With a tightly made fist, Tommy rose his hand in the air as Rita cackled with delight. Sybil was quiet she didn't dare speak now; at that moment through his helmet Tommy began to speak. "To the fall of Zordon and destruction of the Power Rangers." It was a harsh reality that this was what their lives were going to be now. Sybil swallowed hard, unsure of what was to happen next; or what Rita had planned for her in this whole scheme of things. Before she even had time to blink Tommy was gone in a flash of green, leaving Sybil alone with the space with and her minions. "You know what to do.." Rita's voice rang out and it echoed as if it could be heard for universes over. Meanwhile Tommy had teleported into the command center while Zordon in a meditative state was unexpected by his presence. Alpha-5 as well seemed to be powered down and it gave the Green Ranger a chance to complete his mission.

"Your wish is my command, Empress." A low sinister voice of Tommy Oliver spoke now as he looked around the command center and noticed Alpha-5 who had powered down. Quietly he walked up behind the robot and inserted a disk that Rita had transported with him in secret. Wasting no time, because at this point it was indeed valuable. He hastily inserted the disk with a bit of force; into the back of Alpha-5 who immediately awoke from his recharge. "ALERT, ALERT! HOSTILE TAKEOVER!" Alarmed the bot as his arms went in the air frantically to get Zordon's attention. "Sweet dreams, tinhead!" retorted Tommy in a menacing tone and ignoring the "Alert, Alert, Alert..." Still coming from Alpha-5 before the robot crashed and Tommy yanked the charging cord from the bot's back.

"How is it possible that you are here? Only one who has a power coin may enter this fortress undetected." Called out the voice of Zordon who appeared suddenly after the fall back of Alpha-5. Looking quite interested now, Tommy moved around and away from Alpha-5 and looked up to Zordon as he moved closer. "Yes, I have the coin and the power." Reaching his arm out he extended his hand before making fist in an aggressive manner toward Zordon. Tommy's voice became a bit darker in tone now. "And there's nothing you can do to stop me."

Zordon watched Tommy carefully, cautiously as if weighing his words before speaking out against this new ranger. "So Rita has finally chosen someone to give it to." Nodding and pointing to himself and seeming quite pleased by all this; The Green Ranger spoke once more. "Right, Zordon. I am her Green Ranger and she is my Queen." Upon hearing the comment Zordon knew what was going on, Rita had this planned for many years before Tommy came along. "Tommy, she has you under an evil spell. Let me help you. I can save you and Sybil."

Shaking his head and choking back laughter at Zordon's attempt to sway him. "Worry about saving yourself, old man." Growled Tommy as he reached down and through the strength of the green power coin and Rita's evil spell; almost without any effort at all, began tearing apart the command board. Pulling at wires and plates, smoke and sparks flying into the air through his destruction. "No! You must not do this! Alpha! Alpha-5! Wake Up!" Pleaded Zordon as static rose in the air and he started to slowly fade from the viewing screen. "Alpha, you must warn the other Power Rangers. Tommy, stop! you don't know what you're doing! No...I'm losing power, Losing my orientation, Losing contact with your dimension." In his head Tommy growled and ripped harder at the face plates,wires and anything he could get his hands on. All the while Zordon was talking,pleading but Tommy wasn't listening, he didn't want to listen. He wasn't going to listen.

With wires, face plates and the mask of utter destruction laying at his feet, Tommy felt accomplished. He did as Rita had wanted. The power seemed to intensify with him the longer he had it. Dark, manic laughter came from him now. He had taken down the infamous Zordon and over the command center without a scratch.

"It is done my Empress, Zordon has been eliminated! And the Power Rangers are next!" Declared Tommy who telepored from the broken down command center.

Back in space, in the Dark Moon Palace Rita stood out on her balcony, staff in hand and beaming with a sinister smile. "Yes!" Rita and Sybil were alone now as she had sent the others down to earth with Zordon out of the way. "He's marvelous, absolutely marvelous!" Cheered Rita as Sybil walked out and looked down at the earth. "What happens now?" She asked in a worried tone and this made Rita grin. "Don't worry child..I'll find something to do with you."