This was written for a friend's birthday, by request of said wonderful, beautiful birthday friend.
I hope you're happy with yourself! ;D I know I am!

P.S. Happy Birthday!

Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone realized that their life together as a married couple had come to its natural end. They'd overcome their differences and made up like adults, their son was happily growing older, Veronica had met a wonderful man with psychic powers who she loved, and, after some soul-searching, so had Ron Burgundy.
Well, he'd technically already known the man, and said man did not have psychic powers, but he did love him. So at least that part was accurate.

Yep. Weird how life works out sometimes. The love of your life turns out to have another love of her life, and it turns out one of your best friends was the second love of your life. It had just taken Ron until then to realize it.

Champ on the other hand, had known it from the day they'd met. He'd told Ron so over a delicious cooked duck he claimed to have fished out of the local pond after a child with a surprisingly strong arm had chucked one too many rocks at it.
Ron was just happy that Champ hadn't said so before they'd started eating. Otherwise he'd have never been able to look that sad, little, delicious water fowl in the honey glazed face and force himself to eat it.

Man did Champ know how to cook. But Ron figured that stood to reason, considering the relatively successful restaurant that Champ had run for a number of years. And the very low percentage of poor reviews said restaurant had garnered.
Very few of which on account of the food, if he was being honest.

So, a few more heavenly roast, 'acquired' ducks down the road and Champ had made the tentative invitation for Ron to give up the lease on his small apartment and come and move in with him in his nice little home in the suburbs. The one that he had purchased with the practically unscrupulous sums of money his restaurant had made him.

To that, all Ron could have said was yes. Not because he was hurting for money, nor out of a feeling of beholdenness, but because it had been the right time for it. So they borrowed a truck, packed up everything that Ron cared about, and quickly spread it all about Champs modest mid century house.

After that, it was a matter of weeks, if not days, before the place was feeling like home.
Then, in no time they were living together as if they always had; schedules and routines meshed to the point that one practically never tripped up the other. More like complimented, weirdly enough.

Before half a year had passed, the award winning newscaster and the raucously successful sportscaster had grown completely comfortable in their homey home. Almost... complacent, even. So used to their closeness now that it was hard for them to imagine how things had worked before Ron had said, 'Sure I'll eat your five star, candle lit, home cooked meal, Champ. It would be extremely rude of me not to!'

This place of blissful domesticity is where our story begins.