"~Every good rhyme starts with 'Once Upon A Time'. Long ago, far away, centuries before (y)our day.~"

Two figures sat in the middle of the buttercup grove, one, a small babybones of about 7, the other, a human child of about 13, well as far as a human poltergeist could go for anyway.

There was silence, between the two, and the space, nothing but the wind from the hole above that shined warm sunlight from the mythical place known as the surface, and the rustling of Chara who was making flower crowns with the buttercups that Mykal couldn't tell why Chara hated so much.

Then, Chara spoke.

"Hey Mykal. . "

". . Yeah Chara?"

"~Humans lived, monsters roamed. Both shared earth and sky as home.~"

"Did you know that you weren't supposed to be alive." his tone was blunt, and low, as if he was telling you a textbook definition.

Mykal blinked and looked up, eyelights gazing upon the 13 year old poltergeist he had known since he was little.


"~Yet this peace, came undone. War was waged and humans won.~"

"Your, creation. . . you weren't supposed to live" Chara proceeded, keeping his eyes trained on the millionth flower crown he's created.

Mykal stared at him, and then spoke, tone more of curiosity than disbelief as one should have been when being told that they weren't supposed to be alive ". . . Why?"

"~Forced below, monsters fell. Humans trapped them with a spell.~"

Chara paused, then slowly lowered the flower crown, looking up so he was staring into Mykal's eye lights "I. . . don't know, you where weak, fragile, a monster that couldn't make enough magic to keep your soul going, you where destined to die, SHOULD have died, but. . . . you didn't."

"~Listen children to my words: Ebott will eat you, beware the curse! Monsters teeth go clack clack clack. If you climb the mountain, you won't come back!~"

Mykal stared at him, then at the buttercups, as if he was talking to them and not at Chara "is there. . . a reason why i lived?" it was a simple question, the most likely that he could have asked out of curiosity.

After all, he was told that he wasn't supposed to be alive, and yet, here he was, not in the best of shape, but alive.

It was something he wanted to know.

"~Human child human child, you won't turn around. Human child human child- oops they fell down!~"

Chara blinked at the question and opened his mouth, only to close it and glance down at his flower crown again "I don't know. . . but should it matter?" he countered, plucking more buttercups and beginning to weave them.

"~Human child human child, look out below! down underground where the monsters go.~"

Mykal tilted his skull "Why shouldn't it?" he asked.

"~Oops dropped your heart. . . . Be careful in the dark. Someone might take it, break it apart.~"

Chara shrugged and continued to weave, plucking more buttercups in the process "Your here now. . . . why should it matter why. . ."

"Its just. . . . . . i must have lived for something." he groused out, plucking a buttercup and twirling it in his phalanges.

Chara huffed out a breath and rather roughly set the flower crown over the tinier skeletons skull, eliciting a yelp from him out of surprise "Maybe you lived to keep me company. To keep your brothers company." he stated, beginning a new flower crown.

"~Trouble on the left. Trouble on the right.~"

Mykal paused and looked up, eyes as innocent and heartwarming as a child's should be, as Chara's used to be "Really?" there was no sarcastic lilt to his tone, no disbelief or hidden agitation, there could never be.

He could never be.

Chara merely nodded "Yeah, without you i'd be lonely, just sitting in this cave, weaving flower crowns with these god awful flowers and talking to that equally god awful weed." he ranted "Plus, i'm sure your brothers would be lost without you."

"~Will you spare them, run, or fight? Oops, dropped your heart. . . Be careful in the dark. Someone might take it, break it apart.~"

Mykal smiled "Yeah? well i'm glad i'm here then." he smiled.

Chara nodded too "I'm glad too."

Then they were silent.

"~Trouble on the left. . . Trouble on the right. . . Will you SPARE them, RUN or FIGHT?~"

"Hey Chara?"


"What's your purpose?"

Chara was silent, pausing and staring blankly at the unfinished crown of golden buttercups.

His nose wrinkled, fingers pinching at the petals as he stared in distaste at the flowers he hated, the flowers that drowned him, and covered him, and grew in him like a disease.

"I . . . don't have one anymore."

Sans had once asked Mykal what he dreamed about. Mykal had looked up at him and told him simply 'i dream of a life i can't remember', then he went back to drawing; saying nothing else but a hum leaving his permanent smile.

Sans never asked again.

It came up again after Mykal's bed time story, before Papyrus was given his.

Sans was sitting on the bed like he always did every night, a book of human fairy tales open in his lap and Mykal snuggled into the blankets beside him, against the wall. When it was done; Sans gave Mykal a kiss on the forehead, put the book up in his bookshelf, and went to leave the room to read Papyrus's own bed time story. Only for Mykal to call out again, the small babybones was where Sans had left him; blankets pulled up to his chin and skull pressed softly into the pillow, his eye lights where peaking over the bed sheets and staring into Sans's own.

