Edward leaves her, Bella desides to go visit her brothers in Mystic Falls. Little does she know that her ex huband and her new love live their. What will happen when a certain covern move to Mystic Falls?

Bella had been lying in bed thinking about how long she could string her relationship on (if she could even call it a relationship).All of the sudden their was a woosh and Bella instantly knew that Edward was here,but when she looked up she didn't see Edward. Infact she saw Kathrine Peirce or as Bella knows her as Katerina Pertrova.

"Hello what do i owe the...pleasure?" asked Bella. Bella despised Kathrine expecialy after what she didto her brothers.

"I need your help back in Mystic falls."Bella heard a hint of despiration in Kathrine's voice, Bella used this as an oppertunity to mess with Kathrine.

"And why would the Katerina Petrova want help from Arabella Salvatore?"

"Because you Bella are the only one that can keep your brothers under control." Bella hadnothing to say she she was curious as to why her brothers needed help. Had they gotten into another argumentover a girl or had Damon killed someone Stefen loves?

Just when Bella was about to ask Kathrine what her brothers needed help with Kathrine vamp speed ran out the window. At first Bella was shocked then came another woosh and she realised why she left so quikly before stood Edward Cullen a cold one,a discgrace to the vampire comunity.'

"Bella we need to talk." demanded Edward. Bella nodded and Edward led them into the forest.
In the forest he 'broke up' with was happy on the inside, she had been stringing him along for to long. Bella had to act sad so that Edward wouldn't suspect anything but a little voice in her head asked "then again why do i care?" but Bella ignored it.

"B..But Edward i thought w...we were in love?" Bella let a fake tear roll down her outside Bella was 'crying' but on the inside she was laughing her head off.

Edweird laughed in her face, Bella felt like ripping his head off right there and then.

Then it happened , one second ago she wanted to rip Edweirds head off now he was standing in front of her the mikealson, the one and only...

"Hello love." said Klaus in his sexy, seductive, British voice, god how Bella missed his voice.
Bella wasinfuriated he was here but the over half wanted to shove her tong into his mough right infront of Edweird.

All Bella could do was slap Klaus.

Klaus put his hand over where she slapped. While Edweird just stood there like an idiot with a shocked look on his face.

"What no hello or i haven't seen you in a hundred years how have you been?" Klaus idioticly asked.

"Bella what does he mean by he hasn't seen you in a hundred years?" asked Edweird

Great she was surrounded by idoiots. "Look Edweird, shut up or i'll rip your throaght out!" At that Edward backed off.

"what the hell are you doing here Klaus?"bella asked,clearly aggiated on the mments situation.