Chapter 3: Meeting D-stroy.

Back at hero headquarters, the heroes were watching a supercharged Garfield speed-eat through 6 stacks of lasagna that were as big as minivans. Each time he gobbled through 1 stack, it only took him 1 second to do so.

Leo, Raph, Ty, and Revit were still watching him, but Violet, Skya, Slash, Ralph, and Vanellope had gone inside the base because they had other stuff to do.

Raph: "Man, how much more lasagna is he gonna eat?"

Leo:(whispers) "It's best if you don't know."

Just then, supercharged Garfield zipped up in front of the group looking rather excited.

Garfield:(jumping up and down) "Hey guys, I need more lasagna! I'm on a roll! I'm unstoppable! I-

Suddenly, all the spots where Garfield had the blue supercharged glow flickered off and Garfield was now jumping up and down at his normal speed. As Garfield started slowing his jumping speed, he soon realized he didn't feel over-energetic anymore.

Garfield: "Uhh, what just happened?"

Revit "I believe your supercharger must've burned out."

Garfield: "Rats, can I borrow another one?"

Leo: "Sorry Garfield, these superchargers are way too valuable. Maybe some other time."

After Garfield heard the bad news, he just stormed back inside the base while clutching his fists. Just then, Margo and Edith walked out as Garfield stormed past them.

Margo: "Hey guys, have any of you seen Agnes? She went for a walk a few hours ago, but she still hasn't come back yet."

After Leo and Raph heard the news, they gave worried looks towards Ty and Revit. After all 4 of them grew worried, they looked up into the sky and could see that it was really getting dark.

Leo: "Why hasn't she come back yet?"

Ty: "I don't know Leo, but we'll search for her in the morning if she still doesn't come back by then."

After everyone except Margo started heading back inside the base, Margo wasn't sure about what could happen to Agnes out there. But 1 thing was for sure, Margo had no idea that Agnes was about to go through a really rough time.

Later that night, Agnes was leading D-structs down a canyon path towards the supercharger hive. If Agnes didn't do this, D-structs would've crushed her skull like a peanut shell.

D-structs: "If you're lying about this supercharger hive, it'll be the end of you!"

Agnes didn't like the sound of that at all, so she just kept on leading him. Soon enough, they arrived at the canyon section where the hive was.

Quite a few superchargers were flying around the area, and 1 flew past Agnes's right cheek and cuddled her there for a second before flying off again. D-structs saw this happen, but he didn't like it 1 bit.

D-structs: "Enough loving culture, find me a supercharger!"

Agnes: "Alright alright, no need to-

Before Agnes was able to finish her complaint, D-structs lowered his face down in front of hers and snarled at her. Not wanting to anger him anymore, Agnes simply went off to find a supercharger for him.

When a supercharger flew close enough by Agnes, she plucked it with her thumb and pointing finger. After that, she climbed up onto D-structs's back. After she plugged the supercharger in the back of his neck, she jumped down and stepped In front of him.

Agnes: "Okay, try that."

With that said, D-structs revved up his engine to power up his supercharger. Suddenly, his lights and side-panels started getting a neon blue supercharged glow. After that, D-structs could totally feel his new supercharged strength.

After evilly chuckling about this, he looked up at a boulder that was about as big as 2 school buses put together. Giving a sly grin, he grabbed the boulder with his claw. After he swung the boulder around in his claw's grip, he threw over the canyon wall and out of sight. Agnes watched the whole thing, and she had no idea that a supercharger would give someone like D-structs so much power.

Agnes: "Wow, I've never seen you throw something that heavy before!"

D-structs: "It's the supercharger that's doing it you idiot!"

Agnes: "Sorry, geez. So, now what?"

Suddenly, they heard the distant sound of a familiar voice or 2.

Ty:(offscreen) "Let's go guys, we're almost there."

Garfield:(offscreen) "About time, I can't wait to get supercharged again."

Agnes: "Oh no, my friends are coming! They can't know I'm here with you, we've gotta get outta here!"

D-structs: "Alright, but I'm only doing this because I don't wanna get spotted by your friends either!"

With that, Agnes and D-structs went deeper into the canyon. Soon enough, they were getting really deep in the canyon. But as they went further, the canyon started to look darker and mistier.

D-structs: "They'll never be able to find us this deep into the canyon."

But as they moved on, Agnes started hearing a faint crackling noise. It sounded like the ground beneath them was starting to give away, she just had to tell D-structs.

Agnes: "Uhh D-structs, I don't think this section of ground can hold-

But before Agnes could finish her sentence, the section of ground underneath them gave away. Before they knew it, they were sliding down an underground tunnel-like slide. After a few seconds they kept sliding until they tumbled into a large open pit and landed directly in the middle with a *crash.*

Agnes:(groans in dizziness) "What the heck was that?"

Suddenly, Agnes gasped in horror at where they were. They were in a large pit with sleeping scraptors, there were also a few piles of scrap scattered around the pit. Agnes suddenly knew that once those scraptors woke up, they were dead meat.

Suddenly, D-structs finally woke up from his unconsciousness. But when he looked at himself, he noticed something had happened to him. His claw-chain had broken off from the fall, and his tred-feet had lost their caterpillar-tracks and were now being cuddled by a sleeping scraptor.

