~I'm Right Here~

Sonic knows something isn't right when Mario returns home from work that day. He's downstairs in his recording studio playing random notes on the guitar when he hears the key in the lock, and placing a hand over the strings to silence them yells out a, "Welcome home babe!" with a wide grin on his face.

When there's no responce, Sonic frowns and sets his guitar down before he heads up the stairs to investigate. Upon realizing the door to their bedroom is shut, Sonic knocks on the door a couple of times. "Mar?" he calls out, unease rising in his chest.

After a moment of silence Sonic decides he's had enough and twists the knob, thankful that the door isn't locked. The light is off and the curtain is closed, but Sonic can see the huddled silhouette of his partner on the bed, knees brought to his chest curled in on himself. From the dim lighting of the hallway, Sonic can see him shuddering which sets off alarm bells - he's crying.

Sonic tenses. He's never been good with tears, but whatever happened to Mario at work today needed to be addressed and taken care of. He gently steps into the room and shuts the door behind him, blanketing the room in darkness again.

"Hey..." Sonic murmurs, taking a seat next to Mario and wrapping a supportive hand around his shoulder. He pauses, not knowing how to continue so he just rubs circles on Mario's arm, waiting for his partner to say something. After several minutes of silence Mario wipes his eyes and sighs.

"I lost a patient today." he says in a hollow, haunted tone before a fresh sob escapes him. Sonic freezes, feels his heart drop to his stomach. Mario continues, "I... I failed. I'm supposed to save people... but I failed. She... she was only twenty. She had such a bright future and I failed."

Sonic winces. He takes a deep breath as he thinks long and hard about what to say. He doesn't have the greatest track record with comforting people so this is a tricky situation. He's quiet for a moment before he finally speaks.

"Just let it out. I'm right here, okay? Take as long as you need, I'm not goin' anywhere."

Mario buries his face in Sonic's chest while Sonic protectivly wraps his arms around him, whispering words of comfort in his ear while rubbing circles on his back instead.

"You're safe with me, Mar."

AN: I mean, I did say I had more ideas for future fics. And yes, this takes place in the same timeline as I Miss You When You're Gone for the curious.