Then he spoke, voice soft with sleep yet held steady as if he was going to tell Sans something serious 'I dream of a life i can't remember. I'm sitting on our porch and its snowing like always, you and Papyrus where sitting next to me talking to each other about his puzzles and school, and its like everyday, nothings wrong just a normal morning. But there's a blurred figure sitting in the seat beside the door, i can't see him but i know he's reading something, he smiles at us and then he's picking me up, holding me to him and wanting you two to follow him into the house, he had a warm smile and i trusted him. . . but i can't remember, then i wake up.'

The conversation ended at just that with Mykal giving Sans a smile and burrowing back into the blankets and Sans just staring, a far away look in his eye lights as if he too was remembering something, but it ended just as fast and Sans went to read to Papyrus, turning off the lights on his way.

The dream never came up again.

Mykal had always liked that dream, he didn't know why, but he guessed it had to do with the blurred out figure that always held him close at the end of the dream. He always had that dream, it was always the same, like a recording playing overs and overs again, and sometimes, rarely, the scenery would change, sometimes it would be Gyftmas, sometimes they would be in Hotland, and sometimes in The Ruins, but the 4 of them never changed. It was as if his mind was trying to tell him something but Mykal could never get a good grasp on it, it always slipped away when he thought he knew something, but didn't.

Tonight it was Hotland, the 4 of them where once again in the lab, with Mykal in his pin playing with Scruffy and Papyrus, and Sans talking with the blurred figure and Alphys, the dream ended when Sans left to get something and the blurred figure staid at the lab table, talking with Alphys and her taking notes as he went along.

He liked that dream too.


Like every morning Mykal was awoken by Papyrus's loud cooking down below, when he opened his sockets he hissed when the harsh 'sunlight' from outside hit him, he forgot to shut his curtains before going asleep again, he didn't like to wake up with the sunlight in his eyes.

Groaning he turned on his side and was met with Scruffy, a teddy bear he didn't remember getting but had all his life. It sat against the wall, giving him a stitched smile as if telling him 'good morning', Mykal gladly gave him a good morning back.

Feeling like it was too early in the morning to get up, Mykal closed his sockets and pulled the blankets over his skull again, content with just going to sleep until later this afternoon, he blames his oldest brother for this habit.

But it was never meant to be, not 3 minutes later, and a familiar optimistic older brother called out from the kitchen "MYKAL! BREAKFAST IS READY!"

The babybones sighed, no use in defying Papyrus, he'd only come upstairs to his room to physically grab him anyway, not that Mykal minded though, so he did what any 11 year old would do, stay sprawled on his bed, and wait until Papyrus came up to carry him downstairs, it hadn't been the first time.

~Whoa oh oh oh,

It's always a good time

Whoa oh oh oh,

It's always a good time.

Woke up on the right side of the bed

What's up with this Prince song inside my head?

Hands up if you're down to get down tonight

'Cause it's always a good time~

"-THEN I NEED TO PICK UP GROCERIES SINCE WE RAN OUT OF TOMATO SAUCE, AND MILK. MAYBE UNDYNE WILL LEND ME A FEW INGREDIENTS FOR TODAY'S COOKING LESSON-" Papyrus rambled, neatly shoveling pancakes into his mouth as he went on. Sans was eating his own but at a slower pace, nodding, and adding in his own comments whenever it was needed. And Mykal ate his own, happy hums leaving his teeth as he ate, he always loved Papyrus's cooking, especially his pancakes, and even though he was still working on his spaghetti, he was actually pulling through with his cooking-


Mykal slightly jumped at Papyrus's sudden yell and lightly giggled when the middle brother sent the oldest a glare full of hate and distaste, the babybones was quick to deduce that Sans probably made a joke out of Papyrus's rant, sending the middle brother into a fit that always occurred after any type of given pun, joke, or just anything that Sans had to offer as something lazy or funny. While Mykal didn't mind the puns or jokes -which he found funny and odd- Papyrus, for some reason, disliked them, though Mykal wouldn't go as far as hate, more like disapproval, though that only seemed to reinforce Sans's appreciation in the amusing word play.

Sans merely sent Papyrus a wider grin -apart from his always permanent one- and shrugged "What?" the comment was purely stated as innocent, but Papyrus knew it better as a mocking gesture, the middle brother sent Sans a glare and huffed "DID YOU HAVE TO RUIN BREAKFAST TODAY AGAIN SANS WITH YOUR INSUFFERABLE PUNS!" Papyrus huffed, stomping around the table to collect the empty plates and table wear to wash in the sink.