D-structs:(snarls, then whisper-shouts) "This is all your fault."

Agnes:(whisper-shouts) "Come on, you forced me to bring you out here."

D-structs:(Whisper-shouts) "Enough, climb up onto the ledge and tell me what you see beyond it."

Agnes: "Why?"

D-structs:(whisper-shouts) "Just do it!"

Rolling her eyes at the demanding request, she went over to the pit's wall and started climbing. It was quite a struggle, but she eventually managed to get up to the top. As she looked beyond the spot she climbed up on, all she saw was another canyon passageway. In between it was a few dead trees and a little bit of mist, she even saw a dark-looking mountain in the far background.

Agnes: "Okay, I see a few spooky trees….a dark mountain…...and a little-

D-structs: "Wait, did you just say…...dark mountain?"

Agnes: "Uhh yeah, why?"

D-structs: "I want you to head towards that mountain, and look for a cave. And once you're there, you'll find a T-Trux."

Agnes: "I hate to say this, but I'm not it!"

With that, Agnes started proudly marching towards the dark mountain. But after a few seconds, she came back.

Agnes: "Wait, you know another T-Trux!?...Other than Ty….I did not see that coming!"

D-structs: "Just go!"

Agnes: "Okay, sorry."

With that, Agnes quickly ran off towards the dark mountain. After she was gone, D-structs looked over at his claw and chain that was being teethed on by a sleeping scraptor.

D-structs: "I hate scraptors."

Meanwhile, Agnes was already almost at the mountain. For now, she was trying to walk through/around all the dead trees in her path. It even seemed rather spooky, but she kept going no matter what.

Agnes: "No worries, I can do this. I just gotta get to the cave, find that other T-Trux, and-

Suddenly, Agnes was immediately cut off when 2 sets of red laser sensors both aimed at each side of her forehead. As she nervously looked up at the trees a little ways in front of her, she spotted a couple stealth scrapidactyles staring right at her.

Agnes: "Uh oh."

Before she knew it, they dove right at her while screeching. Agnes shrieked in fear, then she ran for her life. But no matter how fast she ran through the trees, the stealth scrapidactyles stayed flying low and close behind her.

Agnes: "No-no, wait! Come on, what did I ever do to you!"

As Agnes kept running, up ahead she saw a small opening in the side of the rock wall that kinda looked big enough for her to fit through. After gaining more confidence, she jumped through the opening right before the stealth scrapidactyles could catch her. And to her surprise, the hole was big enough for her.

Agnes looked back at the hole, she could still hear the screeching of the stealth scrapidactyles trying to get in.

Agnes: "Phew, glad that's over. Now where did I land?"

When Agnes got a look at where she was, it looked like she was inside some sort of cave. There were a couple small shock arachnid webs in the corners, and there were a few scratch-marks on the walls.

Agnes: "Wow, this place has horror written all over it."

Suddenly, a mechanical tail with a grinding flail with 5 spiky drills started swinging across towards Agnes. But when it swung at her, Agnes dodged it causing it to only scrape the section of the wall behind her that was above Agnes's head.

Agnes: "Woah, what the heck!?"

Agnes kept dodging the tails attacks, but she was starting to get tired of it. When the tail was starting to take a hit at her, Agnes was able to get the right words out of her mouth.

Agnes: "No wait,(waves her hands around) I WAS SENT BY D-STRUCTS!"

When the tail was just 2 inches from hitting her, it stopped. Then after it slowly got pulled back into the darkness, the head of a T-Trux poked out of the darkness. It was almost the same shape as D-structs, but it was all dark grey. He had a pair of horns sticking out of his forehead with the right horn having a major chip at the end of it, and he also had a faint scar on the right side of his face.

?: "D-structs aye, you've actually been with him before you came here?"

Agnes: "Uhh yeah, so who might you be?"

?: "Well, since you asked so nicely….my name is D-stroy."

Agnes thought about how the name sounded for a moment, but then she smiled.

Agnes: "...Catchy."

D-stroy: "Oh so it is, I appreciate the comment."

After D-stroy took a good look at Agnes's entire body, he then took his full attention towards her candle-like ponytail. After he looked at it a little longer, he spoke again.

D-stroy: "That's quite a unique hairstyle you've got there."

Agnes was both nervous and surprised by D-stroy's comment, but she accepted it anyway.

Agnes: "Uhh, thanks?"

Agnes slowly and nervously walked backwards up onto a rock, then D-stroy started circling around her.

D-stroy: "You seem like a sweet little one, aren't ya. Not trying to ruin your mission, but it's not safe for a little girl like you to be wandering in a place like this."

The moment he said the words "little girl like you," D-stroy fiddled his left fingers against the top tips of Agnes's candle-like ponytail. After he moved away, Agnes tried fixing the end of her ponytail. But then, D-stroy stood back in front of her.

D-stroy: "So tell me, why are you here?"

Agnes: "Well…..D-structs is in a predicament, and I need your help to rescue hi,."

D-stroy: "So you want me to help you save D-structs?"

Agnes: "...yeah."

D-stroy thought about this for a moment, and it made Agnes a little nervous. But after a few seconds of thi, D-stroy accepted the offer which made Agnes smile sweetly.

D-stroy: "So, what predicament has D-structs gotten himself into now?"

To be continued.