28-year old Charlie woke up from his brand new king sized bed. In his head,he thanked Wonka for letting him have his bed. This was after his house collapsed due to a termite infestation. Who knew they had any termites?

From the bed, Charlie could see a old photo. It showed his younger self and his now deceased Grandpa Joe smiling as the photo was taken. Charlie missed his grandfather dearly. He died due to complications because of his old age and sickness. After Grandpa Joe's death, like a moving sidewalk- all his other grandparents passed on.

This left him,his parents and Wonka as the only ones left. Charlie got up from his bed. He was in his pajamas. He went to go fix the photo, he sensed that it was crooked.

"Time to start another day, Grandpa Joe just you wait..." he said to the photo.

Charlie went into a baby blue bathroom. He got out of the shower to brush his teeth. He looked at himself in the mirror, look back at him was his tired out face. He had had a bad dream about his grandpa's death. After looking at himself, he spit out his toothpaste and went to go get into his work outfit.

Charlie put his suit on,his coat over it,his big top hat grabbed his staff to walk out of the door.

"Time to start the day.", he said as he opened the door.

He needed to go off to go do his daily routines as the new chocolatier of the chocolate factory.