Sans chuckled and shook his skull lightly "Yes, but I know your smiling." he added.

Papyrus gave out another huff and rather roughly scrubbed the porcelain clean "YES, AND I HATE IT." his tone was mocking, and playful, borderline cheerful in fact. He might sound like he disapproves of San's jokes, and puns, but both Sans and Mykal know that it was all a playful ruse, after all, there had to be a brother that disapproves of the funny word play.

Mykal smiled as he watched Papyrus wash the dishes, and Sans proceed to pull out a bottle of ketchup from out of nowhere and sip on it, all while keeping his eyelights trained on nothing in particular.

Mykal laid his skull on the table, and followed Papyrus with his own eyelights, yup, this Sunday was going to be alright.

~Slept in all my clothes like I didn't care

Hopped into a cab, take me anywhere

I'm in if you're down to get down tonight

'Cause it's always a good time.

Good morning and good night

I wake up at twilight

It's gonna be alright

We don't even have to try

It's always a good time~


Mykal nodded his skull, of course he knew, it hadn't been the first time he was left alone in their house, nor was it the last. Since he was a young babybones, Mykal was taught over the years, the rules of the house once his brothers left to do jobs here and there. Though it was mostly during their morning jobs, Mykal would be left alone for hours on end, sometimes getting small visits and checkups from either one of his brothers.

The 11 year old didn't mind the lack of company during this time, in fact, he relished it. Sure it got lonely waiting for his brothers to get back, but he hadn't felt that lonely in years, after all, he was 11, he was bound to come up with some kind of entertainment. And plus, he was living with Papyrus and Sans, the former was a geek when it came to puzzles, and Sans always had something interesting stored away in his room, there was rarely a time when Mykal got bored enough to the point where all he does is watch the clock hanging on the living room wall.

Papyrus beamed, and pulled his baby brother into a gentle yet crushing hug "GOOD! WE'LL BE BACK LATER ALRIGHT." he smiled placing the tiny skeleton on the ground where Sans was quick to say his goodbyes, unlike his younger brothers energetic parting, he merely patted Mykal's skull and gave him another one of his laid back smiles.

Then they where gone, leaving the small skeleton to clamber up their used yet clean couch and stare out their window, where he watched his older brothers disappear around the bend in order to get to Sans's station.

Usually Papyrus would walk him to make sure his older sibling didn't wonder off like he usually did whenever it came to doing work. Once at their stations they would finally part, Papyrus leaving so he could re-calibrate his puzzles, and Sans staying at his station until his shift was over and he'd move on to the next job.

It hadn't been the first time that Mykal had been allowed to join the two for work, it was rare, but Mykal didn't mind, he mostly kept with Sans, since the oldest didn't move around as much as Papyrus did, but Mykal would sometimes be left with Papyrus to help with his puzzles, it was fun, and Mykal enjoyed playing in the snow when he could.

Mykal tilted his skull when he felt his right sleeve get tugged on, blinking he turned his eye lights to his right and was met with beady black ones and a lolling tongue. Annoying Dog let out a 'BORK' and 'smiled' at the tiny skeleton.

Both stared at each other until Mykal finally spoke "Want to go see Chara?"

~Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

It's always a good time

Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

We don't even have to try, it's always a good time.

Freaked out, dropped my phone in the pool again

Checked out of my room hit the ATM

Let's hang out if you're down to get down tonight

'Cause it's always a good time~

"Oh Mykal! How are you doing sweetheart? you need anything?"

Mykal smiled up at the shopkeeper from his small stance at the counter, the top of his skull just barely reaching the edge of it "I'm doing fine, thanks for asking Mrs. Polly. May i please have 3 cinnamon bunnies, please." he asked.

Mrs. Polly, also known as Snowdin's Shopkeeper gave the small skeleton a smile "Sure thing." she barely took a step to the right before she was stuffing three freshly baked buns into a paper bag. Smiling she turned her gaze back to the small skeleton, hands delicately picking through the baked treats "So tell me, how are your brothers? I heard Sans was caught sleeping at his station again, are your older brothers doing alright?" she asked, concerned.

Mykal gave her a smile and lightly shrugged, hands fiddling with his scarf "Their okay, Papyrus is still training under Undyne, and he's getting better at his cooking. Sans is okay too, he's getting better at not sleeping in random places." he raddled off. He knew that others where concerned about Sans because he slept allot, but they shouldn't worry. Sure the only two reasons he slept allot was because not only did he have Insomnia -"Its when someone doesn't sleep" Papyrus explained.- but because his low HP needed him to sleep in order to gain more energy that he didn't seem to have.

