Back in Angel Grove Zack,Jason and Billy spent their afternoon washing down Billy's flying car and chatting about their day and general goofing about as all teenage boys were prone to doing. "Hey, what's up?" came the voice of Trini Kwan who had made her way over with a bright smile and a sullen looking Kimberly. "Hey ladies, just in time to grab a rag and join in!" Zack answered with a mischievous grin and dangled his car cloth he'd been using in the direction of Kimberly. However she found no humor in this and pushed the rag back toward Zack with an irritated sigh. " No, I'm not in the mood." She grumbled, obvious something was bothering and she didn't mind letting it be known. "What's wrong?" Zack asked with a raised brow. Normally Kimberly was always quite chipper and upbeat. "Tommy." replied Trini without a moment a spare on words. Kimberly turned and looked at Trini with an expression of shock, as if she wasn't suppose to say anything about it.

Jason's brows furrowed, Trini wasn't sure if it was in concern or jealousy but his arms folded in front of his chest and he cleared his throat. "The guy I fought in the competition?" he asked in a curious tone and licked his bottom lip. Another long sigh came from Kimberly as she tilted her head to the side before speaking again. "Yeah, he was suppose to meet me at the Youth Center and he never showed." She answered in almost a pout which lead Zack to shrug it off, almost completely like not much of a big deal. "Well, maybe something came up." He offered in an attempt to ease her troubles. Kimberly just nodded in approval before the conversation was interrupted by the sound of the communicator.

Lifting his arm to speak into his communicator, Jason was about to answer when the voice of distraught Alpha came through on the other end. "R-r-r-rangers, R-r-r-rangers, you read me? Please come in." The robotic voice echoed in and out of the static which made it hard for anyone to hear what he was saying correctly. "Alpha, you're breaking up, I can't hear you." answered Jason who looked confused by what was happening. Billy looked down and started tapping at the communicator on his wrist and with no avail would the device work for him. "The communicators- They're nonfunctional..Teleportation is down." By that time Trini was attempting to get hers to work but like Jason and Billy she too had no luck. "Guys,something is seriously wrong." Warned Trini as she and the others exchanged glances."We have to get to the command center." Jason said as he spoke now, taking charge of the situation at hand. "We can take the Rad Bug." Offered Billy as he motioned over to the car that they had been washing and cleaning up. "It's the only way to fly." shrugged Zack who didn't look like he enjoyed the idea of testing out Billy's flying car. Nothing else was said after that as the teenagers dropped everything and piled into the car.

The Rad Bug had the group of teenagers who looked worried and just as distraught inside the Command Center. Once inside they jumped from the car and stared in shock as they moved around the vehicle. "Look at this place.." Growled Jason in anger and fear for what he was seeing. Trini swallowed hard as she moved quickly forward to inspect some of the damage. "The control panels have been ripped out." She gawked at the horrible mess around them and Zack ran his hand over his hair with a groan at the chaos. "Aw, man this place is totaled!"

"Look!" pointed Kimberly as Alpha moved into view as if being quite disoriented and moving about in circles. "You guys, Zordon's gone!" she gasped and the others looked up quite alarmed by this.

While the Rangers helped Alpha and attempted to locate Zordon, Rita was planning her next attack and what she was going to do with Sybil. "While Tommy and the others are down there creating such wonderful chaos..We girls need to chat." Rita said with a grin that made Sybil a bit uncomfortable. "About what?" asked Sybil who made no attempt to conversate with the woman. "About your magical capabilities." Rita's answer was short and she gave Sybil a look and dared her to deny it. "I know about the Magical folks on earth, I sense it in you and a certain darkness that lingers just under the surface." Rita beamed at this knowledge as she walked closer, reaching out to touch the dark curls of Sybil's hair. "My father is a death eater..But that doesn't make me like him." Sybil countered and at that Rita started to laugh. "Let me help you my child..I could make you strong like Tommy..Possibly even a Ranger if your heart desired it." For a moment she looked away from Rita as if weighing those possibilities. She was torn between wanting that power that her inner self craved and doing what was right.

"You'll have to be trained of course..I'm sure Tommy and Goldar would have no trouble showing you how to fight..I'll take you personally under my wing..Together we could all take over earth and be magnificent together. Could you imagine all the people who would bow at your feet?" Grinned Rita even more, not to over look the wicked glimmer in her eyes as she spoke. "You could be gods...You, and your Tommy.." Snickered Rita and Sybil blushed at that suddenly "We're not like that.." She countered and Rita waved it off. "No? well good, because human emotions are messy and get in the way of power."

"Now let's watch our Green Ranger take on these Power Brats..Then later We two can work on your magic and fighting skills." offered Rita who wasted no time in wasting precious energy and plans for her own good.