Chapter 1: The supercharger hive.

It was a bright sunny morning at hero headquarters. violet, dash, Mikey, Ton Ton, and Garfield were sitting in the main computer room, and boy were they bored.

Ton ton was laying on his stomach in the corner of the room. Violet was laying on her back on the floor somewhere in the middle. Dash and Mikey had fallen asleep leaning against each others back. And Garfield was resting somewhere next to violet. Suddenly teletran 1 beeped startling all 5 of the heroes from their daze, the screen showed an image of a mail letter with a dark blue background.

Violet: "Oh, mail's here!"

Once Garfield heard this, he quickly got on his feet and started to follow violet until…..

Violet:(quickly turns and points towards Garfield) "Don't even think about it!"

Garfield turned away crossing his arms in anger while violet went out to the front to meet up with the mailman. Once she met up with him, he handed her a few letters.

Mailman: "There you go sweetheart, my job feels easier without that darn cat showing up."

Violet: "It's okay Sir. I've got it covered."

So violet went back inside as the mailman left feeling quite cheery. Violet walked back into the main room looking through the letters, then she went over by teletran 1 and slipped them into the automatic mail slot.

Violet: "Well, nothing special today."

Ton ton: "Bummer."

After Garfield rolled his eyes from what violet reported, he put his full attention on the container of superchargers on the counter. As he got up on his 2 back legs, he walked up to the counter and climbed up next to the supercharger container.

Suddenly, violet walked up to the counter to see what he was doing.

Violet: "You like the look of the superchargers?"

Garfield: "Nah, I'm just wondering where we keep getting these."

Ton ton, overhearing the conversation, jumped back onto his treads and rolled right up to them.

Ton ton: "That's easy dude! There's a crack in some canyon leading into a whole supercharger hive."

Garfield: "Really!?"

Violet: "Yeah, you wanna see it?"

Garfield turned slightly and thought for a moment.

Violet: "We'll stop at the ore station before we go?"

Garfield:(salutes violet) "Ranger Garfield, reporting for duty!"

Violet: "Excellent! Ty and Agnes will be back soon, so we'll have them take us there once they get back."

So once they met up with Ty and Agnes, they made their way to the area where they supercharger hive was after they had made a quick pitstop at the ore station.

Ty: "So let me get this straight Garfield. You've never been to the supercharger hive before."

Garfield: "Yeah, I'm not that energetic ya know."

Violet: "Riiiiiiight."

Soon they turned into a slightly narrow canyon and walked 8 yards down it. There were a bunch of superchargers swarming back and forth around the area. In the back, they could see a small crack with a faint blue glow blinking on and off. The group walked within the area as a couple superchargers flew around them.

Agnes: "Wow… pretty."

Garfield: "So this is where you get the superchargers, huh?"

Ty: "You betcha."

Garfield: "I don't see why you keep getting more, and there's still so many of them."

Violet: "Here, come check this out."

Violet and Garfield walked up closer to the crack in the wall. Suddenly violet pulled the phase shifter out from a bag she brought, then attached it to her wrist. Then she grabbed Garfield's hand, and they phased right through the canyon wall.

On the other side of the wall was the actual supercharger hive. It had bright blue jewels built into the inside wall along with a bunch more superchargers than outside flying around.

Garfield: "I wish they had a hive like this for lasagna!"

Violet: "Hehehe, you and your lasagna. What do ya say we let you test one when we get back to headquarters?"

Garfield: "Oh yes please!"

So the group walked out of the canyon, turned right, and headed back to headquarters.

But what they didn't know was that someone was watching them from between 2 large rocks. It was a mysterious shadowy figure in the shape of another T-trux, but in much darker metal. It watched as the group walked off, then it looked into the canyon where the superchargers were swarming.

Mysterious figure: "Hmmm.

Finally, the mysterious figure reversed slowly into the shadows.

To be continued.