It wasn't like he chose to be lazy on purpose, but Mykal had always thought that he chose it because it made him feel. . . better some how.

Mrs. Polly nodded with a satisfied gleam in her eye and handed him the bag of treats, sending a glare towards the Annoying Dog who tramped around Mykal, as if mocking her to do something. Mykal beamed "Thank you!" then he was running out the door and into the snow, Annoying Dog quick to jump onto the dragging part of his scarf for a ride.

The Shopkeeper was quick to call after him "Be safe deary! And tell Papyrus and Sans 'hi' for me!"

~Good morning and good night

I wake up at twilight

It's gonna be alright we don't even have to try

It's always a good time.

Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

It's always a good time

Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

We don't even have to try, it's always a good time~

Snow had always been Mykal's favorite, despite the fact that he's lived in it all his life, he still got that feeling of wonder and happiness whenever he was near the frozen water. As if it was new to him.

While Mykal detested the fact that he lived such a sheltered life style, he understood why he must. He knew he was sick, he knew that he couldn't be outside for such long periods of time, in fear that he would collapse at any given moment. But he just couldn't help himself when he raced out of the shop and kicked the magic snow around, exploding on impact, and showering his path with un-melting flakes. He giggled happily, the Annoying Dog doing the same as it leaped over snow drifts and tugged on his scarf like you would do a leash.

It was minutes before the duo where seen racing out of the borders of Snowdin and making their way out of the confines of their hometown. It took half an hour of running through large expanses of snow fields, hopping over and under supposed traps Papyrus had luckily turned off over the night, sneaking around posts with early morning sentries and patrolling hounds, but the hardest of all was bypassing the very few sentry posts that he knew his brothers would be posted at for the morning, or at least meddled around until they shifted for the hour. Luckily for him, his brother Papyrus was too busy re-calibrating a puzzle, and his oldest sleeping on the job as usual -You had no idea how hard it was dragging Annoying Dog away before he could leap at Papyrus-.

And here he was now. Standing before the infamous large stone doors that remained closed for as long as he could remember. Mykal couldn't help but eye the familiar royal symbols on the doors, and then at the ones lining around it. They where old, that was for sure. Leading into the Ruins that had been built right after the war between humans and monsters, they where the oldest part of the Underground, and where respected for once harboring monsters until the rest of the underground was built.

Vines grew over the stone, cracks racking the bricks, and snow already building up against them as if trying to keep them shut.

But Mykal wasn't here for the purple doors. Sparing them another glance, Mykal rounded them and instead walked a few yards along the large stone walls that split the ruins from the snow area of the Underground, before stopping at a rather large crack that was big enough to fit a small monster.

Annoying Dog was quick to squeeze his fluffy body into the crack, with Mykal quick behind, grumbling when his skull accidentally hit the side of the cave walls. He remembered the day he found this particular opening that led into the Ruins without the use of the main doors, it had been small at first, but over the years it began to grow due to the shifting of the mountain above their beloved Underground. Chara had in fact pointed it out while venturing into the snowy area of the Underground, saying how it would grow over time, and that once it was big enough, would create a canyon that would inevitably destroy the Ruins, but at the moment, it would take years for it to do so.

But for now, it was a free opening into the Ruins where is friend resided. Without the use of the doors he could enter whenever he wanted, and the best apart about it, was that it was a secret opening only known to him, Annoying Dog, and Chara. . he had a feeling that a few Ruin monsters know of it to, but the thought was pointless.

It took a good 30 minutes of climbing over stones, logs, puddles, and climbing over small mounds before the duo entered the dim lighting of the Ruin's corridors, the crack led just after the beginning of the first trap of the ruins, but during one of Chara's good moods, he had happily showed him the trick through the trap.

It wasn't long after passing a few more corridors before he was at the familiar doors leading to 'Chara's Territory' as he puts it, a place that is out of the way, and unknown to monsters, a place where Chara and Mykal play for as long as they are able to.

Pushing the doors open, he was met with the very cave he's come to daily. A spacious area that's a quarter mile of a diameter, and another mile high, covered and clustered with roots, vines, broken pillars that keep the ceiling from caving in, dust, dirt, mud, and the most prominent trait, the golden buttercups that take up a few feet of the middle of the cave, blooming, and growing from the light that streamed in through the hole at the top. The very light that apparently came from the surface, or what Chara told him anyway.

"Stars, what took you so long?!" greeted an irritated Chara, who, as always, was planted in the middle of the flower patch, not very odd since the poltergeist seemed very attached to this part of the Ruins despite the fact that he seemed to hate it.

Giving the older boy a sheepish smile, he nodded, watching as Annoying Dog raced around him and towards the field of flowers where he proceeded to leap into the golden pond and roam the mound like a fish underwater, "'M sorry Chara, you know how hard it is getting here, plus i stopped for treats." he smiled, holding up said bag of Cinnamon Bunnies.

