I'm so so so so sorry. I was really busy over the summer and winter and I was not able to post. But here I am, almost a year later here to give you chapter two. Again I am very sorry. I am terrible at time management, I have a project due on Monday that I had a week to work on, so yeah. Please excpect about a chapter a month. This is the first story I decided to continue the other stories have have written will either end or be updated soon.

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Henry had been shot by an unsub and the whole team was on it. I had spent hours thinking of how Spence had dropped everything an- what was I thinking. I'm with Will. I love him, I had my chance with Spencer and I blew it. I love him but that I will keep to myself. I never hope to hurt anyone like I could have with thoughts right now. I kissed Henry's head and waited for the team to get justice, and I knew I may have a Twin Fire but it has been extinguished.

Hey guys, I'm gonna end it right here. I don't really know how to continue it and

I have more stories that have less hearts and stuff but I really want to work on. I hope you understand.