Chara blinked, and in another stood before Mykal in a heartbeat -A trick that he said he saw someone do-, already nabbing the bag and digging through the contents to take dibs on the biggest bunny "Apology Accepted." he merely said, tossing the bag back to the smaller skeleton and stuffing the treat into his mouth like a hungered animal.

Mykal smiled and happily bit into his own Cinnamon Bunny "That wasn't the reason why i brought them." he said, only to be ignored by the ravenous poltergeist who tore into the sweet.

~Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

It's always a good time

Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

We don't even have to try, it's always a good time.

Doesn't matter when

It's always a good time then

Doesn't matter where

It's always a good time there.~

"Oh jeeze Toby! I don't think we're going to make it!" Huffed Mykal, as he and said dog raced through the fields of snow, puzzles, and bridges to reach their home on time. It was already around the afternoon, hell an hour after he should have been home by now. In fact, by the time the clock hit 2 he was already supposed to be home, on the couch, comfortable with Annoying Dog splayed on his lap like the lazy pooch he was.

And sure it wasn't the first time he's accidentally missed the 'Phone Home' time, but man, if it was one thing he hated, it was the fact that he had to race home like a bat out of hell. Do you know how hard it is to do an hour treck back home in less than 30 minutes! not only is it tiring, but he was sure that his brothers where coming on to him whenever he did come home late and ending up having to tell them that he had a vigorous game of tag with Annoying Dog. The excuse managed to fool Papyrus who was glad that his baby brother was at least enjoying himself while alone at home, but he wasn't so sure that Sans was fooled, Mykal knew that his oldest brother was the smartest of them all, and Mykal wasn't the most. . .reliable of liars, he was decent, but not decent enough to fool the master of deceit. After all, those secretive and accusing looks Sans keeps giving him had to mean something, right?

It wasn't long before Mykal was skidding into Snowdin and blowing monsters off who greeted him, he wasn't trying to be rude, but he was absolutely sure that he'd rather seem rude, than get into major trouble with his brothers. After all, what was worse, getting a few chastises from the Snowdin citizens, or get not only grounded, but a babysitter as well. He means that he was fine with a babysitter especially when it was one of his brothers, but, that also meant he didn't have any free time to sneak out of the house to visit Chara.

Breathing heavily he skidded on the pavement leading into his house, and skipped steps in order to pull the door open and slip in before slamming it closed, Annoying Dog just fast enough to not get slammed out or squashed between the door frame.

Taking in a couple deep breaths, Mykal slid onto the floor and held his chest in both relief and pain, relief because he made it home before his brothers, and pain because even though he ran around daily, he was warned to not exert himself in fear that he might induce an attack, lucky for him, his body had gotten used to not only getting more magic than he was supposed to get, but giving it short bursts of adrenaline didn't help.

Still, that didn't mean his body was exactly happy at the exercise it spontaneously got.

Dizzily looking around, he was relieved to say that non of his brothers where actually home, while he might have said the opposite moments ago, he hadn't been exactly sure if his statement was true.

Standing up with a bit of difficulty, he stumbled his way towards the couch, clumsily tossing his coat, scarf and boots back at the door, and setting himself on the couch where he proceeded to lean back and just sit there. The sound of wind and buzzing clouding his hearing the moment he relaxed his body.

Annoying Dog, tramped towards the couch, throwing snow off of his coat and hopped onto the peace of furniture where he 'BORKED' and planted himself on Mykal's lap. Uncaring that he was dropping extra snow onto the small baby bones pajamas.

It wasn't even a second later did the door fling open and in came a rather annoyed looking Papyrus who huffed, through off his own snow gear and proceeded to ignore Sans, who merely grinned his lazy grin.

Mykal chocked back a startled gasp and through his knitted blanket over the snow on his lap and over Annoying Dog himself who didn't seem to mind, "B-Brothers?" he greeted skeptically.

Papyrus was the first to speak, a beam shrouding over the look of annoyance he just had on his face moments ago "AH! BABY BROTHER! IT IS GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN AFTER A DAYS LONG WORK, HOW HAS YOUR DAY GONE?"

Mykal gave his older brother a nervous smile, and discretely shifted the snow off his lap and under the blanket, "N-Nothing much, just allot of sleep, playing with Toby, and watching Tv. . . . you know."

Sans raised a brow bone in perplexion, "Without the Tv on?"

Mykal blinked and casted the very turned OFF Tv a glance before turning back to his oldest brother, beads of sweat running down his skull and a sweltering look casting over his once tired expression ". . . .Yeah. . . . ?" the answer itself was undoubtedly a question that he hoped they didn't pick up.

Sans of course, was quick to catch on and gave the youngest of his brothers a look of suspicion, but it was gone as quick as it came, replaced with his usual look of casualness that had to be fake "Riiiiight. . . . "

Mykal chuckled weekly "Y-Yeah."

~Doesn't matter when,

It's always a good time then.~

Mykal laid half asleep as he blearily watched his oldest brother finish a Fairy Tale humans called 'Peter Pan', it was an interesting fiction story tale that had always been Mykal's favorite; a boy who never wanted to grow up, stealing a girl who wanted to in the end to a land of fiction and magic, it reminded him so much of his home. A reason why it was his favorite. But, unlike Papyrus who continuously asks for the same stories most nights, Mykal liked to differentiate; switching between the 6 books his oldest brothers managed to scavenge in the Underground dump. Mykal was only lucky that they where in such good condition, clean enough to actually read and see the pictures without having to squint so much.

"-'and thus it will go on, so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless. The End'" Sans tiredly sighed as he closed the book and gently settled it on the green chipped nightstand. It wasn't that he disliked reading to his baby brother, it was just reflexive to be so exhausted after a days work; being a simple sentry hadn't been easy for the last week, he didn't understand why but he just had this foreboding feeling that would usually keep him up at night, and he needed every drop of energy he could get from sleeping. Which he wasn't getting, he hadn't been this exhausted since before Mykal's creation.

It only made it so that he spend 30 minutes reading to Mykal, before having to read to Papyrus for the next 30. By the time his skull hits the pillow he'd only have 7 hours of sleep before Papyrus would physically drag him out of bed for early morning routines and breakfast. Usually that wouldn't be so bad, but all this extra worry has his hackles in a rise, it was worry that used up his 'Daily Day' energy, something he needed if he were to stay up till midnight.

Rubbing his eye socket, Sans stood and popped his spine, a relieved groan leaving his teeth in the process. He really needed to find a more comfortable position to read to Mykal, having to lean against the wall just wasn't doing it anymore, all this anxiety was giving him aching bones and the wall wasn't helping him to relieve the stress.

Flexing his aching fingers, Sans swiftly tucked the babybones in with a skeletal kiss and shuffled to the doorway, pausing once he felt his fingertips graze the light-switch. He hesitated, eyelights trailing from the hallway to his baby brother, the small skeleton having inched into the shirts and cuddling Scruffy. His mind trailed at the thought of the bear, he remembered when his brother asked him about it, where it came from, and he remembered telling him that he didn't know. It was a blatant lie, he knew where the bear came from, but it wasn't like his brother would remember anyway, not only was the kid too young; but the incident had caused all of the Underground to forget. A collectively anguished amnesia, it was a curse to be the only one to remember.

Mykal fluttered open an eye at the intruding light, frowning he briskly sat up and rubbed a socket. There, still standing at the door, was his oldest brother Sans, staring into space with a faraway look in his eyelights.

Mykal tilted his skull "Sans?"

If the older was shocked, he didn't show it, merely blinking out of his stupor and tilting his head to Mykal with a thoughtful look. As if he hadn't been thinking of other things. The two where briefly silent, Mykal keeping his mouth shut, and Sans casting an odd look in his direction as if he wanted to say something, but didn't. Finally, Sans spoke.

"Where were you before we got home?"

Mykal blinked and faltered, in all honesty, he had thought Sans would have forgotten by now. Such things where trivial after all, he had been there, at home and was perfectly fine; according to Papyrus. "A-At home?"

Sans sighed, tiredly. He still had to read to Papyrus after this. The oldest raised a bemused bone brow "Me and you both know that that wasn't really what you did while we where gone. And watching the Tv? make sure its actually on before you make that excuse." Sans said with a tone of exasperation, he didn't know whether to be grateful that his babybones acquired Papyrus's apparent lack of lying, or worried that Mykal couldn't even tell a lie to save his hide. It would certainly bite him in the a*s one day.

As if reading his thoughts, Mykal pouted in disappointment, twiddling with Scruffy "You have to admit that I would have done that. . if I had enough time." he wasn't stupid, he knew that his brother thought so little of him; tagged him with an under mentality of a standard 11 year old. While it wasn't exactly insulting that he was put in the same category as Papyrus, it was still insulting that his oldest deemed them so. . . . naive, so childish, and inadequate. It was true that Papyrus acted so; he wanted to act so naive and so childish, to give the impression that he was that of a child. But it was of his own free will, he liked the reactions he got from Sans and from the rest of the Underground, but that didn't mean he was stupid, Papyrus was intelligent of his own right. Mykal however, was deemed so on the mere excuse that he was created a mere 11 years ago compared to his brothers, but that didn't mean he was immature. He might act like it at times, but was it his fault? of course not, he blamed it on his still growing bones.

Sans was oblivious to his brother's thoughts, if there was one thing Sans couldn't do (and trust him, Sans could do almost anything if he actually tried) it was read someones thoughts. Body language he could read, but seeing the small cracks through ones false mask, was something that Sans hadn't exactly mastered. Papyrus was a clear example of this.

"Right." Sans said, one bone brow raised. He clearly didn't believe him "Now, how about you tell me what really went on while we where gone."

Mykal sighed. He had long given up on convincing his brother that he was more than the 11 years he's lived, and saying so now would only dig him a deep grave "I. .. just went out for a little bit-" seeing his brother's sockets widen he hurried with his explanation "-just near the forest around Snowdin! promise, nothing more." 'it's a good thing he'd believe me anyway, it isn't like he'd expect me to lie otherwise.' said the traitorous thought, Mykal briskly waved it away; in all honesty, he wasn't proud of that weakness. No matter how much power it technically gave him, it just showed how much the residence underestimated him.

Instead of yelling, Sans could only sigh and rub the bridge of his nasal cavity; while it hadn't been the first time Mykal ventured out of the safety of the house, Sans still stressed, especially when he thought of how close Mykal was to the edge of Snowdin. The town had been built over an island of solid rock and magic snow, only being connected by a bridge that led to another island of rock and snow. If Mykal weren't careful enough, he could of slipped off the side without even realizing it, its the reason why so many monsters steer clear of the forest and kept to the paths, it's what told them how far they could go without killing themselves.

Its the reason why he didn't allow any of his siblings into the forests, it wasn't rare, but during most nights the magic around Snowdin would increase in order to compensate for the lack of magic the mountain itself had, creating deadly blizzards that would pack the town in snow in a little less than 2 hours. The residence didn't understand why so much magic had been used to create such destructive currents of nature, but Alphys had once speculated that it was due to the overproduction of magic from the Underground CORE, it just had so much that all it could do was make extra of something; snow, lava, electricity, even producing enough magic to keep soil rich. No one understood where all that magic came from, the CORE just created it like oxygen.

It was also another reason why he didn't allow Mykal out, his. . . illness was a special case, his SOUL compensating for the lack of biological magic Mykal had himself, with extracting it from the environment to keep him alive. But because of the overproduction of magic, and the fact that his SOUL doesn't have an understanding of when to exactly stop taking in magic. . to put it simply, Mykal's SOUL would continue to take magic until Mykal's body just. . . gives, implodes, until his SOUL could do nothing more but POP at the excess magic. Sans was only lucky he had the blueprints to the house, with a few tweeks here and there he managed to reconstruct the house to be an insulator, it would keep allot of the magic out and away from Mykal, while allowing a minimum in to keep Mykal's SOUL happy. In all honesty, Sans only wished that his babybone's SOUL didn't continuously need magic to keep from dying out. He'd need to fix that.

But at the moment, he needed to focus on the object of his thoughts, right now. Resting a hand on his hip bone he eyed Mykal with a serious look, tone chastising "You understand why you can't go out, not without I or Papyrus there to shadow."

Mykal nodded.

"Then you also understand that the reason why we don't let you out is because its dangerous for you." Sans continued, eyelights softening "We talked about this, once either I or Papyrus get home we'd take you out, remember."

"Yes I remember."

"Then why'd you go out."

Mykal shifted "It was just for a little while, 3-5 hours tops. Just to see Snowdin, and the forest." Sans didn't know about Chara, who would believe him? 'The Ghost in the Ruins' was a little more than a myth, told to young monsters to keep them away from the gates. Sans would only think him fibbing to not get punished.

Sans's brow bone twitched, he leaned against the doorway with a serious look "2-5 hours huh, if I remember correctly, the most you could take is 2 hours. 3 if I give you one of these." from his dimensional box, Sans pulls out a familiar oddly shaped syringe filled with pink liquid. A 'medicine' that Mykal would rarely use to stay outside for more than 3 hours, if it weren't for the fact that his SOUL would adapt to it; and counter it, then Mykal would have used it each day. Instead he was stuck with the standard purple liquid that was mostly used to stunt his SOUL if it were to take more than 2 hours of magic.

Mykal frowned "I took the purple one after getting back. . I was just trying to train my SOUL. I thought that if I staid out longer than my SOUL could adapt to taking in more magic." he feebly smiled "I guess it worked. . . slightly, I could go 3 hours now." it didn't sound as impressive as it should have been, but to Mykal, it had been an accomplishment. When he was younger he couldn't go outside for more than 30 minutes, but 3 hours, it was a record he was proud to pass.

Sans didn't quiet think so "Mykal. . . " he paused "i'm proud of you I really am-" Mykal beamed "-but never do that again." Sans frowned heavily, eyelights briefly flashing red in his contained anger. He really had been proud, 3 hours was a feet, even for Mykal. But that didn't mean that what he did to get it was safe.

Mykal wilted under the glare "a-alright."


Sans breathed through his nasal cavity, he really didn't mean to scare his baby brother. By now, it was just a shameful stress reliever that he couldn't control after this awful week. He just didn't mean to take it out on Mykal. But for years he's always told Mykal the same thing 'Don't go outside, unless your with a trusted guardian', and does he follow it, of course not, he wouldn't have told him so many times otherwise.

By now, the consistent 'nagging' as Papyrus once told him (jokingly, of course), was grating on his imaginary nerves. Every parent or guardian understands the annoyance of having to tell someone younger something overs and overs and overs again without heed. It gets annoying; fast, and Sans been telling Mykal the same thing for years. It shouldn't have been a surprise that some agitation escapes him, especially when he's this tired to even compress it.

"Just don't do it again, okay." Sans finally said, tone softer and eyelights blown to give him a gentler look. "I was just worried, you understand, don't you?"

Mykal nodded, shame and fear absent after the apology. Of course he understood, Papyrus had acted the same when Mykal disappeared under his care. It had been one stressful day of worry, anger, and exhaustion; all of which originated from Papyrus after finding Mykal out back in a pine tree. From then forward, Papyrus had kept another socket out for him whenever it was his turn to babysit, it was more stressing than when Papyrus kept one on him.

Sans sighed "Good, now, how about you get some sleep. Knowing Papyrus, we'll only get 7 hours of rest before he wakes us up for breakfast. And you don't like getting up in the mornings." neither did Sans, but it wasn't like anyone didn't know that.

Mykal merely nodded and laid back down under the blankets, pulling Scruffy close for comfort. While he didn't feel shameful after Sans apology, he still felt sad, he never liked angering his oldest brother; it always left him empty and embarrassed.

Watching his babybones lay back down in silence. Sans pressed his teeth together in guilt and flicked off the light. He'll make it up to Mykal later, by then, maybe the babybones would feel a little better, hopefully.

Slowly closing the door behind him Sans shuffled down the hall past his bedroom before stopping at Papyrus's at the end of the hall. He could faintly hear his brother routinely putting things away for the night, most likely just waiting for Sans to finish with Mykal. Another glance at his baby brothers door told him that he shouldn't worry for the night, Papyrus didn't need to worry either.

With a pressed expression, Sans opened the door and closed it behind him, leaving an empty hallway and a fidgeting babybones.

~It's always a good time

Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

It's always a good time

Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

We don't even have to try, it's always a good time~


It was all he heard. No clattering from Papyrus, no shuffling from Sans, not even his oldest brothers iconic teleportation noises. Just silence, pure tranquility of the magic wind outside, background noise of the tired Snowdin residents, the ticking of the clock on his bedroom wall, and if he listened closely, the heavy river just outside his home.

Mykal fluttered open his sockets at the lack of familiar clatter. It was usually around this time of night, 1:00, when Mykal would usually awaken. Sitting up, the 11 year old glanced around with hazy eyelights. Like always, it was dark, pitch black encasing the corners of his room and fading into the light that streamed through his parted curtains.

He heard nothing of his family members, indicating that they where most likely fast asleep. Mykal pursed his teeth, it wasn't a nightmare that he awakened from, it never was a nightmare, or a dream.

It was always at 1:00.

Scooting to the edge of his tattered bed, Mykal leaned down and struggled to grab something from under his mattress before sitting up again.

He fiddled with the flashlight in his thin fingers. Twisting the sheathed metal and clicking the button. Giving it a shake of agitation it finally flickered on, giving out a weak beam of light that couldn't possibly rival the light streaming through his window, but it did the job.

Flashing his light around the room, Mykal finally beamed it before him, and standing there, looming in the darkness surrounding his room, stood a tall translucent figure of black abyss. White skeletal hands of 6 floating in air like marionettes on string, and a white ashen skull peering at Mykal, with the close proximity, the 11 year old was able to see the nothingness that filled the figures sockets, the crack down his left eye and wide jagged smile wouldn't ease a soul. But to Mykal, it was one of familiarity and comfort.

Giggling at the tall being before him, Mykal grinned and flashed the light at the ceiling, eyelights shining with joy "Doctor Gaster! are we going to play another game?!"

~Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

It's always a good time

Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

We don't even have to try, it's always a good time

Whoa oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh,

It's always a good time~